How To Use Cell Phone In Albania 2024: Traveler’s Guide To Stay Connected

Use cell phone in Albania is an issue that many tourists are concerned about, especially for first-time visitors to this country. The article below will update you with information.

How to use cell phone in Albania

The Internet is increasingly developing and playing an important role in our lives. Use cell phone in Albania is of interest to many tourists to contact local relatives. Moreover, it helps the trip a lot. Gigago will update the most detailed information through the article below.

I. Highlights of Phone Compatibility, Frequencies and Networks in Albania

Tourists using mobile phones in Albania
Tourists using mobile phones in Albania

Some information about internet compatibility in Albania you may not know, below is some specific information:

  • Network operators: ALBtelecom Mobile, Telecom Albania, Vodafone Albania
  • Compatibility: Works on GSM networks. Most phones designed for international use in Albania must be compatible with the country’s network
  • Frequency: The frequency of the GSM network in Albania is between 900 MHz and 1800 MHz for 2G technology and UMTS 2100 for 3G technology. For 4G/LTE, frequencies in the 1800 MHz and 2600 MHz bands are commonly used. However, specific frequencies may vary between network operators in Albania
  • 4G/LTE availability in Albania: 4G LTE network coverage is typically best in large cities and metropolitan areas provided by the major operators. However, coverage may be poor in rural or remote areas.
  • SIM Cards and Prepaid Data Plans: Albania SIM cards and prepaid data plans are very popular among both residents and visitors to the country. You can get it from the official stores of the network operators, as well as many convenience stores and at the airport.
  • Data roaming in Albania: Many international visitors to Albania can roam data if the local operator has a roaming agreement with network operators in Albania. However, you should check your access speed and compatibility before traveling.

II. Will My Cell Phone Work In Albania?

Yes, you can absolutely use cell phone in Albania. However, you need to consider whether your device is compatible or not. In addition, you need to consider whether your phone device has an open frequency band or not. This tells you whether you can use data roaming in this country or if you have to choose another method.

Travelers can use phones in Albania if compatible
Travelers can use phones in Albania if compatible

Network frequency is a key factor in determining whether your phone is compatible in Albania or not. Furthermore, this will help visitors know in advance the internet connection speed when arriving in Albania. Spectrum bands GSM 900, GSM 1800, UMTS 2100, LTE 1800 (3), LTE 2600 (7).

III. Do I Need An International Plan In Albania?

Yes, an Albania international plan is required for international tourists to the country. This is a way for them to connect with family members back home and enjoy travel with the help of the internet. Furthermore, with the development of society, remote work is becoming more and more popular, tourists can completely handle their work remotely when there is internet at an economical cost.

International plan in Albania
International plan in Albania

Although I can use free wifi, this method has a few disadvantages such as: weak access, slow download speed, easy information theft,… On the contrary, the advantages of the international plan stand out such as:

  • Call and text internationally at preferential, cost-effective rates
  • Use mobile data in Albania at a better price than regular data roaming, not to mention whether roaming is possible or not
  • Keep your home phone number when abroad
  • You can choose different packages depending on your needs and travel time

IV. What Are Options To Use Cellphones In Albania For Tourists?

In Albania, visitors can freely choose options to use cell phones. Outstanding options include SIM card, eSIM and Pocket wifi. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, where to buy, purchase price and cost for different data plans.

1. eSIM Plan for Albania

eSIM is a digital SIM technology that allows activating telecommunications and mobile services without the need for a traditional physical SIM. Before purchasing an Albanian eSIM, it is necessary to check whether your device is compatible or not. With eSIM, you don’t necessarily have to buy it at the store but can receive a QR code via gmail. However, not all network operators have online purchasing options.

eSIM package for visitors to Albania
eSIM package for visitors to Albania

2. International SIM card for Albania

International SIM cards are a traditional form of use for many international tourists, including tourists to Albania. Visitors can choose to buy directly when arriving at the airport, buy at convenience stores, or buy at official stores. If you don’t have much time to buy directly, you can absolutely order online to have it delivered to your accommodation.

