Buying Vodafone SIM Cards and eSIM for tourists: Guide to Get and Activate 2024

Vodafone, one of the leading telecommunications providers in Greece, offers reliable mobile network services across the country. Now, let’s delve into how you can obtain and activate a Vodafone Greece SIM card or eSIM.

Vodafone SIM card

I. Quick Facts about Vodafone

Vodafone is considered one of the leading telecom companies in the country, actively investing in its network infrastructure. It provides a comprehensive range of services to consumers and businesses.

  • Year of establishment: 1999
  • Full company name: Vodafone Greece Telecommunications S.A.
  • Services: Mobile & fixed telephony, internet, television
  • Number of subscribers: Over 6 million subscribers
  • Stores: More than 180 stores across Greece
  • Customer support: 24/7 support available in Greek
  • Awards: Numerous awards for services and customer support
  • Some key milestones:
    • Launched 3G network in 2006
    • Introduced 4G services in 2015
    • Began offering fixed broadband services in 2010
  • Pros: Wide coverage, good network quality, bundled plans
  • Cons: Can be more expensive than alternatives, customer service issues reported at times
Vodafone logo
Vodafone logo

II. Why Vodafone When Traveling  – Coverage and Speed

With excellent customer service and flexible plans, it’s a top choice for mobile network services in Greece. Vodafone Greece distinguishes itself with extensive coverage,  and fast mobile internet speeds for seamless browsing and streaming.

1. Vodafone Coverage in Greece

Vodafone Coverage in Greece
Vodafone Coverage in Greece

Vodafone provides mobile network coverage all across Greece. Based on the data in the report, it looks like they have a solid signal reach!

  • The coverage map shows Vodafone has measurements from users in most major cities like Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras and Ioannina. It even looks like they have rural coverage on some of the islands too.
  • Availability refers to the percentage of time users have a 3G or better connection. Vodafone scored 93.4% for this metric, placing them joint first with Cosmote. This suggests Vodafone users typically have a good signal most of the time.
  • 5G availability from Vodafone came in at 8.8%, which was second highest behind Cosmote. So while 5G coverage may still be expanding, it seems many Vodafone users can already access faster speeds in certain areas.

2. Vodafone Speed

Upload speed experience in Greece
Upload speed experience in Greece
Download speed experience in Greece
Download speed experience in Greece

Vodafone customers seem well served for speed via a network that competes closely with the market leader. Margins are slim and experience remains quite respectable overall.

  • For download speed experience, which reflects typical everyday speeds, Vodafone came in second with a score of 30.1 Mbps. While this trails leader Cosmote, it’s still a respectable speed.
  • In terms of 5G download speed specifically, Vodafone placed second again with an average of 118.4 Mbps. This is still quite fast compared to typical speeds users need.
  • Vodafone was able to take the top spot for 5G upload speed, achieving an average of 29.2 Mbps. This suggests their 5G network facilitates good speeds both down and up.
  • While not winning outright, Vodafone’s speeds across metrics like 4G, video and gaming experience were competitive and aligned with the leader’s scores within the reported confidence intervals.
  • So in general, while Cosmote pulled ahead on several speed measures, Vodafone still delivered easily adequate speeds that would satisfy most ordinary users’ mobile data needs.

Greece eSIM, a prominent provider in Greece, known for its extensive network coverage and seamless connectivity. Gigago also offers the convenience of eSIM technology, allowing users to access their services without the need for a physical SIM card, ensuring flexibility and ease of use for customers on the go.

Our Recommendation: With fast internet speeds and the convenience of eSIM, Vodafone stands out as a top choice for travelers looking for seamless communication during their visit.

III. What are the Best Connectivity Options of Vodafone for Travelers to Greece?

Travelers can connect to Vodafone in Greece by purchasing a SIM card, using a pocket WiFi, or utilizing roaming services.

This table provides an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of each connectivity option, aiding in selecting the method that best suits your needs and requirements.

Connectivity OptionProsCons
SIM Card– Quick connection.
– Affordable cost.
– Requires setup steps.
– No need to remove SIM.
Pocket WiFi– Fast connection.
– Supports multiple devices.
– Specific pricing and rental services.
– Inconvenient to carry.
– Limited signal range, rental deposit.
– Higher cost, shipping for rental.
Roaming– Convenient, no extra device needed.
– No setup needed.
– High cost, hard to control.
– Compatibility uncertainty.
– Confirm before use.

In summary, purchasing a SIM card stands out as the go-to option, being both practical and budget-friendly. It’s the easiest and most cost-effective way to stay connected, ensuring a hassle-free experience without breaking the bank.

IV. Best Vodafone SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

For tourists, Vodafone offers several SIM card options tailored to different needs and budgets. Here are some popular choices along with their approximate costs:

Vodafone Visitor SIM:

  • Price: $15 – $25
  • Function: Suitable for short-term visits, includes data, local minutes, and texts for a specific duration.

Vodafone Tourist SIM:

  • Price: $25 – $50
  • Function: Ideal for longer stays, offers more data and longer validity compared to the Visitor SIM.

Vodafone Travel SIM:

  • Price: From $30
  • Function: Geared towards multi-country travel, includes international roaming and ample data allowances.

If your phone only supports eSIM or you want to use eSIM to avoid physically removing the SIM. Please read the instructions below to have answer the question whether Vodafone supports eSIM or not.

