Best Czech SIM Cards for Tourists: Updated Prices & Where to Buy 2024

Whether you are traveling to Prague, exploring castles in Bohemia, or hiking through the forests of Moravia, having a Czech SIM card makes staying connected easy and affordable. Czech SIM cards with cellular data allow tourists to look up maps, find restaurants, and share photos without worrying about international roaming charges.

This blog post will review the best Czech SIM card options for travelers visiting the Czech Republic, prices, where to buy, and the best alternative so you have reliable connectivity during your entire trip.

I. Should You Get a SIM Card in Czech?

Yes, you should get a local SIM card for secure and affordable mobile data during your Czech trip.

Czech SIM cards, especially prepaid ones, are great for staying connected during your visit to Czech Republic. You will have speedy and reliable data on your smartphone whenever and wherever you need it. This allows you to easily use apps like maps, transportation, book hotels and restaurants, and chat with friends and family using fast networks in Czech.

You should get a local SIM card for your Czech trip
Buy a local SIM card for your Czech trip

To better understand why getting local Czech SIM cards is the best choice for Internet access, take a look at this comparison table. It breaks down the pros and cons of the different options to make your choice clear.

CriteriaSIM CardInternational RoamingFree Wifi
Availability– Broad coverage
– Various carriers
– A diverse range of SIM options
Coverage depends on the agreement between your home provider and Czech carrier– Certain hotspots like public spaces, hotels, restaurants
Convenience– Easy to purchase and activate
– Instant use
– Cellular data everywhere you go
Use your regular numbers; roaming fees– Need to locate Wifi hotspots;
– Speed are low when 
PriceBudget-friendlyVery expensive roaming ratesFree
DeviceUnlocked phoneYour phoneYour phone
PrivacyPrivate & secure connectionOperator tracks your cell data useInsecure

Important Note: Only unlocked mobile phones work with Czech’s mobile networks so ensure that your phone is unlocked. In case it is locked, contact your home provider to unlock it.

II. Types of Czech SIM Cards for Tourists – Which One is the Best?

Czech SIM cards come in two main forms:

  • Czech physical SIM: a tiny plastic card, you insert it into your phone’s SIM slot.
  • Cyrus eSIM: a virtual SIM built directly into supported devices, no physical plastic card needed.

They can also categorized based on their functions:

  • Data-only SIM: for Internet access via apps, browsing, maps, social media, etc. Calls and texts are not allowed.
  • Data + voice + text SIM: a full-service SIM that lets you do everything (Internet, calls, messages).

Let us take a closer look at the differences between the two major SIM options for Czech: physical SIM card and eSIM.

TypePrepaid physical Czech SIMPrepaid Czech eSIM
A prepaid physical Czech SIM comes as a little card you put in your phone. Choose a data-only or data + voice + text SIM for Czech based on your travel needsPrepaid Czech eSIM is embedded directly into your device. No swapping cards. Plans offer either just data (data-only) or the full service deal (data + calling + texting)
Pros– Offered by multiple mobile network operators in Czech
– Affordable prices
– Easy to buy and activate online
– No store visit
– No risk of damage/ loss
– Cost-effective
Cons– High risk of SIM loss/ damage
– Need to purchase offline or wait for delivery if purchasing online
– Unlocked phone needed
– eSIM-compatible device needed
– Unlocked device needed

► Our Recommendation:

An eSIM is very handy for your trip to the Czech Republic. Instead of buying and inserting a physical SIM card, you can download and set up eSIM plans for Czech right on your phone with just a few taps. The data-only eSIM lets you easily chat over WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger without paying extra for talk and text you will not use.

III. Best Czech SIM Card Packages for Visitors and Updated Prices

T-Mobile, Vodafone, and O2 are the three (03) major network providers in Czech. Now let us delve into some of the prepaid SIM card plans for tourists to Czech.

Three main carriers in Czech: T-Mobile, Vodafone, and O2
Three main carriers in Czech: T-Mobile, Vodafone, and O2
T-Mobile25MB data1 dayCZK 24 – USD 1.03
Vodafone1.2GB data30 daysCZK 99 – USD 4.24
2.5GB data30 daysCZK 199 – USD 8.52
6GB data30 daysCZK 349 – USD 14.94
O21GB data30 daysCZK 179 – USD 7.67
3GB data30 daysCZK 299 – USD 12.8

Important Notes: 

  • CZK 1 = USD 0.043; USD 1 = CZK 23.35 (updated in April 2024)
  • Regularly visit the websites of Czech major carriers for the most up-to-date details on prepaid SIM card plans for tourists.

