Personal SIM Cards and eSIM: a Comprehensive Guide for Tourists in Paraguay

Personal is a reliable Paraguay telecommunications company. This comprehensive guide will navigate you through Personal SIM cards and eSIM, ensuring you stay connected throughout your Paraguay adventure. We’ll walk you through how to acquire Personal SIM cards, explore their coverage areas, and provide valuable tips to maximize your mobile experience while you travel.

How to get and activate a Personal Paraguay SIM & eSIM

I. Quick facts about Personal

Personal is one of the biggest mobile network providers in Paraguay.
Personal is one of the biggest mobile network providers in Paraguay.

Personal offers a variety of services, including SIM cards for travelers in Paraguay. Here is some information you can refer to:

  • Founded year: 1998
  • Full company name: The full name of the company is “Telecom Personal Paraguay S.A.”
  • Types of services provided: Telephone cellular, Internet
  • Coverage: Personal Paraguay provides extensive coverage across Paraguay.
  • Network of stores: Personal Paraguay operates a network of retail stores and agents throughout the country to provide customer service, sell Personal SIM cards, and offer support. 
  • Customer Support: Personal Paraguay offers customer support services through various channels, including on-call support, online assistance, and in-person support at their stores. Support is typically available in Spanish, the official language of Paraguay.

Important note: While customer support is offered primarily in Spanish, customers who do not speak the language may encounter difficulties in communicating their issues or inquiries effectively.

II. Paraguay Personal Coverage and Speed in the Paraguay

When it comes to mobile coverage and speed in Paraguay, Personal stands out as one of the leading providers. Let’s discover the details below: 

1. Personal coverage in Paraguay

Personal mobile network coverage map for Paraguay (source: nperf)
Personal mobile network coverage map for Paraguay (source: nperf)

In the cities of southeastern Paraguay, like Asunción, you’ll likely have good reception with Personal’s 4G/LTE service. However, if you’re headed to the swamps, forests, and jungles of northwestern Paraguay, cell service will be spotty. You might only find 2G, 3G, or a weak 4G/LTE signal there.

Pro Tip: If your itinerary includes traveling into remote regions, consider checking coverage maps against other providers for a stress-free mobile experience in Paraguay. Compared to its competitor Claro (98.5%), Personal (97.2%) has a weaker presence in coverage. 

2. Personal speed

Personal average download and upload speeds (Source: Opensignal)
Personal average download and upload speeds (Source: Opensignal)

According to 2023 data, Personal’s average upload speed sits around 5.8 Mbps, while downloads average 18.1 Mbps. This suggests Personal’s download speeds might be in line with the current national average of around 18 Mbps (as of February 2024, based on Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index). 

Travelers' advice: Claro has a reputation for offering faster and more reliable internet speeds throughout Paraguay compared to Personal. If speed is your concern, Claro might be a better option due to its potential for consistently faster download and upload speeds.

III. Personal connectivity options for travelers to Paraguay

Travelers in Paraguay have a variety of choices to stay connected to the internet. This includes Personal’s services, which may be a good fit depending on your travel plans:

  • Buy Personal SIM cards or eSIM
  • Using pocket wifi to connect to Personal network
  • Roaming with Personal

This table outlines the various advantages and disadvantages of using Personal’s SIM card, pocket WiFi, and roaming options for travelers visiting Paraguay:

Connectivity optionsPersonal SIM Cards/eSIMPersonal Pocket wifiRoaming
Pros– Provides reliable mobile connectivity.
– Cost-effective solution for short-term stays.
– Easily accessible at airports, stores and online.
– Connect multiple devices simultaneously.
– Convenient for group travel and family travel.
– Offers flexibility to switch devices.
– Fast connectivity without changing SIM cards
– No need to purchase or set up additional devices and SIM.
– Can be activated through your home  provider.
Cons– Requires a compatible unlocked device.
– Initial setup may require language assistance.
– Limited to the coverage area of the local network.
– Additional device to carry and charge
– May have limited battery life and range
– Relies on local network coverage
– Potentially higher data roaming charges.
– Limited to the coverage and partner networks of your home country provider.
– Data speeds may be limited.

Budget friendly advice: Purchasing Personal SIM cards is a cost-effective option compared to renting a pocket Wi-Fi device or incurring roaming charges.

IV. Best Personal SIM cards for tourists & cost

Personal’s prepaid options are designed to be customizable, so you can choose the plan that includes the right amount of data for you. Travelers can refer to the following table about Personal prepaid packages:

11,000 PYG ($1.5 USD)3 GB3 days
25,000 PYG – $3.6 USD4 GB 10 days
35,000 PYG – $5 USD4 GB15 days
65,000 PYG – $9.5 USD5 GB 30 days

Important note: Tourists can't use eSIM with Personal, only traditional SIM cards are available for purchase.

V. Does Personal Paraguay support eSIM?

No, Personal Paraguay does not currently support eSIM.  While Personal is a major mobile network operator in Paraguay with wide coverage and fast speeds, they haven’t implemented eSIM technology yet.

If you wish to utilize eSIM, you may buy it online from a reputable reseller such as Gigago. Unfortunately, Gigago does not currently sell Personal eSIM because of weaker coverage in rural regions. However, Gigago provides eSIM choices from Claro, another network operator in Paraguay.

VI. Where can you buy Personal SIM cards and eSIM?

As a traveler visiting Paraguay, being connected is essential for navigating, sharing experiences, and communicating with family and friends at home. The following guide focuses on the most convenient ways to get your Personal SIM cards and eSIM for your Paraguay journey.

