Telenor Sweden SIM Cards & eSIM for Tourists: How to Get and Activate

Telenor is one of the leading telecommunications providers in Sweden, offering mobile connectivity services to local residents and visitors alike. This comprehensive guide provides key information about Telenor Sweden, including network coverage, availability of SIM cards and eSIM, costs, and more to help you stay connected during your travels in Sweden.

telenor sweden sim card

I. Quick Facts about Telenor

Telenor is a major telecommunications company headquartered in Norway. Here are some quick facts about Telenor Sweden:

  • Founded: in 1991 as Europolitan, Telenor Sverige later adopted its current name on October 31, 2005
  • Full Company Name: Telenor Sverige AB
  • Services: Mobile telephony, mobile broadband, fixed broadband, TV, IoT
  • Subscribers: 2.8 million (2022)
  • Stores and Agents: 20 department stores, 3,500 agents and resellers
  • Customer Support: Telenor Sweden offers assistance through various channels, including support pages and their chatbot named Telbot, which can help with many inquiries.

II. Why Telenor When Traveling Sweden – Coverage and Speed

Why Telenor When Traveling Sweden

Telenor offers excellent connectivity for travelers in Sweden thanks to its widespread 4G LTE coverage and fast speeds.

Telenor Coverage in Sweden

telenor coverage in sweden

Telenor claims to cover 99.9 of the population in Sweden with its 4G LTE network. It has a strong presence across cities, regional towns, villages, tourist destinations, transport routes and beaches. So you can expect a high quality connection when using Telenor SIM in Sweden.

Telenor Speed

Telenor Sweden boasts multi-gigabit network capability

Telenor Sweden boasts multi-gigabit network capability utilizing key 5G spectrum bands. Real world tests across Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö recorded average download speeds of over 200 Mbps on compatible devices, allowing activities like HD video streaming, gaming, large file downloads and video calls.

III. What are the Best Connectivity Options of Telenor for Travelers to Sweden?

Best Connectivity Options of Telenor
OptionPrepaid SIM CardWifi RentalRoaming from Home Network
Cost per DayLow – pay as you go rates from $5 for 10GB valid 30 daysHigher – $50+/month rental feesHighest – typical roaming rates apply after bundles exhausted
Data AllowanceFlexible bundles from $2/GB to unlimited plansLimited daily/weekly allowances from 500MB-5GBTypical roaming bundles 1-5GB then $0.50-1.50/MB
Calls/TextsPay as you go – $0.15/min, $0.08 eachNot availableRoaming rates apply – may be $0.50-1/min, $0.10-0.20 each
SpeedFast LTE speeds up to 100Mbps on Telenor networkShared speeds on wifi hotspots, may slow to 5Mbps during peak timesThrottled to 1-2Mbps once roaming bundles used
CoverageExcellent coverage nationwide on Telenor networkLimited to wi-fi hotspots in major areasDepends on home provider’s roaming agreements
Ease of UseSimple to purchase and activate SIM cardRequires booking and collecting rental deviceAutomatically works but monitor usage

In summary, a prepaid SIM card provides the most flexibility and value for money for travelers planning to use data and make calls/texts while in Sweden on the Telenor network. Wifi rental is best for occasional/light data use only. Roaming from home is the most expensive option.

IV. Best Telenor Sweden SIM Cards for Tourists & Costs

Telenor SIM Cards for Tourists & Costs

Prices listed in USD are estimates based on current exchange rates, which may vary. 1 SEK is approximately equal to USD 0.10. Actual prices in SEK may be different from converted USD prices.

Here are some top Telenor Sweden SIM card options for visitors to Sweden and their typical costs:

Telenor Sweden SIM Card OptionValidityInclusionsPrice (SEK)Price (USD)
Travel & Weekly7 days1GB data, calls/texts in SEK149 SEK$16.70
Travel Smart 3030 days2GB data, 1000 mins, 500 texts299 SEK$33.60
Travel Smart 6060 days2GB data, 1000 mins, 500 texts499 SEK$56.12
World SIMPay-as-you-goCalls/SMS in 75+ countriesActivation 10 SEK$1.12
Travel Internet SIM30 days5GB data199 SEK$22.40
Monthly Plan30 days10-50GB data, unlimited usage269-699 SEK$30.28-78.72
Day Pass SIM1 day1GB data79 SEK$8.88
Top-Up SIMPay-as-you-goPurchase top-up amounts99 SEK$11.12

These prepaid plans offer LTE speeds up to 250 Mbps and have EU roaming included. Extra data packs can also be added if required.

