Data Roaming in Argentina for Tourists 2024: Rates & How to Avoid it

Data roaming in Argentina is only available to local carriers that have an agreement with a carrier in Argentina. The article below will provide specific information about this.

data roaming in Argentina

Data roaming in Argentina is a form of internet usage that allows users to keep the local SIM card on their phone without having to remove it when arriving in Argentina. It brings convenience to tourists and foreigners visiting Argentina for short stays. However, does this option have any disadvantages? Please follow the article below from Gigago!

I. Overview of Data Roaming in Argentina for Tourists

Data roaming is not the same for all SIM cards from different countries because it also depends on your local network operator. However, below is some general information about data roaming in Argentina:

  • Data roaming service: It is understood that you are allowed to use the internet directly on your phone to get the internet when traveling to Argentina.
  • International data roaming: When you roam internationally, you can use your SIM card anywhere, in any country within the coverage area of the switching carrier.
  • Understand coverage: Argentina has quite good mobile network coverage, especially in city areas, urban areas and tourist destinations. The weakness is that it is uneven between urban and rural areas.
  • Cost: Costs vary between carriers but most are usually quite high compared to other forms. Therefore, choose a short-term roaming package for short-term tourists (if available).
  • Network connection quality: Check whether the area you are visiting has strong coverage of the network you are roaming before deciding to use.
Argentina's network quality is not uniform
Argentina’s network quality is not uniform

II. How Roaming in Argentina Works

Data roaming, especially with international data roaming, allows you to use the internet right on your local SIM card without needing to buy a new SIM card for that country. You just need to know that the carrier in that country has an agreement with your carrier to be able to roam. It’s just that its cost is usually not low.

All major carriers in Argentina offer data roaming services
All major carriers in Argentina offer data roaming services

Some major network operators in Argentina provide telecommunications and mobile services:

  • Claro: Owned by America Movil, providing both fixed line, mobile and internet services
  • Movistar: Claro’s leading competitor in mobile, fixed line and internet services
  • Personal: Is the leading domestic company owned by Telecom Argentina

III. Roaming Charges in Argentina – Is It Expensive?

Yes, the cost of international data roaming is always higher than other forms. However, this cost also varies between network operators in Argentina and the agreement with the network operator in your home country. Roaming costs of network operators for your reference:

  • Claro’s roaming fees:
  • 174.463 ARS ($200 USD) = 300 MB data valid 7 days
  • 436.090 ARS ($500 USD) = 1 GB data valid 30 days
  • Movistar data roaming fees: All-inclusive roaming costs 6.105 ARS ($7 USD) per 24 hours with up to 200 MB data, powered by high-speed 4G before capping at 256 kbps.
  • Personal data roaming fees: Currently, there is no accurate information about Personal’s roaming costs, possibly because this network does not yet provide international data roaming services.
Cost of international data in Argentina depends on the data package included
Cost of international data in Argentina depends on the data package included

Our recommendation: Through the above information, it can be seen that the cost of using roaming can be very high and inflexible when used, so choose to use local SIM cards for better costs and stable network quality.

IV. How to Activate Roaming Service for Argentina in Your Cell Phone?

Typically, you need 4 main steps to roam in Argentina:

Step 1: Choose the right data roaming service provider

  • First, compare services between carriers to choose the most suitable service
  • Choose from a home data plan or a mobile plan in this country
  • If you choose to keep your home mobile plan and it is one of the following carriers, you can consider:
Mobile network operatorRoaming cost
Vodafone5.233 ARS ($6 USD) per day
Three4.360 ARS ($5 USD) per day
AT&T1.787 ARS ($2.05 USD) per MB
T-Mobile61.052 ARS ($70 USD) for 5 days

Step 2: Perform data roaming activation with your service provider

  • Usually, carriers have different ways to activate roaming. It is important that you consult your carrier’s website for detailed instructions.
  • For example, for Clarp: download Mi Claro (Claro’s app) > select the option called “International Roaming” > select the country Argentina > Done, you will get international data roaming to Argentina.
Download Mi Claro app for data roaming
Download Mi Claro app for data roaming

Step 3: Buy a roaming cell service plan in Argentina

Do you know why roaming plans are important?