► Our Recommendation:

If you will be traveling in Czech, getting a prepaid SIM card from one of the major carriers is a great idea. Between T-Mobile, Vodafone, and O2, we suggest going with Vodafone as they offer generous data allowances on their prepaid plans. Plans start at 1.2GB for under $5, and go up to 6GB for about $14, so you can find one to suit your needs.

IV. Where to Purchase a Tourist SIM Card for Czech?

Tourist can buy Czech SIM cards with secure high-speed cellular data in three main ways as follows:

  • Book online before you fly to Czech;
  • Buy at Czech Airports;
  • Buy in shops around Czech cities 

1. Order prepaid Czech SIM cards online before trip

Some reliable eSIM providers like Gigago allow you to pick an eSIM plan online before you go. They will email you a QR code so you can activate your eSIM within some minutes and start using the Internet upon arrival in Czech.

Pros: No need to search around when you land, immediate Internet, time to compare

Cons: Need a phone/ tablet that supports eSIM 

2. Get physical Czech SIM cards at Czech Airports

You can also buy Czech SIM cards directly at kiosks or stores in airports like Prague International Airport. Grabbing one here means mobile data from when you touch down, and the locations are easy to spot.

Pros: convenient, instant data use, staff support

Cons: fewer options to choose from, prices are a bit higher than other places in towns

3. Purchase physical Czech SIM card in the cities

SIM card shops throughout Czech cities offer physical cards with plenty of choices to compare. Tourists can find outlets from major carriers such as T-Mobile, Vodafone, and O2 around cities and towns like Prague, Brno-střed, Ostrava, Pilsen, Liberec, etc.

Pros: widespread availability, competitive rates

Cons: Need to head to the shop first

Tourists may buy Czech SIM cards in the cities
Tourists may go around Czech cities to buy Czech SIM cards

Pro Tips:

  • Prepare your ID proof document like passport or driver’s license, local currency (CZK cash)/ credit card to purchase Czech SIM cards.
  • Navigate Google Maps or ask locals for exact store locations in cities.

► Our Recommendation:

  • If you do not mind going around to find the best deals, you can purchase Czech SIM cards from stores around the cities.
  • If your phone/ tablet/ watch supports eSIM, get an eSIM plan online before your trip to Czech. This is very convenient for keeping connected from the moment you arrive. Just double check your device is compatible first.

V. How Much Data Is Enough for a Czech Tourist SIM Card?

It is estimated that 3-5GB of data is enough for a Czech tourist SIM card for an average traveler.

Before selecting a SIM plan for your Czech trip, you should calculate how much data you will need. Here is what 1GB of data allows you to do:

  • Spend 2-3 hours on social media
  • Send or receive 100–150 photos or messages on WhatsApp
  • Watch 30-60 minutes of lower-quality videos
  • Navigate maps for around 5 hours

How much GB of data you will consume depends on the length of your stay in Czech and your data use habit.

  • Light users (maps, email, texts, light browsing) use around 3-5GB a week
  • Medium users (maps, daily emails, occasional HD videos) go through 5-10GB a week
  • Heavy users (HD videos, video calls, gaming) comfortably use 10GB+ a week

Pro Tips

  • Select the SIM plan with a bit more GB of data than you estimate you will consume. This helps avoid running out of mobile data while visiting Czech.  
  • Use free Wifi at hotspots like hotels, coffee shops, and restaurants to save your cellular data.

VI. Czech eSIM – Best Alternative to Physical Czech SIM Cards to Stay Connected

eSIM is a great alternative to regular SIM cards to get online when traveling in the Czech Republic. It is a more modern digital way to connect to cell networks in the country.

Some perks of eSIM over physical Czech SIM cards include:

  • Convenience: No fiddling with tiny cards, just scan a QR code to activate the service.
  • Two numbers in one: Keep your work and personal numbers on the same phone.
  • Safer: Digital eSIMs can’t be stolen like plastic cards. Providers can disable a lost eSIM remotely.
  • Friendlier for the planet: eSIMs produce less electronic waste from disposed cards over time.
  • Quick updates: Changing providers or plans is a quick scan rather than waiting for a new card.

Purchasing an eSIM from a trusted eSIM provider like Gigago makes keeping connected in the Czech Republic easy and affordable. Gigago offers eSIM plans on T-Mobile, Vodafone, and O2 – the three main operators in Czech with extensive coverage and speedy mobile data.

Gigago offers a range of eSIM plans for Czech
Gigago eSIM plans for Czech

Gigago’s eSIM package options for Czech start at a low price of $3.50 for 1GB of data in 3 days and range between $3.50$125.98 , much more cost-effective than roaming services. No matter how long you are visiting or how much data you need, Gigago always have an option that works well.

