Best Albania SIM Cards for Tourists: Updated Prices & Where to Buy 2024

Albania SIM card is a broad issue with many topics surrounding it. The article below contains detailed information on this topic, helping visitors to Albania to stay up-to-date.

Albania SIM card

Albania offers visitors and foreigners access to the internet in many ways. This article below tells you why you should buy an Albanian SIM card. Besides, there are some alternative methods for SIM cards that you may not have learned about. Gigago will provide you with information about network operators, data packages,…

I. Where to Buy a Tourist SIM Card for Albania?

It is not difficult for you to buy an Albanian SIM with the following 4 ways: buy online before arrival, airport, official store of the network operator in the city and buy eSIM online. Gigago will provide information about the pros and cons of four purchasing methods to suit tourists.

1. Buy SIM card online before departure

Major network operators in Albania all allow users to buy SIM cards online before arrival through their websites. Just visit the website, choose to buy the appropriate SIM card package and schedule a pick-up date. This helps visitors have internet access as soon as they arrive in Albania.

  • Pros: Save time, don’t waste time waiting in line
  • Cons: Need to manually check whether the phone is unlocked or not
Buy SIM card online
Buy SIM card online

2. Buy SIM card at the airport in Albania

At kiosks of major carriers at Albania’s international airport Tirana International (TIA), travelers can buy SIM cards directly. You just need to provide some personal information to get SIM card support.

  • Pros: Get direct instructions from staff
  • Cons: Waste of time queuing and waiting
Buy a SIM card at Tirana International airport
Buy a SIM card at Tirana International airport

3. Buy SIM cards in cities in Albania

In addition to buying and receiving SIM cards at the airport, many tourists choose to buy them in the city center. In cities, official stores of carriers such as One Albania, Vodafone Albania,…

  • Pros: The cost is better and there are many options
  • Cons: There may be difficulty in communication if the foreign language is not good
Buy a SIM card at the operator's official store in an Albanian city
Buy a SIM card at the operator’s official store in an Albanian city

4. Buy eSIM

If your device is compatible with eSIM functionality, you should consider this option. After accessing the provider’s website, select the appropriate data package, then order and fill in payment information.

Buy eSIM online
Buy eSIM online

After payment, you will receive a QR code via email address, which needs to be scanned to activate your eSIM. Your phone will then automatically integrate using the selected eSIM package. This eliminates the hassle of physically waiting for delivery or purchasing in-store.

Pros: No need to remove SIM card, no passport provided

Cons: Only high-end phones support eSIM

II. What Are The Best Albania SIM Card Packages for Tourists?

SIM cards are available in most towns and cities in Albania and also at Tirana airport. Tourists can locate on the map to easily find the network operators’ stores. Next, you need to choose data packages depending on the provider available. Here are some network operators in Albania you can refer to:

1. Best Albania One Mobile SIM Card Plans and Price

Depending on usage needs, visitors can choose One Albania’s data packages that provide:

  • Ditore plan: 200 Lek ($2.11 USD) = 400MB data + 50 minutes calling + 100 SMS messages (valid 1 day)
  • Javore plan: 500 Lek ($5.28 USD) = 1GB data +  300 minutes calling + 300 SMS messages (valid 7 days)
  • Inclusive plan: 1500 Lek ($15.85 USD) = 15GB data + 500 minutes calling + 500 SMS messages (valid 21 days)
Best Albania One Mobile SIM card
Best Albania One Mobile SIM card

2. Best Albania Vodafone SIM Card Plans and Price

Vodafone Traveler Data Plans:

  • 3 Ditore plan: 300 Lek ($3.17 USD) = 300MB data + 300 minutes calling (valid 3 days)
  • 10 Ditore plan: 700 Lek ($7.4 USD) = 1.5GB data + 300 minutes calling (valid 10 days)
  • Gigamax plan: 1500 Lek ($15.85 USD) = 15GB data + 500 minutes calling (valid 21 days)
Best Albania Vodafone Mobile SIM card
Best Albania Vodafone Mobile SIM card

