Claro Argentina SIM Cards & eSIM for Tourists: How to Get and Activate 2024

How to get and activate a Claro Argentina SIM & eSIM is probably an issue that many people are concerned about while using the internet from the Claro Argentina network.

Claro Argentina SIM card & eSIM

In internet issues, questions like how to get and activate a Claro Argentina SIM & eSIM are of interest to many customers. Many tourists choose to come to Argentina because of the beauty of this country and of course they need the internet to be able to stay in touch and update their trip. Gigago will give you specific instructions.

I. Quick Facts about Claro Argentina

Some quick information about Claro Argentina that you may or may not know, it will definitely help you better understand the history of this network:

  • Origin: Claro Argentina is a subsidiary of America Movil, a Mexican telecommunications services company.
  • First establishment: Established on September 19, 2003
  • Brand founder: Carlos Slim
  • Name meaning: In Portuguese and Spanish, “Claro” means “bright”, “clear”
  • Entering Argentina: Claro launched in Argentina on March 25, 2008
  • Services: Global mobile telecommunications system, code division multiple access, global mobile communications system, advanced mobile phone system, wireless services
  • Recognition: Claro ranks 3rd in the world telecommunications market.
Claro thrives in Argentina
Claro thrives in Argentina

II. Why Claro When Traveling Argentina  – Coverage and Speed

If you ask why you use the Claro network when traveling to Argentina, it is certainly impossible not to mention the reason for the wide coverage area and stable access speed. Details below are for tourists’ reference:

1. Claro Coverage in Argentina

It can be seen that Claro’s coverage spreads quite evenly across the country and is quite dense. The places with the strongest coverage are the capital Buenos, La Plata, Mendoza, Cordoba,… using mostly 4G+ and 5G networks. According to many reports, Claro is the leading network operator in the market thanks to its good coverage.

Claro has good and fairly uniform coverage in Argentina
Claro has good and fairly uniform coverage in Argentina

2. Claro Speed

In some big cities like Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Rosario,… the average access speed is quite high, up to 80MB. Claro has good access thanks to the 4G/LTE network operating on band 4 with 1700 MHz. According to Speedtest’s Q4 2023 report, Claro has an average download speed of 54.08 Mbps.

Claro's average access speed is highest in big cities
Claro’s average access speed is highest in big cities

III. What are the Best Connectivity Options of Claro for Travelers to Argentina?

The options that travelers can choose to connect to Claro in Argentina are buying a Claro SIM, using pocket wifi to connect to Claro, roaming to Argentina. The following criteria tell you which option you should choose:

Connectivity optionsClaro SIM cardsPocket wifiData roaming
ProsStrong and stable connectionUse that SIM card directly
The price of the voltage stabilizer is not much different between SIM cards for travel and normal use by people in Argentina
There is no need to remove the phone’s SIM card from the deviceKeep the SIM card intact on the phone device
ConsNeeds to reboot and activate through a few steps to useCarrying it around is difficult. If you forget, you won’t be able to connect to the internet
The coverage range of the pocket wifi itself is not far (only about 5 to 7 meters)
Deposit money when renting
The rental cost is quite high (about $8 USD) per day of rental
Must go directly to get the pocket wifi or pay shipping to receive it and need to get it back after renting.
The cost is not cheap, not for frugal spender
Difficult to control data usage
Not sure if the carrier you are using has roaming with Claro Argentina because it depends on the agreement between the carriers.

Our recommendation: After specific comparisons of pros and cons, it can be seen that Claro SIM cards are still the most convenient and economical choice for tourists to Argentina.

IV. Best Claro SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

Along with how to get and activate a Claro Argentina SIM & eSIM, visitors are also very interested in the data packages of Claro’s SIM card. Below are some of Claro’s SIM card data packages along with specific costs:

104854 ARS ($120 USD)1 GB3 days
148543 ARS ($170 USD)1 GB7 days
218446 ARS ($250 USD)2 GB7 days
358251 ARS ($410 USD)4 GB7 days
279610 ARS ($320 USD)2 GB15 days
340775 ARS ($390 USD)3 GB20 days
262135 ARS ($300 USD)1 GB30 days
480580 ARS ($550 USD)4 GB30 days
611648 ARS ($700 USD)6 GB30 days

Note: Cost levels and data packages are for reference only at the time of writing this article. Visitors need to check specifically at the time of purchase.

