Best Argentina SIM Cards for Tourists: Updated Prices & Where to Buy 2024

Argentina SIM card is a topic of interest to many tourists and those who will need to use internet services in this country. The article below will fully update information on this topic.

Argentina SIM card

Updating information about Argentina SIM cards is one of the essentials, especially for tourists. Argentina is a country famous for tourism, possessing beautiful natural wonders, along with modern and elegant cities that create a unique beauty, attracting an increasing number of tourists. The article below is a detailed guide for tourists.

I. Where to Buy a Tourist SIM Card for Argentina?

There are many ways and places to buy a tourist Argentina SIM card, here are some suggestions:

1. Buy SIM card online before departure

If you want to be internet ready when you arrive in Argentina but your phone doesn’t support eSIM, you can pre-order a physical SIM card before you arrive. This way, you will usually have a physical SIM card shipped to your place of stay, then inserted into your phone to use, and you will be able to access the internet immediately.

  • Price: Additional shipping costs to your home
  • Pros: Don’t waste time waiting, be more proactive with your needs
  • Cons: Risk of late delivery or missed trip schedule
Order a physical SIM card online to have it delivered to your home
Order a physical SIM card online to have it delivered to your home

2. Buy SIM card at the airport in Argentina

At Buenos Aires International Airport, the Personal store is open from 9am to 10pm (or you can buy at whichever international airport you arrive at). Therefore, if you arrive during these hours, you can buy a SIM card at the airport. Usually, carrier kiosks at airports are prominent and easy to see.

  • Price: about 800 ARS ($0.92 USD)
  • Pros: You can use the internet immediately upon arrival
  • Cons: Line up and wait
Buy a SIM card at the carrier kiosk at the airport
Buy a SIM card at the carrier kiosk at the airport

3. Buy SIM cards in cities in Argentina

Places where you can buy a SIM card in the city you visit in Argentina such as: official stores, franchised mobile stores, shopping malls,… Usually, you can search for the address on Google maps for directions.

  • Price: Cheaper than buying at the airport or shipping home
  • Pros: Save money, have many options for SIM cards
  • Cons: Need to find a reputable store address.
Buy an Argentina SIM card at the official store in the city
Buy an Argentina SIM card at the official store in the city

4. Buy eSIM Argentina

Purchase eSIM for compatible devices only. You just need to visit the provider’s website, choose a package, then pay online and receive a QR code within 5 minutes in the registered email message. Next, you just need to scan the QR to activate.

  • Price: Only has data so the cost is not too high
  • Pros: Convenient, no need to travel
  • Cons: Not for 100% mobile devices
Buy eSIM online to save a lot of time
Buy eSIM online to save a lot of time

II. What Are The Best Argentina SIM Card Packages for Tourists?

Prepaid SIM card plans from network operators in Argentina
Prepaid SIM card plans from network operators in Argentina

There are three mobile operators which offer the best SIM cards for travelers: Argentina Claro, Argentina Movistar, Argentina Personal. Visitors can absolutely buy and use data packages like a local for a long term. However, that will depend on the user’s needs. Some suggestions below will help you have a broader perspective on data usage by network operators in Argentina:

1. Best Argentina Claro SIM Card Plans and Price

Some Claro data packages you can refer to:

104783 ARS ($120 USD)1 GB3 days
148443 ARS ($170 USD)1 GB7 days
279422 ARS ($320 USD)2 GB15 days
340546 ARS ($390 USD)3 GB20 days
480257 ARS ($550 USD)4 GB30 days
611236 ARS ($700 USD)6 GB30 days

2. Best Argentina Movistar SIM Card Plans and Price

Movistar Argentina offers a variety of data packages such as:

PriceDataSocial mediaValid
122247 ARS ($140 USD)2 GB3 days
157175 ARS ($180 USD)2 GB5 days
174639 ARS ($200 USD)2 GB1 GB7 days
261958 ARS ($300 USD)3 GB1 GB10 days
576308 ARS ($660 USD)5 GB5 GB30 days
200835 ARS ($230 USD)2 GB1 GB7 days
480257 ARS ($550 USD)3 GB1 GB30 days