V. Does Telenor Support eSIM in Sweden?

Yes, Telenor provides eSIM connectivity in Sweden making it easy to connect compatible devices like newer iPhones, Google Pixel phones, iPads and smartwatches.

eSIM allows you to digitally download a Telenor plan directly to your device without needing to insert a physical SIM card. This means easier connectivity management across multiple devices.

Additionally, Gigago offers affordable eSIM plans for travelers visiting Sweden through Telenor’s network. Plans start from just $5 for 3GB of high-speed data valid for 3 days, and go up to 30GB for $136.90 valid for 30 days. 

 Gigago offers affordable eSIM plans for travelers visiting Sweden

You can choose the data allowance and validity period that suits your travel needs. All plans come with nationwide 4G coverage across Sweden. 

The eSIM is easily installed online before your trip by scanning the provided QR code. No need to worry about carrying extra SIM cards. The eSIM activates automatically once connected to a network in Sweden. It’s a convenient and hassle-free choice for staying seamlessly connected while traveling in Sweden. 

For full plan details and options, visit Gigago at You can also get 24/7 support via WhatsApp at +1 657-571-1199.

VI. Where to Buy Telenor Sweden SIM Cards and eSIM 

1. Where to Buy Telenor SIM Cards for Sweden

Telenor Sweden SIM cards can be purchased from the following channels:

Telenor stores

Telenor's many retail stores located across Sweden
  • Visit one of Telenor’s many retail stores located across Sweden.
  • Store employees can assist you with selecting a plan and activating your SIM card.
  • To find your nearest store, use Telenor’s store locator at

Retail Partners

  • Telenor Sweden SIM cards are also available for purchase at major retailers like Pressbyrån, 7-Eleven, ICA, and COOP.
  • Look for the Telenor display in the mobile phone section of these stores.
  • Payment can be made directly at the retailer’s checkout.

Online through Telenor Website:

2. Where to Buy Telenor eSIM for Sweden

  • Telenor website: Download and activate an eSIM directly from the Telenor website:
  • Telenor app: Download the Telenor app and activate an eSIM through the app.
  • Gigago website: You can also purchase a Telenor Sweden eSIM from Gigago. We offer convenient online eSIM delivery without the need for a physical SIM.

VII. How to Activate Telenor Sweden SIM Card/eSIM

How to Use Telenor Sweden SIM Cards

Activating a Telenor Sweden SIM card is straightforward:

  1. Insert the Telenor SIM into your unlocked device.
  2. Power on your device and the SIM will automatically configure initial settings.
  3. Open the internet browser on your device and you may be redirected to the Telenor activation portal.
  4. Choose your preferred prep plan and make the payment to activate your SIM.
  5. You will then receive SMS confirmation that your plan is activated and ready for use.

How to Activate Telenor eSIM

To activate your Telenor eSIM profile:

  1. Scan the QR code provided during eSIM purchase using your phone’s camera. This will begin the download of the eSIM profile.
  2. Follow on-screen prompts to install the Telenor eSIM on your device.
  3. Launch the Telenor app and complete eSIM activation by entering payment information to activate your prepaid plan.
  4. Your Telenor eSIM will be ready for use immediately after activation is complete.

VIII. FAQs about Telenor Sweden SIM Cards

Does Telenor have good coverage in rural areas of Sweden?

Yes, Telenor claims to cover 99% of the population of Sweden, including rural and remote regions. However, some deep forest or mountainous areas may have limited connectivity.

How can I get a prepaid Telenor Sweden SIM card?

You can purchase Telenor prepaid SIM cards from Pressbyrån convenience stores or order online from Telenor’s website. The starter SIM is free. Existing SIMs need to be registered by name by February 2023.

Does Telenor offer EU roaming on prepaid SIMs?

Yes, Telenor allows EU roaming on prepaid SIMs. You can use your domestic data, call and text allowance in the EU/EEA. The UK is excluded from roaming zones since May 2021.

How can I top up my Telenor prepaid balance?

You can top up with vouchers bought from Pressbyrån or other stores, or online using a debit/credit card including most foreign cards. Top-up amounts are SEK 50, 100, 200, 300. Balance expires after 12 months of inactivity.

Is there a way to check my Telenor prepaid balance?

Yes, you can check your balance by dialing *123# on your Telenor prepaid SIM card. The balance will be read out in Swedish kronor.

IX. Conclusion

In summary, a Telenor Sweden SIM card is an excellent connectivity option for travelers in Sweden thanks to the provider’s extensive high-speed coverage, flexibility of prepaid plans, availability of eSIM, and competitive pricing. Their tourist and surf SIMs cater well for short-term visitors.