How to Buy a Prepaid SIM Cards For Hong Kong? (Tourist Guide)

Plan to travel to Hong Kong – The shopping paradise in Asia, but still worry about the Internet, Wifi, and connection? Don’t worry because we will provide you with our guide to the best Hong Kong SIM cards!

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Today’s blog will cover the types, prices, where to buy, and a detailed guide to using Hong Kong SIM cards. Let’s find out!

I. Where to Buy a Tourist SIM Card in Hong Kong?

Where to Buy a Tourist SIM Card in Hong Kong?
Hong Kong SIM cards can be bought from online shops, at Hong Kong Airport, or in the cities.

There are different ways for them to get a SIM card such as buying online, buying at Hong Kong Airport, or in the cities.

Buy a prepaid Hong Kong eSIM card online before traveling

You can pre-purchase and pre-activate an eSIM card for Hong Kong online from providers before your trip. Then, you will be connected as soon as you arrive in Hong Kong without needing to hunt for a physical SIM card.


  • Convenient and saves time for physical SIM cards after landing
  • No need to register passport details at stores
  • Can use TikTok and avoid the censorship that physical SIM users experience
  • Low minimum costs starting from $4-12 USD for several GB of data


  • Your phone must support eSIM technology
  • Cannot benefit from cheaper local physical SIM card deals

Buy physical Hong Kong SIM at Hong Kong airports

The Hong Kong International Airport has several SIM stalls right at the arrival halls selling SIM cards including 7-Eleven, Global Exchange, China Mobile, and 1010.


  • Convenience of getting connected right away upon arrival
  • Some stalls like Global Exchange offer the best deals like 80GB data for USD 11


  • Potentially more expensive than city stores
  • Require passport ID for registration

Buy physical Hong Kong SIM online

You can order international roaming SIM cards online that work in Hong Kong from providers like SimOptions. These SIM cards will arrive before your trip.


  • Arrive prepared with a SIM on hand
  • Covers multiple countries if traveling around Asia


  • More expensive than local Hong Kong SIM deals
  • Need to register personal details online
  • No local Hong Kong phone number

Buy physical Hong Kong SIM Cards in the cities

You can purchase SIM cards around Hong Kong from the providers’ retail stores, 7-Elevens, and convenience stores. China Mobile offers the best deals of 5GB/7 days for $10 with 5G support.


  • Cheaper than airport options
  • Support swapping for better deals
  • Can choose a provider based on coverage needs


  • Need to locate Hong Kong SIM card stores after arrival
  • Potential registration wait times at some stores

Our recommendation: Depending on your needs, you can buy a SIM card everywhere you want if it suits your situation and condition. However, GIGIGO eSIM recommends you buy at the airport to not interrupt your connection and ensure quality. Plus, you can buy online for instant delivery via email, no need to wait.

II. What Are The Best SIM Cards for Tourists?

Hong Kong has the top 4 mobile Internet providers including CSL – Hong Kong Telecom, China Mobile Hong Kong – CMHK, Smartone, and Three – 3. Let’s find more details about the price for the SIM card service here.

Good to know: $1 = 7.81 HKD. 10,000 HKD = $128 (as of January 2024) 

1. Best Hong Kong CMHK SIM Card Plans and Prices


Here is the detailed information for prepaid Hong Kong SIM card plans from CMHK:

  • Cost HKD 78 (~ USD 10) for 7 GB data validity for 7 days.
  • Include 200 minutes and 1 GB of data for Mainland China and Macau.

Insight: The SIM card service from CMHK is the cheapest among the four major operators in Hong Kong. This is the best option for high-speed internet access, so you do not need to worry about censorship/app blocking. Especially, they are the only operator providing 5G access on its prepaid plans.

2. Best Hong Kong SmarTone SIM Card Plans and Price

Hong Kong SmarTone SIM Card offers the plan for the below detailed benefits:

  • Cost HKD 78 (~ USD 10) for 5 GB data valid for 30 days.
  • Include 15-minute validity for Hong Kong and Macau.
  • No 5G access on prepaid plans, only use 4G/LTE.

