Three HK SIM card & eSIM for Tourists: How to Get and Activate 2024

Three HK SIM card & eSIM for Tourists: How to Get and Activate
Three HK SIM card & eSIM for Tourists: How to Get and Activate

Are you finding the best data plans and deals for Three Hong Kong SIM cards & eSIM? Three HK Hong Kong is a mobile network provider in Hong Kong. They will offer you reliable connectivity with impressive speeds.

This article will detail Three Hong Kong SIM cards & eSIM. Let’s find out together!

I. Quick Facts about Three HK SIM card & eSIM

You can find some Three HK information below:

  • Founded year: 1984
  • Full company name: 3 Hong Kong, which is also known as Three Hong Kong or 3HK. Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings fully owns it.
  • Types of services provided: 3HK provides mobile phone networks, broadband internet, and gaming/entertainment services to customers.
  • Number of subscribers: As of June 2017, 3HK had over 3 million subscribers, making it the third-largest mobile network provider in Hong Kong.
  • Coverage: 3HK has coverage across Hong Kong for 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, and recently 5G networks. It also provides coverage of Hong Kong’s subway system.
  • Estimated number of stores: 3HK has numerous retail stores called ‘3Shops’ located across Hong Kong in places like shopping malls and busy neighborhoods to help customers.
  • Customer support: Customers can get support by calling 3HK’s hotline. Support is provided in Cantonese and English. Hotline service is available 24/7 all year. Customers can also get assistance in 3HK stores

II. Three Three HK SIM card & eSIM Coverage and Speed

Three Three HK SIM card & eSIM Coverage and Speed
Three Three HK SIM card & eSIM Coverage and Speed

Three HK SIM card & eSIM provides customers access to high 4G/5G speeds and good coverage across Hong Kong to enable fast browsing, streaming, gaming, and more.

1. Three HK Coverage in Hong Kong

3 Hong Kong strives to provide service across most of Hong Kong so you can stay connected wherever you are. Voice calls and texts are available in nearly all commercial and residential areas.

They utilize powerful 4G LTE, 3G, and GSM networks to power services like video calling, entertainment, and messaging. This extensive infrastructure helps ensure coverage.

Impressively, 3 Hong Kong aims to offer service even in the beautiful country parks dotted around Hong Kong where you can enjoy nature. Some popular parks covered include Shing Mun, Tai Tam, Sai Kung East and West, and Pat Sin Leng.

You’ll find coverage listed for over 15 country parks and extension areas like Shek O, Tai Tam Quarry Bay, and Lantau North. So explore to your heart’s content while staying in touch.

2. Three HK Speed

3 Hong Kong offers high-speed 4G LTE coverage in Hong Kong, delivering fast download and upload speeds.

Their network supports 4G LTE speeds of up to 1Gbps for download and 150Mbps for upload. 5G speeds are even faster but still rolling out.

Coverage of faster 4G LTE Extended and 4.5G technologies helps boost speeds in more areas.

Speed test results by third parties have shown 3 Hong Kong 4G speeds averaging around 30-100Mbps for download and 10-30Mbps for upload.

Indoor speeds may vary depending on coverage and the number of users in the area. Dense urban locations tend to see the highest speeds.

Customers can take advantage of speed boosts and deals like the 5G SpeedSwap plan which exchanges data for higher speed tiers.

Ookla has recognized 3 Hong Kong’s speed capabilities, awarding them as the fastest mobile network in Hong Kong by Speedtest.

Our recommendation: Three HK is also another good option for tourists to stay connected when traveling around Hong Kong. They will give you a good network connection when traveling.

III. What are the Best Connectivity Options of Three HK for Travelers to Hong Kong?

What are the Best Connectivity Options of Three HK for Travelers to Hong Kong?
What are the Best Connectivity Options of Three HK for Travelers to Hong Kong?

Three HK offers different connectivity options for tourists to Hong Kong:

  • Local SIM card;
  • Rental pocket wifi;
  • Travel SIM;
  • Mobile Hotspot;
  • International roaming.
Connectivity OptionProsCons
Local SIM Card– Inexpensive long-term solution– Setup fees and passport needed initially
Rental Pocket Wi-Fi– No passport or setup is needed– Higher daily/weekly costs than SIM
Travel SIM– Convenient ‘pop-in and go’ solution– Higher short-term costs than SIM
Mobile Hotspot– Device rental with data included– Higher costs than SIM or pocket Wi-Fi
International Roaming– Uses existing carrier and number– Very expensive for longer stays

IV. Best Three HK SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

Here is a table of Three HK’s prepaid plans available for tourists to refer to:

Plan NameDurationPriceIncluded DataDestinations
Local 30 Days30 days$501GBHong Kong
Local 365 Days365 days$1206GBHong Kong
24 Hours Data24 hours$102GBHong Kong
Mainland China/HK/Macau 365 Days365 days$26820GBMainland China, Hong Kong, Macau
Global 365 Days365 days$26820GBGlobal coverage
Japan/South Korea DailyPer day$12+VariousJapan, South Korea
Thailand/Singapore/Malaysia DailyPer day$12+VariousThailand, Singapore, Malaysia
Taiwan DailyPer day$12+VariousTaiwan
Mainland China DailyPer day$10+VariousMainland China
India DailyPer day$12+VariousIndia
Australia DailyPer day$12+VariousAustralia
Macau DailyPer day$12+VariousMacau
Philippines DailyPer day$12+VariousPhilippines
Vietnam DailyPer day$12+VariousVietnam
UK DailyPer day$23+VariousUK
France DailyPer day$23+VariousFrance
USA DailyPer day$18+VariousUSA

In summary, for short Hong Kong trips, the Local 30 Days plan at $50 with 1GB of data is ideal. For longer trips in Hong Kong and China can use the Mainland/HK/Macau 365 Days plan with 20GB for $268. Moreover, extended Asia trips benefit from the APAC 365 Days plan’s regional coverage and 20GB for $268 and worldwide trips find the best value in the Global 365 Days plan, giving 20GB coverage everywhere for $268.

