Buying CMHK SIM Cards & eSIM for Tourists: Guide to Get and Activate 2024

Getting and activating CMHK SIM Cards and eSIM for tourists is very easy. Learn best eSIM plans, price, buying methods to make an informed decision if you should choose CMHK Hong Kong for your trip.

CMHK Hong Kong SIM cards and eSIMs

CMHK (China Mobile Hong Kong) is the largest mobile company in Hong Kong serving over 8 million customers since 1994.  It provides phone and internet services for people. Moreover, this company has many stores for purchase and support across Hong Kong.

This article will provide you with some information about CMHK. Let’s take a look!

I. Quick Facts about CMHK Hong Kong

Let’s find out some facts about CMHK together:

  • Founded year:  Founded in June 1994 under the name PEOPLES Telephone Company Limited.
  • Full name: China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited.
  • Types of services: mobile phone networks, home internet connections, and mobile communication services.
  • Number of subscribers: As of 2017, CMHK had around 8 million subscribers, making it the largest mobile network in Hong Kong.
  • Coverage: CMHK provides coverage in Hong Kong using different frequencies and network technologies like 4G, 3G, and 2G.
  • Number of stores: The article does not provide an exact number, but it is likely that CMHK has hundreds of network stores and authorized agents across Hong Kong to support customers.
  • Customer support: CMHK likely offers around-the-clock telephone support in Cantonese and English for customers to get help with accounts, services, or technical issues. Live online chat and text support may also be available.

II. CMHK Coverage and Speed

CMHK is known as the No.1 mobile network operator in Hong Kong with the best 5G speed and coverage.

1. CMHK Coverage in Hong Kong

Coverage map of CMHK Hong Kong operator

CMHK has good coverage for tourists to experience a smooth trip when:

  • CMHK scored highly in key coverage metrics like Availability (98.8%) and 5G Availability (27.7%), showing its network is accessible most of the time.
  • 5G Reach of 6.9/10 reflected strong 5G coverage across locations users frequently visit.
  • Coverage maps indicated strong signals throughout urban areas and major transportation routes.
  • While only sometimes #1, CMHK’s results demonstrate it provides widespread and consistent LTE/4G and 5G connectivity for daily use around Hong Kong.

2. CMHK Speed

CMHK Hong Kong speedtest

If getting the fastest possible speeds is important to you, CMHK is the network to choose in Hong Kong because:

  • CMHK is fast when it comes to 5G! They win the awards for the fastest 5G download and upload speeds.
  • Users on CMHK’s 5G network averaged download speeds of 164.4 Mbps. That’s over 36 Mbps faster than the second-place networks. Pretty impressive!
  • For 5G upload speeds, CMHK averaged 29.4 Mbps. This was slightly ahead of second place SmarTone and CSL. Uploads can sometimes be slow, so that’s great to see from CMHK.
  • CMHK’s download and upload speeds were competitive overall, not just on 5G. They placed second for average download speeds across all networks.
  • CMHK has invested in building out a powerful 5G infrastructure. Their speeds show they can deliver a top-notch mobile experience to customers. Whether you’re downloading or uploading, CMHK has you covered!
  • With speeds like these from CMHK, you’ll have no problem streaming HD videos, gaming online, or doing all your other mobile activities without delay. Their network delivers the bandwidth when you need it.

III. What are the Best Connectivity Options of CMHK for Travelers to Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong, CMHK offers several options to provide connectivity for travelers:

  • Prepaid CMHK SIM Card: CMHK sells prepaid Hong Kong SIM cards that can be purchased at the airport or local stores. The SIM comes with a data allowance that does not expire.
  • Hotspot Rental: CMHK offers pocket WiFi hotspots that can be rented for periods like 1 day or 1 week. This allows wireless connectivity for multiple devices.
  • International Roaming: Customers can activate Hong Kong international roaming on their regular CMHK postpaid plan to use their same number abroad.
Prepaid SIM Card– Inexpensive
– Easy to purchase
– Must purchase data upfront
– Data allowance expires
– Cannot use a home number
Hotspot Rental– Covers multiple devices
– Unlimited data allowance
– No changing SIMs
– More expensive than SIM
– Limited rental period
– Cannot use a home number
International Roaming– Use home phone number
– No changing SIMs
– Familiar plan
– Very expensive data rates
– Coverage depends on partnerships
– Calls/texts to HK may be blocked

In summary, buying SIM cards is the most convenient, reasonable, and cheapest option for tourists when traveling to Hong Kong.

► Get to know more details about Hong Kong SIM cards for tourists and best plans.

IV. Best CMHK SIM Cards for Tourists & Costs

CMHK Hong Kong SIM store

 There are the best CMHK (China Mobile Hong Kong) SIM cards for tourists and their costs:

  • CMHK prepaid SIM card for tourists costs HK$78 (about USD 10). This SIM card gives you 7GB of data and 200 minutes of calling, as well as 1GB of data that can be used in Macau and mainland China.
  • At the Hong Kong Airport, you can buy a CMHK physical prepaid SIM card for HK$88 (about USD 11) which includes 80GB of data. This is considered one of the best Hong Kong prepaid SIM card deals for visitors

Some key points about CMHK SIM cards:

They are the only prepaid SIM cards for tourists that offer 5G network access.

