How to Get and Activate Claro Paraguay SIM Cards and eSIM: Ultimate Guide for Tourists

One of the main network providers in the nation is Claro. With the connectivity choices provided by this cellular mobile operator, consumers can rely on dependable mobile data and telephony to stay connected while traveling. A common question among visitors to Claro is how to obtain and activate a Claro Paraguay SIM card and eSIM. You may find comprehensive instructions on how to utilize SIM cards from this network carrier in this post. 

Claro Paraguay SIM card and eSIM

I. Quick Facts about Claro

Claro is the best choice in Paraguay
Claro, the best choice for mobile operator in Paraguay

The Claro Company, also referred to as Claro Mexico or just Claro, is a Mexican business that is a member of the Mexican telecom group América Móvil.

  • Founded year: America Movil itself was founded in 1988
  • Full Company Name: There’s a possibility Claro Paraguay operates under a subsidiary name within the America Movil group. 
  • Wireless subscribers: 279 Million
  • Claro has nationwide coverage on its 4G and 5G networks.
  • Besides Claro Paraguay SIM card and eSIM, Claro provides many value-added services, such as cable TV, landlines, and mobile phones.
  • Claro is well known for providing outstanding customer service and being accessible to customers 24/7.

II. Why Claro When Traveling Paraguay – Coverage and Speed

Claro is a popular choice for telecommunications service providers. Claro Paraguay SIM card and eSIM are considered the best option for visitors to Paraguay because of its wide coverage and fast internet.

1. Claro Coverage in Paraguay 

Claro offers a reliable 4G network that reaches most areas, both in cities and towns (earning them a score of 98.5%). With Claro Paraguay SIM card and eSIM, you can choose from a variety of plans and data packages to fit your needs. On average, Claro delivers download speeds of 18.1 Mbps and upload speeds of 7.6 Mbps (as of 2023).

Coverage map of Claro Paraguay
Coverage map of Claro Paraguay (Source: nPerf)

Tourists usually choose Claro over other carriers in Paraguay, such as Tigo or Personal, due to its extensive coverage area. By doing this, travelers can be guaranteed the greatest possible experience—that is, an uninterrupted internet connection during use.

2. Claro Speed

Claro Paraguay SIM card and eSIM speeds (Source: Opensignal)
Claro Paraguay SIM card and eSIM speeds (Source: Opensignal)

Claro leads the list of providers in Paraguay with the fastest download and upload speeds compared to Tigo and Personal. This suggests Claro’s download speeds might surpass the current national average in Paraguay, which was around 18 Mbps based on Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index (as of February 2024).

Recommendation: Claro fast internet speed could be a significant advantage for travelers who prioritize fast internet for activities like streaming, gaming, or downloading large files.

III. What are the Best Connectivity Options of Claro for Travelers to Paraguay?

Travelers in Paraguay have a variety of options for staying online, and Claro provides numerous solutions depending on your itinerary and needs:

  • Claro Paraguay SIM card and eSIM
  • Pocket WiFi with Claro Network
  • Claro Roaming

To help you decide, let’s look at the pros and cons of each Claro option:

Claro Paraguay SIM card and eSIM– Affordable
– Widely available
– Good for data usage
– Requires unlocked phone
– Separate top-up for calls
Pocket WiFi– Convenient for sharing data with multiple devices
– Good for group travel
– Rental fees
– Additional device to carry
– Limited battery life
Claro Roaming– Familiar setup
– No need for additional purchases
– Potentially expensive data charges
– Limited data allowance depending on your plan

Advice: Grabbing Claro Paraguay SIM card and eSIM is the most wallet-friendly way to stay connected. It's cheaper than renting a pocket Wi-Fi and avoids potential roaming fees.

IV. Best Claro SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost 

In Paraguay, Claro sells prepaid phone plans for tourists, with options for different amounts of data and varying costs. Here is some Claro Paraguay SIM card and eSIM packages you can refer to: 

PYG 10,000 ($1.40)10 GB7 days
PYG 20,000 ($2.79)20 GB30 days


  • Prices and plans can change, so check with Claro for the latest details. 
  • For phones that only use eSIM or can use eSIM, it's the convenient option, saving you the trouble of changing a tiny SIM card.

V. Does Claro Support eSIM in Paraguay?

Yes. Claro Paraguay offers eSIM for travelers. There are two main ways to grab a Claro eSIM:

  • Direct Purchase: Head to a Claro store or website, and follow their process, which may involve showing your passport.
  • Reseller Purchase: Buy your eSIM online through a reputable eSIM reseller or provider. This is often the simplest option for travelers as it typically doesn’t require any identification checks.

Recommendation: Due to the convenience and ease of purchase, buying a Claro eSIM through a trusted reseller is generally the way to go, especially for travelers.

VI. Where to Buy a Claro Paraguay SIM card and eSIM? 

Staying connected allows you to navigate with ease, share unique experiences, and communicate with family and friends in your homeland. The following information focuses on the simplest ways of buying your Claro SIM card or eSIM for smooth Paraguayan journeys.

1. Where to buy Claro SIM card for Paraguay

When buying a physical Claro SIM card, you will most likely need to present your passport or another valid ID for registration. Don’t worry, the seller might even activate it for you, or they’ll guide you through a simple process. Check out the destinations below to find Claro stores, authorized retailers and where you can grab your SIM upon arrival.

1.1. Upon Arrival

Claro kiosks provide an easy option for tourists who want rapid internet connectivity upon arrival in Paraguay. These kiosks, which are regularly seen in major Paraguay airports such as the Silvio Pettirossi International Airport in Asunción, make it easy to pick up and activate Claro SIM cards.  The kiosks normally include the selection and purchase of a data plan, followed by the rapid activation of the SIM card. This quick approach ensures that tourists may connect to the internet as soon as they leave the airport.

