Buying a SIM Card in Vienna for Travelers 2024: Guide from Locals

If you are visiting Austria for the first time, ensuring a good internet connection and knowing where to buy a SIM card in Vienna, the capital city of Austria, is important. To help you have the optimal experience in this European country, here are some valuable tips from locals. Let’s discover! 

Let’s check where to buy SIM card at Vienna Airport

I. Why to Buy SIM card in Vienna?

Buying SIM card in Vienna is highly recommended for tourists to Vienna as it offers the most effective means to stay connected to the Internet and people around. Here are some compelling reasons why you should have a SIM card when traveling to this city: 

  • Avoiding high roaming charges: if you have a local SIM card, you can connect to other people with a cost-effective price. If you use international roaming, it will charge you a lot 
  • Connecting to reliable data: it will ensure you have a reliable data connection to order a taxi, use navigation apps, translate language,… 
  • Security: it is more secure than using free wifi
  • Convenience: it is easier for you to make a phone call or send a message without needing to find a wifi hotspot, especially when you travel to rural areas 
Reasons to buy SIM card in Vienna, Austria
Reasons to buy SIM card in Vienna, Austria

II. Which mobile internet carrier is the best in Vienna?

Austria has three major mobile network providers: A1 Telekom, Magenta, Drei (Three). As Vienna is the capital city of Austria, connecting to the Internet via these carriers is accessible and convenient. To give you a comprehensive understanding of these cellular providers, we have gather the essential information in the table below: 

ProviderAverage Download SpeedAverage Upload SpeedStrengthsWeaknessesData plans for tourists
Magenta 48.1 Mbps13.7 MbpsTop download speeds, competitive pricingCoverage slightly less extensive than A1– Offer data plans and calls and SMS.
– Have unlimited plan for high demand of Internet users
Drei45.3 Mbps10.0 MbpsExcellent 5G network, good customer serviceHigher pricing compared to others– Offer data plans with calls and SMS.
– Cost is range from 7.5 – 33USD
A1 52.6 Mbps12.0 MbpsConsistent coverage, particularly strong in 5G rolloutLow download speed in rural areas– Offer data plans with call/ SMS for tourists with cost from 16 – 35USD

Because these network operators are highly popular in Austria, there is not much disparity in their overall internet experience, especially when you are in downtown Vienna. The difference lies in the package plans and prices they offer. It is advisable to examine and compare these offerings in order to choose the most suitable option based on your own requirements while staying in the country.

▶ Our recommendation: A1 Telekom, the largest among the three major network carriers in Austria, stands out with its superior 5G experience, internet speed, and coverage, outperforming its competitors. Meanwhile, Magenta (previously known as T-mobile) and Drei also  provide reliable and strong internet connections in major cities such as Vienna.

III. Best Vienna SIM Card Plans and Price

Let’s check plans and prices for SIM card of major operators in Vienna for your useful reference below:

1. A1 Telekom 

Buy A1 Telekom SIM card
Buy A1 Telekom SIM card

A1 Telekom is the largest mobile operator in Austria now. They offer many data plans for tourists. Depending on your purpose and demand of using the Internet, you may choose whichever plans below: 

  • L: 50GB with 3,000 minutes and 3,000 SMS – 32EUR ~ 34.5USD
  • M: 40GB with 2,000 minutes and 2,000 SMS – 22EUR ~ 24USD
  • S: 30GB with 2,000 minutes and 2,000 SMS – 15EUR ~ 16USD

2. Magenta (T-mobile)

Magenta is one of the best place to buy SIM card in Vienna
Magenta is one of the best place to buy SIM card in Vienna

Magenta is previously known as T-mobile. They are also a popular cellular provider in Austria. They are on the top of Internet download speed. You are always connected to the Internet without interruption. 

Here are their data packages for your consideration: 

  • Klax S: 30GB + 1,000 min/ SMS in 4 weeks – 9.9EUR ~ 11USD
  • Klax M: 40GB + 2,000 min/ SMS in 4 weeks – 14.9EUR ~ 16.5USD
  • Klax Unlimited: unlimited data + unlimited min/ SMS in 4 weeks – 29.9EUR ~ 32.5USD

3. Drei (Three) 

Data plans of Drei 
Data plans of Drei 

Drei is also one of the largest operators in Austria. Its coverage is less than the other 2 above operators, but its 5G experience is among the top. You can choose either of data plans of Drei mobile provider as following: 

  • Talk Basic: 15GB + 1,000 min/ SMS within 30 days: 7EUR ~ 7.6USD
  • Talk EU S: 30GB + 1,000 min/ SMS within 30 days: 10EUR ~ 10.9USD
  • Talk EU M: 40GB + 1,500 min/ SMS within 30 days: 15EUR ~ 16.5USD
  • Talk EU L: 45GB + 2,000 min/ SMS within 30 days: 20EUR ~ 22USD
  • Talk EU XL: 33GB + 3,000 min/ SMS within 30 days: 30EUR ~ 33USD

IV. Where to Buy SIM Card in Vienna?

Don’t you know where to buy SIM card in Vienna? Is it your first time to go to Austria? Let’s discover where you can buy a local SIM card for use during your trip there. 