1. Where to buy Personal SIM for Paraguay

When buying a SIM card, it’s important to remember to bring your passport or valid ID for registration, which is usually required. The seller might activate the SIM card for you, or you might need to follow a simple activation process. This is a general guide, you can refer to the destinations below to buy Personal physical SIM cards upon arrival, at Personal official store and other authorized retailers.

1.1. Upon Arrival

Most major airports in Paraguay, including Silvio Pettirossi International Airport in Asunción, have kiosks operated by Personal. These kiosks let you pay for a SIM card and typically activate it right there, making sure you’re online as soon as you depart the airport. 

Note: While convenient, airport kiosks might have a limited selection of data plans compared to what you'd find in city stores, and prices might be slightly higher.

1.2. Direct from Personal official store

Travelers can easily recognize Personal SIM cards stores by their logo.
Travelers can easily recognize Personal SIM cards stores by their logo.

For a wider variety of Personal plans and potentially better deals, travelers can head to a Personal store. You can browse various data plans, ask for assistance in choosing the right one based on your needs, and get your SIM card activated by a Personal representative. 

Personal stores are easily identifiable with their signature bright blue and white colors. The storefront will usually have large signage with the Personal logo. Here are some Personal stores’ address in Paraguay:

  • Av. España 522 c, Asunción 001411, Paraguay
  • P997+9G8, Gral. Diaz Palma Nuestra Señora Santa María de la, Asunción, Paraguay

1.3. Authorized Retailers

Many authorized retailers across Paraguay sell Personal SIM cards alongside their regular products. These retailers could be convenience stores, electronics stores, etc.  While the number of options may be restricted compared to Personal official shops, it’s a convenient way to get a SIM card, especially if you’re already in a tourist area where these types of stores are easily accessible. 

2. Where to buy Paraguay Personal eSIM

Travelers with eSIM-compatible phones have an additional option, but it’s important to note that Personal does not currently offer eSIM services.  If staying connected with Personal is a priority, you’ll need to opt for a traditional SIM card.  

While Personal doesn’t offer eSIMs yet, several online retailers sell eSIMs for Paraguay from other providers. Simply search for “Paraguay eSIM” and head to the reseller’s website for a fully online purchase process. Gigago is a reliable option for travelers to buy Paraguay eSIM. Gigago allows you to stay connected in Paraguay with an eSIM, but using Claro’s network instead.

VII. How to activate Personal Paraguay SIM and eSIM

Getting connected is easy for everyone. Look for the instructions below to activate your Personal SIM and eSIM in Paraguay.

1. How to use Personal Paraguay SIM card

Below is an explanation regarding how to connect to and set up your Personal Paraguay SIM card:

  1. Install the SIM: Power off your phone, then find the SIM card slot and carefully place the Personal SIM cards.
  2. Power on: Turn on the cell phone and patiently wait for it to start up.
  3. Instant activation: When the phone identifies the Personal SIM cards, it should activate automatically. You may notice a notification on your screen verifying activation.
  4. Switch on mobile data: Cellular data may not be instantly activated. If you would like to use the internet, check your phone’s settings and enable mobile data.

2. How to activate Paraguay eSIM

Activating an eSIM in Paraguay may differ from activating a traditional SIM card. Here’s exactly what to prepare for:

  1. Order an eSIM: Mobile carriers or resellers might send you a QR code after you complete a purchase online.
  2. Activate the eSIM: Open your phone’s Settings and look for the Mobile Network or Cellular option. Look for the options “Add Cellular Plan” or “Add eSIM”. Scan the QR code supplied by the vendor using your phone’s camera.
  3. Setting up to enable the eSIM: Follow any on-screen instructions to finish the activation procedure.
  4. Begin using your eSIM: Once the eSIM is enabled, you are ready to set off. You may now use the internet while traveling in Paraguay.

Please check your detailed instructions below:

VIII. Alternatives to Paraguay Personal

Gigago offers Claro Paraguay eSIM for travelers.
Gigago offers Claro Paraguay eSIM for travelers.

Paraguay offers a choice between three major mobile network providers: Tigo, Claro, and Personal, all with competitive rates for different budgets.

For a convenient and affordable way to stay connected with data upon arrival, consider an eSIM. Currently, eSIM options for Personal might be unavailable but there is another way to get a travel eSIM in Paraguay. Gigago, a trusted global reseller for travelers, provides Gigago Paraguay eSIM data plans on Claro’s network. 

Gigago offers various plans around $9.50$38.50 to match your trip duration and data usage. Prices start at a budget-friendly $9.50 for 1 GB of data valid for 7 days. 

Important Notice: Only newest smartphone models support eSIM technology. Before ordering, ensure that your phone is unlocked and compatible with eSIM.

IX. FAQs about Personal SIM cards in Paraguay

Where can I buy Personal SIM cards in Paraguay?

Personal SIM cards can likely be purchased at official Personal stores and authorized retailers throughout Paraguay.

What documents do I need to present when buying Personal SIM cards in an official store?

You’ll likely need to present a valid form of identification, such as your passport, when purchasing Personal SIM cards.

Can I use my phone in Paraguay with Personal SIM cards?

In most cases, yes. However, you will need to ensure that your phone is unlocked and compatible with the frequencies used by the Personal mobile network in Paraguay. 

X. Final words

In conclusion, Personal offers a reputable option for tourists in Paraguay, particularly those visiting cities. While Personal SIM cards’ coverage is strong in urban areas, traveling into rural or mountainous regions may result in limited service and slower connections. Be sure to research the Paraguay mobile network providers to find the best fit for your travel needs.