Buy Telekom SIM Cards and eSIM for tourists in 2024

If you are looking for necessary information for your trip to Albania, how to get and activate a Telekom Albania SIM & eSIM is definitely indispensable. Information will be updated.

How to activate Telekom Albania SIM & eSIM

During a trip to Albania, how to get and activate a Telekom Albania SIM & eSIM is information everyone wants to know, especially if it is the first time using it. The information will include the history of the network, where to buy, how to use, how to recharge,… Gigago will bring you the most useful information.

I. Quick facts about Telekom

Telekom Albania has some information that is quickly summarized as follows:

  • Year the company was founded: in 1996
  • Location of company headquarters: in the Albanian capital Tirana
  • Investors: include COSMOTE and Albania Telecom Invest
  • World ranking: 227/3375
  • Services provided: mobile communication
  • Historical milestone
  • 2015: Launching 4G/LTE network service
  • 10/10/2019: Licensed for 800 MHz
  • 05/02/2020: Diversify with Telekom Albania radio network service
  • 14/08/2020: Changed name to Clean Telco
  • 11/09/2020: Changed name to One Mobile
Quick information about network operator Telekom Albania
Quick information about network operator Telekom Albania

II. Albania Telekom Coverage and Speed in the Albania

Not only do you care about how to get and activate a Telekom Albania SIM & eSIM, you also need to care about the coverage and speed of that network. Then, choose based on the criteria.

1. Telekom coverage in Albania

An impressive figure for Telekom Albania’s coverage area is 91% of the country’s population. In particular, large cities such as Elbasan, Tirana, Fier, Vlore,… have had 4G/LTE network coverage since 2015. In addition, other densely populated areas have also been deployed. Currently, this network has narrowed the gap to compete for market leadership.

Telekom Albania coverage area
Telekom Albania coverage area

2. Telekom speed in Albania

Band B3 (1800 MHz) and band B7 (2600 MHz) of the 4G/LTE network were deployed in 2015. Telekom Albania’s average download speed reached 34.74 Mbps in the fourth quarter of 2023 report. According to that, the average latency on the server is 20 ms. Additionally, carrier consistency is 60.8 – 62.5%.

Telekom Albania access speed
Telekom Albania access speed

III. What are the Best Connectivity Options of Telekom for Travelers to Albania?

Before getting to the information on how to get and activate a Telekom Albania SIM & eSIM, let’s learn about the suggested options for travelers. Options will include purchasing a Telekom Albania SIM card, using pocket wifi connected to Telekom Albania, and data roaming with Telekom Albania.

Connectivity optionsProsCons
Pocket wifi connects to Telekom AlbaniaYour entire group or tour of 5-15 people can connect to 1 pocket wifi deviceKeep the SIM card in the fixed slotNeed to verify with the SIM card in the lessee’s wifi router that it can connect to the Telekom Albania network, because this is not certain
Need to receive pocket wifi directly or have it shipped, then return it
A deposit is required to keep information when renting and can show personal information
If you accidentally lose it, you need to pay the rental fee
Access speed can be slow if many people connect and the pocket wifi is not of high quality.
Telekom Albania SIM cardThere are many options for data plans specifically for travelers
Use directly on Telekom Albania SIM card, with strong access
Many options for data package usage time
Easy to order online and in person
Need to remove SIM card and follow steps to activate
Data roaming with Telekom AlbaniaFix the SIM card on smartphone
Access everywhere with Telekom Albania coverage
The cost for data roaming is not low
It is not certain that your local SIM card has an agreement with Telekom Albania to enable data roaming.

Through the information listed above, it is easy to see that choosing to buy a Telekom Albania SIM card is the most convenient, economical and best experience option.

IV. Best Telekom SIM cards for Tourists & Cost

The following data packages from Telekom Albania give tourists more options:

PlanPriceDataCalling (minutes)SMSValid (days)Extras
Ditore200 Lek ($2.11 USD)400MB501001
Javore500 Lek ($5.26 USD)1GB3003007
All inclusive1500 Lek ($15.79 USD)15GB5005002110 minutes for IDD, 5Gb data for social network use
Unlimited (S)600 Lek ($6.32 USD)200MB100100
Unlimited (M)1000 Lek ($10.53 USD)1GB400400
Unlimited (L)1200 Lek ($12.63 USD)2.06GB20002003010GB data for listen music
Unlim. Beats1500 Lek ($15.79 USD)2.57GB400040010GB data for listen music
Unlimited (XL)2000 Lek ($21.05 USD)3.43GB400050010GB data for listen music
Diverse data packages of Telekom Albania tourists can refer to
Diverse data packages of Telekom Albania tourists can refer to

If you don’t need to make calls or text messages and just need to use data, some of the following plans are for you:

PlanPriceDataValid (days)
Ditore200 Lek ($2.11 USD)1GB1
Javore400 Lek ($4.21 USD)2GB7
Mujore600 Lek ($6.32 USD)2GB30
1200 Lek ($12.63 USD)8GB

Note: Information about the package is for reference only and may change over time. You need to find out solid information from the network operator before purchasing.

