Epic SIM Cards and eSIM 2024: A Comprehensive Guide for Tourists

As Cyprus’s second-largest mobile network operator, Epic operates reliable cellular coverage across the country. Epic SIM cards and eSIM options are a great choice for staying connected while exploring Cyprus. They let you access Epic’s fast networks right on your phone so you can easily navigate the locations, look up information, and keep in touch with your loved ones back home. This guide will help you find out the best SIM card plans for your Cyprus trip.

Epic sim cards in Cyprus

I. Quick Facts about Epic

Epic (formerly MTN) is Cyprus’s second-largest cellular network carrier. Here are some facts about Epic Cyprus you may need to know:

  • Founded: 2004 under the name Areeba (2004-2007), MTN (2007-2019)
  • Headquartered: Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Full company name: Epic Limited
  • Types of services: mobile Internet, fixed-line phones, internet access, and TV packages
  • Coverage: most populated areas of the country
  • Number of users: 21.7 million users as of 2022
  • Distribution: about 18 Epic stores located around Cyprus
  • Customer support: 24/7 via phone call/ live chat
  • Language: English, Greek
Epic is the second-largest carrier in Cyprus
Epic is the second-largest carrier in Cyprus

II. Why Epic When Visiting Cyprus – Coverage and Speed

With its great network coverage and high speeds, the Epic network ensures tourists stay connected while in Cyprus.

1. Epic Coverage in Cyprus

Epic coverage map in Cyprus (Source: nPerf)
Epic coverage map in Cyprus (Source: nPerf)
  • Epic is the second-largest operator in Cyprus that provides 4G services in main cities and towns and some remote coastal areas;
  • Coverage outsite of main cities may be patchy;
  • Epic has roaming agreements to extend network coverage.

2. Epic Speed

  • Average download speed: 48.82Mbps 
  • Average upload speed: 15.85Mbps 

► In summary, selecting Epic is a smart option for staying online during your Cyprus trip. Epic’s broad 4G/ 5G networks and fast speeds allow travelers to share photos, stream music, get directions, and so on while on the move.

III. What are the Best Epic Connectivity Options for Tourists to Cyprus?

Visitors to Cyprus can access Epic’s network via three main options:

  • Epic SIM cards
  • Pocket Wifi
  • Roaming
Epic SIM cards– Various SIM plans to choose
– Competitive rates for cellular services
– Easy to buy online or upon arrival
– Unlocked phone needed
Pocket Wifi– Portable
– Various devices may connect to a portable Wifi hotspot
– Limited range
– Have to return the pocket Wifi after trip
Roaming– No SIM swap
– Convenient
– Familiar home number/plan/operator
– Expensive charges
– Coverage depends on the contract between Epic Cyprus and your home carrier

► Recommendation: Epic SIM cards let you stay connected like the locals as they offer multiple plan options at competitive rates. Just pop it into your mobile device and enjoy affordable cellular services while exploring Cyprus.

IV. Best Epic SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

The table below displays some of the ebst Epic SIM card options for travelers to Cyprus and their rates accordingly.

5G Value1GB of data; 300 call minutes; 300 sms30 days€9.99 – $10.66
5G Advanced8GB of data; 800 call minutes; 800 sms30 days€19.99 – $21.33(original rate: €29.99)
5G Unlimited MaxUnlimited GB of data; Unlimited call minutes; Unlimited sms30 days€19.99 – $21.33(original rate: €39.99)

Note: For the most up-to-date details on Epic SIM cards, please visit Epic’s official website.

V. Does Epic Support eSIM in Cyprus?

Yes. Epic Cyprus offers eSIM to visitors. It is an embedded SIM inside your mobile device. With an Epic eSIM, there is no regular plastic SIM card that you need to insert. 

Why choose eSIM for Cyprus?

  • Dual SIM feature: Store different SIM profiles on a single device.
  • Easy switch: Easily switch between SIM profiles.
  • No physical SIM: No regular SIM card that may be lost or damaged when uninstalled.

To get a Cyprus eSIM, you have 2 options:

  • Buy directly from Epic’s website. ID check is needed.
  • Buy from a third-party reseller. No ID check, online purchase.

► Recommendation: It is much easier to buy an eSIM for Cyprus via a third-party provider rather than directly from Epic. You may consider buying Cyprus eSIM plans from Gigago – a prestigious eSIM reseller providing affordable eSIM services in over 200 countries.