3. Best Argentina Personal SIM Card Plans and Price

Personal’s data plans and travel SIM cards:

PriceDataCalling (minutes)Social mediaValid
69856 ARS ($80 USD)1 GB1 days
122247 ARS ($240 USD)2 GB3 days
209567 ARS ($240 USD)2 GB7 days
698556 ARS ($800 USD)3 GBInternational call: 30 minutesDomestic calls: 100 minutesUnlimited30 days

Our recommendation: From the above information, you can easily see that Claro’s data packages have the most attractive incentives and many options for SIM card packages. In addition to the benefits of SIM cards, eSIM from Claro also has many benefits for tourists that are being provided by Gigago on the website.

III. Do I Need to Buy a SIM Card in Argentina?

Tourists should consider purchasing a SIM card when coming to Argentina
Tourists should consider purchasing a SIM card when coming to Argentina

Yes, tourists should buy a SIM card in Argentina because of some of the following outstanding advantages:

CriteriaSIM cardsPublic wifiData roamingPocket wifi
CostNot as high as data roaming, you can completely choose to buy a SIM card for tourists at a lower cost.Of course you don’t have to spend money to make a public wifi connectionThe cost of international data roaming is high, not for those with limited budgets on a trip to Argentina.Rental costs are calculated per day and a deposit is made in advance to the service provider. At the same time, you need to pay for the package.
ConvenienceEasily buy anywhere from the airport, operator store, shopping mall, buy online,…Data is selected by package, which may include calling minutes, SMS messages, high-speed movie watching, social networks,…It’s inconvenient for you because not all places you go may actually have public wifiWith international roaming, you don’t have to waste time buying a SIM card or renting/buying a wifi transmitter, but can register online at home in just 2 minutes.Convenient for groups of friends or for the whole family to connect
Data SpeedAs long as you are within the network’s coverage area, you can easily access high-speed internet without being affected by other factors.Public wifi is connected by many people so it is understandable that it has a slow connectionAccess speed often depends on the coverage area of the switching networkAccess speed depends on the fixed SIM card package on the pocket wifi transmitter and the number of connected devices
Making Calls & TextsMost packages include calling minutes and SMS messagesYou can’t make regular phone calls and text messages, you’ll need to use another appInternational calling and text messaging are often possible based on a plan, but the cost is highNeed to call and text through another application

IV. What to Prepare to Buy Prepaid SIM cards in Argentina?

To buy a prepaid SIM card in Argentina, make sure to bring your passport. You’ll need to register the SIM card using your passport information, and the store will usually make a copy of it during the purchase process.

Claro and Movistar allow you to register online by uploading passport image (Movistar tourists).

V. Types of Argentina SIM Card for Tourists – Which One is the Best?

There are 2 SIM card options for tourists coming to Argentina: Prepaid physical SIM card and Prepaid Tourist eSIM. These two types have different advantages, the choice depends on each person’s needs and device compatibility.

1. Prepaid physical SIM card in Argentina

Physical SIM card is a small, portable memory chip that stores information about individual mobile phone subscribers, has the ability to send and receive messages, make and receive calls and access Internet service right on your mobile phone. There are 2 physical SIM card options: data only or data + voice and text.

The physical SIM card needs to be inserted into the slot on the mobile device
The physical SIM card needs to be inserted into the slot on the mobile device

2. Prepaid Tourist Argentina eSIM

ESIM is a new technology in the field of mobile telecommunications. The special feature of eSIM is its more compact size, only about 6mm long, 5mm wide and only 0.67mm thin, but still ensures the same functions as a physical SIM. eSIM is 100% activated via QR code and eliminates the slot on the device.

