Buying a SIM Card in Buenos Aires for Travelers 2024: Guide from Locals

Argentina’s Buenos Aires city attracts many international tourists. Many first-time visitors may not know how to buy a SIM card in Buenos Aires.

SIM card Buenos Aires

The article below is information from local experts to guide tourists on how to buy a SIM card in Buenos Aires. It includes an explanation of why you should buy a SIM card here, what network operators are available locally, whether there are many packages, etc. Gigago has compiled and the information is here.

I. Why buy a SIM card in Buenos Aires?

Why should I choose to buy a SIM card in Buenos Aires? That is the question many travelers ask when receiving advice. Buying a SIM card is not only for convenient communication, access to location, translation,… but also for many of the following reasons:

  • Many package options: When buying in the city, especially directly at official stores, you will be able to compare and choose data packages more easily.
  • Stay connected: Even if you’re on the go and don’t have fixed or public wifi, your SIM card can still help you stay connected to the internet and keep up with social media.
  • Outstanding advantages: Compared to other options such as data roaming, pocket wifi, public wifi or buying a SIM card online, buying a SIM card in Buenos Aires still has many advantages, without the exorbitant high cost. like roaming but still has more stable access speed than pocket wifi.
  • Cost savings: By buying locally, you can use your SIM card like a local with multi-tier data plans.
  • Provides emergency services: Local SIM cards make it possible to contact emergency numbers without relying on roaming or any form of wifi.
  • Network promotions: Local network operators often have promotions for tourists to buy SIM cards directly, whereas this is not available for using pocket wifi, roaming or buying SIM cards. online.
Buying a SIM card in downtown Buenos Aires is a pretty good option
Buying a SIM card in downtown Buenos Aires is a pretty good option

II. Which mobile internet carrier is the best in Buenos Aires?

In Argentina in general and Buenos Aires in particular, the following 3 network operators provide main telecommunications services to this country:

Average Speed (upload & download speed)FastSuper fastFast
Consistent QualityExcellentGoodGood
PopularityLeading the Argentine telecommunications marketThe second telecommunications company in the countryMedia company ranked 3rd in Argentina
Plans for touristsMultiple prepaid plans available for different schedulesDiverse data packagesPrepaid SIM card plans are more limited than the other 2 operators but there are SIM cards specifically for travelers
CostAffordableAffordableQuite cheap

In a large city like Buenos Aires, network operators often do not have much difference in coverage area and access speed. Usually, that happens in rural or less populated areas. The main difference is in plan details and customer support. If you travel, please refer to Claro because it is the market leader so it will have better and more diverse policies.

III. Best Buenos Aires SIM Card Plans and Price

Popular network operators in Buenos Aires
Popular network operators in Buenos Aires

So that visitors can compare, Gigago will update some data packages of carriers in Buenos Aires for reference:

  • Claro SIM card packages:
104 970 ARS ($120 USD)1 GB3 days
148 708 ARS ($170 USD)1 GB7 days
218 688 ARS ($250 USD)2 GB
358 647 ARS ($410 USD)4 GB
279 921 ARS ($320 USD)2 GB15 days
341 154 ARS ($390 USD)3 GB20 days
481 114 ARS ($550 USD)4 GB30 days
262 426 ARS ($300 USD)1 GB
612 327 ARS ($700 USD)6 GB
  • Movistar SIM card package:
PricePlanCallSocial mediaValid
122 465 ARS ($140 USD)2 GB3 days
157 456 ARS ($180 USD)2 GB5 days
122 465 ARS ($140 USD)1 GB7 days
174 951 ARS ($200 USD)2 GB1 GB
209 941 ARS ($240 USD)1.5 GB60 minutes
231 810 ARS ($265 USD)2 GB80 minutes
262 426 ARS ($300 USD)3 GB1 GB10 days
454 872 ARS ($520 USD)3 GB1 GB30 days
577 337 ARS ($660 USD)5 GB5 GB
524 852 ARS ($600 USD)2 GB100 minutes
  • Personal Flow SIM card plans:
PriceDataDomestic callsInternational callValidExtras
69 980 ARS ($80 USD)1 GB1 day
122 465 ARS ($140 USD)2 GB3 days
209 941 ARS ($240 USD)2 GB7 days
699 802 ARS ($800 USD)3 GB100 minutes30 minutes30 daysUse WhatsApp unlimitedly

Note: Above are the data packages at the time of synthesis and the exchange rate of that day. Visitors need to check before purchasing to know c

IV. Where to Buy a SIM Card in Buenos Aires?

The best places to buy SIM cards in Buenos Aires are the city airport and city center. The following are specific guidance tools for each buying method:

1. Buy a SIM card at Buenos Aires airport

You need to prepare a valid passport, visa and cash to buy a SIM card at two major airports in Buenos Aires city: Ministro Pistarini airport and Jorge Newbery airport. If you buy at Ezeiza International Airport, look for the kiosk in lobby A, on its ground floor. There they sell pre-activated SIM cards. You will find the carrier kiosk on the ground floor of the arrivals hall at Jorge Newbery.

