Mobile Internet in Cyprus for Travelers: 5 Ways to Get Data & Cost

Staying connected with mobile internet in Cyprus is important for tourists who want information anytime during their trip. There are several convenient ways for visitors to access the Internet and you can choose the best one to enjoy your Cyprus trip. This guide covers five affordable options for getting online using your smartphone or other devices. 

Mobile internet in Cyprus

I. Mobile Internet in Cyprus – Coverage and Speed

CYTA, Epic (formerly known as MTN), and PrimeTel are the three main mobile network operators in Cyprus. Let us have a look into the coverage and speed of these carriers!

1. Cyprus Mobile Internet Coverage

Mobile Internet Coverage in Cyprus
Mobile Internet Coverage in Cyprus (Source: nPerf)
  • CYTA is the biggest operator with reliable nationwide 4G/5G coverage across Cyprus. CYTA’s network covers all main cities and tourist spots and also extends to rural towns as well as remote coastal regions.
  • Epic, the second-largest carrier, offers 4G and 5G services in main cities, towns, and some remote coastal areas.
  • PrimeTel’s coverage is good but not as extensive as CYTA and Epic. 

▶ Our recommendation:

CYTA offers the most reliable 4G/5G network coverage throughout Cyprus. Thanks to its robust coverage in most cities and towns as well as various SIM plans, CYTA will be a top choice for tourists to this stunning country.

2. Cyprus Mobile Internet Speed

Mobile Internet Speed in Cyprus
Mobile Internet Speed in Cyprus (Source: OpenSignal)

According to the data about Cyprus Median Country Speeds from Speedtest Index Global (March 2024):  

  • Cyprus ranks 45th in the world in terms of mobile internet speeds
  • Average download speed: 60.52Mbps
  • Average upload speed: 11.40Mbps
  • Latency: 17ms

▶ Our recommendation:

Cyprus has reasonably fast mobile Internet speeds, ranking near the top half globally for download and upload rates. Visitors can enjoy smooth online experiences like HD video chatting and fast browsing thanks to speeds averaging over 60Mbps. Overall, Cyprus provides reliable and adequate network performance for travelers wanting mobile internet access throughout their trip.

II. What are the Connectivity Options for Travelers to Cyprus?

There are five main options to connect to the mobile internet in Cyprus: physical SIM, eSIM for Cyprus, public Wifi, pocket Wifi, and international roaming. Now let us explore the pros and cons, where to buy, and price of each option.

OptionHow it worksPriceWhere to buyProsCons
SIM cardInsert Cyprus physical SIM into your unlocked mobile phone for mobile data, calls, and textsAffordable, depending on your chosen Cyprus carrier/ planCarrier stores/ kiosks at main Cyprus airports, convenience stores, telecom shops in citiesA wide range of Cyprus SIM options, widely available, budget-friendly rates Unlocked phone needed
Cyprus eSIMBuy ans activate eSIM profile on compatible mobile devices (smartphones/ smartwatches/ laptops/ tablets)Cost-effectiveOnline from Cyprus telcos or from reputable third-party eSIM providersOnline purchase and setup, no store visit, no physical SIMYour phone needs to be unlocked and work with eSIM technology
Roaming in Cyprus with home carrierUse existing home plan while traveling in CyprusVery expensiveVia home carrierSame number works, no need separate planExpensive roaming fees
Pocket WifiRent a portable Wifi hotspot deviceNot too expensiveRental kiosks at major airports, rental websitesPortable Wifi anywhere, Internet sharingLimited data in several plan options
Public WifiFree Wifi at certain hotspots (cafes, restaurants stations, malls,…)FreeAvailable in main cities and townsFree connectionSecurity issues, need to hunt for free Wifi hotspot

Pro Tips:

  • For price-conscious visitors, a physical SIM card is the best option. If you want the best deals, go around the Cyprus cities to buy your SIM. Do not forget to check if your phone is unlocked.
  • For those with eSIM-embedded mobile devices, consider getting an eSIM for Cyprus.
  • Bring your passport/ ID card/ driver’s license for ID check and EURO cash/ credit card/ debit card for payment.

III. Internet Rates in Cyprus

Good to know: 

EUR 1 = USD 1.07; USD 1 = EUR 0.93 (as of February 2024)

The Internet tariffs in Cyprus depend on the connectivity option that you choose for your trip. The table below represents the reference rates of the five different options for getting mobile internet in Cyprus.

OptionRate (USD)
Cyprus SIM cardStarting at EUR €5 – USD $5.3 for 5GB of data
Cyprus eSIMUSD $3.5 for 1GB used in 3 days
Roaming with the Cyprus operatorsRather expensive, depending on your home plan/ home carrier
Public WifiFree
Pocket WifiExpect to pay $7.4 (€6,95) per day

Note: The details on Internet tariffs in Cyprus in the table are for reference only. Check with your selected provider for the most accurate information.

