Best Cyprus SIM Cards for Tourists: Updated Prices & Where to Buy 2024

Cyprus, an island country in the Mediterranean, is an intriguing travel spot due to its blend of ancient history and contemporary culture. Getting Cyprus SIM cards is essential for tourists to enjoy affordable cell service on the island. This guide will help you find the best prepaid Cyprus SIM card options, updated prices, and the best alternatives, so you can explore Cyprus without missing a beat.

Cyprus sim cards

I. Where to Get a Tourist SIM Card for Cyprus?

There are three (03) easy ways to get a local SIM card with reliable high-speed Internet access when visiting Cyprus:

  • Order online before your flight;
  • Buy at Cyprus Airports; and
  • Buy in stores around Cyprus cities and towns.

1. Order prepaid Cyprus SIM card online before flight

Several trusted eSIM resellers like Gigago allow tourists download eSIM plans online and activate with a QR code sent to their emails. Then they will have Internet right aways when they arrive in Cyprus. 

Pros: No need to shop around when you arrive, instant Internet upon arrival

Cons: Need a mobile device that supports eSIM 

2. Buy physical Cyprus SIM cards at Cyprus Airports

Cyprus SIM cards are available to buy at carrier kiosks and electronic shops at Larnaca and Paphos International Airports in Cyprus. This is handy if you want cellular service immediately after touching down. 

Pros: convenient, instant data use, easy to locate store locations

Cons: fewer plan options, slightly higher prices than other SIM stores in cities

3. Purchase physical Cyprus SIM cards in the cities

Stores all over Cyprus cities and towns sell physical Cyprus SIM cards too with a diverse range of options. Tourists may find stores from major carriers like Cyta, Epic, and PrimeTel in Strovolos, Limassol, Agios Athanasios, Egkomi, etc.

Pros: widespread availability, competitive rates

Cons: Need to locate and head to the store

Buy physical Cyprus SIM cards in the cities
Buy physical Cyprus SIM cards in the cities

► Our Recommendations:

  • If you do not mind shopping around and get the best deals, buy Cyprus SIM cards from city stores.
  • If your mobile device works with eSIM, purchase and download a Cyprus eSIM.

Pro Tips:

  • Bring your ID document (passport/ driver’s license), credit card, and local currency (EUR cash) to buy Cyprus SIM cards
  • Ask friendly locals or use Google Maps for accurate city store locations.

II. What Are The Best SIM Cards for Tourists?

Cyta – Vodafone, Epic Mobile (formerly MTN), and PrimeTel are the three main mobile network carriers in Cyprus. Let us explore some of the most preferred Cyprus SIM card plans for tourists and updated prices.

Three major carriers in Cyprus: Cyta - Vodafone, Epic Mobile (formerly MTN), and PrimeTel
Three major carriers in Cyprus: Cyta – Vodafone, Epic Mobile (formerly MTN), and PrimeTel
Good to know:EUR €1 = USD $1.07 and USD $1 = EUR €0.93 (as of April 2024)
Cytasoeasy Plus 1020GB data; 400 minutes; 400 sms; Free roaming in the EU30 days€10 – $10.7
soeasy Plus 2050GB data;1000 minutes; 1000 sms; Free roaming in the EU30 days€20 – $21.5
soeasy Plus 35100GB data;2000 minutes; 2000 sms; Free roaming in the EU30 days€35 – $37.6
Epic5G Value1GB data; 300 minutes; 300 sms30 days€9.99 – $10.7
5G Advanced8GB data; 800 minutes; 800 sms30 days€19.99 – $21.4 (original price: €29.99)
5G Unlimited MaxUnlimited data; Unlimited minutes; Unlimited sms30 days€19.99 – $21.4 (discount rate) (original price: €39.99)
PrimeTel5GB7 days€5 – $5.3
20GB data30 days€15 – $16
Data + voice + sms100GB data; 1000 mins; 1000 sms60 days€20 – $21.5

Note: The information on Cyprus SIM card plans above may change over time so it is recommended to visit the operator’s websites for the updated details.

► Our Recommendation:

If you are traveling to Cyprus, consider getting a SIM card from Cyta. Cyta boasts the most extensive coverage on the island and usually the fastest data speeds. Their plans offer attractive combo plans with great amounts of data, minutes, and texts.