3. Best Albania ALBtelecom (formerly Telekom) SIM Card Plans and Price 

ALBtelecom Traveler Data Packages:

  • Daily package plan: 150 Lek ($1.58 USD) = 250MB data + 150 minutes calling + 150 SMS messages (valid 24 hours)
  • Weekly package plan: 500 Lek ($5.28 USD) = 1GB data + 300 minutes calling + 300 SMS messages (valid 7 days)
  • Super package 1100 plan: 1100 Lek ($11.62 USD) = 3.5GB data + 2500 minutes calling + 1000 SMS messages  (valid 30 days)
Best Albania ALBtelecom SIM card
Best Albania ALBtelecom SIM card

Important Note: Prices may change over time, visitors need to refer to official information via the supplier's website.

Our recommendation: Through the data packages for tourists of network operators, it can be seen that Vodafone has the most stable price. Visitors can refer to a number of packages of this network depending on their needs. Furthermore, in addition to the physical SIM card, Vodafone also offers eSIM with different data plan options.

III. Do I Need to Buy a SIM Card in Albania?

Yes, using the internet from a SIM card is common in many countries, including Albania. The information in the comparison table below will tell you why SIM cards are more popular than other options:

CriteriaSIM cardFree wifiData roamingPocket wifi
CostAffordable prices, many data packages suitable for touristsIt’s free, but not everywhere has free wifiMost expensive of the optionsYou need to pay for both the pocket wifi rental and the usage package
ConvenienceUse directly on your phone anywhere within the network operator’s coverage areaData can be used for web surfing, calling, texting, viewing maps,…Need to find locations with free wifi hotspots, maybe that’s not where you need to goUse your home country’s SIM card, no need to remove itCan be carried to many places but need to bring a backup charger to maintain battery life
Data SpeedStable internet access, not easily affected by surrounding factorsSpeed is difficult to stabilize due to many people using it at the same timeFast or slow access speeds depend on local providers and network operators in AlbaniaSpeed may vary depending on the number of connected devices and coverage area
Making Calls & TextsThe price of the SIM card and package includes voice calls and text messagesWith free wifi, you can’t make regular calls and text messagesEquivalent to roaming fees, international calling and text messaging fees are also quite highNeed to download social networking applications to be able to call and text

Important notes:

  • Make sure your phone is unlocked so you can use the network in Albania.
  • You need to know if that area has coverage for your SIM card carrier or not.
Reasons why you should use Albania SIM card
Reasons why you should use Albania SIM card

IV. What to Prepare to Buy Prepaid SIM cards in Albania?

To buy a SIM card in Albania, you have to prepare some important documents such as: passport, ID card,…to make sure while purchasing, as they normally always need it. Having your local address can also make things easier for you.

V. What Types of Albania SIM Cards Are Available for Tourists?

Physical prepaid SIM cards and eSIM Albania are two famous types of SIM cards in most countries, including Albania. Choosing one of these two forms also depends on the needs and preferences of tourists during the trip.

1. Prepaid physical SIM card in Albania

On every phone device there is at least one SIM card slot, you need to insert a physical SIM card into it to use it. Depending on usage needs, visitors can buy SIM cards with short or long-term wedding packages, data only or data and voice and text.

Albania prepaid physical SIM card
Albania prepaid physical SIM card

2. Prepaid Tourist Albania eSIM

Albania eSIM is an electric SIM activated by a QR code on your mobile phone, allowing users to switch carriers even with a fixed SIM card installed, without having to buy and insert a new physical SIM card. Just buy online 100% and activate the eSIM on your compatible device and you’re ready to go within minutes.

Prepaid eSIM for visitors to Albania
Prepaid eSIM for visitors to Albania

eSIM Albania allows travelers to choose to purchase data only or data and voice and text. However, not all devices can use eSIM, only esim-compatible devices will work.

