How to Get Mobile Internet in Albania for Travelers: What Option to Choose?

Mobile internet in Albania is necessary information for travel enthusiasts coming to this country. The necessary information will be mentioned in the article below.

With the development of digital, mobile internet in Albania for residents and tourists coming to this country. In this article, Gigago will provide specific internet information in Albania for tourists to refer to.

I. Mobile Internet in Albania – Coverage and Speed

In the conditions that need to be considered by network operators, coverage area and access speed should be considered first. Some general information about network operators in Albania is mentioned below.

1. Albania Mobile Internet Coverage

There are 3 major network operators in Albania that tourists need to know (of which ALB merged into One), their coverage areas are as follows:

  • Vodafone Albania coverage

Vodafone entered the Albanian telecommunications market in August 2001 and quickly won the trust of users. Currently, Vodafone covers 99% of the population with a 3G network operating on band B1 (2100 MHz). Currently, Vodafone Albania builds more than 50 base stations in big cities such as Tirana, Burrel, Korce,…

Vodafone Albania coverage
Vodafone Albania coverage
  • One Mobile coverage

One MObile was voted as the most popular network operator in Albania. It has wide coverage in both urban and rural areas. Most areas are covered with dual 4G+ networks, but some areas only have 4G networks such as Vranisht, Brataj, Himare,…

One Mobile coverage in Albania
One Mobile coverage in Albania

2. Albania Mobile Internet Speed

CriteriaVodafone AlbaniaOne Albania
Median Download Speed (Mbps)53.3636.04
Consistency (%)84.586.1
Latency (ms)3635

The table above shows that Vodafone’s average download speed is the fastest at 53.36 Mbps. In terms of latency on the server, there is not much difference between each other. In contrast to the low speed, One’s consistency is much better than Vodafone’s.

Albania Mobile Internet Speed
Albania Mobile Internet Speed

Internet users care a lot about access speed and download speed. Thus, Vodafone Albania is the most popular. However, One Albania cannot either, it has also been voted by users as the best network operator in Albania a few years ago.

II. What are Connectivity Options for Tourists to Albania?

SIM cards AlbaniaYou can order a SIM card in advance and have it delivered to your residence
There are many options for data packages and different costs
Connection speed is usually fast and stable
Easy to buy at points of sale in Albania, airports, official stores, authorized stores…
This is not a real form of saving
Prepaid SIM card buyers need to pay the cost of purchasing the SIM card and the cost of purchasing a data package to use.
Pocket wifiCan connect multiple devices at the same time
Choose from multiple data packages.
Loss can be compensated if you rent pocket wifiNot too compact.
Albania eSIMBuy online and receive QR via emailMany people believe that eSIM
Connection is weaker than a physical SIM card
Not all devices are compatible with eSIM
Not all carriers offer online eSIM sales.
Roaming with Albania operatorsUse your local SIM card
Access speed is usually stable within the coverage area
Not for low-income people
Only provide users with services from network operators that have agreements with operators in Albania.
Free wifiEasy to connect in public places
No data costs
Slow access speed
Not network safe.

Through the information table above, buying a SIM card with data is the most optimal solution because of its convenience and safety. Besides, eSIM is an equally good choice if you have a compatible device.

Travelers have many options for using the internet in Albania
Travelers have many options for using the internet in Albania

Pro Tips:

  • Before buying a SIM card for Albania, you need to check whether the phone is unlocked or not.
  • If using eSIM, check if your phone is in your list of eSIM compatible devices.

III. Internet Rates in Albania

The costs need to be paid according to each option below:

OptionMobile internet rates (internet tariff)
SIM card AlbaniaVodafone Albania: about 2000 Lek ($21.11 USD)One Albania: about 1500 Lek ($15.83 USD)
eSIM Albaniafrom $11.1 USD to $36.5 USD
Data roaming in Albaniafrom 250 Lek ($2.64 USD) to 1500 Lek ($15.85 USD) 
Public wifiFree
Pocket wifiYou need to pay both the rental fee and the data package purchase fee.

Note: Price information may change later. For the latest information, contact your supplier. At the same time, my advice is to recommend SIM and eSIM cards from Vodafone Albania as the most suitable choice for tourists. However, visitors need to compare costs according to their needs.

IV. Data SIM Card for Mobile Internet in Albania

Data SIM cards Albania
Data SIM cards Albania

The following short-term data packages from network operators in Albania are available to tourists:

  • Vodafone Albania
3 Ditore300 Lek ($3.17 usd)300 MB300 minutes3 days
10 Ditore700 Lek ($7.39 USD)1.5 GB300 minutes10 days
Gigamax1500 Lek ($15.83 USD)15 GB500 minutes21 days

Additionally, you can add 30 days of data:

  • 5 GB: 700 Lek ($7.39 USD)
  • 6 GB: 800 Lek ($8.44 USD)
  • One Albania
Ditore200 Lek ($2.11 USD)400 MB50 minutes1001 day
Javore500 Lek ($5.28 USD)1 GB300 minutes300 7 days
All inclusive1500 Lek ($15.83 USD)15 GB500 minutes50021 days (extras 10 IDD mins,5 GB for social & chat)

Note: The above price is for reference only. Contact operator to update the latest specific information.

V. Data eSIM for Albania – Best Option to Get Mobile Internet for Tourists

If you have a compatible device, an eSIM is a better choice than a physical SIM card. Furthermore, you can absolutely choose to buy directly from the network operator or reputable suppliers in the market.

1. Buy eSIM from Albania Operators

Major carriers such as Vodafone Albania and One Albania all provide eSIM services. Travelers need to present identification documents such as a passport for registration (most countries require this for international travelers) to register and then receive eSIM via email. This option may be more economical, but there is a risk of information being leaked and it takes a lot of time.

2. Buy eSIM from Gigago

Gigago is an eSIM provider from Hong Kong, distributing eSIMs to many countries, including Albania. When buying here, you do not need to provide identification documents and buy completely online.

eSIM Albania by Vodafone Albania from Gigago
eSIM Albania by Vodafone Albania from Gigago

eSIM Albania offers 3, 5 10 GB high-speed data valid for 7, 14 and 30 days. Costing only from $11.1 USD to $36.5 USD, you can buy data packages from 300MB to 10GB.


I have international roaming in Albania, why can’t I make calls in this country?

First of all, you need to check whether you dialed the phone number you want to call according to the correct syntax or not. The correct syntax is + (or the international dialing number of the country you want to call)_Code of the country you want to call_Phone number.
If you are a prepaid subscriber, you can make calls on networks that have agreements allowing making intra-network calls. Check which carrier provides the service by visiting the carrier’s website and entering information into the price lookup section. Information about network operators, types of services provided, and service rates will be fully displayed in the regular international roaming services section for your reference.
If you are a postpaid subscriber, the network signal in the area you are in may be weak. Please move to another location with a stronger mobile signal. Or manually access and re-select the network according to detailed instructions on the official website.
If you continue to have trouble making calls, please contact the service provider’s customer service department for assistance.

If I want to buy an eSIM from a carrier, where can I buy it in Albania?

You can buy an eSIM at the airport when you first arrive in Albania, at the carrier’s official store or at franchised retail stores. You can use a map to locate it or ask locals for directions.

If I buy an eSIM at Gigago, what information do I need to provide?

Please provide the carrier you need to purchase and email to receive the QR code to activate the eSIM.

VII. Conclusion

Above is important information about mobile internet in Albania for tourists that you may not know. Hope it has updated the things you are interested in. Don’t forget to refer to Gigago’s eSIM to receive many incentives!