Renting Pocket WiFi in Sweden & Alternatives: Ultimate Guide for Travelers

Pocket wifi in Sweden is a way to access the internet in this country without needing any physical SIM card or electronic SIM card inserted into the phone. All will be available soon.

Best pocket wiffi in Sweden
Best pocket wiffi in Sweden

Among the ways to use the internet while traveling, many guests choose to rent pocket wifi in Sweden when coming to this country. This way, you can rent or buy options. In addition, telecommunications service operators in Sweden also offer a number of other alternatives. Gigago has compiled the article below.

I. What is pocket WiFi for Sweden?

Instead of having to install a wifi transmitter or use 3G/4G on your phone to share data with everyone, now there is a device that can do both of the above roles. Pocket wifi in Sweden has a compact design so it’s easy to carry. Therefore, it also has another name like outdoor wifi transmitter because it can be used anywhere outdoors. As follows:

  • How to make it work: It is combined with the mobile network of the network operator in Sweden, and can then share the network for connected devices such as phones, laptops, tablets, etc.
  • When to use: Whenever you need to use it, but it’s best when there are many people who need to connect to share the most economical costs.
  • Suitable for: Families or groups of friends traveling to Sweden who need internet access.

II. Why Renting a Pocket WiFi for Sweden Travel?

If you still wonder why you need to use pocket wifi when traveling to Sweden, especially using pocket wifi rental services in Sweden, here is the answer:

Benefits of Pocket Wifi for travelers to Sweden

Using pocket wifi in general and pocket wifi in Sweden in particular brings the following benefits:

  • Cost savings: Wi-Fi rental services offer many different rental packages, helping travelers save money instead of expensive international data roaming service fees and avoid the hassle of having to buy multiple local SIM cards. directions at different destinations.
  • Bringing convenience: Pocket wifi devices usually weigh about 200g, easy to pocket and carry anywhere.
  • Wide coverage: Pocket WiFi coverage depends on the operator providing the SIM card installed in the device.
  • Flexibility: Renting pocket wifi gives users flexibility in use when they can choose a rental package that suits the number of travel days.
Compact pocket wifi, easy to carry around Sweden
Compact pocket wifi, easy to carry around Sweden

Pocket WiFi vs. Other Connectivity options

To reinforce the belief that using pocket wifi is appropriate and convenient, below is a comparison between other alternatives:

Connectivity optionsProsCons
Pocket wifiVersatility: You can take your pocket wifi anywhere.Economical: Allows many people to use it at the same time.Suitability: You choose the number of days to rent the device and the appropriate data to use during the trip, no data package is required.Need to pay 2 times: rent, data package purchase and a deposit when rentingPocket wifi itself has limited coverage: Normally, a pocket wifi can only broadcast data 10m, the farther you go, the weaker the connection.
Free wifiAllows multiple devices to connect at no costConnect anywhere that has a wifi transmitter installed such as train stations, restaurants, shopping centers,…Unlimited data usageIt is not safe to use any website that involves personal information while connected to free wifiUnstable connection: Because many people connect at the same time in public places, the access speed of free wifi does not provide stable access speed and the best experience.Privacy is not guaranteed: Some websites can be hacked while using free wifi.
SIM cardThere are SIM cards with multiple data plans or SIM cards specifically for travelersUse it directly on your unlocked deviceRecharge enough money for your time and needs during your trip to SwedenIf you use a local SIM card, you will need to pay roaming charges when you arrive in SwedenCoverage depends entirely on the network operator of the SIM card you are usingData access is limited
Data roamingUse your locally provided SIM cardNo need to remove the SIM card and just take it with you anywhereReceive bank OTP and link with contactsHigh costs for international data roaming, especially to countries outside the European UnionDifficult to control dataNot compatible with all local carriers

Our commendation: In the above methods, you can easily see that pocket Wifi brings initiative to users, especially for families and large travel groups. But in reality, there is no data that can conclude that pocket wifi is the best. Therefore, you can consider eSIM if you have a device that supports this method.

III. Sweden eSIM – Alternative to Pocket Wifi to Get Internet in Sweden

When buying an eSIM, you only need to pay the cost once upon purchase after choosing the appropriate data package, no need to pay twice like pocket wifi. After purchasing, you can use it anywhere within the provider’s coverage area right on your phone. Furthermore, you don’t need to carry anything physical.