V. Does Three HK Support eSIM in Hong Kong?

Does Three HK Support eSIM in Hong Kong?
Does Three HK Support eSIM in Hong Kong?

Yes, 3 Hong Kong was the first to offer eSIM services in Hong Kong in 2018 for devices like Apple iPhone XS and newer. Both prepaid and postpaid 3HK mobile plans can now activate digitally via downloaded eSIM profiles, allowing flexibility without physical nano-SIM cards, though compatibility must be checked.

However, the process to get an eSIM from Three HK is quite complicated when you need to show your ID card to register.  If you do not want to waste time, you can buy an eSIM from GIGAGO provider – a prestige online eSIM provider. Then, they just need to activate eSIM with a QR code sent to their email.

VI. Where to Buy a Three HK SIM card & eSIM?

To buy a Three HK SIM card, you can get one from the airport stores, visit Three HK stores in the city, or other authorized retailers in Hong Kong.

Here are some places that you can visit to buy a SIM card from Three HK Hong Kong:

  • 3 Stores (3Shops): 3HK operates numerous retail stores called 3Shops across Hong Kong. SIM cards and activations are available here.
  • 7-Eleven: Prepaid 3HK SIM cards can be purchased from 7-Eleven convenience stores without signing up. eSIM activation requires 3Shop.
  • Online: The 3HK website allows ordering prepaid SIM cards to be delivered. eSIM profiles can be downloaded and activated remotely.
  • Airport Stores: SIM cards are available at 3 counters located within airport terminals for instant access.
  • Dealers: Authorized dealers like Hutchison Telecom retail partners may offer 3HK products.
  • 3HK Mobile Stores: Pop-up 3HK retail kiosks are occasionally set up in MTR stations and shopping malls.
  • HSBC ATMs: Select HSBC ATMs in Hong Kong to dispense 3HK prepaid SIM cards for pickup from any 3Shop.

VII. How to Use and Activate Three HK SIM in Hong Kong?

How to use Three HK SIM card & eSIM? Let’s take a look at the below content!

1. How to Use Three HK SIM Card in Hong Kong?

Here are quick steps to use your 3 Hong Kong SIM card:

  • Buy 3HK prepaid SIM from stores.
  • Insert it into the phone and turn it on.
  • Within minutes, get assigned a Hong Kong number starting with 9.
  • Activate data or airtime via the app.
  • SIM is now ready to make calls, send texts, and use data on 3HK’s network in Hong Kong.
  • Top-up balance as needed when low.

2. How to Activate Three HK eSIM?

Here are the basic steps to activate a 3 Hong Kong eSIM profile:

  • Ensure your device supports eSIM and is enabled for it.
  • Purchase an eSIM plan online from the 3HK website.
  • Log into your 3HK account and access the eSIM activation tool.
  • Scan the QR code shown or enter the alphanumeric eSIM ID.
  • Your device will download and install the eSIM profile automatically.
  • Once installed, it may take a few minutes to provision on the network.
  • You’ll then see the 3HK mobile number activated and ready for use.
  • Data, minutes, or SMS allowances will also be available immediately.
  • Top-ups or plan changes can now be made remotely via the online account.
  • To switch eSIM carriers, you just need to download a new profile from their portal.

VIII. How to Top-up Hong Kong SIM/eSIM

To top-up a 3 Hong Kong prepaid SIM/eSIM, there are some methods that you can refer to:

  • Online via the My3HK Account Portal: Visit, login, and pay with a credit card for an instant top-up.
  • 3HongKong App: Download from app stores, login, and reload your balance securely from within the app.
  • Autopay: Set up monthly autopay via credit card to automatically reload your account.
  • Bank Transfer: Make transfers from most HK bank accounts via online banking.
  • 7-Eleven: Top-up in-store with cash at any 7-Eleven by providing your phone number.
  • Circle K: Selected Circle K stores also allow cash top-ups for 3HK prepaid.
  • Bill Payments: Use PPS or Visa payWave services at local convenience stores.
  • Physical Stores: Visit any 3Shop location to top-up with cash or card.
  • Third-Party Sites: Some online vendors offer top-up as an e-voucher code.

Top-up amounts typically start from $50 and never expire as long as the balance remains. Topping up regularly ensures continued service.

IX. FAQs about Three HK in Hong Kong

1. What phone models are compatible with 3 HK?

Most unlocked GSM-compatible phones work, including Apple, Samsung, Huawei, etc. Dual-SIM and international models are fine.

2. How can I check my 3 HK number or balance?

Log in to the My3HK account portal online or via the app to check your number, plans, usage, and top-up balance.

3. Can I keep my 3 HK numbers if I change phones?

Yes, your number is tied to your account, not the device. Just swap SIM cards to a new compatible phone.

4. Is roaming available when traveling outside Hong Kong?

No, but you can buy international roaming add-ons for data and calls in select destinations.

X. Conclusion

In conclusion, 3 Hong Kong provides fast and reliable mobile service across Hong Kong, empowering customers to stay connected seamlessly. With extensive retail coverage and versatile prepaid plans, 3HK aims to offer the simplest connectivity experience for locals and visitors alike through superior network quality and customer service.

Moreover, we highly recommend you buy a SIM card or an eSIM for the best experience. Especially, an eSIM will be an elite method for you if your devices are compatible with eSIM. You can access the GIGAGO website to get more information.