Why am I receiving text messages on my eSIM?

When using an eSIM while traveling abroad, you may receive text messages in foreign languages from unfamiliar numbers. This is normal and often related to the automatic notifications of the network provider. Here’s some examples on what these messages typically mean:

1. Messages in Vietnamese

Many eSIMs for Vietnam work with Vinaphone, a network provider based in Vietnam. When you use these eSIMs, you may receive automatic messages in Vietnamese. This is a default message of the network carrier as they do not know users’ language. They can be welcome messages, not spam.

2. British phone number notification

If you use an eSIM from Three UK (like eSIM for Europe), you may receive a message announcing you have been assigned a British phone number, even if you are not in Britain. In case you are not in the country, you can only use mobile data, and cannot use this number for calling or texting messages.
The messages you receive are normal when using an eSIM abroad. If you have any question, contact your eSIM provider’s customer support.