Claro's SIM card packages are diverse
Claro’s SIM card packages are diverse

V. Does Claro Support eSIM in Argentina?

Yes, Claro offers prepaid and postpaid eSIM services in Argentina. There are 2 ways to buy Claro’s eSIM: buy directly at the network store or buy through eSIM providers. Normally, when buying from a network operator, you need to provide personal documents (passport). On the contrary, buying from eSIM providers, such as Gigago, is simpler.

Buying eSIM with eSIM providers is simple, no need to present documents
Buying eSIM with eSIM providers is simple, no need to present documents

VI. Where to Buy a Claro SIM card and eSIM?

In addition to questions about how to get and activate a Claro Argentina SIM & eSIM, where to buy a SIM card and eSIM is also an issue that first-time visitors to Argentina are very interested in. Therefore, Gigago suggests the following ways:

1. Where to Buy a Claro SIM Card for Argentina?

1.1. Buy upon arrival at the airport

A more convenient way to travel is to buy a SIM card upon arrival at the airport. Normally a large network operator like Claro will have a kiosk at the airport, for example Ministro Pistarini International Airport in Buenos Aires city of Argentina. To buy here, you need to prepare plenty of time to get ready to queue.

1.2. Buy at Claro store

In big cities, towns or tourist destinations, there is never a shortage of official Claro stores. At these stores, you can apply for a prepaid SIM card and maybe even get one for free. With this form of purchase, please prepare documents to determine the user’s identity.

Claro store is an easy place to find and buy in cities
Claro store is an easy place to find and buy in cities

1.3. Buy at other authorized kiosks

There are countless Claro kiosks and franchised retail stores that can buy SIM cards, but you need to search a lot and may not be reputable. Most of these stores are open 24 hours or less and you can easily compare with other carriers because they have many types of SIM cards.

Buy at other authorized stores
Buy at other authorized stores

2. Where to Buy Claro eSIM for Argentina?

If you already know how to check yourself if you have a compatible device, you can simply order an eSIM online to save time and not have to provide any other documents. You only need to provide your personal email to receive the eSIM for activation. One of Claro’s Argentine eSIM providers that has an easy way to buy is Gigago.

Buy eSIM Argentina of Claro network from Gigago
Buy eSIM Argentina of Claro network from Gigago

VII. How to Use and Activate Claro SIM/eSIM in Argentina?

In addition to how to get and activate a Claro Argentina SIM & eSIM, Gigago also provides visitors with how to use and activate Claro SIM/eSIM in Argentina as follows:

1. How to Use and Activate Claro SIM Card in Argentina?

Steps for using Claro SIM card:

  • Get a SIM card
  • Insert the SIM card into the slot
  • Start the phone device
  • Activate the SIM card on the phone
  • Set up APN settings if you can’t use eSIM
  • Check your SIM card’s service
  • Turn on data usage on your phone to use

2. How to Use and Activate Claro eSIM?

Using Claro’s eSIM for Argentina is quite easy, following these steps: Identify compatible phone > Select eSIM package > install eSIM > activate eSIM > Use eSIM. This is the basic and simple way to use eSIM.

VIII. How to Top-up Claro SIM/eSIM

There are 2 basic ways to top up SIM and eSIM cards: online top up and direct top up. Direct top-up means you have to go to the network store to top up with a scratch card. Otherwise, if you top up online, you just need to contact Claro directly on the app or website for online top up support.

Deposit money directly with scratch card
Deposit money directly with scratch card

On the network’s scratch card, there will be instructions for depositing money. You just need to watch and do it. If it’s too difficult, ask the store staff for guidance. Similarly, if you have any problems using online, please contact the hotline for support.

IX. FAQs about Claro in Argentina

Where can I buy top-up scratch cards?

You can buy scratch cards at Claro’s official stores or franchise stores.

Should I buy a Claro SIM card directly at the airport?

I cannot advise you with certainty because it depends on your habits and time for the trip. If not, you can buy online and wait for shipping to your residence.

May I know a reputable eSIM provider?

I would like to introduce to you the famous and reputable eSIM provider Gigago. It provides eSIM from Gigago network with many options for promotional packages and usage time.

X. Conclusion

Above is a summary of information on how to get and activate a Claro Argentina SIM & eSIM that has been compiled. I hope it has real meaning. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to refer to Gigago for a convenient eSIM for international travel!