Epic and PrimeTel are also wise choices due to affordable SIM plans and top-up options. 

III. Do I Need to Buy a SIM Card for Cyprus Travel?

Yes. You should buy a Cyprus SIM card for a convenient and affordable Internet connection. 

Cyprus SIM cards in general and prepaid SIMs in particular are best for getting online during your Cyprus trip. You can use secure and fast cellular data right on your device anytime, anywhere. You may easily use transport/ delivery apps, look up information, reserve hotel rooms/ restaurants, and stay in touch with your family and friends using Cypriot high-speed networks. 

Get a SIM Card in Cyprus
Tourits should buy Cyprus SIM cards when traveling in this country

Important Note: To utilize Cyprus SIM cards, confirm that your device is unlocked. If it is locked, ask your home carrier for help.

IV. What to Prepare to Buy Prepaid SIM cards in Cyprus?

When purchasing a Cyprus SIM card, you will typically need to present your passport for identification. Some vendors may also ask for proof of a local address, which can be the address of your hotel.

If you find the process complicated, you can opt for using an eSIM if your phone supports it.

V. What Types of Cyprus SIM Cards Are Available For Tourists?

Cyprus SIM cards have two types, categorized by form and function.

Based on forms:

  • Cyprus physical SIM: a tiny physical card, can be installed/ removed from your cell phone.
  • Cyrus eSIM: a chip, virtual SIM, built into your cell phone.

Based on function:

  • Data-only SIM: for data usage (map navigation, browsing, using communication apps like Telegram, WhatsApp, social media, etc.), unable to call or text.
  • Data + voice + text SIM: for data usage, calling, and texting while in Cyprus.

Now let us delve into the two main SIM options for Cyprus: physical SIM and eSIM.

1. Prepaid physical SIM card in Cyprus

Prepaid physical Cyprus SIM cards exist in the tangible form. To use a physical SIM, you need to put it into the SIM tray of your phone. Depending on your travel needs, you can opt for a data only SIM or voice + text + data SIM for Cyprus. 

2. Prepaid tourist Cyprus eSIM

eSIM for Cyprus is a chip that is directly embedded into your mobile device. You may switch carrier or packages conveniently without needing a real SIM card. Just get and activate your Cyprus eSIM and it will be ready for use instantly. eSIM for Cyprus also has two main types of plans: one for cell data and one for dat plus texting and calling.

The comparison table below will help tourists understand more about these two sorts of Cyprus SIM cards:

TypePrepaid physical Cyprus SIMPrepaid Cyprus eSIM
Pros– Online purchase and set up anywhere, anytime
– No store visit
– No risk of SIM damage/loss/stolen
– Affordable
– Online purchase and set up anywhere, anytime
– No store visit
– No risk of SIM damage/loss/stolen
– Cost-effective
Cons– High risk of SIM loss/stolen/damaged
– Need to buy offline or wait for delivery if buying online
– Unlocked cell phone needed
– eSIM-compatible mobile device (smartphone, smartwatch, iPad, tablet) needed
– Unlocked device needed

► Our Recommendation:

Consider getting an eSIM if you want an easy and convenient way to stay connected while in Cyprus. download directly to your phone without inserting a physical card. This means no hassle swapping out SIMs – your Cyprus service will be set up with just a few taps. Pick the data-only eSIM if you mostly chat with friends and family back home using online communication apps instead of traditional calling and texting.

VI. Cyprus eSIM – Best Alternative to Physical SIM Cards to Get Online in Cyprus

eSIM is an excellent alternative to physical SIM cards for getting Internet access while traveling in Cyprus. This new technology provides convenience, flexibility and security compared to regular SIM cards. It is a more modern digital way to connect to Cyprus cellular networks.

There are several advantages to using an eSIM rather than a physical SIM card:

  • Convenience: You do not have to mess with tiny plastic SIM cards anymore. Just scan a QR code and your Cyprus cell service is activated on your device.
  • Two numbers on one phone: You can have your work and personal numbers both on the same phone.
  • Safer: Since eSIMs are digital, they cannot be stolen like a physical card. Your provider can also disable a lost eSIM from anywhere.
  • Friendlier for the environment: eSIMs help reduce electronic waste from disposed plastic SIM cards over time.
  • Quick updates: If you change providers or plans, updating your eSIM is just a quick scan rather than waiting for a new plastic card in the mail.

