Mobile Internet in Czech for Travelers: 5 Ways to Get Data & Cost

Mobile Internet in Czech can be handy for travelers to stay connected while exploring Prague and other cities. Getting online through your smartphone while on the go allows you to easily look up information about places to visit and keep in touch with your loved ones back home. This guide will explore 5 affordable ways for visitors to get mobile data during their Czech trip.

Mobile internet in Czech

I. Mobile Internet in Czech – Coverage and Speed

T-Mobile, O2, and Vodafone are the three main network providers in Czech. Let us look at the coverage and speed of the mobile internet in Czech.

1. Czech Mobile Internet Coverage

Mobile Internet coverage in Czech
Mobile Internet coverage in Czech
  • T-Mobile has the most extensive 4G/ 5G coverage throughout Czech. Its network is generally reliable, covering most main cities and smaller towns.
  • O2 ranks second with widespread 4G/ 5G coverage across the country. O2’s coverage may be less reliable in poorly populated rural areas far from urban centers.
  • Vodafone’s network maintains good connectivity in main cities, natural parks, smaller villages, and most tourist areas.

▶ Our recommendation:

In general, all operators work well in main urban centers and towns so you can select any carrier depending on your preferences. If you prioritize high-speed data and reliable connectivity in more remote areas, you can opt for T-Mobile services. 

2. Czech Mobile Internet Speed

Mobile Internet speed in Czech (Source: Speedtest Global Index)
Mobile Internet speed in Czech (Source: Speedtest Global Index)

According to the Speedtest data for Czech, we can see that: 

  • Czech ranks 40th in the world for mobile internet speeds (as of March, 2024)
  • Average download speed: 74.95Mbps
  • Averafe upload speed: 20.31Mbps
  • Latency: 22ms
  • T-Mobile delivered the fastest download and upload speed experience (49.4Mbps and 17.8Mbps, respectively) (OpenSignal, February 2024)

▶ Conclusion & recommendation:

In summary, Czech has good download and upload speeds. T-Mobile offers the fastest data speed and the most consistent network performance on Czech’s cellular networks in 2024. O2 and Vodafone are also great options for mobile Internet in Czech.

II. What are Connectivity Options for Tourists to Czech?

Tourists can choose to access mobile internet in Czech in many ways such as eSIM, Czech SIM card, Czech roaming, pocket Wifi for Czech, and free Wifi. The table below compares different criteria of these connectivity options:

OptionHow it worksCostWhere to buyProsCons
Czech SIM cardInsert physical SIM into phone to get Czech mobile plan with dataAffordableCarrier stores, airport kiosks, online Easy to use mobile phone like in home countryUnlocked phone needed
Czech eSIMRemotely activate eSIM profile on compatible devicesCost-effectiveCarrier websites, online resellersNo SIM swap, Simple online purchase and activationeSIM-embedded devices
Roaming with Czech operatorsUse regular plan/carrier/number while in CzechExpensiveVia home operatorNo new SIM needed, familiar plan/carreir/numberExtremely high per MB charges, Data capped on most plan options
Public WifiConnect to free Wifi at certain hotspots (coffee shops, airports, restaurants, hotels, etc)FreeMain public hotspotsFree, No subscription or rental needed Speed/ coverage varies, security concerns
Pocket WifiRent/ buy a portable WiFi hotspot from rental shops/ electronic storesQuite expensiveRental kiosks at airports or online rental websitesNo SIM swap, various mobile devices can connect to one Wifi hotspotDevice needs recharging, extra things to carry

▶ Our recommendation:

For convenience and cheap rates for calling, texting, and data, consider getting a prepaid physical SIM card. If you have an eSIM-supported device, an eSIM profile for Czech is a top recommendation.

Pro Tips:

  • Before signing up for a Czech SIM card, check if your phone is unlocked.
  • If you want to go with an eSIM for your Czech trip, confirm that your device is eSIM-compatible.

III. Internet Rates in Czech

Good to know:

CZK 1 = USD 0.042 and USD 1 = CZK 23.58 (as of May 2024)

The table below shows the Internet tariff of different cellular network alternatives for Czech.

