T-mobile SIM Cards & eSIM for Tourists: How to Get and Activate 2024

Using a T-mobile SIM Card & eSIM will help you to stay connected to the Internet in Austria. T-mobile is one of the major mobile providers there. But do you know how to get and activate their services? Check out those easy steps for tourists then you will be ready for your next trip to Austria. 

T-mobile SIM card & eSIM
T-mobile SIM card & eSIM

I. Quick Facts about T-mobile 

T-mobile is now known as Magenta Telekom. Let’s look at some quick facts about T-mobile in Austria as below: 

  • Founded: 1996
  • Full Company Name: T-Mobile Austria GmbH, also known as Magenta Telekom
  • Services: Mobile phone plans, internet (broadband, fiber), TV, landline phones
  • Subscribers: Around 5.2 million customers (as of 2022)
  • Coverage: Extensive coverage across Austria, including major cities and rural areas
  • Network of Stores & Agents:
    • Around 90 Magenta Shops across Austria
    • Network of authorized partner agents (number varies)
  • Customer Support:
    • Phone:
      • General inquiries: 0676 2000 (Mon-Fri 8 AM – 6 PM)
      • Technical support: 0676 200 7777 (Mon-Sun 8 AM – 10 PM)
      • Other dedicated hotlines for specific inquiries
  • Online: Live chat and self-service portal available
  • Language: German, English support might be available in some instances
  • Time: Varies depending on hotline, but generally available during business hours

Additional information:

  • T-Mobile Austria is currently the second-largest mobile operator in Austria
  • They were acquired by Deutsche Telekom in 2010.
  • “Magenta” is its brand name for services
T-mobile is now known as Magenta
T-mobile is now known as Magenta

II. Why T-Mobile When Traveling Austria – Coverage and Speed

So why should you use a T-mobile SIM card & eSIM when traveling to Austria? Here are the reasons:

1. T-mobile Coverage in Austria

T-mobile Coverage in Austria (Source: nperf)
T-mobile Coverage in Austria (Source: nperf)

T-Mobile, also known as Magenta Telekom in Austria, boasts extensive coverage across the country. It covers major cities like Vienna, Salzburg, and Innsbruck, and even dipping into rural areas.

You can use 5G, 4G in urban or downtown cities with high speed of Internet. In some rural areas, they are more for 4G than 5G. 

Whether you’re skiing in Sölden or hiking in the Dolomites, you’ll likely have decent signal thanks to their network infrastructure. So mountains aren’t a barrier to T-mobile. 

However, while widespread throughout the country, their coverage might not be perfect in remote areas or deep valleys. Be prepared for potential spotty reception in those situations.

2. T-mobile speed 

T-mobile speed (Source: opensignal)
T-mobile speed (Source: opensignal)

As per Opensignal, Magenta has won a lot of awards in overall experience and 5G experience. In Austria, Magenta or T-mobile is the second place in download speed experience with 48.1Mbps. While its upload speed is the highest in the country with 13.7Mbps. 

To help you have a deeper comparison in internet speed of some major mobile operators, let’s look at the table below:

ProviderAverage Download SpeedAverage Upload SpeedStrengthsWeaknesses
Magenta 48.1 Mbps13.7 MbpsTop download speeds, competitive pricingCoverage slightly less extensive than A1
Drei45.3 Mbps10.0 MbpsExcellent 5G network, good customer serviceHigher pricing compared to others
A1 52.6 Mbps12.0 MbpsConsistent coverage, particularly strong in 5G rolloutLow download speed in rural areas

In conclusion, we can see that:

  • T-mobile or Magenta is a mid-place in both download and upload speed, but its 5G upload speed is the highest currently 
  • T-mobile is also 5G Coverage Experience outright in Austria

Our recommendation: If you need high speed Internet, T-mobile is the best choice for you. Because its 5G coverage is the largest mobile operator in Austria now. 

III. What are the Best Connectivity Options of T-mobile for Travelers to Austria?

When you come to Austria for travel, you can purchase a T-mobile SIM card & eSIM for using the Internet. You can also rent or prepare a pocket wifi using this mobile operator if you require a high speed of Internet and need to connect more devices at one time. Even international roaming to T-mobile is also an option, however, it may be costly. 

