Buying O2 SIM Cards & eSIM for Tourists: Guide to Get and Activate 2024

O2 is one of Czech Republic’s leading cellular networks due to its reliable coverage across the country. With O2 SIM cards and eSIM, travelers to the Czech Republic will have a wonderful option for mobile services to make phone calls, send texts, and use cell data for social media, navigation, and travel apps. This guide will uncover the best SIM plans, prices, how to buy and use O2 SIM cards and eSIM options for the best travel experience in Czech.

O2 sim cards and eSIM in Czech

I. Quick Facts about O2

O2 is the second-largest mobile network operator in Czech that tourists can purchase a Czech sim card. (led by T-Mobile and followed by Vodafone).

  • Founded: in 2006, in Prague through a merger of two companies called Český Telecom and Eurotel.
  • Full company name: O2 Czech Republic
  • Types of services: mobile service, home internet, cable TV, business solutions, and phone lines. It is currently operating over 6 million lines (both fixed and mobile)
  • Coverage: widespread 4G/5G coverage across Czech, scoring 9.6 out of 10 (OpenSignal, 2024)
  • Distribution: There are estimated to be hundreds of O2 stores nationwide for help
  • Customer support: 24/7 via phone call or online chat in Czech and English
O2, the second-largest network in the Czech Republic
O2, the second-largest network in the Czech Republic

II. Why O2 When Exploring Czech – Coverage and Speed

O2 ranks second in terms of coverage and speed in Czech. Let us delve into it!

1. O2 Coverage in Czech

O2 coverage map in Czech (Source: nPerf)
O2 coverage map in Czech (Source: nPerf)
  • O2 ranks second for cellular network coverage (1st-T-Mobile and 3rd-Vodafone)
  • O2’s robust 4G/5G networks cover most major cities like Prague and Brno
  • Coverage may be less reliable in poorly populated rural regions far from urban centers.

2. O2 Speed

O2 speeds in Czech (Source: OpenSignal)
O2 speeds in Czech (Source: OpenSignal)
  • Average download speed: 37.2Mbps, the second-fastest, led by T-Mobile (49.4Mbps) and followed by Vodafone (30.1Mbps)
  • Average upload speed: 16.0Mbps, the second-fastest, led by T-Mobile (17.8Mbps) and followed by Vodafone(12.7Mbps)
  • Consistent quality: 74.1%

► Generally, O2 offers reliable and broad network coverage across Czech and decent data speeds. Travelers visiting Czech may make good use of O2’s cellular networks during their vacations.

III. What are the Best Connectivity Options of O2 for Tourists to Czech?

Visitors to Czech can connect to O2 network via 03 main options:

O2 SIM cards: plastic physical cards, inserted into unlocked phones

  • Pros: diverse plan options, budget-friendly rates, widely available
  • Cons: unlocked phone required

Pocket Wifi: portable Wifi hotspot, rented from mobile shops

  • Pros: suitable for a group traveling together, Internet sharing
  • Cons: extra items to carry, have to return the Wifi hotspot after trip

Roaming: utilize your home plan from your home provider while traveling in Czech

  • Pros: no SIM swap, familiar domestic carrier/ number/ data plan
  • Cons: expensive, shockingly high bills after trip if not careful

► Recommendation:

Getting a prepaid SIM card is much more convenient than paying expensive roaming fees with your domestic provider of trying to use a portable Wifi hotspot. With O2 SIM cards, you can access reliable cellular service no matter where you go in Czech. You can utilize maps, browse the web, and stay in touch with loved ones back home without worrying about lost signals.

IV. Best O2 SIM Cards for Travelers & Cost

Here are some of the best O2 SIM cards for tourists to the Czech Republic:

1 GB of data30 daysCZK 179 – USD 7.53
3 GB of data30 daysCZK 299 – USD 12.59
15 GB of data + 50 CZK calling credit30 daysCZK 299 – USD 12.59

Note: For the most updated details on O2 SIM cards, please check the O2’s official website.

V. Does O2 Support eSIM in Czech?

Yes. O2 offers eSIM (digital SIM/ embedded SIM) built into eSIM-supported cell devices. eSIM allows tourists to use a data plan without a regular plastic SIM.

  • Convenience: eSIMs allow you to set up a local plan digitally before your trip. No need to find a store to purchase a physical SIM card.
  • Flexibility: You can easily switch between multiple eSIM profiles right from your device settings. It is helpful if you travel between countries.
  • Reliability: Large carriers like O2 have nationwide coverage across the Czech Republic ensuring seamless connectivity anywhere.
  • Security: There is no physical SIM card to lose or get damaged. Profiles are securely stored on your device’s embedded chip.

