Best Pocket Wifi in Albania  Rental & Alternatives: Travelers Guide 2024

Pocket WiFi in Albania is the method chosen by many tourists. Below is information on how to rent when arriving in this country.

Pocket wifi in Albania is gradually becoming popular with short-term tourists when traveling internationally. Currently, pocket wifi can be rented or purchased for use during your stay in this country. There are also alternatives to using pocket wifi. This article will help you better understand what a pocket wifi transmitter is and the outstanding features of this product, let’s follow along!

I. What is pocket WiFi for Albania ?

Pocket wifi for Albania is a device that uses SIM cards from network operators to access the internet, then broadcasts wifi to devices to connect and use. They function like a regular Wifi transmitter. However, 4G mobile Wifi transmitters are more convenient because they do not need to connect to a network cable and can be charged quickly.

Pocket Wifi for Albania
Pocket Wifi for Albania

II. Why Renting a Pocket WiFi for Albania Travel?

We use pocket wifi to get mobile data to stay connected and in touch with other people back home. With its compact design and ability to allow multiple connections, this is a method that can compete strongly with other internet options. Normally, you can buy it for use. However, tourists can absolutely rent it for use in Albania.

You can rent pocket wifi
You can rent pocket wifi

1. Benefits of Pocket Wifi for travelers to Albania

Pocket wifi is also known as a mobile hotspot with many different benefits, typical of which are:

  • It is not necessary to use an unlocked phone because there is no need to insert a SIM card into the phone
  • Easy to carry when traveling anywhere within the coverage area of the carrier providing the SIM card. You can use it when traveling internationally without data roaming.
  • You can save money on group travel when you can broadcast data to a group of 5 to 10 devices.
  • Most pocket wifi rental providers will have different data packages to suit customers’ needs, allowing them to have many options to access the internet at a reasonable price.
  • Tourists can freely access the internet with unlimited capacity. Therefore, you can completely use calling, texting and data usage.
  • Pocket Wifi helps you access the internet safely in Albania without using public wifi

2. Pocket WiFi vs. Other Connectivity options

Besides pocket wifi, you have many other ways to use the internet. Below is comparative information to see it most clearly:

Connectivity optionProsCons
Pocket wifiEasy to handle
Multiple devices are allowed to connect at the same time
Don’t worry about data limits
Personal information is confidential.
The coverage area of pocket wifi in Albania is limited, only about 5 to 7 meters.
Albania SIM cardStable connection on SIM card directly
Many data package options for short-term travelers
Limit on data usage, may be exceeded if you do not know how to control data
Your local SIM card needs to be removed if your phone only has 1 SIM card slot
Roaming with primary phone numberUse your local SIM card
Use international roaming services in Albania.
Most expensive of the options
Not all local carriers offer roaming.
Free wifiThere is no fee to use
Can connect anywhere
Vulnerable to virus attacks.
Your web history is easily exposedAccess speed is unstable.

Among the options, using pocket wifi gives tourists more initiative, optimal for those with many mobile devices or large travel groups. Furthermore, if you have an eSIM-compatible device, you can use eSIM quite well.

III. Albania  eSIM – Alternative to Pocket Wifi to Get Internet in Albania

There is no denying the benefits of pocket wifi, but it also has certain weaknesses. While pocket wifi cannot broadcast network to that device if it is too far apart, eSIM always stabilizes the user’s connection speed, while it is just an electronic SIM card.

eSIM for visitors to Albania
eSIM for visitors to Albania

Currently, travelers can purchase an eSIM from that network operator or marketplace providers. Notably, Gigago is a famous eSIM provider from Hong Kong. eSIM data packages from this provider provide from 300MB/day to 10GB for users to choose accordingly.

IV. How to Get Pocket WiFi for Travelers to Albania ?

Rent pocket wifi in Albania at the Tirana International airport
Rent pocket wifi in Albania at the Tirana International airport

There are 2 main ways to get pocket wifi in Albania. Although you can choose to arrive and rent directly, booking online to rent pocket wifi has many more benefits:

  • Pre-order at home and pick it up at the airport in Albania: Once you’ve chosen the right provider, book your pocket WiFi online through their website. Many providers allow you to pre-order devices to ensure pre-activation.
  • With a modest area, Tirana International Airport is the only airport in Albania (or Tirana Nënë Tereza International Airport) that is the main airport, specializing in serving domestic and international flights. Travelers will receive pocket wifi at this airport and return it after using it. That is the most optimal way.
  • Coming to Albania to rent: When you arrive in Albania to complete the procedure to rent a pocket wifi, not only will it take you more time, but you will also need to provide some personal information.