Before deciding which connectivity option for using, let’s look at the comparison below: 

Connectivity optionsSIM CardPocket wifiRoaming
Pros– Most affordable option
– Widely available and easy to purchase
– Flexible data packages
– Shares data with multiple devices
– Good for group travel
– No need for new SIM card
Cons– Requires compatible phone
– May require phone configuration
– Potential roaming charges if used outside EU
– Limited data compared to others
– Extra device to carry
– Can be expensive depending on usage- Limited coverage outside Austria
Best forBudget travelers, solo travelers, frequent data usersGroup travel, data
-heavy activities
Short trips within EU, occasional data use

For travelers who have some days to discover Austria, a local SIM card will be the best option. It is easy to purchase at the airports, or you can buy at mobile operators stores or in the convenient stores. It has many plans with varying prices for you to choose. Depending on your purpose and duration of stay, you can choose the most suitable for yourself. 

IV. Best T-mobile SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

T-mobile SIM card tariffs
T-mobile SIM card tariffs 

Are you wondering how much a T-mobile SIM card costs? It will depend on data value. Here are some best tariff for tourists:

  • Klax S: 30GB + 1,000 min/ SMS in 4 weeks – 9.9EUR ~ 11USD
  • Klax M: 40GB + 2,000 min/ SMS in 4 weeks – 14.9EUR ~ 16.5USD
  • Klax Unlimited: unlimited data + unlimited min/ SMS in 4 weeks – 29.9EUR ~ 32.5USD

If you are using a phone with eSIM supported only, such as Iphone 15 USA, you will have no choice but to use eSIM service. eSIM is an embedded sim, which is installed to your phone through a code. So that, you can have easy access to the Internet with just some easy steps. 

V. Does T-mobile Support eSIM in Austria?

T-mobile supports eSIM service
T-mobile supports eSIM service

YES, T-Mobile Austria does support eSIM. They offer eSIM profiles for both smartphones and smartwatches, and the process is relatively straightforward. Here’s what you need to know about how to get a eSIM from T-mobile:

  • New customers: you can request an eSIM during the new registration process
  • Device compatibility: make sure your device supports eSIM technology. You should check compatible devices before installing. 

To install an eSIM to your mobile phone, you can easily do it online with some simple steps. When you sign up for a new T-mobile Austria mobile plan online or in a store, you’ll be asked if you want to activate an eSIM instead of a physical SIM card. Simply choose the eSIM option, and you’ll receive the necessary QR code and instructions to activate it on your device.

Or if you want to connect to the Internet right after arriving in Austria, you can purchase an Austria eSIM option through eSIM providers before flying there. It will help you become more proactive. You can consider Gigago – one of the best eSIM providers with a lot of options to choose from. 

Gigago offers multiple data plan options for Austria, with prices ranging from $3.00$95.90 . Their minimum 1GB/3 days starts at just $3.00 . With this range of affordable plans, Gigago can accommodate any type of user and trip length in Austria. Whether you only need occasional internet access or plan to stream extensively, Gigago has a Gigago eSIM plan to fit your needs and budget. The flexibility of their pricing makes Gigago a great eSIM solution for travel to Austria.

Contact Gigago customer service at +1 657-571-1199 (WhatsApp) if you require more information about eSIM in Austria.

VI. Where to Buy a T-mobile SIM card and eSIM?

1. Where to Buy a T-mobile SIM Card for Austria?

You can simply buy a T-mobile SIM card for Austria at some locations as following: 

1.1. Upon Arrival:

Buy SIM card at Vienna Airport
Buy SIM card at Vienna Airport

Airport: Most major airports in Austria, including Vienna Schwechat Airport, have T-mobile (Magenta) kiosks where you can purchase a prepaid SIM card with data and calling minutes. This is a quick and easy solution for immediate connectivity upon arrival.

Train Stations: Many train stations, especially in larger cities, have authorized retailers selling T-mobile SIM cards. This is a convenient option if you’re arriving by train and want to get connected before reaching your final destination.

Tourist Information Centers: Many tourist information centers also offer basic SIM cards to help visitors get connected. You can find a counter and ask for a local SIM card there. 

