Does the Samsung Galaxy A54 Support eSIM?

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy A54 is equipped with an eSIM, but by region and model.

The European and many Asian versions of Samsung Galaxy A54 support eSIM while the North American variant does not. The reasons is probably due to variations in carrier support and market demand for eSIM technology.

You can check if your Samsung Galaxy A54 support eSIM by following these steps:

  • Go to Settings > Connections
  • Select SIM Card Manager
  • If you see the option Add eSIM or eSIM settings, your Galaxy A54 phone supports eSIM

To activate your eSIM, you need a wireless service carrier which provides you an eSIM profile and data plans. eSIM data plans availability may vary depending on country and carrier. Gigago is one of the eSIM carriers that support eSIM for the Samsung Galaxy A54 in about 200+ countries and territories in the world.