Tele2 Sweden SIM Cards & eSIM – A Comprehensive Guide

Tele2 is one of the major telecommunications providers in Sweden, offering mobile phone and internet services. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of using Tele2 Sweden SIM cards and eSIM when visiting Sweden.

tele2 sweden sim card

I. Quick Facts about Tele2

Tele2 is a Swedish telecommunications company that provides mobile and fixed broadband services. Here are some key facts about Tele2:

  • Established: Tele2 was founded in Sweden in 1993.
  • Branding name: Tele2 AB
  • Services provided: Mobile and fixed connectivity, telephony, data network services, TV, streaming, and global Internet of Things (IoT) services
  • Number of subscribers: As of the end of June 2023, Tele2 had 7.24 million mobile subscribers in Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. In addition, they served 920,000 fixed broadband customers in Sweden.
  • Number of stores: Tele2 has a strong presence in Sweden and the Baltics. Together with Telenor, they operate approximately 5500 sites in Net4Mobility.
  • Customer service: Available through online chat, email, phone.

II. Why Tele2 When Traveling Sweden – Coverage and Speed

reasons to consider Tele2 for your cellular service

Here are some positive reasons to consider Tele2 for your cellular service when traveling in Sweden:

Reliable Coverage

Tele2 is expanding 5G to many popular areas

Whether you’re backpacking the country or taking a relaxing road trip, staying connected during your Swedish vacation is important. That’s where Tele2 can help.

Their network received high scores for coverage across the board. Over 99% of the time, Tele2 users had an internet connection wherever they went. That’s reassuring when you’re navigating off the beaten path. The company also achieved excellent ratings for blanket coverage in cities and small towns.

Even better, Tele2 is expanding 5G to many popular areas. While still a work in progress, their 5G network is already reaching top tourist spots. That means you can enjoy faster speeds when exploring popular destinations.

Speedy Downloads


As for performance, Tele2 offers smooth sailing. Download speeds averaged around 50Mbps which is perfect for using maps, messaging friends, and browsing online. If you find yourself in a 5G zone, you’ll get super quick downloads too.

In an already well-connected country like Sweden, Tele2 is a telecom you can feel good about relying on for your wireless needs throughout your travels. Its combination of accessibility, quick speeds and solid streaming make it a travel-friendly choice.

III. What are the Best Connectivity Options of Tele2 for Travelers to Sweden?

Best Connectivity Options of Tele2

For visitors to Sweden, the main Tele2 connectivity options include:

Connectivity OptionCostData AllowanceSpeedEase of UseNotes
Tele2 Prepaid SIM cardLow (USD10-30)Variable (1-30GB)Fast LTE speedsEasy to set up and useCoverage all of Sweden. Must purchase separately. Can reuse on future trips.
Wifi rentalMedium (USD30-50/week)Unlimited data while connected to hotspotCan be slow if many devices connectedSimple setup but limited range from hotspotHotspot provided, no need to purchase hardware. Not portable outside range.
Roaming from homeHigh (USD0.50-5/MB)Limited by your home data planFull home network speed when roamingSeamless, uses existing number and planVery expensive without home data plan. Coverage depends on your home provider’s roaming agreement

A Tele2 Sweden SIM card gives you the freedom to customize your data usage, leverage the fast local network, and avoid huge roaming bills. With easy pickup at airports and around Sweden, it’s the best connectivity choice for your Swedish vacation.

IV. Best Tele2 Sweden SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

Best Tele2 SIM Cards for Tourists

Tele2 does not offer prepaid SIM cards directly. You need to purchase a Comviq prepaid SIM card, which is Tele2's prepaid brand.

Plan NameData AllowanceValidityPrice (SEK)Price (USD)Can be used for EU Roaming?
Fastpris5 GB30 days14513.30Yes
10 GB19517.85Yes (max. 12 GB)
20 GB24522.45Yes (max. 12 GB)
40 GB29527.05Yes (max. 12 GB)
100 GB34531.65Yes (max. 18 GB)
Fastpris mini3 GB30 days958.70No
Amigos500 MB504.60Yes
2 GB1009.15Yes
Standard200 MB365 days1009.15N/A

Prices listed in USD are estimates based on current exchange rates, which may vary. 1 SEK is approximately equal to USD 0.10. Actual prices in SEK may be different from converted USD prices.

Comviq offers a variety of prepaid data plans for customers in Sweden, both for domestic use and international roaming. Their signature “Fastpris” plans provide generous data allowances between 5-100GB that can be utilized for roaming within the EU, up to specific data caps per plan. This makes them attractive options for those traveling within Europe.

V. Does Tele2 Support eSIM in Sweden?

Yes, Tele2 does provide eSIM support in Sweden for compatible iPhone and Android phones. This allows using a digital SIM integrated in your phone instead of a physical card.

Main advantages of Tele2 eSIM include easier setup, convenience of not needing to swap SIM cards, and keeping your existing physical SIM if a dual SIM device.