Considerations: While Claro kiosks provide incredible convenience, they may have fewer choices of data plans than Claro stores in the city center. Furthermore, data plan prices at airport kiosks may be slightly higher.

1.2. Claro official store

Extensive Claro Paraguay SIM card and eSIM Options at Official Stores
Extensive Claro Paraguay SIM card and eSIM Options at Official Stores

Claro stores have way more options than airport kiosks, so you can find the perfect fit for your trip. Plus, their friendly staff can quickly answer all of your inquiries and activate your SIM card. You may look for Claro store locations in Paraguay before you land online. Claro’s official website provides a list of retail locations around Paraguay. Here are a few:

  • Claro Villa Morra: PC4C+64F, Asunción 001412, Paraguay
  • Claro Centro De Atención a Clientes: PC9M+38J, Asunción 001529, Paraguay
  • Claro Ñemby: JF44+C49, Ñemby 111214, Paraguay
  • Claro Luque: PGJ6+HQJ, Cerro Cora, Luque 110930, Paraguay

1.3. Authorized Retailers

Many retailers in Paraguay, including convenience stores and electronics stores, offer Claro SIM cards alongside their normal products.  While they may not have as large a range as an official Claro store, it is a very convenient option to get a SIM card, especially if you are already in a tourist area surrounded by these stores. 

2. Where to Buy Claro eSIM for Paraguay? 

There are two ways to buy your Claro eSIM for Paraguay: directly from the Claro store (the eSIM operator) or from online retailers.

2.1. Claro Website 

While Claro offers eSIMs directly, the process might involve additional steps like ID verification, making it a bit less convenient.

2.2. eSIM Online Retailers

For a smoother experience, consider reputable online resellers specializing in travel SIMs.  Gigago is a great example that offers various data plans. Gigago Paraguay eSIM lowest plan starts at $9.50 for 1 GB of data valid for 7 days. This can be a great way to save time and potentially money compared to traditional SIM card options.

Gigago Paraguay eSIM - A Simple way to get access while travelling
Gigago Paraguay eSIM – A Simple way to get access while travelling

No matter which method you choose, an eSIM is a fantastic way to stay connected in Paraguay without the hassle of a physical SIM card.

Tip: Consider how much data you will need compared to the length of your trip to choose an eSIM plan that fits your usage patterns.

VII. How to Activate Claro SIM/eSIM in Paraguay?

Using Claro mobile service in Paraguay is straightforward. If you’re new to Claro SIM cards or eSIMs, here’s a quick guide to get you connected:

1. How to Use Claro SIM Card in Paraguay?

Getting your Claro SIM card activated and running in Paraguay is easy. Just follow these quick steps:

  1. Insert the SIM card: Carefully put the SIM card in the tray, making sure the contacts are facing the right direction. Slide the tray back into your device.
  2. Power On and Activation: The good news is that Claro Paraguay SIM cards are often pre-activated, so your device should automatically recognize it when you power on.
  3. Check your services: Once everything is set up, try browsing the web to confirm your Claro SIM card is working properly.

Tip: Consider purchasing a Claro Paraguay SIM card online beforehand. This can save you time and hassle upon arrival.

2. How to Activate Claro eSIM?

Follow this simple steps to stay connected with Claro eSIM in Paraguay: 

  1. Choose Your Provider: Find Claro official website or a vendor offering Claro Paraguay eSIM. Pick the plan that best suits your needs and complete the purchase.
  2. Scan and Activate: Look out for a QR code in your email. Scan it with your phone’s camera, and follow the on-screen prompts to install and activate the eSIM.
  3. Ready to use: Once activated, your eSIM is ready to use. Enjoy data throughout your trip in Paraguay.

Please check your detailed instructions below:

VIII. How to Top-up Claro Paraguay SIM card and eSIM 

There are several ways to top up your Claro Paraguay SIM card and eSIM, allowing you to choose the most convenient method:

  • Online Top-Up: This is a popular and convenient option. You can top up Claro Paraguay SIM card and eSIM directly through Claro’s website or via online retailers specializing in mobile top-ups.
  • Mobile App: Claro has a dedicated app named Mi Claro for managing your mobile account, including top-ups. Check the Mi Claro app for details.
  • Official Stores: You can visit a Claro store in Paraguay. They can assist you with top-ups and answer any questions you might have.
  • Vouchers/Top-Up Cards: Physical top-up cards with codes can be purchased at authorized retailers in Paraguay. Simply scratch off the code and enter it online or through the Claro app or website to add credit to your SIM/eSIM.

By following these steps and considering the available options, you can easily top up your Claro Paraguay SIM/eSIM and stay connected throughout your stay.

IX. FAQs about Claro Paraguay SIM card and eSIM 

Which is better, Claro SIM card or eSIM for Paraguay? 

eSIM is easier to manage and doesn’t require a physical card.

Can I top up my Claro Paraguay SIM card and eSIM?

Yes. You can top up online through Claro’s website or online retailers like Gigago. You can also top up through the Claro app, at Claro stores, or with top-up vouchers.

What documents do I need to buy a Claro Paraguay SIM card or eSIM?

You might need to show your passport as identification when purchasing a SIM card or eSIM through the Claro official website or stores in Paraguay. Purchase through reseller may not require additional documents.

X. Conclusion

In conclusion, the Claro Paraguay SIM card and eSIM are definitely the best options for tourists looking to stay connected in this nation. Claro has the quickest internet speeds and extensive network coverage in Paraguay, making it the ideal companion for your journey.