Buying a SIM card at Larnaca Airport 2024: Travelers Guide

Larnaca is a beautiful city with a blend of historical places, vibrant local culture, and scenic beaches. Larnaca International Airport (LCA) is where your Cyprus trip begins, and buying a local SIM card is crucial to stay connected while exploring the beauty of Cyprus. This guide provides where and how to purchase a SIM card at Larnaca Airport, the best options, and the best alternative for affordable calling, texting, and cellular data during your stay in Cyprus.

I. Should You Buy a SIM Card at Larnaca Airport (LCA)?

Yes. You should get a SIM card at Larnaca Airport. Many foreign tourists visiting Cyprus choose to purchase a SIM card at this airport for an immediate and secure Internet connection when reaching Cyprus.

Tourists should buy a SIM card at Larnaca Airport
Buy a SIM card at Larnaca Airport

There are three main ways to get a Cyprus SIM card at Larnaca Airport:

  • Directly at Larnaca Airport
  • Online before flight
  • In Larnaca center
Where to buyProsCons
At Larnaca Airport– Straightforward
– Internet access right when you land at Larnaca Airport
– Fewer plan and carrier options
– Rates are a bit higher compared to buying in city center
Online before trip– More SIM options
– Affordable prices
– Delivery fees
– Need to wait for delivery if you order a prepaid Cyprus SIM card
In Larnaca center– Various SIM plans
– Cheap rates 
– Need to commute to the Larnaca center

▶ Our recommendation:

  • If you need Internet right away after reaching Cyprus, buy a SIM card at Larnaca Airport.
  • To find the best deals, commute to the Larnaca city center where you can get a cheap Cypriot SIM.
  • For reliable connection as soon as you touch down at a fair price, order your SIM for Cyprus a few days before your flight.

II. Where to Buy a SIM Card at Larnaca Airport?

To get a SIM card at Larnaca Airport, there are two ways:

  • Order your Cyprus SIM online before trip and collect it at Larnaca Airport
  • Get it upon arrival
Larnaca International Airport (LCA) Map
Larnaca International Airport (LCA) Map

1. Online before trip and pick up at Larnaca Airport

You may order a Cypriot SIM card on mobile carrier websites before leaving for Cyprus. Then you can pick it up from the airport when you land. This way, you can save time and your Cyprus SIM will be ready to use right away.

Make sure the provider offers the SIM card pickup service at this airport. The spot to collect your SIM is usually in the duty-free area or arrivals right after baggage claim.

What to prepare: payment method (cash/credit card), passport for ID check, order confirmation for picking up

Cost: Affordable

Pros: Time to compare prices and carriers online, no lines needed, SIM is ready for collection

Cons: Need to order in advance

2. At Larnaca Airport upon arrival

Another option to buy SIM card for Cyprus is to get at Larnaca International Airport when you land. There are some locations within this airport where tourists may get a SIM card upon arrival.

2.1. Airport kiosks

Once you go through airport customs, you will see different stalls selling SIM cards and eSIMs from major Cyprus networks like Cyta, PrimeTel, and Epic. The kiosks provide multiple pay-as-you-go options without long agreements. These carrier kiosk are often located near the baggage claim and in the Arrival Hall. 

2.2. Electronics Store

Electronics Store located within Larnaca Airport also sells Cyprus SIM cards from different operators. Rates for SIM cards in this shop may be a bit cheaper compared to the main carrier kiosks. 

What to prepare: passport, EURO cash/credit card, unlocked phone

Cost: A bit higher than in Larnaca center or online

Pros: instant Internet after landing, staff support

Cons: Stores there may not always stay open late

You may purchase SIM cards for Cyprus at Electronics Store
Purchase SIM cards for Cyprus at Electronics Store

Important Note:

If you your flight gets in late at night, some places may be closed, and you may not get a SIM card. So check with the SIM stores and kiosks about the opening time if you decide to buy a Cyprus SIM card at Larnaca Airport.

III. What to Prepare for Getting a SIM Card at Larnaca Airport – Registration Process

Purchasing a SIM card at Larnaca Airport is a simple process. Here are some important items you need to prepare if you want to quickly get a SIM card for Cyprus:

  • Your passport for identification. Keep it accessible when purchasing a Cypriot SIM;
  • Money: Have both cash and credit cards ready to pay for the SIM since some kiosks may only accept certain payment types;
  • An unlocked phone: Make double sure your mobile device is unlocked and compatible with Cyprus networks so it can work here;
  • Time needed: 5-10 minutes after collecting your bags to find the SIM stalls and complete your purchase.

Pro Tip: Tourists do not need to bring a SIM removal tool as store staff will help set up and activate Cyprus SIM cards.

