If you are going to travel Denmark soon, knowing how to stay connected during your visit is essential, if not important. We all know that a local SIM card is a traditional way to stay in touch with other people back home while traveling abroad. But, how is it in a foreign country like Denmark? This article will discuss all about Denmark SIM cards, including best SIM card plans for tourists, which providers offer affordable prepaid options, where to buy SIM cards for Denmark, and up-to-date information. Take a look!

Denmark SIM cards for tourists

I. Should You Get a Sim Card in Denmark?

Can foreigners get a SIM Card in Denmark?

Yes. Any tourist visiting Denmark can purchase a prepaid SIM card without restrictions. The major Danish mobile operators no longer sell prepaid SIM cards. However, you can buy affordable prepaid SIM cards from Lycamobile and Lebara Mobile.

  • No minimum stay requirement
  • No registration needed after purchasing the SIM card
  • Prepaid SIM cards work immediately upon purchase
  • Top-ups can be done online or through vouchers sold widely

So, should you get a SIM card in Denmark?


Denmark is part of Northern Europe. And, traveling in Northern Europe, especially Scandinavia is expensive. Therefore, do not waste your money on super high roaming costs here. 

Getting a SIM card seems to be much easier. You will get online within minutes.

Of course, apart from roaming, tourists still have other options to stay connected while traveling abroad: free WiFi, pocket WiFi,  physical tourist SIM cards, travel eSIM for Denmark (or Europe).

Each option has its strengths and weaknesses. But, choosing which one for your trip to Denmark should be considered carefully to warrant worthwhile experiences. 

Let’s see our table comparing pros and cons of each option:

Pocket WiFiRather highGenerous data Be able to share with other devicesRequires renting/purchase upfrontHave to bring along during the tripHave to maintain a specific distance to be able to share with other devices
Physical tourist SIM cardsAffordable to cheap priceDifferent plans to chooseAlways have internet when necessaryNeed to visit stores to buy or wait for SIM deliveryNeed to swap and insert the SIM into the trap
Travel eSIMFlexible multi-country usePotentially higher costs than local SIMRequires devices that support eSIM
Roaming with existing SIMContinues existing serviceVery expensive international rates
Public WiFiFree in some areasLow speedUnstable due to a lot people use at a timeUnstable coverageUnsecure connection

▶ Our recommendation

Choose SIM/eSIM for a good overall performance, including stable coverage, fast speed, good security, cost effectiveness, and multiple choices. However, if you do not favor swapping SIM cards, consider using an eSIM.

III. Types of Denmark SIM Card for Tourists – Which One is the Best?

Types of Denmark SIM cards for tourists

Here are 02 main types of SIM cards available for tourists visiting Denmark:

1. Prepaid physical SIM card in Denmark

Prepaid physical SIM card in Denmark is a physical nano-SIM card that you insert into your phone. It requires purchase and activation. It includes 02 plan types: Data only and data + calls and texts.

  • How it works: Available from stores. Popular brands are Lebara Mobile and Lycamobile. Purchase a SIM, load it with credit and activate data packages. Recharge before expiry.
  • Cost: SIM cards start from 29 DKK. Monthly packages from 19-199 DKK with varying data allowances.
  • Suitable for: Travelers who want the full control of a physical SIM without roaming charges.
  • Pros: Local phone number, affordable plans with generous data, coverage on major networks.
  • Cons: Need to purchase upfront, may not use leftover credit if it expires.

2. Prepaid Tourist Denmark eSIM

Prepaid Tourist Denmark eSIM is a digital SIM profile downloaded to your eSIM compatible device. No physical SIM slot needed. It also includes 02 plan types: data only and data + calls and texts.

  • How it works: Purchase an eSIM package online from a provider. Connect to network upon receiving login details.
  • Cost: Starts from 15-30 EUR usually. Multi-country and long validity options available.
  • Suitable for: Travelers with eSIM phones visiting multiple European countries.
  • Pros: Convenience of no physical SIM, can switch profiles easily, roam freely in supported countries.
  • Cons: Higher upfront cost, limited validity if not renewed, not all phones support eSIM yet.

