How to Get and Activate Tre Sverige SIM Card & eSIM

Tre Sweden SIM card is one of the best option for conecting data
Tre Sweden SIM card is one of the best option for conecting data

Traveling to Sweden and need mobile data, calls and texts while you’re there? Getting a SIM card from one of the major Swedish carriers is the easiest way to stay connected. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of acquiring and using Tre Sverige SIM cards, one of the largest operators in Sweden.

I. Quick Facts about Tre

Tre Sverige (or Three Sweden in English) is one of the major mobile network operators in Sweden. Here are some quick facts about the company:

  • Founded Year: Tre Sverige was established in the year 2001.
  • Full Company Name: The complete name of the company is Hutchison 3G Enterprises S.A.R.L., which operates under the trade names 3 (Three) and Hutchison 3G.
  • Types of Services Provided: Tre Sverige offers mobile voice and broadband services. They provide mobile communication services, network technology, and data plans to customers through subscriptions.
  • Number of Subscribers: As of the most recent data, Tre Sverige has approximately 4,210 subscribers.
  • Customer Support: For customer support, you can contact Tre Sverige at 0771-735 3006 or 0735-300-4007. Their customer service is available from Monday to Friday, 09:00-18:00.

II. Why Tre Sverige When Traveling Sweden – Coverage and Speed

Tre Sverige coverage comparing to other network carrier
Tre Sverige coverage comparing to other network carrier

1. Tre Sverige Coverage in Sweden

Tre (3) placed third out of the four major operators in Sweden for Coverage Experience with a score of 5.95 points out of 10. While not the best, this suggests Tre provides decent coverage in places where users would expect it when traveling around Sweden.

Tre tied for first place with Tele2 for Availability, with nearly perfect scores of 99.5-99.2% of time connected to 3G or better coverage. This high availability means Tre users will likely stay connected as they travel in Sweden.

2. Tre Sverige Speed

While Tre’s speeds aren’t the absolute fastest in Sweden, they are perfectly good for most traveling needs. Average download speeds of around 57 megabits per second on their 4G network means photos, emails and social media will load quickly. 

Heavy downloading can be avoided to save on data costs, but light to moderate use of apps and browsing shouldn’t cause any delays. Video chatting back home, streaming short video clips or using messaging apps like WhatsApp performs smoothly as well.

Due to the comprehensive speed and coverage, Tre Sverige is a good option when choosing a SIM card when traveling to Sweden.

III. What are the Best Connectivity Options of Tre Sverige for Travelers to Sweden?

Some best connectivity options for travelers to Sweden using Tre Sverige
Some best connectivity options for travelers to Sweden using Tre Sverige

Here are some of the best connectivity options for travelers to Sweden using Tre Sverige:

Connectivity OptionCost/DataSpeed & CoverageEase of UseProsCons
Prepaid SIM cards $15-30 for 1-5GB data package4G LTE speeds across nationwide networkEasy to set up and use on arrivalVery cost effective mobile data. Flexible usage.Coverage outside cities may be slower.
Wifi rental$5-10 per day for unlimited data while connectedSpeed varies based on hotspot. Limited to hotspot areas.Need to carry hotspot device and remember to chargeNo need to set up account. Unlimited data while at hotspots.High per day cost. Limited coverage areas.
Roaming from homeVaries by carrier and existing data planSpeed and coverage depends on roaming agreementsUse existing phone serviceConvenient to use existing service.Much higher costs than local SIM. Coverage depends on agreements.
Tre Sverige and other connectivity options

Overall, a prepaid SIM card using Tre Sverige network provides the best balance of cost, coverage, flexibility and ease of use, making it the recommended connectivity option for travelers visiting Sweden. The network coverage allows travelers to stay connected across the country at an affordable local rate.

IV. Best Tre Sverige SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

Tre Sverige SIM cards for tourists
Tre Sverige SIM cards for tourists

Below are some of the best Tre Sverige tourist SIM cards and rates:

SIM CardDataCalls/TextsValidityPrice (USD)
Travel SIM10GBN/A30 days$19
Starter SIM15GBUnlimited in SE1 month$28
30 Day SIM25GBUnlimited30 days$38
60 Day SIM30GBUnlimited60 days$57
Surf SIM15GBUnlimitedUntil data used$19
Flex SIM1GB top-upsPay as you go7 days per 1GB$9/top-up
Some Tre Sverige SIM card plans

Prices listed in USD are estimates based on current exchange rates, which may vary. 1 SEK is approximately equal to USD 0.10. Actual prices in SEK may be different from converted USD prices.

So as you can see, getting a Tre Sverige SIM card in Sweden costs around $19 to $29 for a short trip with generous data. Top-ups can be done easily online or in-store.

V. Does Tre Sverige Support eSIM in Sweden?

Tre Sverige support eSIM for tourists
Tre Sverige support eSIM for tourists

Yes, Tre Sverige offers eSIM support in Sweden. With an eSIM from Tre, you don’t need to insert a plastic SIM card.

eSIMs are programmed remotely on your phone. Key benefits are:

  • Easy to activate eSIM quickly on arrival
  • Avoid SIM card loss/damage concerns
  • Use dual SIM functionality on iPhone/Android

eSIM does support not all devices in Sweden. Very few phone models support eSIM activation on Tre. These include newer iPhones (XS/XR onwards) and Google Pixel 4, Samsung S20 onwards. Check out eSIM compatible device list for more details.

