Best Pocket Wifi in Cyprus Rental & Alternatives: Travelers Guide 2024

If you are about to travel to Cyprus and need reliable Internet access, pocket Wifi in Cyprus is a great option worth considering. It allows tourists to connect laptops and phones to a wireless Internet hotspot wherever they go on the island. Renting a pocket wifi is often more affordable and flexible than international roaming. This guide gives you an overview of pocket Wifi features, the best options for renting pocket wifi in Cyprus, and some alternatives to consider. 

Pocket wifi in Cyprus for travelers

I. What is Pocket Wifi for Cyprus?

Pocket Wifi in Cyprus is a compact device that provides mobile Internet access. This device creates a Wifi network that allows devices like phones, tablets, and laptops to connect to access the Internet in Cyprus.

  • How pocket Wifi for Cyprus works: It works like a mini WiFi hotspot that you can carry with you. By connecting to the mobile network with a SIM card, it gives you internet access no matter where you are on the island. Just turn it on and join the wireless network it creates.
  • When to use: Pocket Wifi in Cyprus is ideal to use when traveling around the country so you have internet on the go. Whether taking public transport or exploring different areas, you can stay online.
  • Suitable for: individuals visiting Cyprus as well as families and groups traveling together. Up to 10 devices can connect at once, so everyone can get online from the same rental.

II. Why Rent a Pocket Wifi for Cyprus Travel?

A pocket Wifi is a handy connectivity option for tourists visiting Cyprus for several reasons. Let us explore some advantages of using pocket Wifi in Cyprus and some other alternatives.

Rent a Pocket Wifi for your trip to Cyprus
You should get a Pocket Wifi for your trip to Cyprus

Benefits of pocket Wifi in Cyprus

  • Shared costs: Renting a pocket WiFi can be split among traveling companions, working out much cheaper than roaming fees for each device.
  • Stay connected on the go: You get internet access anywhere, whether sightseeing around cities or relaxing on beaches. No need to hunt for cafes or hotels with WiFi.
  • Connect multiple devices: You can hook up your phone, tablet, laptop and more to a tiny pocket WiFi to access the Internet.
  • Simple to use: Just switch it on, enter the password and your devices can easily connect to start using the internet.
  • Reliable and strong connection: Pocket WiFis get connected to the local cellular data networks, providing faster and more stable internet than looking for free WiFis.

Pocket Wifi in Cyprus vs. Other Connectivity Options

Besides pocket Wifi, there are still some other connectivity options that tourists may choose to access the Internet in Cyprus:

  • Cyprus SIM card/ eSIM
  • Cyprus free Wifi
  • Cyprus roaming 

Check out the comparison table below to see which one is best for your Cyprus trip.

CriteriaCyprus Pocket Wifi Cyprus SIM card/ eSIMCyprus free WifiCyprus roaming
Number of devicesMultipleSingleSingleSingle
Number of usersEntire teamSingleSingleSingle
DataUnlimited or large optionsDepends on planLimited daily/hourlyDepends on home plan
Setup easeEasy, portable, just turn on + enter passwordInsert SIM card/ download eSIMHunt for locationsUse regular number
Connection reliabilityReliableReliableMay disconnect sometimesWorks like at home

► Our recommendation:

  • Pocket Wifi in Cyprus is perfect for families or friend groups traveling together. Your team members can connect various devices at the same time to a pocket Wifi. Sharing one rental usually costs less than getting separate plans for each device.
  • If your cell phone works with eSIM, pick up an eSIM plan for flexibility and high-speed data.

III. Cyprus eSIM – Alternative to Pocket Wifi to Get Internet in Cyprus

A local eSIM is an excellent alternative to pocket Wifi to access the Internet in Cyprus. eSIM means the SIM card is digital instead of physical, so you get cellular service on your phone easily without having to swap out a plastic SIM card. Some benefits of using Cyprus eSIM include:

  • No need for a physical SIM card: With an eSIM, your mobile plan is digitally downloaded right to your device. No changing tiny SIM slots involved.
  • Instant connectivity: Once purchased, your data plan activates immediately. No waiting for a SIM to arrive in the mail.
  • Manage plans easily: You can quickly purchase more data or change plans right from your phone’s settings without buying a new physical SIM.
  • Dual SIM capability: eSIM allows you to use both a local Cyprus plan and your regular SIM at the same time.
  • Environmentally friendly: Not needing tiny SIM plastics is better for the planet. Your phone just downloads the plan digitally.

If you are looking for a reputable Cyprus eSIM reseller, Gigago will be a top recommendation. By selecting Gigago as your provider, you may easily buy a suitable eSIM package for your Cyprus trip without identification verification.

