Can I buy an eSIM for multiple countries?

Yes. Gigago offers a number of multi-country eSIM cards. They are ideal for tourists traveling to a number of countries in one trip. When you arrive in a new country covred by the eSIM, your eSIM will automatically connect to the supported network in that country (often the best one).
You can find regional eSIM plans in our website, such as eSIM for Asia, eSIM for Europe. Let’s see in detail:

1. eSIM for Asia

This eSIM covers the following countries: Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand.

2. eSIM for Europe

This eSIM covers 31 countries in Europe, including: Ukraine, Sweden, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Norway, Italy, Malta, Greece, Austria, Estonia, Finland, Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark, Albania, Romania, Spain, Luxembourg, Hungary, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Croatia, Poland, Belgium, Ireland, Cyprus, Slovakia.