How to Get Mobile Internet in Paraguay for Travelers: What Option to Choose?

The easiest option for travelers to use necessary apps and keep in touch with loved ones while visiting Paraguay is to get mobile internet. This article will describe the various options about mobile internet in Paraguay available to visitors, such as data SIM cards and eSIMs, to help them decide which is the best option for quick and reasonably priced internet access while exploring Paraguay.

Mobile Internet in Paraguay for tourists

I. Mobile Internet in Paraguay – Coverage and Speed 

The majority of Paraguay is covered by three main mobile network providers: Personal, Tigo, and Claro. Let’s take a look at these three carriers’ network coverage and speeds.

1. Paraguay Mobile Internet Coverage

The coverage and speeds of the top 3 main mobile internet carriers in Paraguay are described below:


  • Coverage: All over Paraguay with 3G, 4G, and 5G but limited in remote areas (96.9%)
  • Advantages: Variety of plans, established reputation
  • Disadvantages: Rural coverage can be unreliable


  • Coverage: Claro leads in availability in Paraguay. Extensive nationwide 4G coverage reaching most urban and rural areas (wins the award with a score of 98.5%)
  • Advantages: Consistent speed, widest reach
  • Disadvantages: Possibly more expensive than competitors


  • Coverage: Limited service in rural areas and fewer retail locations compared to the two competitors. (97.2%)
  • Advantages: Often has the affordable data plans
  • Disadvantages: Lower network reliability compared to other competitors

► Our Recommendation:

Choose the mobile operator that best suits your needs. Claro leads in availability and consistent quality, especially outside cities. Personal offers budget-friendly plans, while Tigo provides a balance of affordability and coverage (with some rural gaps).

2. Paraguay Mobile Internet Speed

Paraguay mobile internet speed
Paraguay mobile internet speed (Speedtest Global Index, 2024)

In terms of mobile internet speeds, Paraguay is ranked 117th in the world in February 2024 according to the Speedtest Global Index.

  • With an average download speed of 18.11 Mbps, HD video playing is flexible, but higher resolution content may not load as quickly.
  • With upload rates only 7.22 Mbps, they are far behind, which may affect video calls and other activities involving sharing of files.
  • A 31 ms latency is acceptable for most programs and casual browsing, however it could cause lags when playing online games.

Here is nationwide average speed test (Download and Upload Speed) of 3 carriers: 

OperatorDownload Speed (Mbps)Upload Speed (Mbps)Latency (ms)
Tigo15.6 Mb/s 5.5 Mb/s67 ms
Claro18.1  Mb/s7.6 Mb/s202 ms
Personal18.9 Mb/s5.8 Mb/s39 ms

Our recommendation:

Claro is the recommended operator in Paraguay. However, compare data plans and user ratings of Personal and Tigo as well for particular areas or budgetary requirements.

II. What are Connectivity Options for Tourists to Paraguay?

Tourists can choose the best way to access mobile internet in Paraguay from the following options:

  • SIM card,
  • eSIM,
  • international roaming,
  • pocket Wifi, and
  • free WiFi. 

Here is a table comparing these connectivity options:

OptionHow it worksCostWhere to buyProsCons
Paraguay SIM cardInsert SIM card into phone to get mobile plan with dataVaries, depending on the carrier, data packageThe airport, convenience stores, or cell phone storeThe least expensive choice for regular useNeed locating a store and understanding Spanish offerings
Paraguay eSIMPurchase and activate online, connect without physical SIMReasonableBuy online, through eSIM resellers/providers for the best convenience Convenient choiceRequires a suitable phone
Roaming with Paraguay operators– Utilize existing SIM overseas,
– High data rates
Roaming charges can be expensiveVia home carrier– Same number works;
– No need for a separate plan.
Expensive roaming fees
Public WifiFree Wi-Fi in cafes, hotels, restaurants, etc.FreeAccessible in some placesNo cost, quick access, and no additional purchase or leasing required.Limited availability and safety issues
Pocket WifiRent Wifi hotspot deviceQuite expensiveAirports, rental shopsOffers portability for use and shares internet with many devicesRental fees and limited data in some plans.

Our recommendation:

If you are a modest data user who values flexibility and price, you can purchase a Paraguay SIM card or a Paraguay eSIM. However, before acquiring a Paraguay SIM card, make sure that your cell phone is unlocked.

If your smartphone supports eSIM technology, an eSIM from Gigago will be the best option.