Insight: Hong Kong SmarTone SIM Card provides tourists with more data than CSL plans but for a shorter validity period.

3. Best Hong Kong Three HK SIM Card Plans and Prices

When choosing Hong Kong Three Hong Kong SIM Card operator, they will offer you:

  • 4 prepaid plans from $50-200 HKD with data varying from 2-36 GB
  • Plans include 2000 minutes
  • No 5G access, only 4G/LTE on prepaid

Insight: This is the most expensive among the operators but highest data allowance. If you have a good economic condition, you can choose this for the best experience.

4. Best Hong Kong CSL SIM Card Plans and Prices 

The Hong Kong CSL SIM card offers tourists 2 prepaid SIM card plans:

  • 3 GB data for 5 days = HKD 88 (~ USD 11)
  • 8 GB data for 8 days = HKD 118 (~ USD 15)
  • Data is valid in Hong Kong AND Macau
  • No 5G access on prepaid plans, only 4G/LTE

Insight: This is a good choice for tourists if they visit both Hong Kong and Macau. Furthermore, plans provide a decent amount of data for shorter trips.

Our recommendation: The best operator is China Mobile Hong Kong because it is affordable for anyone. If you have a good budget, you can choose CSL SIM cards to achieve the best experience. 

III. Do I Need to Buy a SIM Card for Hong Kong Travel?

Yes. Tourists should buy a SIM card for Hong Kong trip.

A SIM card can save you money compared to expensive roaming services, offering affordable local rates for calls, texts, and data. It also ensures continuous connectivity, unlike Wi-Fi, which limits your schedule to hotspots.

Moreover, SIM cards are easy to use and set up, providing flexibility for your trip. You can easily access maps, local services, and information, ensuring you stay connected without interruptions.

IV. What to Prepare When Buying A SIM Card in Hong Kong?

To process of buying a SIM card in Hong Kong, you have to prepare some important documents, including: identification, unlocked phone and payment method.

  1. Identification: A valid passport or ID is required for SIM card purchases due to Hong Kong regulations.
  2. Unlocked Phone: Your phone must be unlocked and compatible with local networks; otherwise, it won’t work with a Hong Kong SIM card.
  3. Payment Method: Have both a valid credit card and some cash, as some stores may not accept foreign credit cards.

For those looking to avoid the registration and verification procedures, consider opting for an eSIM if your phone supports it. This offers a more convenient and private alternative to traditional SIM cards.

Note: Buying a prepaid SIM card upon arrival in Hong Kong can require some effort because of the thorough ID verification process, which can sometimes take up to 24 hours.

V. What Types Of Hong Kong SIM Cards Are Available For Tourist?

Hong Kong SIM cards - TDP IELTS
Using Hong Kong SIM cards helps us connect with the surrounding world.

There are 02 main types: prepaid physical SIM cards and prepaid tourist eSIM. 

1. Prepaid physical SIM card in Hong Kong

Generally, prepaid physical Hong Kong SIM cards can be understood as a type of subscriber identity module (SIM) card. It is used in mobile devices and comes with a prepaid service.

There are some important features of prepaid physical SIM cards that you should know:

Benefits of Prepaid Hong Kong physical SIM cardsDrawbacks of Prepaid physical Hong Kong SIM cards
– Reasonable prices.
– Suitable for anyone because there are various SIM card packages with different prices.
– Time-consuming to wait for the physical SIM to set up on your devices.
– Easy to get lost SIM cards when removing them from the mobile device.
– Be limited in the number of devices. One device can use one SIM card only.

2. Prepaid Tourist Hong Kong eSIM

A prepaid tourist eSIM is a digital or embedded SIM card used for visitors. An eSIM is known as a chip embedded in the device’s circuit board. Moreover, users can simply scan the QR code to download the information, and then associate it with the eSIM package (contained in that QR code) to use.

Here are some of the pros and cons of eSIM that you can refer to in the below table.