Tele2 eSIM uses the same Surf Flat 13 and Tourist SIM data packages available on traditional SIM cards. These provide generous monthly data limits suitable for visitors to Sweden.

You may also consider purchasing a Sweden eSIM from Gigago is a leading provider of prepaid international eSIM data plans and offers reliable coverage in Sweden.

esim sweden options

We provide Sweden eSIM packages with 3GB, 5GB or 10GB of high-speed 4G/LTE data valid for 7 days, 14 days or 30 days. This allows you to stay connected throughout your entire trip to Sweden. 

Coverage on the eSIM includes Sweden as well as 42 other European countries through partnerships with the major Swedish carriers TeliaSonera, Hi3G and Tele2 Sverige.

VI. Where to Buy Tele2 Sweden SIM cards and eSIM?

Where to Buy Tele2 Sweden SIM Cards?

tele2 sweden stores

There are a few options to purchase a Tele2 Sweden SIM card when visiting Sweden:

  • Upon Arrival Tele2 SIM cards are sold at Stockholm Arlanda and Gothenburg Landvetter international airport arrival halls. Open daily. Cash or credit cards accepted.
  • Tele2 Stores Over 390 official Tele2-branded stores across Sweden sell SIM cards. Locations in all major cities. Prepaid plans activated on the spot.
  • Other Authorized Retailers In addition to Tele2 stores, over 1,300 local agents and retailers like supermarkets, transport hubs and convenience stores also offer the cards.

Where to Buy Tele2 eSIM for Sweden?

As eSIM profiles are digital, you activate and manage them directly through Tele2’s website or mobile apps rather than physical purchase. Main options:

  • Online – Visit Tele2’s website to access eSIM activation and account management. Complete digital signup and identity verification.
  • Tele2 App – Alternatively, can activate eSIM through the Tele2 mobile app on your phone. Streamlined experience.
  • Gigago Website – You can also purchase a Tele2 Sweden eSIM online from websites like This allows you to buy an eSIM plan and get instant activation without needing Swedish ID documents.

In both cases you’ll need to provide Swedish personal identity documents. So eSIM best arranged before travelling while still in your home country.

VII. How to Activate Tele2 Sweden SIM Card/eSIM?

How to Use Tele2 Sweden SIM Cards?

Using Tele2 Sweden SIM cards is straightforward:

  1. Purchase SIM at airport, Tele2 store, local retailer etc on arrival
  2. Insert into unlocked phone and activate by calling *111
  3. Select prepaid plan: Surf Flat 13, Tourist SIM etc
  4. Make payment to activate plan and data
  5. Start using cellular and mobile data immediately

During activation, you may need to provide passport details depending on store and payment method. Some convenience stores accept only cash. Know your passport number beforehand to simplify the process.

How to Activate Tele2 eSIM?

To activate a Tele2 eSIM profile:

  1. Visit Tele2 website before trip and signup for plan
  2. Verify identity by video call or BankID credentials
  3. Download eSIM activation code and QR sent to you
  4. Scan QR code or enter activation code on phone
  5. Tele2 eSIM profile downloads and activates remotely

Ideally complete eSIM signup process while still in home country before arriving in Sweden. This ensures profile ready to use upon landing rather than relying on finding WiFi.

VIII. FAQs about Tele2 Sweden SIM Cards

What networks does Tele2 use?

Tele2 operates networks in cooperation with other operators in Sweden. Its 2G, 4G and 5G networks are shared with Telenor under the brand name Net4Mobility. Tele2’s 3G network is shared with Telia and runs on the 2100 MHz band.

How can I get a prepaid Tele2 Sweden SIM card?

Tele2 does not offer prepaid SIM cards directly. You need to purchase a Comviq prepaid SIM card, which is Tele2’s prepaid brand. These are available from convenience stores like Pressbyrån and 7-Eleven, or you can order one online.

Does Tele2 offer EU roaming on prepaid plans?

Yes, Comviq prepaid plans allow roaming in the EU like at home, subject to fair use limits. The larger Fastpris bundles provide up to 18GB of EU data roaming. This makes Comviq a good option for visiting other European countries.

What is the coverage like for Tele2 networks?

Tele2 shares networks with other operators so it has near nationwide 2G, 3G and 4G coverage in Sweden at 99% availability according to OpenSignal. Coverage is best in populated areas, and it relies on Telia further north and in very rural regions.

IX. Conclusion

Tele2 provides excellent, affordable connectivity across Sweden making it a reliable choice for smooth mobile data and calling when visiting either short or long term.

With widespread coverage, fast speeds and generous prepaid data packages, Tele2 Sweden SIM cards cater well to typical tourist usage. eSIM capability also available enabling latest phone models.

eSIM by Gigago additionally offers versatile eSIM solutions for the digitally inclined. Doing research before your trip allows choosing the best option for reliable internet access upon arrival to enhance your Swedish travels.