Map of Ministro Pistarini airport
Map of Ministro Pistarini airport


  • Get an internet connection immediately upon arrival.
  • Don’t waste your time finding a store in the city
  • Enthusiastic support staff


  • There aren’t too many SIM card options
  • Not sure if your carrier will be open when you land
  • Cost may be more expensive
Personal's kiosk at Jorge Newbery airport
Personal’s kiosk at Jorge Newbery airport

2. Buy a SIM card in Buenos Aires center

In the city, you have many options to buy SIM cards such as:

  • Buy online from network operator websites, SIM providers or from platforms like Amazon, eBay
  • Buy at official stores of mobile network carriers
  • Buy at convenience stores
Claro's store in Buenos Aires
Claro’s store in Buenos Aires


  • The cost may be lower when buying at the airport because you buy directly
  • Easily compare multiple data plans
  • Options depend on data usage needs


  • Need more time to find a place to buy
  • Requires you to have foreign languages, especially Spanish
  • Besides the official store, there may be other locations that are not 100% reputable.

Our recommendation: Based on the information given above, you should buy a SIM card at the airport immediately upon arrival or buy eSIM online before departure from eSIM providers (Do not buy directly at the network operator because you will have to present your passport and visa). However, it should be noted that the phone must be compatible with eSIM.

V. Argentina eSIM card for Buenos Aires – Alternative to SIM Card for travelers

Argentina eSIM is for travelers who need to replace their physical SIM card
Argentina eSIM is for travelers who need to replace their physical SIM card

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t try Argentina eSIM if you have a compatible device. It has many outstanding advantages both in terms of advanced technology and how to activate it compared to a physical SIM card:

  • High-speed data: Many options from 1, 3, 5 GB data
  • Many time options: There are eSIM types valid from 3 days to 30 days
  • Coverage: Not only used in Argentina, Claro’s eSIM in Argentina also covers 14 other countries

Users can choose 1 of the following 2 ways to buy eSIM:

  • Buy at websites of network carriers offering eSIM services: All three major carriers in Argentina, Claro, Movistar and Personal, offer eSIM. However, this way of buying usually requires you to present your ID/passport.
  • Buy from eSIM carriers or retailers: Gigago is a typical example of an Argentinian eSIM. Argentina eSIMs range in price from 14 433 ARS ($16.5 USD) to 25 280 ARS ($28.9 USD) and can receive from 2 GB to 6 GB of data.

VI. What to Prepare to buy SIM card in Buenos Aires

You need to prepare the following to be able to buy a SIM card when arriving in Buenos Aires:

  • Phone must be unlocked: You can check on your phone or contact the provider to request to check the unlock status.
  • Prepare documents: Passport is indispensable when traveling abroad. When buying a SIM card, it serves as an identification document to register to activate the SIM card and determine identity.
  • Prepare cash: In some unfortunate cases, the credit card may not be able to pay, prepare cash to make sure you don’t encounter any unfortunate problems.
Only an unlocked phone can use the new SIM card
Only an unlocked phone can use the new SIM card

VII. Extra Tips when buying SIM card in Buenos Aires

In addition to basic information when buying a SIM card abroad, especially in Buenos Aires, Gigago also provides you with the following tips:

  • Before purchasing a travel SIM, make sure your phone meets the SIM eligibility criteria
  • Based on the time, trip schedule, as well as usage needs, you should choose to buy a SIM with appropriate packages and mobile networks.
  • You should keep the travel SIM card frame so you can get support service information when needed
  • Need to compare between carriers to avoid wasting money unfairly
Retain the SIM card frame for assistance when needed
Retain the SIM card frame for assistance when needed


Where can I buy a SIM card in Buenos Aires?

You can find it at Recoleta Urban Mall, Alcorta Mall, Patio Bullrich,…

What does the cost of buying a SIM card usually include?

The cost of purchasing your SIM card includes the price of the SIM itself, the data package (It could be just data or it could include call minutes, SMS messages, social media,…)

How can I top up my SIM card?

You can use the carrier’s application to top up directly, top up at the store, top up via the website, top up at kiosks, convenience stores,…

IX. Conclusion

Buying a SIM card in Buenos Aires is essential for travelers to ensure they can connect to the internet during their trip. Hopefully this Gigago article has helped you get the information you were looking for. If you have a compatible device, don’t hesitate to use eSIM with many offers from Gigago.