Benefits of Prepaid Tourist Hong Kong eSIMDrawbacks of Prepaid Tourist Hong Kong eSIM
– Online purchases: it is convenient for tourists to buy whenever and wherever they are.
– No need for complicated disassembly, just scan the QR code.
Used two SIMs at the same time.
– It can be an eSIM with a physical SIM or two eSIMs. However, it is only available for iPhone models from iPhone 13 and above. Especially, if you use an iPhone 14 produced in the US market, there is no physical SIM card slot. Hence, you can only use eSIM instead.
– Limited in using devices. The only high-end model is usable.
– Function requires unlocked phones.

Our recommendation: You can buy an eSIM for a better experience if you have a eSIM-supported mobile device to activate it.

VI. Hong Kong eSIM – Alternative to Tourist SIM Cards

Hong Kong eSIM by Gigago
Hong Kong eSIM by Gigago

With instant activation, affordable rates, and freedom of connectivity, a prepaid Hong Kong eSIM is truly the best choice for travelers to enjoy a trip in Hong Kong.

As one of the best eSIM providers for travelers to Hong Kong, Gigago offers multiple data plan options for Hong Kong, starting from a 5-day plan with 1GB of data per day for $5 as their most minimal plan. They also have 7-day, 15-day, and 30-day plans ranging from 1GB to 50GB of total data, or 1GB to 3GB per day, with prices from $5 up to $89.50.

Here are the top reasons why you should choose Hong Kong GIGAGO eSIM:

  • Hong Kong GIGAGO eSIM is easy to use. You can 100% buy and set up online, receive eSIM via email, and then scan a QR code to install easily. After that, you just need to activate eSIM when you land in Hong Kong and get connected instantly.
  • The eSIM service from GIGAGO offers you free roaming charges, helps you save data roaming charges, and is free to make calls and texts via WhatsApp, Telegram, Facetime, and so on.
  • GIGAGO’s customers can travel to all locations in Hong Kong and stay connected with anyone.
  • The eSIMs are instantly delivered via email. You do not need to wait for shipping, no removal, and no risk of loss.
  • You can still keep your physical SIM because eSIM is digital, so there‘s no need to remove your original SIM cards, but still receive calls, and SMS if any.

View detailed prices, and information, and buy eSIM:  Hong Kong Gigago eSIM

VII. How long does a tourist SIM card last in Hong Kong?

The duration of a tourist SIM card in Hong Kong typically varies depending on the provider and the specific plan. Here are basic plans from popular network providers in Hong Kong:

  • 5 to 7 Days: Short-term plans ideal for brief stays.
  • 15 Days: Suitable for travelers staying for around two weeks.
  • 30 Days: Plans designed for longer stays, providing up to a month of service.

These SIM cards can sometimes be extended by purchasing additional credit or data packages. Always check the specific terms and conditions of the SIM card you choose to ensure it meets your travel needs.


Which SIM card is best for Hong Kong?

One of the best Hong Kong SIM cards, China Mobile Hong Kong is the top option. They offer you a good prepaid tourist SIM card including 5G for HKD 78 ($10), and 7 GB of high-speed data for 7 days.

Where can I buy a Hong Kong eSIM? 

There are a lot of operators for you to buy a Hong Kong eSIM such as CSL Mobile (by Hong Kong Telecom), Smartone, or Three Hong Kong. However, if you would like to buy eSIM from these operators, you have to show your passport directly, which is not convenient. For the fastest service, you can buy an eSIM online at a reasonable price via GIGAGO eSIM via Whatsapp at +1 657-571-1199 or email at [email protected].

Can I buy a SIM card at Hong Kong Airport?

You can directly buy local Hong Kong SIM cards as well as rent a pocket Hong Kong Airport. Especially, if you are a foreigner, buying Hong Kong SIM cards at the airport will not be difficult because the airport staff are normally fluent in English to support their customers.

X. Conclusion

In conclusion, selecting suitable Hong Kong SIM cards is necessary for travelers to stay connected with everyone and prepare for the best trip. Whether you’re a tourist or a business traveler, facing data limits and losing connection is inconvenient. GIGAGO eSIM hopes that this Hong Kong SIM card article can give you useful advice for choosing the right connected methods.