VII. Which Czech Cellular Networks Are the Best for Visitors?

In the previous part, we already know that there are three main mobile companies in Czech: T-Mobile, Vodafone, and O2. Now let us check out each network’s coverage so we can see which may be best for your trip to Czech.

SpeedSuper fastFastFast
eSIM availableYesYesYes

1. T-Mobile

T-Mobile coverage map in Czech (nPerf)
T-Mobile coverage map in Czech (nPerf)

Rank: #1 

T-Mobile is Czech Republic’s largest mobile network carrier, with reliable nationwide 4G/ 5G coverage throughout the country, scoring 9.7 out of 10 (OpenSignal, 2024). T-Mobile’s network covers most major cities and towns. They use frequencies that work well inside buildings. Speeds and connectivity are generally reliable in busy locations as well as remote areas.

2. O2

O2 coverage map in Czech (Source: nPerf)
O2 coverage map in Czech (Source: nPerf)

Rank: #2

O2 has widespread 4G/5G coverage across Czech Republic, scoring 9.6 out of 10 (OpenSignal, 2024). O2 provides 4G using multiple frequency bands. This gives them strong signals and speeds in large cities like Prague and Brno. However, coverage can be less reliable in poorly populated rural regions located far from urban centers. Data performance may decrease more than T-Mobile away from population hubs.

3. Vodafone

Vodafone coverage map in Czech (Source: nPerf)
Vodafone coverage map in Czech (Source: nPerf)

Rank: #3

Vodafone ranks third in terms of 4G/5G network coverage in Czech, scoring 9.3 out of 10 (OpenSignal, 2024). Their network maintains good connectivity and speeds in smaller villages, as well as natural parks and historic sites that attract visitors. Their extensive network extends to most areas tourists like to explore off the beaten path.

► Our Recommendation:

Overall, all carriers work well in cities and towns so you may choose any carrier depending on your priorities. If you want high-speed data, you may choose to use T-Mobile services. If you want affordable data plans, you may consider Vodafone. O2 is also a great option due to its broad coverage and great 5G video experience.

VIII. How to Use Czech SIM Cards and eSIM

Activating Czech SIM cards/ eSIMs is a very straightforward process. Let us check it out!

1. Using prepaid Czech SIM cards for visitors

If you choose to go with a prepaid Czech SIM card, just follow the simple steps below:

  • Turn off your mobile phone, slide out the little SIM card tray, and then pop in your new Czech SIM card
  • Turn your phone back on and follow prompts to activate your SIM
  • Enter the APN information from your provider to activate Internet access if needed
  • Dial the support number of your chosen carrier to check your plan and account balance. 
  • You may now enjoy Czech mobile services with your need SIM card (calling, texting, and Internet).

2. Setting up and activating Czech eSIM

Follow these steps and you will activate your Czech eSIM successfully:

  • Ensure your phone is unlocked and supports digital eSIM first
  • Get a Czech eSIM package online. The operator/ reseller will email you a QR code or activation key
  • Go to your phone’s eSIM settings menu, scan the code/ enter the activation key
  • Resart your mobile phone – That’s it, your eSIM will start working. 


Can I use my Czech SIM card in other European countries?

While Czech SIM cards will allow you to stay connected within the Czech Republic, they generally cannot be used roam-free in other countries. It is best to purchase a new local SIM card if you plan to travel beyond Czech borders during your trip.

Is it easy to top up my prepaid Czech SIM card?

Topping up prepaid Czech SIM cards is very easy. You can typically do it online via the issuer’s website or mobile app. Some vendors also allow top-ups at convenience stores and kiosks. Just be sure to have your Czech SIM card number handy whenever you need to add more credit.

How much data do I need for my trip to Czech?

The amount of data you need depends on how long you’re staying and your usage habits. A general rule of thumb is that 3-5GB would suffice for light users on a weeklong trip. Heavier streamers may want 10GB or more. Check your favorite apps’ data consumption to estimate. Most Czech SIM cards provide calculators to help you choose the right data plan.

When should I purchase a Czech SIM card?

The best time to get your Czech SIM card depends on your preference. You can order an eSIM card online before your trip for instant connectivity. Or purchase a physical SIM at the airport or upon arrival in a city for easy access to data on landing. Just make sure you activate it before you use your phone in the Czech.

X. Conclusion

Buying a Czech SIM card is an easy way for tourists to stay connected while exploring the beautiful country. Travelers now have multiple options available when it comes to buying Czech SIM cards at budget-friendly prices. 

Whether you buy a SIM card at the airport upon arrival or from city stores, Czech SIM cards ensure reliable access to social media, maps, and communication apps during your trip. For the most flexible and cost-effective Internet connection, consider downloading a Czech eSIM plan from a reputable eSIM provider like Gigago.