Telia Sweden SIM Cards & eSIM for Tourists: How to Get and Activate

Telia is one of the major telecommunications companies in Sweden, providing mobile and internet services to consumers and businesses across the country. As a tourist visiting Sweden, a Telia SIM card can help you stay connected by providing cellular and data coverage through Telia’s extensive network.

telia sweden sim card

I. Quick Facts about Telia

Telia Company AB is the dominant telecommunications company in Sweden, providing mobile, broadband, and landline services. Some key facts about Telia in Sweden include:

  • Founded year: Telia Company was established in 1853.
  • Company Name: The company’s full name is Telia Company AB.
  • Types of services provided: Telia provides a range of services, including mobile telephony, internet access, fixed-line communications, and IT hosting. They also offer mobile, broadband, fixed voice, and TV services.
  • Number of subscribers: As of 2022, Telia Company had approximately 8.14 million mobile service subscribers and 1.25 million broadband subscribers in Sweden.
  • Customer support: Telia offers customer support via telephone and their website.

So in summary, Telia is an established telecom company in Sweden with extensive infrastructure providing mobile, home internet, TV, and phone services to consumers and businesses. Their network offers good coverage across most of the country.

II. Why Telia When Traveling Sweden – Coverage and Speed

telia coverage comparing to other network carrier
Tre Sverige coverage comparing to other network carrier

1. Telia Coverage in Sweden

Telia Coverage in Sweden

Telia Sverige provides the best coverage compared to other carriers.

According to the latest report by Opensignal, an independent mobile analytics company, Telia Sverige won the awards for Coverage Experience and 5G Coverage Experience. Coverage Experience measures how much coverage you can expect in places people normally visit like towns, cities and travel routes. Telia scored highest with 7.18 out of 10 points.

Telia also led in 5G Coverage Experience with a score of 2.72 out of 10 points. 5G coverage is still expanding but Telia has rolled out 5G to more areas than other carriers. This means you are more likely to get 5G service from Telia when traveling within Sweden.

2. Telia Speed


Telia had the highest average download speed of 63.3 Mbps, allowing you to quickly download maps, stream music or videos. Uploads on Telia were also speedy at 14.9 Mbps.

When it comes to 5G, Telia is not the absolute fastest but provides consistently good speeds. On 5G, Telia’s average download was 214.5 Mbps, good enough for high quality video calling or online gaming. Telenor was slightly quicker at 419 Mbps but you need widespread 5G coverage to take advantage of that, which Telia currently leads on in Sweden.

III. What are the Best Connectivity Options of Telia for Travelers to Sweden?

Best Connectivity Options of Telia for Travelers

As a tourist visiting Sweden temporarily, Telia offers several convenient connectivity options:

Connectivity OptionProsCons
Prepaid SIM card from Telia– Local Swedish number- Flexible data plans- Can use data abroad in Europe with included roaming– Need to purchase upfront- May have activation/expiry fees
WiFi rental– Convenient portable hotspot- Unlimited data within rental period– Higher cost than prepaid SIM- Limited to time period of rental
Roaming from home– Use existing phone number/plan– Very high roaming fees can apply- Slow data speeds while roaming

In conclusion, for travelers going to Sweden, a prepaid SIM card offers the most cost effective and flexible connectivity option when using the Telia Sverige network.

IV. Best Telia SIM Card Plans for Tourists & Cost

Telia SIM Card Plans for Tourists

Prices listed in USD are estimates based on current exchange rates, which may vary. 1 SEK is approximately equal to USD 0.10. Actual prices in SEK may be different from converted USD prices.

Here are some top Telia SIM deals suitable for visitors to Sweden:

Telia Sonera SIM OptionValidityInclusionsPrice (SEK)Price (USD)
Travel & Surf 3030 days5GB data, unlimited usage299 SEK$33.60
Travel & Surf 6060 days10GB data, unlimited usage449 SEK$50.48
Travel SIMPay-as-you-go2GB/30 days valid data99 SEK (starter)$11.12
Data SIM30 days1-30GB dataVaries$Varies
Monthly Pass Flex30 days25-100GB data, unlimited usage349-799 SEK$39.21-89.61
Care SIM1 day1GB data79 SEK$8.88

Telia prepaid SIM cards deliver strong value without contracts for tourists. Prices are reasonable and data plans are generous. Both lightweight surfing plans and heavy streaming plans available.

V. Does Telia Support eSIM in Sweden?

Yes, Telia does support eSIM functionality in Sweden for compatible phones and devices. Some benefits of using Telia eSIM when visiting Sweden:

  • Easy setup remotely before arrival
  • Ability to change plans instantly
  • No risk of losing small SIM card
  • Multiple SIMs can be stored digitally

While Telia offers monthly plans, Gigago has affordable short term prepaid options that are useful for visitors. offers great value Sweden eSIM data plans on Telia’s network, starting from as low as $5 for 3 days validity. We provide high-speed LTE/5G data with limits from 1GB to 50GB available. The plans also include coverage across Sweden as well as roaming in 42 other European countries.

