Best Pocket WiFi in Paraguay Rental & Alternatives: Best Travelers Guide

Renting a pocket WiFi in Paraguay is an affordable option to choose if you want a dependable Internet connection when traveling. Travelers visiting Paraguay can browse the web from any location without having to worry about expensive data plans or shaky public WiFi. In this post, we’ll look at some of the best options for tourists to rent pocket WiFi in Paraguay, costs, and better alternatives if any. 

Best pocket wifi for Paraguay & alternatives

I. What is pocket WiFi in Paraguay? 

A pocket WiFi in Paraguay is a portable gadget that connects many devices to the internet wirelessly at once.

How it works: Pocket WiFi in Paraguay shares Internet access wirelessly within a short range by connecting to the country’s mobile towers.

When to use it: You can use Paraguay’s portable WiFi while traveling or taking in the sights. 

Suitable for: Families and friends traveling to Paraguay are looking for easy internet access for all members using smartphones, computers, or tablets without having to worry about paying for data roaming or using public WiFi.

II. Why Renting a Pocket WiFi for Paraguay Travel?

Travelers can rent pocket WiFi to use internet in Paraguay
Travelers can rent pocket WiFi to use internet in Paraguay

Renting a pocket Wifi device for Paraguay has many benefits for tourists to Paraguay, such as avoidance roaming costs, portability, ease of use, and more. Below we explain in detail what you can get with pocket Wifi rental for Paraguay travel.

1. Benefits of Pocket WiFi for travelers to Paraguay

  • Connect numerous devices: Renting portable WiFi is a great option for travelers traveling to Paraguay in groups. You can simultaneously connect your laptop, phone, tablet, and other devices to the internet with a pocket WiFi.
  • Easy to use: It only takes a few simple steps to turn it on, enter the password, and connect your devices to the internet.
  • No roaming expenses: Pocket WiFi allows you to avoid paying costly roaming fees, as contrast to accessing your home network and being charged for it.
  • Dependable connection: By using pocket WiFi, you can avoid depending on unreliable public WiFi networks and instead enjoy a dependable and secure connection. 
  • Portability: Due to their compact size and low weight, pocket WiFi devices are convenient to travel around Paraguay with. 

2. Pocket WiFi vs. Other Connectivity options

Here is a comparison table of connectivity options for Paraguay travel, including pocket WiFi in Paraguay, Paraguay SIM card/eSIM, Paraguay free WiFi, and Paraguay roaming service: 

CriteriaParaguay Pocket WiFi Paraguay SIM card/ eSIMParaguay free WiFiParaguay roaming
Number of devices10-15111
Number of usersGroup111
DataUnlimited or large package optionsBased on plan optionRestricted locationsHome package
Setup easesimply turn the power on and enter the password.Buy and insert a physical SIM card/ buy and activate onlineFind sites, enter passwordUse your home carrier/plan/and current number
Connection reliabilityReliableReliableUnreliableReliable network

Our recommendation: Pocket WiFi in Paraguay is ideal for group sharing because it allows numerous mobile devices to connect to the same pocket WiFi. If you only need Internet on your phone and prefer flexibility, get a Paraguay eSIM plan.

III. Paraguay eSIM – Alternative to Pocket WiFi to Get Internet in Paraguay

Forget renting a pocket WiFi - eSIM is the alternative option to go for internet access in Paraguay.
Forget renting a pocket WiFi – eSIM is the alternative option to go for internet access in Paraguay.

Instead of Pocket WiFi, you can choose eSIM as a convenient alternative to stay connected in Paraguay. Here are some advantages of eSIM compared to Pocket WiFi:

  • Save space and be more secure: eSIM is embedded directly in your phone, eliminating the need to carry a separate bulky WiFi device and reducing the risk of it being forgotten or stolen.
  • Easy installation: Activating eSIM is simple, just scan the QR code or enter information provided by the network. You don’t need to wait for delivery or go to pick-up points.
  • Flexible switching: Switch between networks and packages easily with just a few taps on your phone.

Travel retailers like Gigago make purchasing an eSIM easier. With a simple process and easy payment options, you’ll be connected throughout your trip in Paraguay. Gigago has the perfect Gigago Paraguay eSIM plan to fit your needs and budget around $9.50$38.50 . Starting at $9.50$38.50 for a 1 GB plan lasting 7 days.

III. How to Get a Pocket WiFi for Travelers to Paraguay? 

Renting a portable WiFi for your trip to Paraguay
Renting a portable WiFi for your trip to Paraguay

To rent pocket WiFi for visitors in Paraguay, there are several options: online (with a deposit), at the airport, local supply stores, or through a connection (e.g. tour guides or outside businesses). Here are two options to rent pocket WiFi in Paraguay that you should consider:

1. Pre-order from home and pick up at the airport

To use this service, find a rental provider at the airport. Talk to them about prices and rental expenses, deposits, and stay in touch. Then, at the airport, get pocket WiFi in Paraguay and use it for the rest of your vacation. Finally, return it to the landlord on time, usually on the last day of the trip when you are about to return home.