II. Internet Rates in Paraguay

Good to know:  PGY 1 = USD 0.00014, USD 1 = 7382.76 

Travelers can find general information about Internet rates in Paraguay below to help them make the best decision: 

OptionRate (USD)
Paraguay SIM cardStarting at 10,000 PYG for the SIM card (about $1.5 USD), data packages vary depending on data allowance and validity duration
Paraguay eSIMRange from  $8.50 USD to $70 USD depending on data allowance and validity period
Roaming with Paraguay operators$0.03 – 0.1 per 1MB data, depends on your plan and carrier at home 
Public WifiFree
Pocket WifiExpect to pay around $9.75 USD per day for a pocket WiFi rental

Advice: Using a Paraguay SIM Card or eSIM for a cost-effective and dependable connection.

III. Data SIM Card for Mobile Internet in Paraguay

SIM card operators in Paraguay offer variety packages
SIM card operators in Paraguay offer variety packages

A data SIM card for Paraguay has become a popular choice for tourists visiting this country. It offers excellent data plans at cheap costs for visitors to Paraguay. 

1. Tigo Paraguay SIM cards 

Tigo SIM Card packages is offered

  • 2 GB data for 4 days = 11,000 PYG – $1.5 USD
  • 2 GB data for 5 days = 13,000 PYG – $2 USD
  • 3 GB data for 7 days + unlimited calls = 16,000 PYG – $2.3 USD 
  • 4 GB data for 7 days = 16,000 PYG – $2.3 USD
  • 4 GB data for 10 days = 25,000 PYG – $3.6 USD
  • 4 GB data for 15 days = 35,000 PYG – $5 USD 
  • 5 GB data for 30 days = 65,000 PYG – $9.5 USD 

2. Claro Paraguay SIM cards

Claro Paraguay SIM cards has several different prepaid plans:

  • 2 GB data for 7 days = 22,000 PYG – $3.2 USD
  • 3 GB data for 7 days = 27,000 PYG – $3.9 USD
  • 4 GB data for 7 days = 16,000 PYG – $2.3 USD

3. Personal Paraguay SIM cards

Personal offers two main SIM-only plans for tourists: 

  • 3 GB data for 3 days = 11,000 PYG – $1.5 USD
  • 4 GB data for 10 days = 25,000 PYG – $3.6 USD
  • 4 GB data for 15 days = 35,000 PYG – $5 USD
  • 5 GB data for 30 days = 65,000 PYG – $9.5 USD

Note: Tourists should check the official websites for the latest pricing.

IV. Data eSIM for Paraguay – Best Option to Get Mobile Internet for Tourists

Instead of a physical SIM card, with technology advancing, internet access is becoming simpler thanks to eSIM. This virtual eSIM gets rid of the necessity for physical SIM card insertion and removal, as well as the inconvenience and potential cost of roaming charges.

Small tips: Make sure your device supports eSIM. You can check the list of eSIM-compatible devices on the website of the mobile operator or eSIM reseller.

1. Buy eSIM from Paraguay Operators

You can buy eSIM directly from a mobile operator that provides eSIM in Paraguay with many data plans and competitive prices. However, this method will have a relatively complicated registration process. Mobile operators with potential eSIM offerings in Paraguay are Claro, Tigo and Personal.

How to buy: Visit the websites of Paraguayan mobile operators. Look for sections dedicated to eSIM then register and purchase for a plan that best suits your data needs and budget.

2. Buy eSIM from Gigago

Paraguay eSIM plans by Gigago
Paraguay eSIM by Gigago

You can also buy from a travel eSIM reseller with a simple procedure and easy payment such as Gigago.  Unlike mobile operators, resellers often allow you to buy an eSIM without needing your passport.

How to buy: You can go to Gigago website and search for Paraguay eSIM. Choose a plan that fits your needs and pay online via PayPal or other payment methods accepted by the provider. Once confirmed, you’ll receive an email with a QR code. Follow the instructions for installing the eSIM on your phone then you are ready to go.

Gigago offers a range of Gigago Paraguay eSIM data plans to keep you connected. Prices begin around $9.50$38.50 , with budget-friendly of 1 GB options lasting 7 days (at just $9.50 ) and many other plans for heavier data users staying longer. Gigago has something perfect for your trip.


Which companies offer mobile internet in Paraguay ?

Claro, Tigo and Personal are the main mobile operators in Paraguay.

Is it easy to buy a SIM card for mobile internet in Paraguay?

Yes, SIM cards are widely available in Paraguay. You can buy them at phone company stores, convenience stores, and airports.

Does Paraguay have 4G for mobile internet?

Yes, Paraguay does have 4G. In fact, a high percentage (78%) of mobile connections in the country utilize 4G and even 5G technology.

VI. Conclusion

To summarize, there are several ways for accessing mobile internet in Paraguay. Paraguay SIM cards and eSIMs are the ideal option due to their extensive coverage, ease, and price. Tourists who own eSIM-enabled handsets should purchase an eSIM plan for the best value and flexibility. Don’t forget to choose the option that best suits your requirements and budget.