Tourists can easily buy a Gigago Sweden eSIM online before their trip. The eSIM profile will be emailed immediately, along with instructions. After scanning the QR code, the plan activates automatically on arrival in Sweden. This makes connectivity simple and worry-free throughout the visit. Multiple eSIM plans can also be stored digitally on compatible devices.

VI. Where to Buy Telia Sweden SIM Cards and eSIM?

1. Where to Buy Telia SIM Cards for Sweden

Telia SIM cards are easy to find upon arrival or during your trip in Sweden:

Upon Arrival

If arriving at Stockholm Arlanda airport, Stockholm Central Station, or the Stockholm City Terminal, you’ll find Telia Prepaid SIM cards for sale at dedicated kiosks. Look for the bright pink Telia logo.

Telia Stores

Telia Stores

Over 100 official Telia-branded stores are located in cities and towns across Sweden. These locations offer the full range of Telia SIM card plans for phones or mobile hotspots.

You can find a store locator on their website: 

Other Authorized Retailers

In addition to official Telia stores, many electronics shops, convenience stores, and newsstands also sell Telia SIMs from top up vouchers. Common shops include Pressbyrån, 7-Eleven, Clas Ohlson.

So in short, Telia SIM cards can be purchased easily upon arrival at main transport hubs, official Telia stores in most cities, or general retail outlets.

2. Where to Buy Telia eSIM for Sweden

Since eSIM profiles are digital, here is where to access Telia eSIM when visiting Sweden:

Telia Website

You can order an eSIM directly from the Telia website: It requires a compatible phone and a Telia account.

Useful resources:

  • Telia Sweden website:
  • Telia eSIM information:
  • eSIM compatibility checker:

Telia App

Alternatively, search and install the Telia eSIM app from the Google Play or Apple App Store. Again this allows signup and activation of Sweden travel eSIM profiles completely digitally.

So Telia eSIM access in Sweden is convenient, letting you signup before arrival over the internet and activating eSIM using smartphone apps. No need to physically visit stores or kiosks.

Additionally, you can purchase a Gigago Sweden eSIM from  Gigago offers prepaid Sweden eSIM plans that can be easily ordered and activated online before your trip.

VII. How to Activate Telia SIM/eSIM in Sweden

How to Activate Telia SIM/eSIM in Sweden

1. How to Activate and Use Telia SIM Cards in Sweden

Using Telia SIM cards when visiting Sweden is very straightforward:

  1. Purchase your Telia prepaid SIM or data SIM card
  2. Insert into your unlocked phone or mobile hotspot
  3. Power on phone and allow SIM setup prompts to complete
  4. Activate the SIM card: In most cases, the Telia SIM card will be pre-activated

During activation, you may need to provide passport or other identification details depending on SIM plan and purchase amount.

2. How to Activate Telia eSIM

To setup Telia eSIM when visiting Sweden:

  1. Purchase Telia prepaid travel eSIM plan online
  2. Install Telia eSIM app on smartphone and login
  3. Scan QR activation code or tap link to download eSIM profile
  4. Follow prompts to install eSIM on device alongside regular SIM
  5. Top up data bundle online if needed for longer stays

IX. FAQs about Telia in Sweden

Where can I buy a Telia prepaid SIM card?

Telia prepaid SIM starter packs, called “Telia Kontantkort Startpaket”, are sold for free online and in Telia branded stores. You can also find them for SEK 59 in many convenience stores like grocery stores, gas stations and kiosks.

Can I roam on Telia Sweden from my home carrier?

Yes, Telia has roaming agreements allowing network access for international travelers on partner mobile networks. Check roaming rates.

Do Telia SIM cards work all across Sweden?

Yes, Telia consumer mobile networks claim 99% overall population coverage across Sweden. Rural areas may fallback to 3G.

How fast do Telia SIM card uploads/downloads go?

On average, Telia 4G LTE networks deliver download speeds of 35-55 Mbps nationally. New 5G covering main cities now reaches 200-350 Mbps downloads.

How do I top up my Telia prepaid balance?

You can purchase top-up vouchers (laddingscheck) at stores or online using a credit/debit card. Vouchers have PIN codes you redeem by dialling 125CODE#. You can also set up an online account to top up directly from your card or Swedish bank account.

Can I use my Telia SIM card for roaming in other EU countries?

Yes, since August 2022 mandatory SIM registration, all Telia prepaid customers can now roam in the EU with full use of their domestic allowances up to fair use limits, like using the out-of-package 19SEK/100MB rate. Packages are also available for select non-EU countries.

XII. Conclusion

As the established telecom leader nationally, Telia mobile and data networks extend across cities as well as rural areas through an extensive infrastructure footprint. Modern high speed technologies provide great connectivity.

Both prepaid SIM cards and eSIM options are available for convenience. Prices are reasonable with plenty of data bundled into tourist friendly packages valid 30 to 365 days.

So connect with Telia for your upcoming Sweden trip for connectivity you can count on as you explore this beautiful Nordic country!