Vodafone Albania SIM Cards & eSIM for Tourists: How to Get and Activate 2024

How to get and activate a Vodafone Albania SIM & eSIM are always strongly searched for by tourists. The necessary information will be in the article.

As with international internet usage in other countries, how to get and activate a Vodafone Albania SIM & eSIM for foreigners and tourists to Albania is not a simple process. However, this article will provide answers. Gigago brings information to help you have the best internet experience in this country.

I. Quick Facts about Vodafone Albania 

Network operator Vodafone Albania has information you may not know:

  • Founded year: in 2001
  • Full name: Vodafone Albania SH.A
  • Headquarters location: Tirana, Albania
  • World ranking: Ranked 321 out of 3,443 competitors
  • Coverage area: Coverage up to 99% of the country’s population
  • Number of customers: There are about 2 million domestic customers using it
  • Store network: Present in most towns and densely populated areas
Logo of Vodafone Albania network
Logo of Vodafone Albania network

II. Why Vodafone Albania When Traveling Albania – Coverage and Speed

Among the three major network operators in Albania, Vodafone Albania stands out and is used by many customers, especially tourists. To choose this network operator, users refer to the criteria of coverage area as well as whether the access speed suits their needs or not.

1. Vodafone Albania Coverage in Albania

Currently, Vodafone Albania covers 99% of the population with its 3G network operating on the B1 band (2100 MHz). Vodafone Albania launched its 4G+ LTE-A network in September 2015, with 2C aggregation of band B3 (1800 MHz) and band B7 (2600 MHz).

Vodafone Albania coverage area
Vodafone Albania coverage area

Through the map image, you can easily see that Vodafone Albania has 4G network coverage in most large towns and cities and especially in densely populated areas such as Tirana, Berat, Durres,… There is only one A few areas that still use 3G technology networks.

2. Vodafone Albania Speed

In Albania, Vodafone Albania had the strongest average download speed with 53.36 Mbps in the fourth quarter of 2023. Furthermore, the consistency in the carrier’s performance was 84.5%, with some variation but not significantly with the remaining carriers. Additionally, the average latency across multiple servers is 36ms, only 1ms more than One Mobile.

Vodafone Albania speed
Vodafone Albania speed

III. What are the Best Connectivity Options of Vodafone Albania for Travelers to Albania?

Not only SIM cards or eSIM, visitors can completely choose other options when coming to Albania. Along with wondering how to get and activate a Vodafone Albania SIM & eSIM, users are also wondering which option to choose for themselves. Below is specific information:

Connectivity optionsProsCons
Vodafone Albania SIM cardConnect fast and strongUse directly on the SIM card
Good price
Phone needs to be unlocked before use
Pocket wifiConnect many devices
No need to remove the fixed SIM card
The coverage of pocket wifi is not far
Need to bring backup to maintain battery usage
Must deposit money and personal information to rent
The cost is higher than a SIM card because the pocket wifi is charged per rental day or purchase price including tax
It’s not clear if it connects to Vodafone Albania because it’s due to the SIM in the lessor’s wifi router. If you want to know exactly, ask for confirmation first.
Data roamingUse a SIM card from your home country
Keep in touch on the main phone number as there is no need to remove it from the slot
Highest cost among the options
Not all carriers can roam data, it depends on the agreement of the network operator.
Need confirmation from supplier to be sure
It is not easy to control data usage

From the information board above, visitors can easily see that buying a SIM card is an economical, popular, and convenient measure for everyone. Users just need to make sure their phone is unlocked to use it.

Connectivity options of Vodafone Albania for travelers to Albania
Connectivity options of Vodafone Albania for travelers to Albania

IV. Best Vodafone Albania SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

If you have a short trip to Albania, the following data packages may be the right choice for you:

PlanPriceDomestic voice (minutes)Fixed line (minutes)Domestic (SMS)DataValid (days)
Basic600 Lek ($6.31 USD)5050MB30
Start1000 Lek ($10.51 USD)40010004001GB30
Standard1300 Lek ($13.66 USD)250025004001GB30
Premium2100 Lek ($22.07 USD)3500350050034GB30
3 Ditore300 Lek ($3.15 USD)300300MB3
10 Ditore700 Lek ($7.36 USD)3001.5GB3
Gigamax1500 Lek ($15.77 USD)5001521

Information about data packages may change over time, visitors should consult before deciding to purchase. Furthermore, it is necessary to choose the most suitable data package based on the duration of the trip.