IV. Best Tourist Larnaca Airport SIM Card Options and Price

Good to know:  EUR 1 = USD 1.07; USD 1 = EUR 0.94 (as of April, 2024)

Best tourist Larnaca airport SIM plans are offered by the three main carriers in Cyprus: Cyta, PrimeTel, and Epic. The table below shows some of the most prevalent Cyprus SIM card options for tourists and prices according.

OperatorPlan NameDataPriceValidity
Cytasoeasy Plus 1020 GB of data; 400 minutes; 400 sms; Free roaming in the EUEUR 10 – USD 10.730 days
soeasy Plus 2050 GB of data; 1000 minutes; 1000 sms; Free roaming in the EUEUR 20 – USD 21.530 days
soeasy Plus 35100 GB of data; 2000 minutes; 2000 sms; Free roaming in the EUEUR 35 – USD 37.630 days
Epic5G Value1 GB of data; 300 minutes;300 smsEUR 9.99 – USD 10.730 days
5G Advanced8 GB of data; 800 minutes;800 smsEUR 19.99 – USD 21.4 (discount price)30 days
5G Unlimited MaxUnlimited GB of data; Unlimited minutes; Unlimited sms30 days
PrimeTel5 GB of dataEUR 5 – USD 5.37 days
20 GB of dataEUR 15 – USD 1630 days
Data + voice + sms100 GB of data; 1000 minutes; 1000 smsEUR 20 – USD 21.560 days

Note: The plan details above are for indicative purposes and are subject to change. Check carriers’ websites for the latest updates.

V. Cyprus eSIM for Larnaca – An Alternative to Prepaid SIM Card at Larnaca Airport

Cyprus eSIM is the best alternative to prepaid SIM card at Larnaca Airport. eSIM for Cyprus delivers convenience, flexibility, great value, and security compared to regular plastic SIM cards. It is a smart digital way to access mobile networks on the island.

By choosing Gigago as your eSIM provider for your Cyprus trip, you will be able to have a smooth, secure, and cost-effective Internet connection when exploring this beautiful country. The eSIM purchase and activation process is simple as you can download and set up your eSIM online with no identity check.

Gigago offers a variety of eSIM plans for tourists to Cyprus
Gigago eSIM plans for tourists to Cyprus

Gigago offers a wide selection of eSIM plans for Cyprus from Cyta – one of the biggest carriers in the country with the most widespread 4G/5G network coverage and speed cell data. The eSIM plans start at only $3.50 for 1GB of data, valid in 3 days and vary from $3.50$125.98 , much more affordable than international roaming services in Cyprus.

Pro Tip: To choose the best eSIM plan for Cyprus, estimate the amount of data you need and the length of your stay in Cyprus trip. You can learn how much data you will need for traveling abroad

VI. Where to Buy a SIM Card Outside Larnaca Airport?

Besides buying SIM card at Larnaca Airport, tourists can also visit mobile carrier stores or convenience stores in Larnaca city center to get SIM cards for Cyprus. Major providers like Cyta, Epic, and PrimeTel have shops around town where you can browse plans and buy a SIM.

Where to buy: Cyta store, Epic store, PrimeTel store, Petros Supermarket, etc.

What to prepare: passport, EURO cash/ credit/debit card

Cost: reasonable, often 5 – 10% cheaper than at Larnaca airports

▶ Our recommendation:

  • It is worth going to Larnaca city center to get a SIM card for the best deals.
  • For really reliable internet and an easy way to change plans later, consider an eSIM for Cyprus if your phone supports eSIM.

VII. FAQs about SIM Card at Larnaca Airport

Can I buy a SIM card when I arrive at Larnaca Airport?

Yes, it is very convenient to purchase a SIM card at Larnaca Airport right after you collect your luggage. There are shops near the arrival gates in the public area where visitors can buy a SIM card.

Do I need to show any documents to buy a SIM card at Larnaca Airport?

Usually, no identification or documents are required to purchase a basic SIM card at Larnaca Airport. However, for premium plans you may need to show your valid passport.

Are SIM cards at Larnaca Airport easy to activate for tourists?

SIM cards bought at Larnaca Airport come with easy activation instructions in several languages to help international travelers start using their new SIM card right away. Activation is a quick and simple process.

VIII. Conclusion

In conclusion, purchasing a SIM card at Larnaca Airport is very convenient for travelers arriving in Cyprus. However, visitors have more options if they go into the city center of Larnaca. They can compare prices and plans from different carriers before choosing the best SIM card. An eSIM plan is also an excellent option since tourists can buy and set it up online for reliable Internet access.