Getting a Cyprus eSIM from a reputable reseller like Gigago will ensure a smooth and cost-effective Internet connection while visiting this country. Gigago provides travelers to Cyprus with eSIM options from CYTA – one of the largest operators in Cyprus with the broadest 4G/ 5G network coverage and high-speed data.

Gigago provides tourists with many competitive eSIM plans for Cyprus
Gigagao eSIM plans for tourists to Cyprus

Gigago’s eSIM plans for Cyprus are diversified, starting at only $3.00 for 1GB used in 3 days, which is much more affordable than roaming services. What is incredible about Gigago eSIM for Cyprus is that plan rates range from $3.00$95.90 . Thus, regardless of how long your Cyprus trip is and how much data you think you will need, Gigago always has the best plan for you.

VII. How long does a tourist SIM card last in Cyprus?

The duration of a tourist SIM card in Cyprus can vary depending on the carrier and the specific plan. Here are some typical options:

  • Cyta (SoEasy Tourist SIM): This SIM card offers options such as 7-day, 14-day, or 30-day plans. Each plan comes with varying amounts of data, call minutes, and text messages.
  • MTN (Yellow SIM): MTN provides tourist SIM cards that are usually valid for 30 days. These plans typically include data, local call minutes, and SMS.
  • PrimeTel: PrimeTel also offers tourist SIM cards with different validity periods, commonly up to 30 days, which include data, calls, and texts.

Overall, most tourist SIM cards in Cyprus are valid for 30 days, but shorter options such as 7 or 14 days are also available depending on the provider and the plan you choose.

VIII. How to Use Cyprus SIM Cards and eSIM

Now that you have selected your cell service carrier and data plan for your trip to Cyprus, it is time to find out how to get online using Cyprus SIM cards/ eSIMs.

1. Using prepaid Cyprus SIM cards for tourists

If you go with a prepaid Cyprus SIM card, just take the following steps:

  • Switch off your phone, pull out the little SIM card tray, then pop your new Cyprus SIM card in there
  • Switch you phone back on, follow on-screen setup prompts
  • If needed, add the APN info from your carrier to set up Internet access
  • Dial the operator’s support number to check your account balance and plan details.
  • All set! You can now use your new Cyprus SIM to call, text, and browse the web.

2. Setting up and activating Cyprus eSIM

Setting up a Cyprus eSIM is simple:

  • First, make sure your phone is unlocked and ready to use a digital eSIM
  • Purchase and download your Cypus eSIM plan online. The provider will email your the activation info (QR code/ activation key)
  • Open your device’s eSIM settings menu and scan the QR code or enter the key you just received.
  • Restart your phone and that is it! You eSIM will work right on your device.


How much do Cyprus SIM cards typically cost?

Most major Cyprus SIM card providers offer affordable prepaid SIM card options. Typically, tourists can purchase Cyprus SIM cards for around €5-10 which includes some included data and call/text credits.

Can I use my Cyprus SIM card for data roaming in other European countries?

Yes, Cyprus SIM cards allow data roaming throughout the EU without additional charges beyond your existing data plan allowance. This makes them convenient for traveling beyond Cyprus as well.

Do I need my passport to buy a Cyprus SIM card?

Yes, you will generally need to present your passport when purchasing Cyprus SIM cards as retailers are required by law to verify customers’ identities. If you buy Cyprus eSIM from Gigago, no ID check is required.

Which mobile carriers offer the best coverage for using Cyprus SIM cards on the entire island?

For full coverage across Cyprus, the top networks to consider are CYTA and Epic Mobile. Their Cyprus SIM cards provide reliable service in both cities and rural areas thanks to well-established infrastructure.

X. Conclusion

To sum up, purchasing a local Cyprus SIM card is the easiest way to get the Internet during your trip around the beautiful island. The major carriers Cyta, Epic, and Cytamobile provide reliable coverage and offer very affordable prepaid Cyprus SIM cards at stores everywhere. Whether you purchase one online before your trip or in person after arriving, any of the prepaid Cyprus SIM cards available will allow you to navigate, post photos, and chat with friends. Consider getting a Cyprus eSIM plan for flexibility and affordability.