Does Samsung Galaxy A5 series support eSIM?

No, the Samsung Galaxy A5 series, including models like A5, A5 (2016), A5 (2017), and A5 Duos, cannot use eSIM. These phones require a physical SIM card to work and do not have the technology to support eSIM, which is a way to use mobile plans without a physical SIM card.

If you’re interested in using eSIM, there are two options you can consider:

  • Use a special SIM card: You can use a special SIM card adapter that can convert your phone into one that can handle eSIM. This adapter allows you to use eSIM functionality even if your phone doesn’t have built-in support for it.
  • Upgrade to a newer Samsung model: If you want a phone that natively supports eSIM, you can consider upgrading to a newer Samsung Galaxy model. Starting from the Samsung Galaxy S20 and newer models, some Samsung phones have built-in eSIM support. Check out eSIM-compatible Samsung phones here.

Keep in mind that eSIM availability may vary depending on where you live and the services provided by your mobile network provider.