How can I share data with my eSIM?

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Many Gigago eSIMs allow you to share data with other mobile device via a Wireless connection.
You should read the Description on our eSIM product page to check if the data plan you buy includes the data sharing option. If you can do so, you just need to activate the hotspot feature on your phone.

Below we guide you how to share data on iOS and Android devices.

For iPhone

Go to Settings > select Mobile Data > select Personal Hotspot and allows others to connect.
For security, you can set up a password for this network and change the name of your hotspot if you want.

When traveling, always confirm that you only use mobile data from your eSIM plan, not from your main SIM/eSIM card. You iPhone will use the network you choose for mobile data by default when sharing data.

For Android

  • Go to Settings > select Network & Internet
  • Select WiFi Hotspot / Connection Sharing and activate your hotspot.

You can set up a hotpot for this network and change the name of your hotspot.
Depending on your phone model, the texts can be slightly different.
If you cannot find these settings, you can find it on the search bar at the top screen.