An alternative to pocket wifi when using the internet in Sweden - Sweden eSIM
An alternative to pocket wifi when using the internet in Sweden – Sweden eSIM

You can buy eSIM directly from network operators or eSIM resellers, such as Gigago. Swedish eSIM packages distributed by Gigago range from 1 GB data to 50 GB data. Packages also have flexible durations from 3 days to 30 days depending on the length of your trip. The cost for the preferential eSIM is only from 38.39 SEK ($3.5 USD) to 1381.86 SEK ($125.98 USD).

IV. How to Get Pocket WiFi for Travelers to Sweden?

Travelers can get pocket wifi at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport
Travelers can get pocket wifi at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport

Pocket Wifi in Sweden is greatly facilitated by providers so you can connect to the internet quickly and stably. Here are 2 ways you can get pocket wifi for your trip:

  • Pre-order online and pick up at the airport: This is the most time-saving way to get pocket wifi when coming to Sweden. You can visit the supplier’s website to choose a rental service package and register to receive it at the airport you will arrive at such as Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, Arvidsjaur Airport, Eskilstuna Airport, Goteborg Landvetter Airport,…
  • Rent and receive directly: In addition to booking online, some customers can choose to arrive at their new destination directly at the airport, but this method is usually not really popular.

V. How many devices can connect to a pocket Wifi for Sweden?

Most pocket wifis for visitors to Sweden can allow from 5 to 10 devices to connect, only a few allow a maximum connection of up to 15 devices. These numbers depend on your carrier and coverage area. To ensure connection for everyone in the group, you should research carefully from the provider.

Pocket Wifi for visitors to Sweden can connect from 5 to 10 devices
Pocket Wifi for visitors to Sweden can connect from 5 to 10 devices

Important notes:

  • When choosing to buy, remember that the more expensive the pocket wifi is, the more devices it can connect to.
  • When buying, you need to carefully ask the supplier to ensure everyone can connect to the internet during the trip.

VI. How much does a Pocket WiFi for Sweden Cost?

The cost to rent pocket wifi when traveling to Sweden ranges from 54.84 SEK ($5 USD) to 164.53 SEK ($15 USD) per day. This cost depends on the provider, data plan and some other additional features. In addition, the factors that determine the rental price of a pocket wifi are maximum data, number of connected devices, access speed, battery usage, time,…

The rental price of pocket wifi is also determined by many factors
The rental price of pocket wifi is also determined by many factors

VII. Best Wifi Pockets for Sweden travel – Which to choose?

Some suggestions for pocket wifi providers for tourists about to visit Sweden:

CriteriaMio WifiTravel WifiWifi Vox
SpeedUnlimited high-speed access3G speed1 GB high-speed data per day
Cost87.75 SEK ($8 USD) per day Starting from 48.26 SEK ($4.40 USD) per dayStarting from 76.23 SEK ($6.95 USD) per day
Max number of devicesUp to 5 devices at the same time10 devicesUp to 5 international devices and 10 EU devices
Delivery option4G/LTE3G and 4G data4G
Battery lifeUse continuously for 12 hoursUse continuously for 12 hoursUp to 10 hours

Note: The parameters from the supplier may change over time, so you need to contact the supplier to receive the most detailed information.

Reputable MiO Wifi pocket wifi provider in Sweden
Reputable MiO Wifi pocket wifi provider in Sweden

VIII. How to use your pocket Wifi in Sweden?

To use pocket wifi is not difficult, you just need to follow some of the following instructions:

  • It is recommended to check your device compatibility with your Swedish supplier
  • Compare costs between suppliers to choose the most optimal solution
  • Buy and activate according to the supplier’s instructions for the best experience
  • Insert the SIM card and SIM slot on the pocket wifi device to operate
  • The device needs to be restarted to accept the SIM card
  • Check before use and control data regularly
  • You should bring a spare battery to ensure internet is maintained throughout the trip
Bring a backup charger on your trip
Bring a backup charger on your trip

Ĩ·FAQs about Sweden Pocket Wifi Rental

How to get pocket wifi when traveling to Sweden?

You can book in advance through the website and pick up at the airport or rent directly at the airport.

How many devices can I connect to my pocket wifi when I arrive in Sweden?

You can connect up to 15 devices, but to ensure a stable connection, you should only connect a maximum of 10 devices.

Can my local pocket wifi be used in Sweden?

Yes, provided your device is unlocked and compatible with the Swedish operator.

X. Conclusion

The above article is general information about pocket wifi in Sweden. Gigago hopes you have gained some useful information for your upcoming trip to this country. If your device is eSIM compatible, you can visit Gigago for Q&A and offers.