So that tourists can easily compare and choose the right type, Gigago gives you the information comparison table below:

Prepaid physical Albania SIM cardPrepaid eSIM for Albania
Pros– Prices are not too high for tourists
Stable connection
– Many data package options
– Compatibility with most unlocked devices
– No need for difficult activation steps
– Easy to buy through your carrier or online supplier
– Receive QR code via email and activate for use, no need to go to the store
– No need to remove the main SIM card, reducing the risk of losing the communication SIM card
– Between agreed providers, you can connect anywhere
Cons– Need to buy and activate physical SIM card at the store or pay shipping fee home
– Tourists may have difficulty communicating with store staff if they do not have good foreign language skills
– You need to remove the fixed SIM card on your phone to insert a physical SIM card if your phone does not have 2 slots.
– Not all devices support eSIM
– Many people think that the eSIM connection is not too fast

Our recommendation: From the table above, we recommend that foreigners and tourists to Albania should use eSIM and choose the data only package if the phone is compatible with eSIM and they only need to maintain basic contact through calling and calling apps using the Internet.

VI. Albania  eSIM – Alternative to Physical SIM Cards to Get Internet in Albania

Albania eSIM is the electronic SIM needed to access the mobile network in this country. Not only do you get your degree online, the eSIM also eliminates the need to remove the primary SIM card as it is embedded in your phone. Furthermore, this might be the best alternative to Pocket Wifi to get online while exploring Albania for several reasons:

  • No removable slots: eSIM allows you to purchase and activate a data plan by scanning a QR code received via your email.
  • Simple activation: Activate eSIM Albania quickly on your own phone
  • Flexibly change data packages: Flexibly change data packages and providers right on your phone
  • Stay connected: You don’t need to worry about losing your SIM card because it doesn’t need to be removed
Albanian eSIM comes from Gigago
Albanian eSIM comes from Gigago

If you are looking for a reputable eSIM provider, maybe Gigago will help you get there. eSIM Albania from Gigago ensures a wide choice of data packages from 300MB up to 10GB of data. When buying online at Gigago, you absolutely do not need to provide personal information such as a passport.

VII. How long does a tourist SIM card last in Albania?

Tourist SIM cards in Albania are typically available with validity periods of 7 days, 14 days, or 30 days. However, the exact duration varies depending on the specific package offered by the provider and the amount of data included, details:

  • 7 days: This is the most common option for short stays, offering a week of talk time, data, and SMS.
  • 14 days: This option is suitable for visitors staying for two weeks and offers a larger data and call allowance.
  • 30 days: This option is ideal for longer stays, providing a month’s worth of communication services.

VIII. How to Use Albania Prepaid SIM Cards and eSIM

Buying and activating an Albanian prepaid SIM card or eSIM is quite simple but still quite difficult for first-time users. Gigago provides the information below as a simple guide to further assist you on your upcoming trip.

1. Using prepaid Albania  tourist SIM Cards

Once you have purchased your Albania prepaid physical SIM card, follow these steps to use it:

  • Remove your existing SIM card and keep it in a safe place
  • Insert the SIM card into the slot into the device
  • Restart the phone device
  • Set the APN configuration provided by the SIM card provider if necessary
  • Complete and start using

2. Setting up and activating Albania eSIM

Steps to purchase and activate eSIM on your phone are as follows:

  • Check if your phone is compatible
  • Compare prices between suppliers
  • Buy and download Albania eSIM online
  • Scan the QR code after receiving the code from the supplier
  • Activate on phone after scanning
  • Restart the device to be ready for use 


Why should I use an Albania SIM card?

Because it can be purchased online before arriving in Albania and can be used upon arrival. Furthermore, it has a wide variety of data package choices and stable access speeds.

Where can I buy an Albania SIM card?

You can buy online, buy at the airport, buy in the city center or at franchise stores.

What types of SIM cards are available for visitors to Albania?

Tourists can choose data-only and voice/text/data combination plans based on their needs.

X. Conclusion

Above is a sharing about an Albania SIM card brought to you by Gigago. Hope it really helps you and other tourists about to travel to Albania to have more useful information. Don’t forget Gigago’s eSIM offers!