Here are some best place to buy SIM card in Vienna. Do navigate your location and find the nearest one to purchase a SIM card. 

1. Buy a SIM card at Vienna Airport

Find operator kiosks in the airport to buy a SIM card
Find operator kiosks in the airport to buy a SIM card

Once you arrive in Austria airports, including Vienna Airport, you can find mobile operator kiosks and buy a local SIM card there. It is a convenient and easy way to purchase a mobile SIM card upon arrival. Remember to show your passport or ID card when purchasing for verification. 

2. Buy a SIM card in Vienna center

Buy a SIM card in Vienna center
Buy a SIM card in Vienna center

If you go to Vienna from other EU countries by road, you can go to the city center to buy a SIM card. There are a lot of mobile operators stores downtown. You can find the nearest location to buy. 

Or you can buy at convenience stores and supermarkets like Interspar Pronto. You can also look for shops named “Handyshop” or “Mobile Shop” which often focus on selling SIM cards and phone plans in Austria. Two well-rated options in Vienna include Pinkmobile and Mobile Shop 4. These shops can be found on Google Maps.

3. Buy SIM card in Vienna online

If you do not have much time, or you are getting used to buying online, you can also order a SIM card online through mobile providers like A1, Magenta and Drei. You can also use platforms like Amazon or eBay to ship your SIM cards to your place for your convenience. 

▶ Our recommendation: if it is your first time to Vienna, you may buy SIM cards at international airports like Vienna Airport. It is a traditional way but it is easy and familiar with foreign tourists. Or you can buy eSIM online before departure from eSIM providers. That way will help you connect to the Internet right away reaching this country. However, you should check your phone compatibility before purchasing. 

V. Austria eSIM Card for Vienna – Alternative to SIM Card for Travelers

Buy eSIM before departing to Austria
Buy eSIM before departing to Austria

If you are using modern mobile models, you should use eSIM. You may check your phone compatibility before buying. You will not need to install a new physical SIM card, or wait in a long queue to buy a SIM at the airport, you will connect to the Internet easily at the time you are arriving in Austria. Is it more convenient? 

To buy an eSIM for use in Austria, you can check the websites of major operators like A1 Telekom, Magenta or Drei for their construction. You will need to show your passport when registration. 

Or you can buy eSIM at some eSIM carriers in your own country before departing to Austria. Gigago is one of the best eSIM retailers at the moment. Gigago offers multiple eSIM data plan options for Austria, with prices ranging from $3.00$95.90 . Their minimum 1GB/3 days starts at just $3.00 . With this range of affordable plans, Gigago can accommodate any type of user and trip length in Austria. The flexibility of their pricing makes Gigago a great eSIM solution for travel to Austria.

VI. What to Prepare to buy SIM card in Vienna?

If you are a foreigner coming to Austria for traveling, when you purchase a SIM card, you should prepare a passport or an ID card for verification. You can pay by cash or online payment with Visa/ Mastercard or e-wallet. 

VII. Extra Tips when buying SIM card in Vienna

For a smooth and cost-effective experience when you buy SIM card in Vienna, you please remember: 

  • Ensure your phone is unlocked to work with Austrian networks. Contact your current provider if you are unsure about this matter
  • Check websites or ask in-store about data allowances, call and text charges, and also validity periods for different prepaid plans
  • Consider choosing a plan that allows you to easily top up if you run out of data or credit during your stay. Many stores offer top-up vouchers that you can purchase
  • Learn some basic German phrases to communicate with store staff, such as “Wie viel kostet das?” (How much does this cost?) or “Kann ich bitte eine SIM-Karte kaufen?” (Can I please buy a SIM card?) 


Where can I buy a SIM card in Vienna?

You can buy SIM cards at: 
– Mobile phone provider stores (A1, Magenta, Drei)
– Electronics stores (MediaMarkt)
– Specialized phone shops (Handyshop, Mobile Shop 4)
– Limited availability: Some supermarkets (Interspar Pronto)

Should I unlock my phone before arriving?

Yes, for using a local Austrian SIM card. Contact your current provider to unlock it if necessary.

How can I top up my credit or data?

Choose a plan that allows easy top-ups. Many stores sell top-up vouchers you can purchase.

IX. Conclusion

With a little planning and above helpful tips, buy SIM card in Vienna can be a breeze for foreigners. By considering your needs, comparing plans, and knowing where to buy, you’ll be equipped to stay connected and navigate Vienna with ease. Buying a SIM card at Vienna airport or purchasing an eSIM before your trip if your phone is compatible will help you explore Vienna with confidence.