Because regular international roaming rates are often expensive. Buying data plans that include data roaming helps you save on roaming costs.

Tips for travelers:

  • No need to buy too early, just buy it about 1 day before arrival because it can be used immediately
  • Choose the package that suits your needs and strictly control usage. For example, if you’re a heavy data user, choose an unlimited plan (if available). Besides, if you only use data when necessary, choose a roaming plan with limited data capacity.

Step 4: Turn on data roaming on your phone to use

  • For Android phones: Go to “Settings” > Click “Data roaming” > Turn on “International data roaming”
  • For iOS devices (iPhone): Go to “Settings” > Select “Mobile” > Click “Data roaming”

Note: Turning off roaming when not in use is the best way to save money during your trip.

V. How to Avoid Roaming Charges When Traveling to Argentina

Here are some ways for travelers and expats when roaming data in Argentina to avoid:

  • Turn off data roaming: Turn off roaming when not needed or when using public wifi
  • Access wifi whenever you can: Places with public wifi such as cafes, train stations, shopping centers,… help you save more. However, it is necessary to ensure information security and reliability.
  • Turn off automatic application updates on your phone: The automatic update feature only makes sense when you have the freedom of data, so it’s not too important when you’re only going on a short trip.
  • Using a SIM card in Argentina: check if the phone is unlocked
  • Use local eSIM: Check if your phone is eSIM compatible
  • Data control: Regularly check and monitor your data consumption
Use public wifi if it is safe and secure
Use public wifi if it is safe and secure

VI. Argentina eSIM – Alternative to Data Roaming in Argentina to Get Internet

In addition to data roaming, travelers can choose to get the Internet in Argentina by using travel eSIM Argentina. Argentina eSIM has high speed data from 1 GB, 3 GB, 5 GB. Furthermore, users can choose the appropriate usage date for the trip, which is 7 days or 30 days. Travelers should choose to use prepaid and data-only to save the most.

Argentina eSIM from Claro is widely distributed by Gigago
Argentina eSIM from Claro is widely distributed by Gigago

Compared to using data roaming services, Argentina eSIM stands out in terms of cost incentives. Furthermore, the convenience of eSIM in terms of how to buy, how to receive and how to activate is also outstanding. Gigago will help you get Argentina eSIM with access speed up to 4G/LTE/5G and unlimited after exceeding the maximum.

VII. How to Turn Off Data Roaming When Traveling in Argentina

Turn off data roaming in Argentina
Turn off data roaming in Argentina

Here are the steps to turn off data roaming when traveling in Argentina when not needed by device type:

1. Turn off international roaming on Android When Traveling in Argentina

Steps to turn off data roaming on Android devices:

  • In the “Settings” app on your Android device, search for “Network & Internet” or “Connections”
  • Select “Mobile network” and select it
  • Find the option called “Data roaming” and tap it
  • Move the circular button next to “Data roaming” to the off position

2. Turn off international roaming on iPhones

Steps to turn off data roaming on IOS devices:

  • In the “Settings” app on your iPhone, find “Cellular” or “Cellular Data” and tap it (depending on your iOS version)
  • Select “Data roaming.”
  • Turn the “Data roaming” toggle to the off position
  • Tap “Off” or “Disable” to confirm the message that appears.


How much does international data roaming cost in Argentina?

Roaming costs may change over time, most often increase but currently range from $7 USD to $24 USD per day.

What internet methods can I use in Argentina for the cheapest cost?

In addition to free wifi, you can choose a low-cost method to buy a prepaid SIM card from the network or buy an eSIM.

Can I text with iMessage on my iOS device while in Argentina?

Yes, you can text using iMessage if you have a wifi connection or data plan.

IX. Conclusion

Above is the information surrounding the topic of data roaming in Argentina that has been compiled by Gigago and informed to tourists. Hope you have a great experience on your next trip. And don’t forget to refer to eSIM from Gigago to receive attractive offers!