Data Roaming in Greece for Tourists 2024: Rates

Discover the best way to stay connected and navigate the vibrant landscapes of Greece effortlessly by data roaming. This guide will give you information related to data roaming in Greece.

Data Roaming in Greece

I. Phone Roaming in Greece – Quick Facts for Tourists

Stay connected effortlessly with these quick facts about phone roaming in Greece:

  • Roaming in Greece enables mobile services within the country for travelers.
  • Greece, as an EU member, follows the “Roam Like at Home” regulation, allowing EU residents to use their phones without extra charges.
  • Roaming agreements with local operators ensure widespread connectivity for users.
  • Non-EU residents should check with their mobile providers for applicable roaming rates in Greece.
  • Some operators offer travel packages for cost-effective in-country roaming.

II. Understand about Roaming in Greece – How It Works

Roaming Definition: Roaming, specifically “Data Roaming,” enables mobile service usage beyond the home network’s coverage, especially during travel.

Here’s a comparison table outlining of popular mobile networks offering roaming services for tourists in Greece:

Mobile NetworkRoaming PricesAdvantagesDisadvantages
CosmoteVaried packages, competitive rates for data.Extensive coverage, reliable service.Some users report higher costs for international calls.
VodafoneFlexible roaming plans, reasonable data rates.International presence, diverse plan options.In remote areas, coverage may be less consistent.
NovaCompetitive roaming rates, affordable packages.Good coverage, strong signal quality.Limited international presence compared to others.
Other ProvidersRates may vary, usually competitive for EU roaming.Choice of networks depending on device compatibility.Limited presence might impact coverage in certain areas.

III. Is the Roaming Rate in Greece Expensive?

The answer depends on your specific mobile plan, provider, and the roaming package you have. 

Here is information about prices of data roaming, voice calls, text messages,data usage  from various mobile operators in Greece:

Mobile OperatorData Roaming Service (Price in USD)Voice Calls (Price in USD/Day)Text Messages (Price in USD/Day)Data Usage (Price in USD/1)
COSMOTE3.04Not specifiedNot specifiedNot specified
Vodafone2.36 (Zone B)~2.95~2.95Not specified
NovaNot specifiedNot specifiedNot specifiedNot specified

Note: Prices and information are subject to change; please check directly on each operator’s website for the most accurate and up-to-date details.

IV. How to Activate Roaming Service for Greece in Your Cell Phone?

To activate roaming services, you just need to take 4 steps:

Step 1: Choose your preferred service provider

You should first identify your service provider. You have the option to either retain your domestic mobile plan or opt for a local cellular carrier. If you decide to stick with your home cellular plan and suppose your domestic network carrier belongs to one of the following brands, here is what you can anticipate:

Mobile network carrierRoaming fees
COSMOTE2.9 euro / day (approx. 3.04 USD)
Vodafone2,25 euro / day (approx. 2.36 USD)
NovaCheck on website

The recommended local providers for roaming services are Vodafone and Nove cause phạm vi phủ sóng rộng và chi phí cạnh tranh.

Step 2: Activate the roaming function for your service provider

Each mobile network carrier has its own procedure for activating roaming services. It is advisable to consult the official website of the selected operator for more detailed information.

For example: for Vodafone: download My Vodafone (Vodafone’s app) > get the option named “International roaming” > choose your destination country > Done, you get it.  

Step 3: Buy a mobile package with roaming

Regular roaming rates are usually expensive. Buying roaming packages will warrant that you will not break the bank with roaming charges.

Pro Tip: 

  • It is recommended to buy a roaming package one day before departure because the package often starts right after purchase.
  • Choose the roaming package that suits your needs and budget accordingly.

Step 4: Turn on your phone’s roaming

On Android: Settings > Tap on “Data roaming” > Turn “International Roaming

On iOS (iPhone): Settings > Cellular > Tap on “Data roaming

Note: Do not forget to turn off the roaming feature when not in use to prevent any unnecessary expenses once you come back Greece.