1.2. T-mobile Stores:

Buy SIM card at T-mobile stores
Buy SIM card at T-mobile stores

Head to your nearest Magenta store for the widest selection of SIM cards and plans. You can check Google maps and find the most convenient store to buy a new SIM card. 

1.3. Other Authorized Retail Stores:

You can also buy new SIM cards in many convenience stores, electronics retailers, or supermarkets. Although these might offer a limited selection compared to official stores, they are convenient if you need a quick top-up or a basic SIM card.

2. Where to Buy T-mobile eSIM for Austria?

Buy eSIM at Gigago
Buy eSIM at Gigago

If you are more for something simple and easy, an eSIM seems to be the best option. You can do all the things online and then, you will be connected to the Internet with one of the most major mobile cellular networks in Austria. Moreover, you also no need to replace a physical card with a new one, which reduces the loss of your current one. 

To buy an eSIM, you will need to follow: 

  • Check if your phone model is an eSIM-compatible phone
  • Buy online a day before departure
  • Scan the QR code that will be sent to your email for activation 
  • Finish setting up and be ready to use when you are in Austria

Contact Gigago for assisting in purchasing and installing an eSIM to your phone before your trip to Austria. 

VII. How to Activate T-mobile SIM/eSIM in Austria?

Still do not know how to activate a T-mobile SIM card & eSIM? Please check the instructions below: 

1. How to Use T-mobile SIM Card in Austria?

To use a physical SIM card of T-mobile operator, you will need to do these steps: 

  • Locate the SIM card slot on your mobile phone
  • Power on your device on and wait for it to recognize the SIM card and cellular network
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to activate the SIM card manually or make a test call or send a text message to 06762000 to confirm successful activation
  • Check your services
  • Top up credit when needed 

2. How to Activate T-mobile Telekom eSIM?

eSIM is easy to activate. You can do all the steps online within some minutes. Here are instructions that you may follow to activate your eSIM service:

  • Determine and purchase the most suitable plans your travel purpose to Austria
  • Activate the eSIM through a QR code that sent to your phone 
  • Follow steps on the instruction to set up
  • Start using and enjoy staying connected to the Internet in Austria 

You can check instructions for a specific phone brand if you need more details: 

VIII. How to Top-up T-mobile SIM/eSIM?

During your trip, if you end up with a plan, what should you do? You can definitely top up credit to continue using it. 

1. How to Top-up T-mobile SIM card

Top-up credit directly in its website
Top-up credit directly in its website 

To top up a T-mobile SIM card, you can ask for help in customer service counters of their stores. Or you can do it online by buying a top-up voucher. 

After having a top-up voucher, you can use “Mein Magenta” App or dialing *105*code#. After that, you can check your balance by dialing *101#. That’s it. 

2. How to Top-up T-mobile eSIM

If you are currently using Gigago eSIM, you can top-up or buy a new plan by contacting them via WhatsApp +1 657-571-1199 or email [email protected]. After reaching Gigago, you will receive a link for payment. Once you are done with it, you will have more data to use in Austria. 

IX. FAQs about T-mobile in Austria

What network does T-mobile Austria use?

Magenta Austria primarily uses its own LTE and 5G network, but also has roaming agreements with other networks for coverage in certain areas.

Where can I buy a T-mobile SIM card?

Magenta stores, authorized retailers, online, or at airports and train stations. You can choose between physical and eSIM options.

What internet speeds does T-mobile offer?

Speeds vary depending on your location and chosen plan. They offer fiber optic, cable, and mobile internet options

Can I use my T-mobile SIM card to make international calls?

Depends on your plan and roaming add-ons. Check your plan details or contact T-mobile for more information

Do I need a special T-mobile SIM card u0026amp; eSIM for tourists?

Not necessarily, but some plans might be more suited for tourists (e.g., short-term options, data-heavy packages)

X. Conclusion 

If you are planning to travel to Austria, do not hesitate to choose the best T-Mobile SIM card & eSIM to stay connected and explore this country with ease. Thanks to its 5G speed and experience, travelers will never get lost. If you love the traditional way or your phone is not eSIM technology supported, you can buy a physical SIM card upon arrival. But if you need more convenience and your phone is compatible with eSIM, eSIM seems to be more active.