▶ Our recommendation:

Getting a physical SIM card from major Cyprus providers or a digital SIM from Gigago gives visitors an affordable way to connect to the internet right away when they land. Both options provide inexpensive mobile data for travelers.

IV. Data SIM Card for Mobile Internet in Cyprus

Data SIM card for Cyprus provides visitors with great data plans at budget-friendly rates. This table shows some of the SIM options from main Cypriot mobile network operators.

Cytasoeasy Plus 1020 GB of cellular data;400 minutes; 400 sms; EU free roaming 30 days€10 – $10.7
soeasy Plus 2050 GB of cellular data;1000 minutes; 1000 sms; EU free roaming 30 days€20 – $21.5
soeasy Plus 35100 GB of cellular data;2000 minutes; 2000 sms; EU free roaming30 days€35 – $37.6
Epic5G Value1 GB of cellular data;300 minutes;300 sms30 days€9.99 – $10.7
5G Advanced8 GB of cellular data;800 minutes;800 sms30 days€19.99 – $21.4(original price: €29.99)
5G Unlimited MaxUnlimited data; Unlimited minutes; Unlimited sms30 days€19.99 – $21.4(original price: €39.99)
PrimeTel5GB7 days€5 – $5.3
20 GB of cellular data30 days€15 – $16
Data + voice + sms100 GB of cellular data;1000 mins;1000 sms60 days€20 – $21.5

Advice: The details on Cyprus SIM card plans may change over time so you had better contact your chosen provider for the latest information.

V. Data eSIM for Cyprus – Best Option to Get Mobile Internet in Cyprus for Tourists

Important Note: eSIM plan options for Cyprus only work on eSIM-compatible mobile devices.

Getting a digital SIM (eSIM) is a great way to connect to mobile internet in Cyprus. An eSIM has several benefits compared to a regular SIM card:

  • You can download and activate it online, no need to go to a store.
  • Your phone does not need a SIM slot since it’s digital. There is no chance of losing or breaking the SIM.
  • You will have immediate internet access as soon as you arrive in Cyprus.
  • You can use multiple eSIM profiles for Cyprus on your one phone.

When traveling to Cyprus, visitors can choose to purchase eSIMs directly from major Cypriot operators or from trusted eSIM suppliers like GIGAGO online before their trip.

Why select Gigago?

Gigago offers a variety of competitive eSIM plans for tourists to Cyprus
Gigago eSIM plans for Cyprus

Gigago is a reliable eSIM reseller that provides digital SIM (eSIMs) for over 200 countries globally. Their eSIM service for Cyprus is very popular with visitors because:

  • Tourists can sign up for a Cyprus eSIM and activate it online easily
  • Setup takes only a few minutes from your phone
  • No identity verification is needed
  • 24/7 multilingual customer service
  • Gigago’s eSIM plans for Cyprus work on CYTA network – Cyprus’s biggest mobile carrier. These packages are very competitive, starting at just  $3.50 for 1GB used in 3 days and ranging from $3.50$125.98 . Just pick the Cyprus eSIM plan that best works for your needs and trip duration.

How to buy Cyprus eSIM plan with Gigago?

Just take these simple steps to get a Cyprus eSIM option with Gigago:  

  • Pick that plan (validity, data) that best aligns with your needs
  • Pay online using credit card or e-wallet
  • Check your email for activaiton key/ QR code to activate your Cyprus eSM
  • Switch on the data roaming feature in your phone’s settings and your Cyprus eSIM will be ready.

VI. FAQs about Mobile Internet in Cyprus

Is a prepaid SIM card or mobile hotspot better for mobile internet in Cyprus?

A prepaid local SIM card is generally more cost-effective than renting a mobile hotspot for mobile internet in Cyprus. SIMs start at around EUR 5 for data.

Can I use my home wireless carrier for mobile internet in Cyprus?

Using your regular carrier will likely incur high roaming fees. A local Cyprus SIM ensures you get competitive rates for mobile internet in Cyprus.

Can I buy a SIM card at Larnaca or Paphos Airport?

Yes, you can purchase SIM cards with data packages upon arrival at airports in Larnaca and Paphos before passing through customs for mobile internet in Cyprus.

Which carrier has the best coverage for mobile internet in Cyprus?

Major providers Cyta and Epic have very reliable 4G networks nationwide for smooth use of mobile internet in Cyprus across cities and tourist sites.

VII. Conclusion

So in summary, getting mobile internet in Cyprus is easy and economical thanks to the various affordable options. No matter if you prefer a prepaid SIM, pocket Wifi, or roaming, visitors have good choice for staying connected while exploring Cyprus. It is best to get an eSIM plan for flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and reliable connectivity during your Cyprus trip.