In short, to be able to use the internet as soon as you arrive in Albania, you should consult and order online before coming to this country. When you arrive, you just need to show your contact information to receive activated pocket wifi.

V. How many devices can connect to a pocket Wifi for Albania ?

The number of devices connected to pocket wifi in Albania depends on the provider. However, most pocket wifi in this country only allows connection of 5 devices, there are also a few that allow connection of 10 devices.

Pocket wifi allows connection of 5 devices in Albania
Pocket wifi allows connection of 5 devices in Albania

Typically, the more expensive pocket wifi is, the more devices can be connected. When choosing a pocket wifi, you need to specify the number from the network to be sure during the trip.

VI. How much does a Pocket WiFi for Albania  Cost?

Price depends on the provider and specific plans for rental (what is included in the package you buy). Normally, you will need to pay from $7 USD to $8 USD per day to rent pocket wifi. Or if you choose to buy, this costs around $199 USD, this includes tax.

Pocket wifi rental price is not too high
Pocket wifi rental price is not too high

The price to rent pocket wifi is influenced by the following factors: number of devices, data limit, delivery option, duration for rental, access speed. In addition, this cost may change over time or due to promotions. Users need to contact suppliers for detailed information.

VII. Best Wifi Pockets for Albania  travel – Which to choose?

Pocket wifi provider in Albania
Pocket wifi provider in Albania

Some of the following criteria for you to evaluate and choose a suitable supplier:

CriteriaMio WifiTravel WifiWifi Vox
SpeedUnlimited 4G speed3G speedHigh-speed
Cost$8 USD per day to rent or $199 USD to purchase Start $4.4 USD per day to rent or $129 USD if you want to buy5 GB/day for $8.46 USD per day or 10 GB/day data plan for $11.65 USD per day
Max number of devices5 devices10 devices5 devices
Delivery option4G/LTE3G and 4G data4G
Battery lifeFully charged in 3 hours and can be used for about 18 hours 5000mAh USB battery.12 hours230V

VIII. How to use your pocket Wifi in Albania ?

Just like your home wifi, pocket wifi in Albania is quite easy to use. Here are some instructions for those using it for the first time:

  • Check compatibility: Most devices can connect to pocket wifi but check it with the device you want to connect to use
  • Choose a provider: Before choosing to rent, compare between providers in terms of number of connected devices, coverage area, battery life,…
  • Network selection: Make sure the network you will use has coverage where you are going
  • Rent pocket wifi: Check the supplier’s information through the feedback section or reviewers to make sure you are not being deceived or at least feel more secure
  • Choosing an airport to rent: Due to the limitations of the country of Albania, there are only a few international airports and pocket wifi rental services, you need to consult carefully
  • Book rental online: If you choose to rent pocket wifi before arriving in Albania, you should only book 1 day in advance because it is activated immediately after rental
  • Battery control: Because each type of pocket wifi has a different battery life, please refer to the specifications from the supplier and use it appropriately. If you are careful, bring a spare battery charger.
Bring a backup charger to maintain the battery of your pocket wifi
Bring a backup charger to maintain the battery of your pocket wifi

IX. FAQs about Albania  Pocket Wifi Rental

Where can I get pocket wifi in Albania?

There are many ways to rent or buy pocket wifi in Albania, but the most popular is renting at Tirana International Airport – a fairly rare international airport in this country.

What affects the price of my pocket wifi rental?

Factors that affect the price to rent a pocket wifi are number of devices, data limit, delivery option, duration for rental, access speed. In addition, this cost may change over time or due to promotions.

Can I use the internet from my pocket wifi to make regular calls or text messages?

Pocket Wifi mainly only provides internet access and does not support regular voice calls or text messages. However, you can text or call via social networking apps.

X. Conclusion

Overall, the above article has provided necessary information about pocket wifi in Albania for tourists. Hope it really makes sense to you. If you choose another form of internet connection, Gigago introduces you to eSIM with many different data packages!