OptionRate (USD)
Czech SIM card1.2 GB of data valid for 30 days: CZK 99 – USD 4.20
Czech eSIMStart at $3.50 for 1GB of data used in 3 days 
Roaming with Czech operatorsExpensive, depends on your home carrier
Public WifiFree
Pocket WifiAround $6 for 2GB/ day

Important Note: The information above is for indicative purposes only. Contact your chosen mobile network provider for the latest details.

IV. Data SIM Card for Mobile Internet in Czech

A prepaid physical SIM card is one of the easiest ways to stay connected while exploring the beautiful destinations in the Czech Republic. Travelers using Czech SIM cards can enjoy a stable and affordable Internet connection thanks to the widespread coverage, reasonable data plans, and competitive prices.

T-Mobile25MB data1 dayCZK 24 – USD 1.02
Vodafone1.2GB data30 daysCZK 99 – USD 4.20
2.5GB data30 daysCZK 199 – USD 8.44
6GB data30 daysCZK 349 – USD 14.80
O21GB data30 daysCZK 179 – USD 7.59
3GB data30 daysCZK 299 – USD 12.68

V. Data eSIM for Czech – Best Option to Get Mobile Internet for Tourists

Important Note: eSIM options for Czech only work on eSIM-embedded devices.

Purchasing an eSIM for Czech is the most cost-effective and reliable solution for getting mobile Internet in Czech. This is a smart digital way to access robust cellular data while exploring Czech without needing a regular plastic SIM card. You do not need to hunt for a physical SIM store to buy a SIM card. All you need to do is sign up for an eSIM and activate it online.

You can get an eSIM for Czech in two ways:

  • Buy directly from Czech carriers. ID proof is needed.
  • Get your Czech eSIM from trusted resellers like GIGAGO. No ID verification is required.
Gigago offers a diverse range of eSIM plans for Czech
Gigago eSIM plans for Czech

Why select Gigago?

Gigago is a prestigious worldwide eSIM reseller that provides affordable eSIM services to more than 200 countries and territories in the world. Gigago’s eSIM service is a top choice for many reasons:

  • Easy signup and activation process
  • No ID check
  • 24/7 multilingual customer support
  • Gigago’s eSIM plan options for Czech are very competitive, starting at only $3.50 for 1GB data used in 3 days and ranging from $3.50$125.98 , much cheaper than roaming with your home carrier. 

How to get a Czech eSIM plan with Gigago?

To sign up for a Czech eSIM from Gigago, just take these simple steps:

  • Pick an eSIM plan (validity, data) that best aligns with your travel needs and length of stay;
  • Make online payment (e-wallet/ credit card);
  • Scan the QR code sent to your email to activate your Czech eSIM
  • Toggle on data roaming in your device’s settings and your Czech eSIM is now ready.

VI. FAQs about Mobile Internet in Czech

Is prepaid SIM card the cheapest way to get mobile internet in Czech?

Yes, a prepaid local SIM card is generally the most cost-effective way to get mobile internet in Czech. You can buy data-only packages in various amounts without needing a long-term plan.

Can I use my US/ UK SIM card for mobile internet in Czech?

While you can try to use your home network abroad, it is not practical for mobile internet in Czech due to high roaming costs. A local prepaid SIM ensures affordable rates and stable connectivity during your trip.

How much mobile data do I need for basic activities in Czech?

About 1GB of mobile data per week is usually sufficient for basic activities like maps, messaging, and lightweight browsing when using mobile internet in Czech.

Is it possible to rent a portable WiFi hotspot for mobile internet in Czech?

Yes, renting a portable WiFi hotspot is another convenient option for getting mobile internet in Czech. It allows multiple devices to connect simultaneously via a wireless signal.

VII. Conclusion

In conclusion, getting mobile internet in Czech is simple thanks to the many affordable options available. Whether deciding between a prepaid SIM, rental Wifi hotspot, or pay-as-you-go plan, travelers have a good choice for staying connected while exploring Czech. For flexibility and affordability, consider getting an eSIM for your Czech trip.

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