▶ Our recommendation:

Denmark is located in Europe. There is a policy of free roaming within Europe. So:

  • If you only visit Denmark on your trip: you can choose either a physical prepaid SIM card from Lebara Mobile/Lycamobile or a virtual eSIM for your trip.
  • If you are visiting multiple EU countries besides Denmark: An eSIM with EU-wide coverage may be preferable. Providers like Gigago offer eSIM packages covering many EU nations. You can then use the eSIM freely across the EU without any roaming charges.
  • If you are not going to make analog calls/texts, then choose data-only plans. This will still allow you to stay connected with other people in your hometown through apps and get Internet access as well.

III. How Much Does a Denmark Travel SIM Card Cost?

The price of a Danish SIM card is rather reasonable, especially for an expensive country like Denmark. You can buy a Danish SIM card for 3.6 USD from Lycamobile (the MVNO of Telia and Telenor) or for 7 USD from Lebara Mobile (also the MVNO of Telenor and Telia) from agents or resellers, such as 7-Elevens, grocery stores, and electronic shops. 

IV. Best Denmark SIM Card Packages for Tourists and Price – Which to choose?

Good to know: 1 DKK (Danish Krone = KR) = 0.14 USD (as of December 2023)

Denmark has 04 main mobile carriers and 02 mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs):

  • TDC/YouSee, 
  • Telenor Denmark, 
  • Telia Denmark,
  • 3 Denmark; and 
  • Lebara Mobile Mobile (MVNO of Telenor and Telia)
  • Lycamobile (MVNO of Telia)

BIG NOTE: All of these major mobile internet providers in Denmark do not provide prepaid SIMs directly anymore. 

What now?

Don’t worry! You can still buy a prepaid SIM card in Denmark from MVNOs.

Therefore, travelers to Denmark are recommended to buy SIM plans from Lebara Mobile and Lycamobile. 

Here are details about SIM card packages for tourists of each MVNO: 

1. Buy Prepaid Lycamobile Denmark SIM Card Plans and Price

Here are some prepaid packages available for tourists of Lycamobile:

  • Denmark SIM Only: 5GB +  unlimited calls and texts within Denmark, valid for 30 days =  $10.49 USD 
  • Denmark Explorer: 15GB + unlimited calls and texts within Denmark + 500 international minutes to call 50+ destinations, valid for 30 days = $20.99
  • Denmark Unlimited: Unlimited data +  unlimited calls and texts within Denmark + unlimited international minutes to call 50+ destinations, valid for 30 days = $31.49 USD

Important Note: Be aware that the prepaid SIM card of Lycamobile limits free EU roaming. So, you should use the Lycamobile plan for traveling in Denmark only, not for traveling around Europe. 

2. Buy Prepaid Lebara Mobile Denmark SIM Card Plans and Price

Data bundles of Lebara Mobile include:

  • 20GB of high-speed data, valid for 30 days = $7.24
  • 60GB of high-speed data, valid for 30 days = $14.53 USD
  • 100GB of high-speed data, valid for 30 days = $15.44USD
  • 500GB of high-speed data, valid for 30 days = $35.16 USD
  • Unlimited high-speed data, valid for 30 days = $42.26 USD

Note: These prepaid plans:

  • use the network of Telenor and Telia Denmark. 
  • Only work in Denmark, not other EU countries
  • have no access to 5G networks in Denmark

The plan details (including price, data allowances, validity) are updated at the time of writing this article. For the most updated information, visit the official websites of the carrier.

Important Note: If you travel onwards to Europe, be careful that the data plans of Lycamobile are capped.

▶ Our recommendation:

  • If you only travel Denmark, then you can choose either Lycamobile or Lebara Mobile data packages. But, Lycamobile are slightly cheaper.  
  • If you travel onwards to Europe, do not use them because the data is limited (though there is EU roaming included), go for another option: an eSIM card.

IV. Where to Buy a Tourist SIM Card for Denmark?

Where to buy a Denmark sim card - at airport
Where to buy a Denmark sim card – at airport

Tourists can buy a Denmark travel SIM card with 04 main ways as follows: 

1. Buy Physical SIM card online (before the trip)

Tourists can preorder online a prepaid SIM card for use in Denmark from travel SIM providers before their trip. The SIM will be delivered to your home address. 

This way allows you to have enough time on researching options so as to choose the carrier and plan best suited your needs and budget. Just make sure the SIM card is compatible with your phone.