VI. Where to Buy O2 SIM Cards and eSIM?

Travelers to Czech can easily buy O2 SIM cards and eSIM at many locations.

1. Where to Buy O2 SIM cards for Czech

1.1. Upon arrival at Prague Airport

Visitors can get O2 SIM cards at Prague Airport – Relay convenience store in Terminal 1 & 2, near departure gates. 

  • Pros: convenient, immediate Internet when you arrive in Czech
  • Cons: airport prices are more expensive than online or in the cities

1.2. O2 stores

O2 has a range of stores offering SIM card plans so it is very easy for visitors to get a suitable SIM plan. These shops provide many O2 SIM cards with reasonable pricing.

  • Pros: widely available across cities in Czech, competitive rates, a wide range of O2 SIM plans to choose from
  • Cons: need to locate and then commute to the locations
Buy O2 SIM cards at O2 official stores
Buy O2 SIM cards at O2 official stores

Pro Tips:

  • Only unlocked devices accept O2’s network, make sure that your smartphone is unlocked.
  • Prepare your passport/ ID card and CZK cash/ debit card for O2 SIM purchase and registration.

2. Where to Get O2 eSIM for Czech?

2.1. Directly from O2

Tourists to Czech can purchase O2 eSIM via: 

  • Online service on O2’s official website
  • Use My O2 app
  • Visit the nearest O2 store

2.2. GIGAGO – Trusted third-party eSIM provider

Gigago is a prestigious worldwide eSIM reseller that offers convenient eSIM plans from O2. With Gigago’s eSIM services, tourists can access O2’s broad 4G/5G network without an identity check.

Gigago offers a wide range of eSIM plans for tourists to Czech
Gigago eSIM plans for Czech

Gigago eSIM plans for Czech are very competitive, starting at only $3.50 for 1GB in 3 days and vary between $3.50$125.98 , much more affordable than international roaming services. No matter how long your Czech trip is and how much GB of data you need, Gigago always has an option that works well for you.

Pro Tips:

  • Before signing up for an O2 eSIM for Czech, confirm if your device supports eSIM.
  • Select a data-only package if you use apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Telegram for texting and calling.

VII. How to Activate O2 SIM cards/eSIM in Czech?

Activating O2 SIM cards and eSIM is a simple process. Here is how:

1. How to Activate O2 SIM cards in Czech?

To activate your O2 SIM cards:

  • Insert your O2 SIM into the SIM tray of your compatible device
  • Power on your phone
  • Follow the prompts to activate your O2 SIM. Normally, O2 SIM card will be activated automatically
  • Configure APN settings
  • Confirm that data is working by browsing a web page
  • Once connected, you can use all O2 services (cellular data, calls, and texts)

2. How to Activate O2 eSIM in Czech?

To activate your O2 eSIM:

  • Check if your device is compatible with eSIM
  • Sign up for an O2 eSIM option online
  • O2 will email you an eSIM profile with a QR code
  • Scan the code using the My O2 app or your phone’s settings (Settings > Cellular > Add eSIM/ Add Cellular Plan)
  • Follow the prompts to activate the O2 eSIM profile
  • Once activated, you can use O2 services with your eSIM package.

VIII. How to Top-up O2 SIM/eSIM

Tourists can top up their O2 SIM cards/ eSIM via these two channels: 

Online Top-up

  • Choose the “Top-up” section on the O2 website/ My O2 app to top up your O2 SIM
  • Make payment (debit/ credit card)

Physical Top-up

  • Get to the O2 store/ authorized dealers to top-up your account
  • Select an amount and show your phone number to top up
  • Make payment (CZK cash/credit card)

IX. FAQs about O2 SIM Cards and eSIM in Czech

Can I use my O2 SIM card outside of the Czech Republic?

O2 SIM cards only include data allowance for use within the Czech Republic. However, international roaming can be enabled to use the SIM card abroad for an additional fee.

Is it easy to purchase an O2 eSIM before arriving?

Yes, O2 eSIMs can be conveniently purchased online before traveling. This eliminates the need to find an O2 store and allows digital activation simply by scanning a QR code.

What languages does O2 customer support provide?

O2 customer support is available 24/7 in both Czech and English languages via their call center and online channels.

X. Conclusion

In summary, O2 SIM cards and eSIM provide convenient and affordable options for travelers visiting the Czech Republic to stay connected. Whether getting a physical O2 SIM card upon arrival or downloading an eSIM beforehand, both allow for reliable cellular service via O2’s extensive nationwide networks. Remember to choose the O2 SIM plan that best aligns your travel needs and trip duration.