  • Already set up for travelers
  • Customer assistance
  • Wide coverage
  • Flexible schedules


  • Potentially increased costs
  • Depending on the rental service

2. Renting Pocket WiFi after arriving in Paraguay

After landing in Paraguay, you will select a supplier, agree the rental fee, and then follow the identical rental, use, and return procedures.


  • Cost savings
  • Local expertise

Cons: On-the-spot pickup.

Our recommendation:

  • It is more convenient to rent before your trip. After checking out, you will have pocket WiFi at the airport, allowing you to surf the internet and communicate as soon as you exit the plane.
  • Renting and returning from an airport kiosk is more convenient than using an outside vendor. Because the airport is your first and last stop when visiting Paraguay.

IV. How many devices can connect to a pocket WiFi for Paraguay? 

In Paraguay, you can normally connect 5 to 15 devices at a time to a pocket WiFi network.

  • Up to 5 devices: The average number for 1-2 users of tablets, laptops, and phones.
  • About ten to twelve devices: Good choices for families or groups of three to six people who own laptops and phones.
  • More than fifteen devices: Perfect for large gatherings with plenty of linked devices.

The more expensive Pocket WiFi is, the more devices it can connect to.

Advice: To make sure you can connect all of your devices when traveling, find out how many devices can connect simultaneously to each of your portable WiFi options while traveling by contacting your preferred provider.

V. How much does a Pocket WiFi for Paraguay Cost? 

The cost of a pocket WiFi in Paraguay varies according to the brand, data allowances, and features. Renting a pocket WiFi for your vacation to Paraguay may be a more economical solution. Rental prices usually start around $10 USD per day, with discounts for extended rental periods.

Here are some other considerations to consider while selecting a pocket WiFi for Paraguay:

  • Data allowance: Consider how much data you’ll need on your vacation. Usage limitations for pocket WiFi devices in Paraguay commonly range between 1GB and limitless usage.
  • Network coverage: Ensure that the pocket WiFi device you purchase has adequate network coverage in the places you will be traveling in Paraguay.
  • Battery life: Choose a mobile WiFi device with a long battery life to avoid running out of power when traveling.

Tip: Utilizing the airport rental option to save money on delivery, select a low-traffic package, and utilize less equipment, even if only for personal use. If utilized for a group of individuals, increase the package and divide it evenly to get a better pricing.

VI. Best WiFi Pockets for Paraguay travel – Which to choose? Khanh

Stay connected on your trip to Paraguay by checking out these pocket WiFi providers: WiFivox, Rent ‘n Connect, and XOXO WiFi. Here is a comparison table to help you find the perfect internet companion for your trip.

Pocket WiFi OptionsWiFivoxRent ‘n ConnectXOXO WiFi
CostFrom 9.59$ per dayFrom 9$ per dayFrom 14.86$ per day
Speed4G LTE4G4G
Delivery optionshome delivery/pickup pointsdeliver/pick up at supported airportshome delivery/pickup points
Max devicesUp to 5 devicesUp to 10 devicesUp to 5 devices
Battery lifeUp to 10 hours4 – 5 hourUp to 12 hours

Pro tips:

  • Choose a pocket WiFi with a long battery life to stay connected without the stress of finding power sources.
  • Turn it off when not in use, this will conserve battery life.

VII. How to use your pocket WiFi in Paraguay?

Here’s a quick guide on how to use your pocket WiFi in Paraguay:

  • Step 1 – Charge your pocket WiFi: Make sure the device is fully charged before your trip.
  • Step 2 – Power on your pocket WiFi: Locate the power button and switch it on.
  • Step 3 – Connect your devices: Enable WiFi on your phone, laptop, or tablet and search for the pocket WiFi’s network name (SSID) as mentioned in the instructions. Enter the password if required.
  • Step 4- Enjoy internet access: Once connected, you can browse the web, use social media, and access online services just like you would at home (depending on your data plan).

Warning: Be mindful of data usage. Most pocket WiFi plans have data limits. Avoid large downloads or streaming high-definition videos unless you have an unlimited plan.

VIII. FAQs about Paraguay Pocket WiFi Rental

Who is pocket WiFi best for?

Pocket WiFi is an excellent option for group travel by sharing a single device that keeps everyone connected.

How to rent a pocket WiFi in Paraguay?

Renting a WiFi router is usually simple. You can do it all online, pick a pick-up option (store or delivery) depending on the couriers’ service provided.

Where can I rent a pocket WiFi in Paraguay?

Several companies offer pocket WiFi rentals, including WiFivox, Rent ‘n Connect, and XOXO WiFi. You can book online before your trip or upon arrival in Paraguay. 

IX. Conclusion 

To summarize, renting a pocket WiFi in Paraguay is an excellent option to stay connected while traveling throughout the country. This convenient option allows all of your devices to effortlessly access reliable Internet, and you can share it with your group. For the ideal Paraguay adventure, choose a supplier that has high coverage, speed, and quantity of connections. Furthermore, Paraguay eSIM is a wonderful alternative for getting online, with a variety of impressive features.