Gigago offers a wide selection of eSIM plans for tourists to Cyprus
Gigago eSIM plans for Cyprus

Gigago has a wide selection of Cyprus eSIM plans for tourists that operate on CYTA network – the largest carrier in Cyprus. Their smallest plan is only  $3.50 for 1GB a day over 3 days. Other options range from $3.50$125.98 with different data amounts and trip durations. By choosing a Cyprus eSIM from Gigago, you will have affordable and secure Internet access for the ultimate travel experience in Cyprus.

Pro Tips:

VI. Where to Purchase Epic SIM cards and eSIM?

Now that you know the best Epic SIM cards and eSIM options for Cyprus. It is time to dive into where to get them.

1. Where to Buy Epic SIM Cards for Cyprus?

Epic SIM cards can be purchased via these two channels:

  • Cyprus Airport: You can buy Epic SIM cards at Larnaca International Airport at carrier kiosks/ Electronic stores after passing through customs.
  • Epic stores & authorized dealers: Epic has many stores around Cyprus so tourists can easily get a suitable SIM plan at an affordable price.
Buy Epic SIM cards at Epic official store
Buy Epic SIM cards at Epic official store

Pro Tips:

  • Your mobile device needs to be unlocked to accept Epic's networks in Cyprus.
  • Passport is required for Epic SIM registration. Use EURO cash/credit card for payment.

2. Where to Get Epic eSIM for Cyprus?

Visitors to Cyprus may purchase Epic eSIM via these three channels:

  • Online service on Epic’s official website
  • My Epic app
  • Get to the nearest Epic official store

Pro Tips:

  • Have your passport/ ID card and credit card/GBP cash ready for Epic SIM registration.
  • If you need Internet as soon as you reach Cyprus, purchase Epic SIM cards at Cyprus airports.
  • If you want the best deals, get to the city centers to buy Epic SIM cards.

VII. How to Activate Epic SIMs/eSIM in Cyprus?

By taking these simple steps, you will activate Epic SIM cards and eSIM plan successfully:

1. How to Activate Epic SIM Cards in Cyprus?

If you decide to go with an Epic SIM card, you need to:

  • Pop your eSIM SIM into your unlocked phone;
  • Switch on your device;
  • Follow prompts to activate your Epic SIM. Epic should be pre-activated in most cases;
  • Adjust APN settings if needed;
  • You can now enjoy Epic services (calling, texting, and mobile service).

2. How to Activate Epic eSIM?

If you choose an Epic eSIM, you just need to:

  • Check if your cell phone is compatible with Epic eSIM;
  • Sign up for an Epic eSIM online – you will receive a QR code via email;
  • Scan QR code using My Epic app or your phone’s settings (Mobile Service > Add eSIM > Use QR code)
  • Set up the Epic eSIM profile on your device;
  • You can now enjoy Epic mobile services.

Important Note:

Please follow the detailed instructions:

VIII. Alternatives to Cyprus Epic SIM cards

Besides Epic SIM cards, tourists to Cyprus have other choices like getting SIM cards from CYTA or PrimeTel. 

  • CYTA covers most areas of Cyprus so you can use cellular data almost anywhere. Their prepaid plans start at around $10 for 20GB of data valid for 30 days.
  • PrimeTel also offers affordable SIM plans for Cyprus, starting at around $5 for 5GB of data, valid for 7 days.
  • Gigago eSIM lets you access high-speed mobile data in Cyprus. Their eSIM plans are affordable and suit various visitors’ needs.

IX. FAQs about Epic SIM cards and eSIM

Can I use my Epic SIM card while traveling outside of Cyprus?

Epic SIM cards only include data allowance for use in Cyprus. However, you can enable international roaming on Epic SIM cards for an additional fee to use them in other countries.

How much does an Epic SIM card typically cost for tourists?

Epic SIM cards for tourists generally range between €10-30 depending on included data validity and allowances. They provide excellent value for keeping connected in Cyprus.

How can I get help with my Epic SIM card while visiting Cyprus?

Epic’s customer support team is available 24/7 by phone for any issues in English and Greek. You can also get assistance at Epic’s numerous retail locations.

X. Conclusion

In conclusion, Epic SIM Cards and eSIMs provide tourists with very accessible and affordable options for keeping seamlessly connected while exploring all that beautiful Cyprus has to offer. Whether purchasing a physical Epic SIM Card at a store or downloading an eSIM before your trip, both allow simple connectivity through Epic’s reliable networks across the island.