International SIM cards are the traditional form chosen by many tourists
International SIM cards are the traditional form chosen by many tourists

The first condition to use an international SIM card is that the phone must be unlocked. This helps you avoid high data roaming charges in Albania and allows access to the operator’s local network. Some famous network operators in Albania are ALBtelecom Mobile, Telecom Albania and Vodafone Albania.

3. Pocket WiFi

Some famous tourist destinations and some large cities such as Tirana, Saranda and Durres are the most popular forms of pocket wifi rental. You can choose to rent at the airport, hotel or telecommunications store. Each store and network provider will have different rental prices, so you need to compare before renting.

Pocket Wifi is popular in popular tourist destinations in Albania
Pocket Wifi is popular in popular tourist destinations in Albania

When renting a pocket wifi, you can completely connect multiple devices of yourself or a group of friends (5 – 10 devices depending on the provider). However, you need to pay a rental fee for it and also the cost of purchasing a data package.

V. Will My Local Network Work In Albania?

Most likely possible, the domestic network will work in Albania, but the downside is that roaming is very high. This is the option with the highest cost among all the options. And if you don’t strictly control your usage habits, you will have to pay a lot of money at the end of the trip.

Use the local network in Albania
Use the local network in Albania

VI. Gigago eSIM – An Alternative To Get Internet In Albania With Your Cell Phone

eSIM is the main alternative to get the Internet while traveling in Albania. It’s worth buying, worth using because it’s easy to buy, set up, diversify plans to choose,… In addition, it can be used even without removing your fixed SIM card.

Albania eSIM of network operator Vodafone
Albania eSIM of network operator Vodafone

Which Albania eSIM plan should you choose for your trip?

Currently, you can easily buy eSIM at the network operator’s official store. However, for this form you need to provide a passport or identification documents. Therefore, you can choose to buy online at famous and reputable eSIM suppliers on the market today, such as Gigago – an eSIM supplier from Hong Kong.

Gigago’s eSIM data plans for travelers to Albania start with a 300MB 7-day 300MB data plan for just $11.10 USD. Financially, you can choose from $11.10 USD to $36.50 USD. You need to pay attention to the number of days you travel to Albania so that the right data packages last 7, 14 and 30 days.

VII. Extra Tips To Use Cell Phone in Albania

Just like using the Internet internationally in other countries, use cell phone in Albania is quite simple but here are some additional tips:

  • Network coverage: Different network operators have different coverage across the country. Travelers should check which carrier has the best coverage in the areas you’ll be traveling to to ensure you have a good connection during your trip
  • Unlock your phone: Make sure your phone is unlocked so you can use the local SIM card. If necessary, contact your service provider to ask about unlocking your phone
  • Free Wi-Fi: Most hotels, cafes and restaurants offer free Wi-Fi but it’s not really reliable, you should have a data plan for unreliable times and access weak
  • Download offline maps before going out: Except when the network connection is slow or out of coverage area, you should download offline maps
  • Prepare spare batteries: Bring spare batteries when there is no electrical outlet in the public crib
  • Local SIM card: Consider purchasing a local SIM card when visiting Albania for cheaper local call rates and faster internet access.
Download offline maps of Albania
Download offline maps of Albania

VIII. FAQs about Use Cell Phone in Albania

Do network operators have strong coverage in all parts of Albania?

No, network operators’ coverage area is uneven in all areas. Maybe this network has strong coverage in the city but the other network has strong coverage in the countryside. Therefore, tourists need to carefully learn about the network operator and the area they are going to.

Can I use a local SIM card for the internet in Albania?

Yes, this helps you keep your home phone number intact. However, you need to check that your local network operator has an agreement with the network operator in Albania. Furthermore, the cost for data roaming is not low.

IX. Conclusion

Sharing about use cell phone in Albania is one of the necessary information for tourists coming to this country. Hope it’s really useful to you. Don’t forget to contact Gigago when you need support!