V. Does Vodafone Albania Support eSIM in Albania?

Yes, Vodafone Albania offers eSIM, this group covers the country and 42 other European countries. There are 2 ways to buy eSIM Albania: buy directly from the operator or buy through eSIM providers. Normally, when buying directly from the network operator, you must present documents (passport). Buying from resellers is often simpler.

eSIM Albania
eSIM Albania

VI. Where to Buy a Vodafone Albania SIM card and eSIM?

Vodafone Albania has widespread coverage throughout densely populated areas, towns and cities, so buying a SIM or eSIM card also becomes simpler. Specific information is as follows:

1. Where to Buy Vodafone Albania SIM Card for Albania?

1.1. Upon Arrival

A traditional way to buy a SIM card is to buy it at the airport upon arrival in Albania. Due to space constraints, travelers should consider flying to Tirana International Airport and purchasing there. After checking in, check your documents, claim your luggage and head to the arrivals hall to find the Vodafone kiosk.

Buy a SIM card AT Tirana International Airport
Buy a SIM card AT Tirana International Airport

1.2. Vodafone store

If you don’t really need the internet upon arrival and don’t choose to buy a SIM card at the airport, the official Vodafone store is the perfect choice. Vodafone has stores in all major cities in Albania. Buying at the store may be more reputable, but it takes a bit of time and requires foreign language skills.

Buy Albania Vodafone SIM card at Vodafone store
Buy Albania Vodafone SIM card at Vodafone store

1.3. Other authorized retail stores

Mobile retailers in Albania often sell Vodafone Albania SIM cards as authorized. Therefore, you can also buy at these authorized stores. With this way of buying, store reputation is the top priority when looking to buy because stores selling Vodafone SIM cards are spread across the country. This can be checking customer feedback or asking from people.

Vodafone Albania franchise mobile store
Vodafone Albania franchise mobile store

2. Where to Buy Vodafone Albania eSIM for Albania?

Before buying eSIM, check whether your device supports this feature or not. Then choose between purchasing the Vodafone Albania eSIM for Albania through your operator or supplier. Select the data package and receive QR via email to activate on your phone. If you haven’t done any formal research yet, Gigago can help you get the right eSIM Albania.

Vodafone Albania eSIM for Albania from Gigago
Vodafone Albania eSIM for Albania from Gigago

Here are some tips when buying SIM and eSIM from Vodafone Albania:

  • Research before buying: Before buying, research the data plans offered by Vodafone Albania
  • Check coverage: Make sure the area you are traveling to has Vodafone network coverage
  • Decide to choose: Choosing a SIM or eSIM card depends on compatibility and your usage needs
  • Purchasing options: Travelers can buy at the carrier, buy through the supplier, buy on arrival, buy online,…
  • Determine identity: You need to prepare identification documents to buy a SIM or eSIM card, which is usually a passport
  • Activation: After purchasing, you need to activate according to the instructions for easy use

VII. How to Use and Activate Vodafone Albania SIM/eSIM in Albania?

Below are specific instructions on how to use and activate Vodafone Albania SIM card and eSIM:

1. How to Use and Activate Vodafone Albania SIM Card in Albania?

With these simple steps you can activate and use the SIM card:

  • Step 1: Insert the SIM card into the slot on the phone
  • Step 2: Power on the device after receiving the SIM card
  • Step 3: Activate SIM card
  • Step 4: Check the service of the package

2. How to Use and Activate Vodafone Albaniae SIM?

Getting started with Vodafone eSIM for Albania is quite easy as follows:

  • Step 1: Determine device compatibility
  • Step 2: Scan QR to receive eSIM
  • Step 3: Active eSIM
  • Step 4: Set up eSIM
  • Step 5: Start using eSIM services once eSIM is activated and set up
Get the QR of the eSIM from the provider
Get the QR of the eSIM from the provider

VIII. How to Top-up Vodafone Albania SIM/eSIM

How to recharge Vodafone Albania SIM and eSIM cards is in the search information on how to get and activate a Vodafone Albania SIM & eSIM. In fact, depositing money is not difficult, each method has simple steps:

  • Top up online: Go to the top up section and follow the instructions to top up your SIM/eSIM on the Vodafone Albania website
  • Top up on downloaded app: If the Vodafone Albania app is available, log in to your account and find the option to top up. Then, follow the steps to complete the transaction
  • Top up at retail stores: Buy top up cards at official stores or franchise stores to top up your SIM card
  • Top-up service: Top-up SIM and eSIM cards are provided by a third party.
Recharge on the Vodafone app
Recharge on the Vodafone app

IX. FAQs about Vodafone Albania

Besides an unlocked phone, what do I need to provide when purchasing a SIM card at Tirana International Airport?

Passport is what you need to prepare to buy a SIM card at the international airport

Where is the Vodafone Albania kiosk located in Tirana International Airport?

At the airport there are always private areas, you can ask the airport ground staff. In addition, you will notice that the Vodafone logo is red, very easy to identify.

If I recharge at Vodafone stores, can I use a credit card?

Currently, most people can pay by credit card. However, you need to prepare more cash to avoid risks.

X. Conclusion

How to get and activate a Vodafone Albania SIM & eSIM includes the necessary information compiled through the article above. Hope it really helps you have a better experience on your next trip. Please visit Gigago to receive eSIM promotions!