What to prepare: No

Price: varies by network operator and plan


  • No need to rely on international roaming
  • More cost-effective than using your home network for roaming.
  • Better coverage in remote areas in comparison with international roaming.
  • Activate your SIM before arrival


  • Possible limited data
  • Shipping costs
  • Potential delays

2. Buy at the Airports (upon arrival)

After arrival at Dermark, you visit the designated stores or kiosks at the Copenhagen airport.

This option is convenient for those needing immediate connectivity right upon arrival.

What to prepare: passport or valid ID, payment method

Cost: Higher compared to online purchases 

Pros: No need for prior planning or online purchases.

Cons: Limited options compared to online purchases and potentially higher prices.

3. Buy in Cities (After Arrival)

Visit authorized retailers, convenience stores like 7-Eleven, electronic stores or network provider stores in Danish cities (including Copenhagen) to buy prepaid SIM cards for Denmark. However, finding a phone shop selling prepaid SIM cards for tourists in Denmark is somehow harder than in other countries. 

What to prepare: Passport or valid ID, and a payment method.

Cost: Much cheaper than airport purchases, starting from 120 DKK (approx. $18).

Convenience: Pros: More options and potentially better deals compared to airport purchases.

Cons: Requires some effort to locate a store and may involve language barriers.

Note: It seems that 7-Eleven in Copenhagen city only sell Lebara Mobile SIM card.

4. Buy eSIMOnline

Visit the website of eSIM providers that offer Denmark eSIM or EU eSIM (that cover Denmark) and select a tourist eSIM plan that suits your needs. Then, you can activate the eSIM remotely without the need for a physical card.

What to prepare: an eSIM-compatible device and internet access.

Cost: Comparable to physical SIM cards, starting from 100 DKK (approx. $15).

Pros: Easy activation, and greater flexibility in choosing plans.

Cons: Not all devices support eSIMs

V. How Much Data is Enough for a Prepaid Tourist SIM Card for Denmark?

How much data for Denmark sim card
How much data for Denmark sim card

Here is the data usage guide for tourists in Denmark:

User TypeApproximate Data Consumption per Day
Heavy User3-5 GB
Medium User1-3 GB
Light UserLess than 1 GB

Here is our additional tips on choosing a Data Plan for Your Trip:

  • Monitor Your Usage: Keep track of your data usage to avoid unexpected charges. Download some apps or visit online portals to control your data usage.
  • Use data-only SIM: If you do not need to make analog calls or text messages, choose data-only plans as a cost-effective option.
  • Look for bundle plans: bundle plans include data that only works in Denmark only, which can be a good value for travelers to Denmark only.

VI. Denmark eSIM – Alternative to Physical SIM Cards to Get Internet in Denmark

Want to use eSIM for your trip to Denmark? You may wonder which provider to choose. 

Before choosing your eSIM provider, consider these factors:

  • Instant connectivity right after landing,
  • Cost effectiveness 
  • Multiple data plans
  • Wide network coverage
  • Easy installation
  • 24/7 support
  • No contract or commitment
  • Check eSIM-compatible devices
  • Positive customer reviews

GIGAGO will be your best choice because this provider meets all the requirements above. They offer multiple data plan options for Denmark, starting from a 3-day plan with 300MB per day for $5 as their most minimal plan. They also have 5-day, 7-day, 10-day, 14-day, 15-day, 20-day, 25-day, 28-day, and 30-day plans ranging from 1GB to 50GB of data, with prices from $5 up to $136.90. These diversifying options surely fit your trip duration.

Gigago Denmark esim for tourists
Gigago Denmark eSIM plans for tourists

To activate your Gigago eSIM, scan the QR code given by Gigago in the confirmation email after purchase and follow the instructions. Visit Gigago eSIM Denmark to see more details.

VII. Which Denmark Mobile Networks Are The Best for Tourists?

In fact, Denmark is one of the leading countries for the availability of 5G. You can expect fast connection speeds with any network.

As we mentioned earlier, 03 major mobile network operators in Denmark (TDC/YouSee, Telenor Denmark, Telia Denmark) DO NOT OFFER PREPAID PLANS DIRECTLY to customers. Only 02 MVNOs of these operators (Lycamobile and Lebara Mobile) do. 

However, these MVNOs all use the telecom infrastructure of big network operators (Telia and Telenor), which surely warrant good coverage and speed. 

To help you understand more about the major cellular network operators in Denmark. We gather some key information below:

1. Telenor Denmark

Telenor provides nationwide 4G and 5G coverage. Telenor stores located across Danish cities also sell SIM cards that can be topped up later.