Alternatively, travelers can consider getting a prepaid Sweden eSIM from Gigago. Gigago offers affordable prepaid eSIM data plans for Sweden with options between 3GB to 50GB valid for 7-30 days. Coverage is provided by the major Swedish networks including Telia, Tre, Tele2 Sverige and Telenor. 

Plans start from as low as $5. No need for a Swedish phone number. Installation is easy with just scanning a QR code. This provides full flexibility and savings versus roaming charges. More details can be found at

VI. Where to Buy Tre Sverige SIM cards and eSIM?

Here are some options to buy Tre Sverige SIM cards and eSIM in Sweden:

1. Where to Buy Tre Sverige SIM Cards for Sweden?

Tre Sverige Store

You can use Tre’s store locator to find an official store. Key locations are:

  • Stockholm – Drottninggatan, Mall of Scandinavia
  • Gothenburg – Nordstan
  • Malmö – Triangeln shopping center

Staff can help you choose the right plan and activate the SIM on the spot.

Other Authorized Retail Stores

If no Tre Sverige store is accessible, you can buy its SIM at:

  • Pressbyrån – Found at train stations and airports
  • 7-Eleven – Over 200 stores across cities
  • Telecom2 – Local mobile phone shops

Verify they are authorized Tre Sverige resellers before buying.

2. Where to Buy Tre Sverige eSIM for Sweden?

Tre Sverige eSIMs can be purchased:

  • Tre website: You can order an eSIM directly from the Tre website: You will need a compatible phone and a Tre account to do this.
  • Mitt3 app: If you are already a Tre customer, you can order an eSIM through the Mitt3 app.
  • Another option is to purchase an eSIM from Gigago for travel in Sweden. Gigago offers prepaid Sweden eSIM plans that you can buy online and have delivered digitally before your trip: 

VII. How to Activate Tre Sverige SIM/eSIM in Sweden?

Activate Tre Sverige SIM cards with simple steps
Activate Tre Sverige SIM cards with simple steps

Activating a new Tre Sverige SIM or eSIM is easy in Sweden:

1. How to Use Tre Sverige SIM Cards in Sweden?

Follow these steps when you insert a new Tre Sverige SIM:

  1. Turn off your phone and insert the Tre Sverige SIM card.
  2. Turn your phone back on. The Tre Sverige network will be detected automatically.
  3. If you bought the SIM at a Tre Sverige store, it may already be activated. If not, open mobile settings and enable ‘Data Roaming’ on the Tre Sverige SIM.
  4. You will get a confirmation text that your Tre Sverige SIM is now active.
  5. Top up or recharge the SIM as required. You can now make calls, send SMS and use mobile data.

That’s it! The whole process takes only a few minutes.

2. How to Activate Tre Sverige eSIM?

To activate a Tre Sverige eSIM on your phone:

  1. If you bought it online or via app, select the ‘Activate eSIM’ option and follow prompts.
  2. If at a Tre Sverige store, the staff will assist in scanning the QR code on your phone to activate your eSIM plan.
  3. Toggle your mobile data or WiFi off/on to begin using the eSIM.
  4. You will receive a text when eSIM is activated successfully.

eSIM activation takes a little more time but is still quick and convenient.

Need a hand with eSIM setup?

IX. FAQs about Tre Sverige in Sweden

Does Tre Sverige have good coverage in Sweden?

Yes, Tre Sverige has 99.9% population coverage in Sweden for voice, text and 4G data. Its 5G network is available in parts of key cities.

Can I buy a Tre Sverige SIM upon arrival at Stockholm airport?

Yes, Tre Sverige has stores at Arlanda and Landvetter airports in Stockholm where you can buy SIM cards.

How long is a Tre Sverige prepaid SIM card valid for?

Tre Sverige prepaid SIMs and plans are valid from 7 days to 30 days depending on the pack. You can recharge to extend validity.

Does Tre Sverige sell eSIM plans in Sweden?

Yes, but eSIM support is limited to some specific phone models like latest iPhones and Pixel devices. You can also consider buying an eSIM plan from Gigago if your phone supports eSIM. Gigago offers prepaid data-only plans for Sweden that work on all networks including Tre Sverige. Check for details.

How can I refill my Tre Sverige prepaid SIM in Sweden?

You can easily top-up your Tre Sverige prepaid SIM via their app, online portal or by vouchers from stores. Auto top-up can also be enabled.

X. Conclusion

To conclude, Tre Sverige offers excellent connectivity options for tourists visiting Sweden. Its prepaid SIM cards provide great value with generous domestic data, calls and SMS. Speeds are fast in cities with good coverage across Sweden.

SIM cards are easy to find and activate upon arrival at airports or other outlets. You can also consider purchasing a prepaid Sweden eSIM plan from Gigago if your phone supports eSIM. Gigago offers affordable data-only plans on all networks in Sweden that you can instantly receive via email.