V. Does Vodafone Support eSIM in Greece?

Yes, Vodafone does support eSIM in Greece. They allow tourists to quickly and conveniently connect to the network without the need for a physical SIM card. 

To purchase an eSIM from this operator, there are two methods:

  • Direct purchase from the operator: you would visit the operator’s stores or sales points to buy the eSIM directly. 
  • Purchase through resellers/providers: you can buy the eSIM from various eSIM resellers or service providers. 

Note: Buying from the operator requires ID verification with a passport before getting the eSIM.

Our recommendation: Purchasing from resellers/providers for a simpler and more convenient experience, without the need for ID verification.

VI. Where to Buy a Vodafone SIM card and eSIM?

Vodafone SIM cards and eSIMs are available for purchase at Vodafone retail outlets, selected retailers, and online through the Vodafone website or mobile app. Read below to understand better

1. Where to Buy a Vodafone SIM Card for Greece?

When arriving in Greece, getting your hands on a Vodafone SIM card is hassle-free. You can find them:

  • Upon Arrival: Look for mobile service kiosks at airports for immediate connectivity. Both Athens International and Thessaloniki International Airport have Vodafone kiosks located airside before passport control.
  • Vodafone Stores: For a wider selection of plans and add-ons, head to an official Vodafone store. There are numerous Vodafone stores located throughout major cities across Greece.
Vodafone store
Vodafone store
  • Other Authorized Retail Stores: If a Vodafone store isn’t convenient, don’t worry – you can also buy Vodafone SIM cards from numerous other authorized retailers such as GIgago.
Greece eSIM in Gigago
Greece eSIM in Gigago

With these options, staying connected with Vodafone in Greece is simple and convenient, ensuring you’re ready to explore the wonders of this beautiful country without any communication worries.

2. Where to Buy Vodafone eSIM for Greece?

The process of purchasing Vodafone’s eSIM is organized conveniently and flexibly to meet customer needs. Here’s a brief overview of the process:

  • Choose eSIM Plan: Select a suitable eSIM plan based on your requirements. 
  • Registration and Payment: Register and make payment for the service.
  • Receive eSIM: Vodafone will provide you with a QR code or activation code to download the eSIM directly to your smartphone.
  • Activate eSIM: scan the QR code or enter the activation code into your device to activate the eSIM

Tips: Here are some tips for buying a Vodafone SIM/eSIM in Greece:

  • Research Plans: research the available plans in advance
  • Check Coverage: Ensure that Vodafone has good coverage in the areas where you’ll be using your phone most frequently.
  • Compare Prices: Compare prices of different plans and providers to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money

VII. How to Activate Vodafone SIM/eSIM in Greece?

Activating a Vodafone SIM/eSIM in Greece typically involves the following steps:

1. How to Use a Vodafone SIM Card in Greece?

You only need to follow these simple steps and everything will be ready.

  1. Insert the SIM card: Find the slot for your SIM card on your device.
  2. Power on your device: Switch on your device and give it time to detect the SIM card.
  3. Activate the SIM card: Typically, the Unitel Laos SIM card comes pre-activated.
  4. Configure APN settings if eSIM isn’t functional.
  5. Verify your services are working.

2. How to Activate Vodafone eSIM?

Getting started with an Vodafone eSIM for Greece is quite easy as follows:

  1. Install the eSIM profile: Download and install the eSIM profile provided by your mobile service provider onto your device.
  2. Activate through device settings: Access your device’s settings menu to activate the eSIM by entering an activation code or scanning a QR code.
  3. Set up preferences and services: Customize network settings, data plans, and additional services.
  4. Start using the eSIM: Once activated and configured, using the eSIM for all your mobile communication needs.

VIII. How to Top-up Vodafone SIM/eSIM

This is how you can easily top up your Vodafone eSIM on the go in Vietnam using their digital payment options.

  1. Open the Vodafone app and log in.
  2. Select “Top up” and choose your amount.
  3. Select your payment method like card, e-wallet or bank transfer.
  4. Enter payment details and submit.
  5. Your new balance and validity period will update on your account.
  6. You can now use your eSIM to make calls, texts and data.
  7. Your number remains the same so others can contact you.
  8. Contact customer care via the app or stores for assistance.

XI. FAQs about Vodafone in Greece

Can I use my Vodafone SIM card from another country in Greece?

In most cases, you can use your Vodafone SIM card from another country in Greece, but roaming charges may apply. It’s best to check with your home provider for specific details on roaming rates and coverage.

What should I do if I lose my Vodafone SIM card in Greece?

If you lose your Vodafone SIM card in Greece, you should contact Vodafone customer service as soon as possible to report it. They can assist you with getting a replacement SIM card and transferring your existing number and services to the new SIM card.

Can I purchase a Vodafone eSIM in Greece?

Yes, Vodafone offers eSIMs in Greece. You can purchase and activate a Vodafone eSIM through the Vodafone Greece website, mobile app, or at select Vodafone stores.

XII. Conclusion

Vodafone in Greece offers wide coverage and fast speeds. When choosing between physical SIM and eSIM, it depends on individual needs. Physical SIM suits those needing immediate use or frequent changes, while eSIM is more convenient for those who prefer not to manage physical SIM cards.