Prepaid eSIM for Argentina
Prepaid eSIM for Argentina

To make it easier to follow, below is a comparison table of prepaid physical SIM cards and prepaid eSIM cards:

Prepaid physical Argentina  SIM cardsPrepaid eSIM for Argentina 
Pros– Stable connection within network coverage area
– There are many package options and SIM cards specifically for short-term guests
– Identify the network directly on the phone, no need for difficult activation steps
– Most unlocked phones are available
– You can order online through the supplier’s website no matter where you are
– Compact and space-saving designIn case the device is lost, users can still contact the person holding the device without worrying about someone taking the SIM and accessing personal information.
– eSIM allows integration of up to 5 phone numbers on the same eSIM, allowing users to easily switch between phone numbers when necessary
– Easily switch between devices without changing SIMs
– No need to worry about lost SIM
– Between agreed providers, you can connect anywhere
Cons– Need to buy directly at the supplier to receive a physical SIM card or order online to have it shipped home at an additional cost
– Many tourists may have difficulty communicating at the SIM card store
– Unable to keep local landline phone number on phone
– eSIM is suitable for young people with basic knowledge of technology
– Not all devices have the connectivity to use eSIM

Our Recommendation: From the table above, if you have a compatible phone, we recommend readers to use eSIM and choose the data only package with outstanding advantages. Nowadays, you can also completely maintain basic contact through calling apps and using the Internet.

VI. Argentina eSIM – Alternative to Physical SIM Cards to Get Internet in Argentina

An alternative solution to a physical SIM card that cannot be ignored is eSIM, which has outstanding advantages such as:

  • Buy online and get eSIM online
  • No need to show personal information (passport)
  • Save time on your trip
  • Buy before arriving in Argentina so it will be ready to use upon arrival
  • Doesn’t take up space on your phone
  • Can be used on any phone
eSIM for tourists to Argentina
eSIM for tourists to Argentina

Gigago’s eSIM is a prepaid eSIM that is valid 1 day after purchase, and the QR code can be used for 30 days on any compatible phone. Travelers can choose valid data packages of 3, 5, 7, 14, 30 days depending on trip duration from only 14407 ARS ($16.5 USD) to 25235 ARS ($28.9 USD).

VII. How to Use Argentina Prepaid SIM Cards and eSIM

Here’s how to use Argentina SIM card with physical SIM card and eSIM:

1. Using prepaid Argentina tourist SIM Cards

Brief steps to use a physical SIM card in Argentina:

  • Buy SIM card: Choose to buy from a major network for the best support
  • Insert the SIM card into the slot: Power off the phone, insert the SIM card and restart the phone to accept the SIM card
  • Activate SIM card: Enter the PIN code provided by your provider if necessary
  • Top up: Most packages include the charge in the SIM card, but you can top up as you like

Pro Tip: Keep your receipt throughout your trip so you can get support at any of that operator's stores.

Keep your bill/proof of SIM card purchase during your trip
Keep your bill/proof of SIM card purchase during your trip

2. Setting up and activating Argentina eSIM

By buying online or at a supplier, the steps are usually as follows:

  • Select the appropriate data package
  • Provide necessary information (purchase at the store)
  • Get QR code
  • Scan QR code to activate
  • Restart your phone
  • Check if your phone is installed or not
  • Use internet from eSIM

Pro Tip: Make sure your device supports eSIM before deciding to buy.


If I roam, what is stored on the SIM card?

SIM cards contain user-specific data, such as owner information, phone numbers, contact lists, and user text messages.

What is a prepaid SIM card?

A prepaid SIM card is where the provider charges that amount through chat, text, and data usage. When the balance reaches zero, the provider will stop the service immediately.

Which network operator is the most affordable in Argentina?

Claro is an affordable network operator with many options.

IX. Conclusion

The above article is a summary of issues surrounding Argentina SIM cards with information from prepaid physical SIM cards as well as electronic SIM cards. Hope you have gained some useful information. If you have the right device, Gigago is ready to support you in using eSIM with attractive incentives.