  • Rank: the 2nd largest mobile network operator in Denmark
  • 5G network: Yes
  • Average speed: 80-150 Mbps
  • Telenor offers an EU subscription that gives service on mobile networks in 44 European countries. 
  • They also offer a subscription just for use in Denmark only, but may be a cheaper option than EU one.
  • When signing up with Telenor, you have to choose either getting an EU SIM card or Danish SIM card. . 
  • No prepaid plans offered directly to customers

Note: Telenor does not let customers use the same SIM overseas and domestically.

Denmark Telenor coverage map in Denmark (source: npef)
Telenor Denmark coverage map(source: nperf)

2. Telia Denmark

Telia uses the same mobile network as Telenor. You can expect optimal coverage, fast 5G speeds, and affordable monthly plans.

  • Rank: The 3rd largest mobile network operator in Denmark
  • 5G network: Yes
  • Average speed: 70-120 Mbps
  • No prepaid plans offered directly to customers

Note: Telia limits roaming unless you’re traveling to the US or EU. You should also know that there is a fee of 100 kr, for activating your new line.

Telia Denmark coverage map - Denmark sim cards
Telia Denmark coverage map(source: nperf)

3. TDC/YouSee

TDC Denmark is one of the largest operators in Denmark. It has extensive 4G and 3G coverage across the country.

  • Rank: the largest mobile network operator in Denmark. But, TDC’s 4G/LTE network coverage is good but not as extensive as Telia and Telenor in remote rural areas of Denmark
  • 5G network: Yes
  • Average speed: 100-200 Mbps
  • Plans for tourists: have plans for tourists but rather limited compared to MVNOs like Lebara Mobile and Lycamobile which offer better value add-ons and deals.
Denmark TDC coverage map - Denmark sim cards for tourists
Denmark TDC coverage map (source: nperf)

VIII. How to Use Denmark Prepaid SIM Cards and eSIM

1. Using prepaid Denmark tourist SIM Cards

Steps for using a Denmark tourist SIM card are:

  • Check whether or not your phone is unlocked and compatible with European SIM cards before departure
  • Buy a prepaid travel SIM card which costs from 30 to 50 DKK.
  • Insert the SIM card into your phone, turn it on
  • The SIM comes with credit but your can still top up online
  • The WiFi calling and mobile data work in Denmark and EU countries with no extra charges due to roaming inclusion.

2. Setting up and activating Denmark eSIM 

Take these steps if you want to use Denmark travel eSIM:

  • Check if your phone is eSIM compatible before traveling.
  • Research eSIM providers like Gigago that offer Denmark/EU plans online before departure
  • Buy the Denmark or EU-wide eSIM plan that fits your needs and download the eSIM profile from the website.
  • Go to Settings > Install Profile > Add eSIM and follow guidelines

Some eSIM plans also offer global coverage beyond Europe. So, check your plan for details. 


Can I use my regular SIM card in Denmark?

You can use your regular SIM card by roaming in Denmark, but it may be expensive. Check rates with your provider first. Using a Danish SIM card will likely be much cheaper for data/calls.

Can I use my current phone in Denmark?

SIMs in Denmark use common GSM technologies, but you need to check your phone’s network bands match those used locally.

How much does a Danish SIM card cost?

Prepaid SIMs from providers like Lebara Mobile and Lycamobile cost around $8-15 USD. Airport SIMs may be more.

Will my Danish SIM work in other countries?

SIMs from Lebara Mobile and Lycamobile include EU roaming, so the allowances can be used in many European countries.

Is there unlimited data available with Denmark SIM plans?

Yes, the most expensive plans from Lebara Mobile and Lycamobile include unlimited high-speed data valid for 30 days.

Can I get 5G access with a Denmark SIM card?

Currently, only plans provided directly by Telenor and Telia support 5G access in Denmark. MVNO SIMs don’t yet.Currently, only plans provided directly by Telenor and Telia support 5G access in Denmark. MVNO SIMs don’t yet. 

X. Conclusion

In conclusion, purchasing a Denmark travel SIM card such as those SIM cards offered by Lebara Mobile or Lycamobile or eSIM offered by Gigago is extremely convenient for tourists visiting Denmark to stay connected. By bypassing expensive roaming with a Denmark SIM, travelers preserve their privacy and enjoy huge data allowances worth far more than the cost.