Buying TDC SIM Cards and eSIM for Tourists: Guide to Get and Activate 2024

Planning a Denmark vacation? Connectivity is crucial for exploring Copenhagen, Viking history, or nature. Top Danish mobile network TDC provides TDC SIM card and eSIM for mobile connectivity.

TDC SIM card and eSIM for travelers

This extensive guide covers all TDC connections. To assist you in picking a TDC SIM card and eSIM for your vacation, we’ll highlight their vast coverage, quick speed, and several data possibilities.

I. Overview about TDC – What You Need to Know

Founded in 1886, Tele Danmark (TDC) has transformed into Denmark’s leading mobile network, synonymous with reliable connections.

  • Founded: 1886
  • Full Name: Tele Danmark (TDC)
  • Meaning: Danish Telecom
  • Initial Service: Telephone
  • Current Services: Mobile, Fixed Broadband, TV, Streaming
  • Subscribers: Over 4 million (Denmark & Greenland)
  • Network: 1,700+ stores & agents
  • Customer Care: 24/7, English & Danish
  • Accolades: 2023 nPerf Speedtest Award (Best Mobile Network)
  • Pros: Extensive coverage, top speeds, reliable support, wide network
  • Cons: Potential signal weakness in remote areas
Quick Facts about TDC - TDC SIM card and eSIM
Quick Facts about TDC – TDC SIM card and eSIM

II. TDC Coverage in Denmark

TDC Coverage in Denmark - TDC SIM card and eSIM (Source: nPerf)
TDC Coverage in Denmark – TDC SIM card and eSIM (Source: nPerf)

Compared to Telia or 3, their coverage map is different. TDC’s nationwide network reaches isolated locations typically overlooked by others. No more lost calls or buffering—just uninterrupted connection for your Danish vacation.

Here’s what sets TDC’s coverage apart:

  • Nationwide Reach
  • Rural Strength
  • Reliable Service

With TDC, you can genuinely roam freely and capture every moment of your Danish adventure worry-free.

III. TDC Speed in Denmark

TDC Speed map (Source: OpenSignal)
TDC Speed map (Source: OpenSignal)

TDC ranks three in Denmark for download and upload speeds, according to Opensignal and nPerf. An impressive 90,6 Mbps download speed and 18,3 Mbps upload speed are typical. This is much superior compared to 3 (89,9 Mbps download).

Conclusion: TDC has Denmark’s quickest and most dependable mobile network. Their lightning-fast speeds and vast coverage make them ideal for smooth, connected travel. TDC SIM card and eSIM will speed up your Denmark exploration, so pack your luggage and grab your phone!

IV. Does TDC Have eSIM in Denmark?

Yes, TDC Supports eSIM in Denmark!

Embrace the future of connectivity with TDC’s eSIM. Ditch the physical card hassle and enjoy:

  • Instant Activation: Scan a QR code, activate in seconds, and start exploring.
  • Easy Switching: Swap between eSIMs on your device without juggling physical cards.
  • Remote Management: Top up or change your plan on the go, no need to visit a store.

V. Top TDC SIM Cards for Tourists

Denmark beckons, and TDC offers a delicious spread of prepaid SIM card options for Denmark to keep you connected. Let’s explore some favorites:

  • Data Master: This plan offers 10GB or 20GB of pure data bliss for data-hungry explorers, starting at just $15 USD. Perfect for streaming, sharing, and navigating like a pro.
  • Travel Lite: Ideal for short trips, this package bundles data, minutes, and texts for a set period (7 days or 14 days). Prices start at around $10 USD, providing essential connectivity without breaking the bank.
  • Combo Champion: Combine data, minutes, and SMS in one convenient package, starting from $20 USD. Perfect for staying in touch with loved ones while savoring Danish adventures.

But wait, there’s more! TDC also offers eSIMs. So, if your phone rocks eSIM capabilities (like the iPhone 15 USA version), say goodbye to physical SIM hassles! Installation is a breeze – simply scan a QR code and activate in seconds. Check TDC’s website for compatible devices and eSIM plans.