V. How to Avoid Roaming Charges When Traveling to Greece

Roaming charges can quickly add up during your travels. To help you steer clear of unexpected fees, consider the following tips:

  • Disable Data Roaming: Turn off data roaming to prevent unexpected charges.
  • Use Wi-Fi: Connect to Wi-Fi networks for a stable and cost-effective internet connection.
  • Turn off Automatic App Updates: Manage data usage by disabling automatic app updates.
  • Local SIM Card/eSIM: Consider using a local SIM card or eSIM for affordable local rates.
  • Monitor Data Usage: Keep tabs on your data usage to stay within limits and avoid extra charges.

Our advice: If you want to use a local SIM Card/eSIM, remember to check if the phone is unlocked or not, and for eSIM, you need to check if the phone supports eSIM by checking the eSIM compatibility 

VI. Greece eSIM – Alternative to Data Roaming in Greece to Get Internet

Beyond traditional roaming, travelers can stay connected, keep in touch with friends and family, and access the internet in Greece by utilizing travel eSIMs. 

Travelers are advised to explore prepaid and data-only eSIM options, providing flexibility and savings beyond traditional roaming.

Comparison table between Pros and Cons of eSIM Greece and roaming in Greece:

AspecteSIM GreeceRoaming in Greece
ProsConvenient activation and management.Familiarity with the home network.
Flexible prepaid options for cost control.Potentially broader coverage with home networks.
No need for a physical SIM card, reducing hassles.Simplified billing through the home network.
Easily switch between different plans and carriers.Immediate access with minimal setup.
Data-only plans offer focused internet access.Familiarity with home network settings.
ConsLimited support by some devices and carriers.Potentially higher costs for usage.
Dependency on device and carrier compatibility.Limited flexibility in choosing local carriers.
Initial setup may require internet access.Roaming fees may lead to unexpected charges.
Availability may vary across regions and providers.Limited control over specific service plans.

Conclusion: eSIM in Greece offers superior cost-effectiveness and convenience compared to traditional roaming.

Greece eSIM in Gigago
Greece eSIM in Gigago

Gigago is the best provider of eSIM for South Korean and other countries.

For Greece, Gigago offers multiple data plan options, starting from a 3-day plan with 1GB of data per day for $3.50 as their most minimal plan. They also have 5-day, 7-day, 10-day, 15-day, 20-day,  25-day,  28-day, and 30-day plans ranging from 1GB to unlimited data per day, with prices from $3.61 up to $125.98.

Benefits of Gigago Greece eSIM:

  • 100% online: from buying to setting up and activating
  • Easy to use
  • Stable connection at competitive prices

To get more details about plan features and installation guide, visit Gigago Greece eSIM

VII. How to Turn Off Data Roaming When Traveling in Greece

How to Turn Off Data Roaming
How to Turn Off Data Roaming

Safeguard your data usage in Greece by switching off data roaming on your mobile device. You can  track the following ways.

1. Turn off international roaming on Android When Traveling in Greece

On your Android device, open “Settings,” find “Network & Internet” or “Connections,” go to “Mobile Networks” or “Cellular Networks,” locate “Data Roaming,” and toggle the switch to turn it off.

2. Turn off international roaming on iPhones

On your iPhone, go to “Settings,” tap “Cellular” or “Mobile Data,” select “Data Roaming,” and toggle the switch off. Confirm if prompted with “Disable” or “Turn Off.”


How Can I Check the Data Roaming Rates for my Provider in Greece?

To check data roaming rates for your provider in Greece, visit their official website or contact their customer support. Most carriers offer online tools or dedicated helplines to provide detailed rate information.

Are There Affordable Data Roaming Packages for Tourists in Greece?

Many mobile carriers offer affordable data roaming packages specifically designed for tourists. Check with your provider for available packages that suit your data needs and duration of stay.

What Should I Do if I Receive Unexpected Data Roaming Charges?

If you receive unexpected data roaming charges, contact your mobile carrier’s customer support immediately to inquire about the charges and seek resolution.

IX. Conclusion

In summary, tourists in Greece should be vigilant about data roaming rates, utilizing affordable packages, and employing precautionary measures to control expenses. 

For an optimal and convenient connectivity experience in Greece, it is advisable for tourists to consider using eSIMs