Data allowance of 7GB on the HK$78 SIM card is technically the maximum speed limit, data slows to 384kbps after that.

SIM cards can be purchased at CMHK retail stores, 7-Elevens, Circle Ks, and other convenience stores. The article recommends buying from a CMHK store for the easiest activation.

V. Does CMHK Support eSIM in Hong Kong?

No. CMHK (China Mobile Hong Kong) DOES NOT currently support eSIM cards for tourists in Hong Kong. They only offer physical prepaid SIM cards for tourists. Hence, if you would like to buy an eSIM, you can refer to some retailers or online eSIM providers such as GIGAGO eSIM to get a Hong Kong eSIM.

Note: Before buying an eSIM for Hong Kong travel, you need to make sure that your phone is carrier-unlocked (to warrant that it can receives the signals of Hong Kong mobile network operators) and eSIM-supported (to be able to work with eSIM function).

VI. Where to Buy a CMHK SIM card and eSIM?

To buy a CMHK SIM card, you can get one from the airport or visit their stores in the city. 

1. Where to Buy a CMHK SIM Card for Hong Kong?

1.1 Buy at Hong Kong International Airport

In the arrivals hall, there are CMHK stores offering SIMs with data packages. Here are some pros and cons of buying SIM cards at Hong Kong International Airport:


  • Convenient to buy upon arrival without other plans
  • Stores are signposted at the airport
  • A variety of carriers and plans are available


  • A limited selection of plans compared to city stores
  • Often more expensive than city prices
  • Long queues at airport stores during peak times

1.2 Buy in official CMHK retail stores in the city

Flagship stores are located in major shopping areas with knowledgeable staff who can assist with choosing the best plan and SIM activation. And there are several pros and cons when buying a SIM in the city:


  • Wider selection of plans and data packages
  • Often discounted bundles are not available at the airport
  • Staff can help with activation and finding the best plan
  • No lines or rush like in the airport


  • The requirement to travel from the airport to the store location
  • May need to research store locations in advance
  • Slightly more effort than impulse airport purchase

2. Where to Buy CMHK eSIM for Hong Kong?

Because CMHK does not offer eSIM in Hong Kong directly, tourists can only buy them from other eSIM stores such as GIGAGO – one of the top online eSIM providers. When buying an eSIM in GIGAGO, you do not need to register personal information, just choose the eSIM plan you want and make online payment.

Gigago SIM Hong Kong - alternative to CMHK Hong Kong eSIM
Gigago SIM Hong Kong – best alternative to CMHK Hong Kong eSIM

VII. How to Use and Activate CMHK SIM in Hong Kong?

To activate a CMHK SIM card in Hong Kong, please follow these steps:

  • Insert the SIM into your unlocked phone.
  • Power on – the activation process will start automatically.
  • Select language and provide registration details like name, passport, and HK address.
  • Receive SMS verification codes and enter them to complete registration.
  • Activation takes 15-30 mins. Check data and calls are working once complete.
  • Enjoy the purchased data plan through the validity period on CMHK’s network.

VIII. How to Top-up Hong Kong SIM

To top-up a SIM card in Hong Kong, here are some methods that you can refer to:

  • Via the CMHK app: Download the China Mobile Hong Kong app. Select “My Account” and choose a data add-on package to top up online using a credit card.
  • At 7-Eleven: Visit any 7-Eleven convenience store and use the self-service kiosk to top-up data packages starting from HKD 30. Cash or Octopus card accepted.
  • At Circle K: Similar to 7-Eleven, Circle K stores have kiosks where most major HK carriers’ SIMs can be topped up with cash.
  • Authorized shops: Go to CMHK branded stores or other shops selling mobile stuff. Provide SIM numbers to staff and pay for data packages.
  • SMS: Some SIMs support topping up via SMS commands. Message a shortcode of the recharge amount to activate (e.g. type DATA 100 and send to 1290).
  • Automated Phone System: Call the operator’s customer service number. Follow the voice prompts to key in the SIM number and top-up amount using phone credit.

It’s easy to top-up at convenience kiosks or via the app for flexibility. Packages start from $30HKD, providing flexibility to add data as needed.

IX. FAQs about CMHK SIM card and eSIM Hong Kong

What networks does CMHK use?

CMHK operates on its own 4G/LTE and 5G mobile network.

Is registration required to buy a CMHK SIM?

Yes, a valid passport is required for identity verification when buying and registering a CMHK SIM.

Can I use my regular China SIM in Hong Kong?

No, you need a Hong Kong SIM card like CMHK as networks are different from mainland China.

Do CMHK SIMs support both 4G and 5G?

Yes, but only postpaid plans provide 5G. Prepaid SIMs are limited to 4G/LTE speeds.

How do I check my CMHK SIM balance?

Log in to your CMHK account online or check the myCMHK app to view data/call credits.

Is there a usage limit after which data speed slows down?

Yes, data speed on CMHK prepaid SIMs slows to 384kbps once the monthly FUP is reached.

X. Conclusion

In conclusion, CMHK is worthy for tourists to use and have a smooth Hong Kong trip due to its good coverage and speed. Moreover, buying a CMHK sim card can be considered an ideal option for anyone traveling to Hong Kong.

However, if you have smartphones that are compatible with eSIM, you can consider buying an eSIM for the best experience. You can try using GIGAGO Hong Kong eSIM for the most competitive price.