Conclusion: With diverse tourist TDC SIM card and eSIM options, finding the perfect fit is easy. Whether you’re a data devotee, a travel minimalist, or a balanced communicator, TDC has you covered. So, choose your flavor, connect seamlessly, and confidently explore Denmark!

VI. Where to Buy a TDC SIM card and eSIM?

Whether you prefer the classic TDC SIM card and eSIM, Denmark has you covered. Here’s your guide to finding the perfect fit:

1. TDC SIM Card:

Where to buy TDC SIM Card - TDC store
Where to buy TDC SIM Card – TDC store
  • Airports: Grab a SIM upon arrival at Copenhagen or Billund Airport, ideal for immediate connection.
  • Convenience Stores: Find TDC SIM cards at 7-Eleven, Telia Company stores, and other retailers, offering easy accessibility.
  • Online: Order directly from TDC’s website for convenient home delivery, perfect for planning ahead.

Pros: Widely available, familiar format, works across diverse devices.

Cons: Requires phone’s SIM slot, initial purchase cost.

2. TDC eSIM:

TDC eSIM by Gigago using TDC network
TDC eSIM by Gigago using TDC network
  • TDC Website: Purchase and activate directly on TDC’s website using your passport details. Quick and convenient, but requires registration.
  • Third-party eSIM Retailers: Consider reputable online retailers like Gigago offering competitive prices and easy activation processes. No registration is needed!
  • Pros: Instant activation, no physical card hassle, remote management.
  • Cons: Requires eSIM-compatible phone, limited availability compared to physical SIMs.

Choose Your Adventure:

Whether you prioritize convenience, affordability, or avoiding registration, TDC offers suitable options. For seamless online purchasing and no registration hassles, consider Gigago’s eSIM plans. Explore their offerings and find the perfect Danish connection before your adventure begins!

VII. How to Top-up TDC SIM/eSIM

Running low on data or minutes? Don’t worry, topping up your TDC SIM card and eSIM is a breeze! Here are the convenient ways to keep your connection flowing:


  • Online: Top up directly on TDC’s website using your credit or debit card. This method offers instant top-up and is accessible from anywhere.
  • App: Download the TDC app and easily top up using your preferred payment method.
  • Physical Top-up Cards: Purchase recharge cards in denominations starting from €10 at airports, convenience stores, and supermarkets. Scratch the PIN code and follow the instructions on the card to top up.


  • TDC Website: Top up directly on TDC’s website using your credit or debit card.
  • eSIM Provider App: If you purchased your eSIM through a third-party provider like Gigago, use their app to top up seamlessly with your chosen payment method.
  • QR Code Top-up (Select Retailers): Scan a QR code displayed at select retailers to initiate a top-up and complete the transaction online.

Remember: Top-up options and denominations may vary depending on your chosen plan and purchase method.

VIII. FAQs about TDC in Denmark

Does TDC offer English customer support?

Yes, TDC offers 24/7 customer support in both English and Danish. You can reach them through phone, live chat, or email.

Can I use my phone’s hotspot feature with TDC?

Most TDC data plans allow tethering, so you can share your internet connection with other devices like laptops or tablets. Check your specific plan details for confirmation.

What happens if I lose my TDC SIM card and eSIM?

Contact TDC customer support immediately to block your SIM and prevent unauthorized usage. They can help you replace your lost SIM for a small fee.

IX. Conclusion

TDC is Denmark’s connection provider because of its wide coverage, high speeds, and many alternatives, including the TDC SIM card and eSIM. TDC connects the city and distant adventurers. Choose an eSIM for rapid activation and tech-savvy simplicity.

If you prefer wider top-up options or a physical card, opt for a SIM. Regardless, TDC empowers you to confidently explore Denmark – pack your bags, grab your phone, and get ready!