Cyprus eSIM plans by Gigago
Gigago eSIM plans for tourists to Cyprus

Gigago eSIM options for Cyprus are diverse, starting at a low price of $3.50 for 1GB valid for 3 days and varying from $3.50$125.98 . So, you will be able to choose the best option to go with Gigago.

Pro Tip:

Choose the eSIM plan that best fits your length of stay in Cyprus, preferences, and budget levels.

IV. How to Get a Pocket Wifi for Visitors to Cyprus?

There are two ways to get a pocket Wifi in Cyprus:

  • Order it online before trip
  • Rent directly at Cyprus airports

Pre-book online before trip

Tourists can pre-book pocket Wifi in Cyprus online before flight and then collect it upon arrival at service desks at Cyprus airport. This way, you will have an Internet connection quickly after landing as the device is ready for you. Once your vacation is over, just return it to the designated location before catching flight back home. 


  • Time to compare different providers and packages in advance
  • A bit cheaper than renting on-site


  • Pickup upon arrival in Cyprus
  • Risk of delays if flight is late

Rent directly at Cyprus Airports

Most major Cyprus airports like Larnaca International Airport and Paphos International Airport have pocket Wifi rental counters. You may opt for a suitable package, connect your mobile devices to the Internet hotspot, and return it to the same spot before leaving.


  • Convenient, straightforward
  • No risk of late collection


  • Less time to check prices and plan options
  • Costs more than pre-ordering online
Rent pocket Wifi directly at Cyprus Airports
Rent pocket Wifi directly at Cyprus Airports

► Our recommendation:

It is best to rent your Cyprus pocket WiFi ahead of time if possible. Pre-ordering it online means better deals and you will not waste any of your precious vacation time deciding and paying at the Cyprus airport.

V. How Many Devices can Connect to a Pocket Wifi in Cyprus?

The answer should be “It depends”. The number of mobile devices (phones, laptops, tablets) that can connect to a pocket Wifi in Cyprus depends on which device and provider you selected.

  • Up to 5 devices: Standard for basic models, suitable for 1-2 users using laptops, phones, and tablets.
  • 10-12 devices: good for families or friend groups of 3-6 sharing devices.
  • 15+ devices: possible with high-capacity pocket Wifi, best suited to larger teams.

Important Note:

  • The more devices hooked up, the faster your data will run out and speeds may slow down. Consider your group size and usage needs.
  • Only connect the mobile devices truly required as this saves valuable data package space.
  • Turn off the Cyprus pocket Wifi device when not in use to conserve battery life as well. Proper usage ensures the best rental experience in Cyprus.

VI. Best Wifi Pockets for Cyprus Travel and Costs

To choose the best Wifi pocket for your Cyprus trip, it is recommended to consider your needs, priorities, and budget. The table below displays some pocket Wifi options in Cyprus and costs accordingly. 

Pocket Wifi in Cyprus OptionsTravel WifiWifivoxXOXO WifiMIOWifi
SpeedUp to 4G/LTEUp to 4G/LTEUp to 4G/LTEUp to 4G/LTE
RateStart at $1.8$7.4 (€6,95) per dayunlimited data – $6,9 per day$8 per day
Max devices510105
DeliveryDelivery options worldwide Delivery to hotel/ apartment/ airport pickupDelivery to hotel/ apartment/ airport pickupDelivery to hotel/ apartment/ airport pickup
Battery life12 hours10 hours13 hours12 hours

Pro Tip:

To find the pocket Wifi in Cyprus with the best price, you should compare the rental prices from different rental shops and look for any special deals.

VII. FAQs about Cyprus Pocket Wifi Rental

How do I rent a pocket WiFi in Cyprus?

Renting a pocket WiFi in Cyprus is easy. Many companies offer online rentals where you pick your date range and plan. They will ship it to your accommodation or meet you at the airport for pickup.

Can I return the pocket WiFi to the airport when I leave Cyprus?

Yes, most pocket WiFi in Cyprus rentals allow you to return the device to the airport right before your departure flight for convenience. Be sure to check return details with your rental provider.

What payment methods can I use to rent a pocket WiFi in Cyprus?

Most companies accept major credit/debit cards as payment for renting pocket WiFi in Cyprus. Have your credit card/ Cyprus cash ready for payment.

VIII. Conclusion

Renting a pocket Wifi in Cyprus lets you maintain reliable and affordable Internet access while visiting the country. For groups travelling together, sharing one rental is also generally better value than individual data plans. With so many options available online, choosing a suitable rental provider is simple. If you want personal Internet on your device, getting a Cyprus eSIM plan to enjoy seamless and cost-effective Internet access is recommended.