V. Does Telekom Albania support eSIM?

Yes, Telekom Albania currently offers eSIM. One of the reasons many people use eSIM is because they can easily switch the network or package they are using through online software, without needing to go to a direct transaction point or use a SIM card.

eSIM from Telekom Albania
eSIM from Telekom Albania

You can buy eSIM Telekom Albania directly at the network operator, or choose a reputable online supplier to buy. Unfortunately, Gigago is currently not providing eSIM from Telekom Albania for a number of reasons: coverage speed is not really better than other competitors, price is quite high,…

VI. Where can you buy a Telekom SIM card and eSIM?

Buying a SIM or eSIM card from Telekom Albania today has become simpler than ever. Below is the information that Gigago updated:

1. Where to buy Telekom SIM for Albania

Buying a Telekom Albania SIM card is more popular among tourists and expats. Furthermore, this network covers many densely populated areas and tourist destinations, so it is easy to buy.

1.1. Upon Arrival

Normally, tourists choose to buy at the airport upon arrival. One of the famous airports is the famous Tirana airport. Telekom Albania (One Mobile) has a kiosk inside the airport right in the arrivals hall, so you can easily see it when checking in.

Buy a Telekom Albania SIM card upon arrival at Tirana international airport
Buy a Telekom Albania SIM card upon arrival at Tirana international airport

1.2. Telekom Albania store

For travelers who don’t need internet access right away when arriving in Albania, try looking into the official Telekom Albania store as well. However, you need to download the offline map to be able to find the store’s location.

Buy a SIM card at the official store of Telekom Albania
Buy a SIM card at the official store of Telekom Albania

1.3. Buy at a franchised mobile phone store

It is not difficult to find mobile phone retailers authorized to sell SIM cards by Telekom Albania. Here, you also need to confirm the reputation of that store through star reviews on the web.

Franchise store selling Telekom Albania SIM cards
Franchise store selling Telekom Albania SIM cards

2. Where to buy Albania Telekom eSIM

Before buying eSIM, you need to check and determine whether your device can connect to eSIM or not. Then, visit the website of Telekom Albania. Go to the “buy eSIM” section and select the appropriate data package and usage period. Provide some necessary information and receive a QR via email to scan for activation.

Buy eSIM from the carrier
Buy eSIM from the carrier

VII. How to Use and Activate Telekom Albania SIM/eSIM in Albania?

In addition, searching for how to get and activate a Telekom Albania SIM & eSIM, keywords about how to use them are also searched by many users. These are not difficult steps to follow.

1. How to Use and Activate Telekom SIM Cards in Albania?

Everything will be ready for use after performing the following steps:

  • Insert the SIM card into the SIM card slot on the phone
  • Turn on the power to start the phone
  • Activate the SIM card for use
  • Check available services to use

2. How to Use and Activate Telekom eSIM?

Like many other carriers, Telekom Albania’s eSIM is quickly operated as follows:

  • Receive QR from the seller
  • Scan QR to activate on your phone
  • Set up eSIM service
  • First step of using eSIM

VIII. How to top up Telekom Albania SIM/eSIM

There are the following ways to top up your Telekom Albania SIM or eSIM card:

  • Top up directly on Telekom Albania’s website
  • Top up at Telekom Albania’s app and download it to your phone
  • Recharge at official store
  • Top up at services in the city
Top up via Telekom Albania app
Top up via Telekom Albania app

IX. Alternatives to Albania Telekom

In addition to Telekom Albania, tourists can also choose Vodafone Albania. This operator has higher download speeds than Telekom Albania but has more latency. However, if you have the eSIM supported device, you can check out Gigago’s eSIM. With this way of buying, you do not need to provide your passport, leading to fear of revealing personal information.

Gigago offers your eSIM to Albania
Gigago offers your eSIM to Albania

X. FAQs about Telekom in Albania

Does Telekom Albania offer data-only plans?

Yes, you can choose a data-only travel plan for short-term internet access.

Can I buy a Telekom Albania eSIM at Gigago?

Currently, Gigago does not have Telekom Albania’s eSIM because the price is quite expensive and it is not really popular like Vodafone. However, you can refer to Vodafone’s eSIM.

XI. Conclusion

Hopefully this brief information on how to get and activate a Telekom Albania SIM & eSIM has helped you understand better when traveling to this beautiful country. Don’t forget to check out eSIM at Gigago with attractive offers!