Buying a SIM card at Rhodes International Airport 2024: Travelers Guide

Rhodes International Airport (RHO), where you can easily stay connected upon arrival with convenient SIM card options available for communication throughout your stay. Read this article to know where to buy, the best plans, and updated price.

Rhodes International airport SIM card

I. Should You Buy a SIM Card at Rhodes International Airport (RHO)?

Yes, buying a SIM card at Rhodes International Airport (RHO) depends on the individual’s immediate need for internet access, willingness to queue, and cost consideration.

 It’s suitable for those needing urgent internet access and willing to tolerate queueing. Tourists prioritising prompt connectivity over cost-effectiveness may opt for airport SIM card purchase.

Rhodes International Airport
Rhodes International Airport

II. Where to Buy a SIM Card at Rhodes International Airport?

Tourists can buy a SIM card at Rhodes International Airport (RHO) through the following ways:

  • Locate a kiosk, stand, or booth within the airport terminal that offers SIM cards. These are usually situated in the arrival or departure areas.
  • Approach the designated area where SIM cards are sold. Look for signs or displays indicating the telecom provider’s name.
  • Browse through the available SIM card options and accompanying packages.
  • Select the desired SIM card and package based on your data, calling, and duration preferences. Some providers may offer prepaid or postpaid options.
  • Provide any necessary identification or documentation required for purchasing and activating the SIM card. 
  • Select SIM card and package. 
  • Activating the SIM card and setting up your mobile device for use.
  • Test the SIM card to ensure that it is working correctly and that you have access to voice and data services.

Note: If any problems or issues arise or any time, staff members on the kiosk/booth are available for help and seek help from him/her.

Rhodes International Airport Map
Rhodes International Airport Map

III. How Much Does a SIM Card at Rhodes International Airport Cost?

The cost of a prepaid SIM card for use in Greece can range from around €10 to €30 ($10.80 to $32.40 USD) depending on the provider, data allowance, and included call/text credits.

Some major Greek mobile operators that likely have SIM card vending machines or kiosks at Rhodes Airport include:

  • Cosmote
  • Vodafone Greece
  • Nova

Prices are usually higher when purchasing from the airport compared to buying a SIM card at a local provider store in the city. Airport SIM cards may cost $21.60-$32.40 USD on average.

Our recommendation: Apart from the fixed costs, the data and calling plan you select might add up to the price. The best tip is to browse and compare prices between the different suppliers before buying.

IV. What to Prepare for Getting a SIM Card at Rhodes International Airport – Registration Process

You can go through the SIM card purchase and registration process at Rhodes International Airport in the following way:

  • Identification: Bring a valid passport or other government-issued photo identification.
  • Contact Information: Be prepared to provide your contact information.
  • Payment Method: Have a payment method ready, such as cash or credit/debit card.
  • Activation Process: Activation the SIM card into your phone and follow instructions provided by the vendor.

The registration process is generally straightforward, but having your passport and following the instructions at the airport kiosk/store will ensure a smooth SIM card purchase experience.

V. Best Tourist Rhodes International Airport SIM Cards Options and Price

Tourists in Greece can easily get prepaid SIM cards from top telecom providers at Athens International Airport.


  • Tourist SIM: $22 includes 10GB data, unlimited calls/SMS within Greece, valid for 30 days
  • COSMOTE Travel & Data SIM: $33 includes 25GB data, unlimited calls/SMS within Greece, 500 international minutes, valid for 30 days


  • Holidays Pack: $22 includes 8GB data, unlimited calls/SMS within Greece, valid for 15 days
  • Holidays Pack Plus: $33 includes 20GB data, unlimited calls/SMS within Greece, 100 international minutes, valid for 30 days


  • Nova Traveler Pack: $16.50 includes 5GB data, unlimited calls/SMS within Greece, valid for 10 days
  • NovaTraveler Plus Pack: $27.50 includes 12GB data, unlimited calls/SMS within Greece, 120 international minutes, valid for 30 days

VI. Greece eSIM for Rhodes – an Alternative to Prepaid SIM Card at Rhodes International Airport

Greece eSIM in Gigago
Greece eSIM in Gigago

Gigago is a leading retailer of eSIM services for travelers in Greece. With eSIM from GGG, you’ll experience superior advantages compared to traditional physical SIM cards:

  • Convenience: Activate through the app without needing to find a store or wait.
  • Cost-saving: Access affordable data packages.
  • Device freedom: No worries about device locking or network restrictions.

GGG offers various eSIM packages in Greece, such as 1GB for 7 days at $4.9, 3GB for 15 days at $9.9, and 5GB for 30 days at $14.9, ensuring affordable and flexible connectivity for travelers.

eSIM from GGG is the perfect choice to stay connected while traveling in Greece without any hassle.

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VII. Where to Buy a SIM card Outside Rhodes International Airport?

Visitors also can buy SIM cards outside the city from various locations:

  • Official stores of major telecom providers such as Cosmote, Vodafone, and Nova, which are often located in city centers and shopping areas.
  • Convenience stores, which may stock SIM cards depending on the country’s regulations and agreements with telecom providers.
  • Gas stations, where SIM cards may be available for purchase alongside other convenience items, particularly in more populated areas.

You should prepare:

  • Cost: Prices may vary depending on the provider and package.
  • Location: Look for official stores or authorized retailers in urban areas.

Our recommendation: 

  • For a reliable and well-supported connection, consider purchasing a SIM card from the official stores of reputable providers. 
  • Verify your phone’s compatibility with eSIM technology for added convenience, especially if you prefer a digital solution without the need for a physical SIM card.


Do I need to activate the SIM card, and if so, how?

Yes, you will need to activate the SIM card. Activation instructions will be provided by the vendor, and it often involves inserting the SIM card into your phone and following prompts.

Are there any data or calling packages available?

Yes, telecom providers offer various data and calling packages to suit different needs and budgets.

What if I need additional credit or data during my stay?

You can typically top up your credit or data allowance through various methods, such as online, at stores, or through the provider’s app.

Can I return or exchange the SIM card if I’m not satisfied?

Policies regarding returns or exchanges may vary, so it’s best to inquire about these terms before making a purchase.

IX. Conclusion

In conclusion, purchasing a SIM card at Rhodes International Airport (RHO) offers convenience for travelers needing immediate connectivity upon arrival. Visitors can easily find suitable packages to meet their data and calling needs. 

Additionally,  travelers also consider the option of using eSIM technology for greater flexibility and ease of activation, especially if their devices support it.