Does Samsung Galaxy S5 series support eSIM?

No, the Samsung Galaxy S5 series does not support eSIM, including S5, S5 (USA), S5 (octa-core), S5 Active, S5 Duos, S5 LTE-A G901F, S5 LTE-A G906S, S5 Neo, S5 Plus, S5 Sport, S5 mini, S5 mini Duos. These phones are made to work with regular SIM cards and cannot support eSIM technology.

eSIM is a newer feature that lets you use mobile plans without a physical SIM card, but it is only available in newer Samsung models starting from the Samsung Galaxy S20.

If you want to use eSIM, you have two choices:

  • Get a special SIM card: You can get a special SIM card that adds eSIM functionality to your device.
  • Upgrade to a newer Samsung model: Consider getting a newer Samsung Galaxy phone that supports eSIM. You can find a list of eSIM-compatible Samsung phones to explore suitable options.

Important note: eSIM availability may vary depending on where you are and the mobile service provider you use.