Use Cell Phone In Argentina for Travelers 2024: How To Do It?

The article below will be a comprehensive guide on how to choose and use cell phones in Argentina. This is also information that many tourists and foreigners are interested in.

In this article, Gigago will provide ways to use cell phones in Argentina. Specifically, these are options for using the Internet or alternatives to physical SIM cards. There’s also information about compatibility, local network operators, etc. This makes your trip to Argentina the best experience possible. Please follow along!

I. Highlights of Phone Compatibility, Frequencies and Networks in Argentina

Use cell phones in Argentina – the term includes information about compatibility, coverage and frequency. Here is the information you need to know about it.

Phone compatibility:

  • Most cell phones are compatible with carriers in Argentina. However, you need to make sure your phone is supported by the most optimal frequency bands.
  • GSM networks connecting 2G and 3G networks are widely available and compatible with most phones in Argentina. The major carriers in Argentina all support the GSM mobile network and are also widely used around the world.
  • 4G mobile networks also provide compatible devices with faster access speeds

Network operators’ coverage area: Wide coverage from urban to rural areas, with the strongest being 3G and 4G/LTE

  • Coverage: All major carriers in Argentina offer 3G, 4G/LTE mobile networks in both urban and rural areas
  • Frequency range: Popular mobile frequency bands in Argentina are: 2G (850 MHz, 1900 MHz), 3G (850 MHz, 1900 MHz), 4G/LTE (band 4 with 1700 or 2100 MHz AWS and band 28 with 700 MHz )
  • SIM cards: There are many data packages for short-term travelers
  • Data roaming: International data roaming is possible but the cost is often more expensive than a SIM card
Using cell phone in Argentina is quite simple with major network operators
Using cell phone in Argentina is quite simple with major network operators

II. Will My Cell Phone Work In Argentina?

Yes, you can use cell phones in Argentina. However, it also depends on other factors such as compatibility, whether the phone is unlocked, etc. For example, is your phone supported by cellular frequencies in Argentina, is your phone supported? Do you run GSM or CDMA (GSM is a popular network in Argentina, does not support phones that only run CDMA).

You can use your phone in Argentina
You can use your phone in Argentina

The most important thing to note is about the frequency range, you can track based on the frequencies of the major carriers in Argentina:

Movistar850/1900 MHz GPRS, 1900 MHz UMTS, 1700 MHz LTE
Claro850/1900 MHz UMTS, 850/1900 MHz GPRS, B4 (1700 MHz), B28 (700 MHz)
Personal1900 MHz GPRS, 1900 MHz UMTS, B7 (2600 MHz), B4 (1700 MHz), B28 (700 MHz)

Note: To avoid unnecessary costs, you should check compatibility as well as costs before leaving. Also, check if your phone is ready to operate abroad.

III. Do I Need An International Plan In Argentina?

Yes, you should have an international plan in Argentina. Because international plans provided by home network carriers often allow users to use data and voice calls abroad at a more favorable cost with data roaming. It can be said that the international plan helps travelers stay in touch better when abroad, save on roaming costs and feel secure in using data.

You should choose international plans instead of facing the dangers of public wifi
You should choose international plans instead of facing the dangers of public wifi

If you don’t buy any mobile data plans in Argentina, you can still connect to public wifi but this is not really safe and the access speed is not high. In contrast, international packages allow travelers to comfortably experience while traveling with the following benefits:

  • Discounts on both calling and data usage in Argentina
  • International data plans let you use data at a much lower cost with regular data roaming
  • No need to remove your home SIM card, keep it on the phone
  • Many options for data packages according to the length of stay in the country

IV. What Are Options To Use Cellphones In Argentina For Tourists?

No different from other countries, Argentina also has a diverse development of the internet ecosystem. This helps tourists choose from many options such as SIM cards, pocket wifi, data roaming, eSIM,…

1. eSIM Plan for Argentina

eSIM from network operators in Argentina
eSIM from network operators in Argentina

There are many options for choosing an eSIM plan in Argentina, especially with major carriers like Claro, Movistar and Personal. eSIM is suitable for most travelers with suitable phones. You can choose to buy from a number of local suppliers or buy directly from the network operator. You just need to buy online and receive a QR code via email to activate.

2. International SIM card for Argentina

International SIM cards in Argentina for tourists and foreigners
International SIM cards in Argentina for tourists and foreigners

As long as your phone is unlocked you can use your SIM card in Argentina. Guests can buy it as soon as they arrive at the airport, buy it in the city or choose to buy it online to have it shipped to their accommodation address. Argentina SIM cards give you better internet speed but require removing the SIM card which can easily fall off.

3. Pocket WiFi

This form of using pocket wifi is suitable for groups to save costs. Travelers can choose to buy or rent pocket wifi at the airport. Depending on your group, choose the right pocket wifi because it can connect 5 to 15 devices. You need to understand that renting a pocket wifi requires paying for both renting it and buying a data package.

Pocket Wifi in Argentina
Pocket Wifi in Argentina

V. Will My Local Network Work In Argentina?

Using the local network in Argentina is most likely possible. Most local carriers have agreements with carriers in Argentina to be able to use it. This means you will have to pay a very high amount of money to perform international data roaming. This is inherently the most expensive option among the options, so it requires you to closely monitor your spending.

Most local carriers are available in Argentina
Most local carriers are available in Argentina

VI. Gigago eSIM – An Alternative To Get Internet In Argentina With Your Cell Phone

Among the options, eSIM is the main alternative to get internet while traveling because it is easy to buy, easy to activate, has many data package options, and is easy to use. Furthermore, buying an eSIM online usually does not require you to provide passport information.

eSIM Argentina from network operator Claro
eSIM Argentina from network operator Claro

Which Argentina eSIM plan should you choose for your trip?

A place to buy eSIM that is no longer unfamiliar to many tourists is Gigago. This is also an Argentine eSIM provider with a variety of data packages from 2 GB data to 6 GB data and options from 7 to 30 days of use. Tourists should rely on their trip time and usage needs to buy a data package that is suitable for use. Visit Gigago to receive special offers now!

VII. Extra Tips To Use Cell Phone in Argentina

Some tips below will help you have a better experience using cell phone in Argentina:

  • Unlock your phone: Unlocking your phone is a prerequisite to deciding whether you can use your phone in Argentina or not
  • Buy an Argentina SIM card: Compare costs and data packages between carriers to choose the best one and not lose money
  • Top up your SIM card: Top up only a moderate amount and top up when you run out, because you can easily top up via the app or at the operator’s kiosks
  • International data roaming: If data roaming, ask again about the included services, including calling and SMS texting or not.
Only deposit enough money and add more when you run out
Only deposit enough money and add more when you run out

VIII. FAQs about Use Cell Phone in Argentina

Can I use my home phone in Argentina?

Yes, most phones can be used in Argentina but you need to check its compatibility before deciding whether to use it or not.

Is roaming in Argentina expensive?

International roaming costs in almost all countries are the most expensive option, including Argentina.

Which network operator should I choose in Argentina?

You can refer to Claro, Movistar, Personal networks. It is important that you compare packages and costs to suit your needs.

IX. Conclusion

It is important to know how to use cell phones in Argentina. Hopefully tourists who are planning to visit Argentina in the future will find this article useful. Don’t forget to contact Gigago if you have any questions!