Buying a SIM Card in Oslo for Travelers 2024: Guide from Locals

Many tourists are concerned about whether or not it is possible to buy a SIM card in Oslo. Through the article below, Gigago will share with you in detail how to buy and what to prepare when using a SIM card. 

SIM card in Oslo

I. Why Buy a SIM card in Oslo?

Compared to connecting via public WiFi or using a pocket WiFi device, a SIM card brings more convenience by ensuring continuous mobile connection. Besides, using a local SIM also ensures safety and security. Confidential information about visitors’ personal information.

Here are the key benefits of purchasing a Telenor SIM card in Oslo:

  • Easily bought at major airports and shopping centers located in Oslo.
  • Affordable data packages catered towards foreign travelers’ needs.
  • Multi-language support for a smooth customer experience.
  • Reliable services to ensure seamless communication throughout your trip.

II. Which mobile internet carrier is the best in Oslo?

Leading mobile service providers in Oslo, Norway, including Telenor, Telia, and Ice, MyCall, Chilimonile offer extensive coverage, reliable services, and diverse plans tailored to users’ needs.

CriteriaTeliaTelenorIceMyCall (MVNO)Chilimobile (MVNO)
CoverageBroad and reliableExtensive networkGood urban coverageGood overallUrban coverage
SpeedHigh-speed networkFast 4G and 5GCompetitive speedsVariesCompetitive speeds
ReliabilityReliable connectionStrong reliabilityStable performanceGenerally reliableStable performance
PopularityPopular choiceLeading providerEmerging presenceGrowing popularityIncreasing popularity
Tourist PlansAvailable optionsTourist-friendlyLimited offeringsTailored for touristsTourist-friendly
Data1-2 GB for 14 days ($10.3 USD)Various options availableVaries by plan1-2 GB for 14 days ($10.3 USD)Various options available
Validity14 daysVarious options availableVaries by plan14 daysVarious options available
Call/TextIncluded in some plansIncluded in some plansIncluded in some plansIncluded in some plansIncluded in some plans

Conclusion: Both Telenor and Telia offer robust networks, high-speed data, and tailored plans for tourists. The choice between them may depend on your specific preferences, such as coverage in certain areas or the features included in their tourist plans. 

III. Best Oslo SIM Card Plans and Price

This section provides a detailed overview of the most competitive Oslo SIM card plans offered by major carriers in Norway such as Telenor, Telia including data plan and cost.


Telenor offers several prepaid SIM cards suitable for tourists in Norway:

  • 30-day Travel Data package: Provides 500MB of 4G data with maximum speed of 10Mbps. Price is $15 USD
  • 7-day Travel Data package: Provides 200MB of 4G data with speed up to 10Mbps. Price is $10 USD
  • Daily data package: Provides 200MB of 4G data per day at 25kr/day fee. For 7 days it would be $17.5 USD
  • 30-day Welcome Data package: A free package for international guests when purchasing a new Telenor SIM, provides 500MB data.

There are also weekly and monthly packages with larger data allowances. All use Telenor’s 4G network across Norway with a maximum speed of 10Mbps.

Telenor Logo
Telenor Logo

2. Telia

TeliaSonera offers several prepaid SIM cards suitable for tourists in Norway:

  • 250MB of data + unlimited calls and messages within Norway, used in 14 days, for NOK 99 ($9.19)

With this package, it is possible to buy additional add-ons for data:

  • 4 GB for NOK 329 ($30.53)
  • 10 GB for NOK 429 (39.81)
Telia Logo
Telia Logo

IV. Where to Buy a SIM Card in Oslo?

When visiting Oslo and in need of a reliable SIM card for your mobile phone, you’ll want to explore the best places to make your purchase. Here are some key spots to consider:

1. Buy a SIM card at Oslo airport 

Oslo airport 
Oslo airport 

Before embarking on your Norway adventure, ensure ease of communication by acquiring an airport SIM at Oslo’s Gardermoen terminal.


  • Ensure you have your passport or ID for SIM card purchase.
  • Adjust your phone settings to accept a new SIM card if necessary.
  • Have cash or a credit/debit card ready for payment.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

  • Advantages: Convenient and quick upon your arrival.
  • Disadvantages: Prices might be higher compared to purchasing at stores outside the airport.

Locations for SIM Purchase at the Airport:

  • Areas: Terminal 2, Terminal 1, and the Arrival Hall.
  • Available Networks: Telia, Telenor, and other major providers.

Specific Locations:

  • Location 1:
    • Address: Terminal 2, Arrival Hall.
    • Available SIMs: Telia and Telenor.
    • Advantages: Close to the entrance, quick service.
    • Disadvantages: Potentially higher fees compared to suburban areas.
  • Location 2:
    • Address: Terminal 1, Gate 10.
    • Available SIMs: Subject to recent changes.
    • Advantages: Near exit routes from the airport.
    • Disadvantages: Limited choices may be available.

2. Buy a SIM card in Oslo center

When purchasing a SIM card in Oslo city center, consider the following advantages and disadvantages:


  • Convenience: Easily accessible locations in the heart of the city.
  • Wide Choices: Multiple options available, allowing you to compare plans.
  • Immediate Use: Instant activation, enabling immediate connectivity.


  • Potential Crowds: Popular city center locations may experience higher foot traffic.
  • Pricing: Prices might be slightly higher compared to suburban areas.

Locations to Buy SIM Card in the City:

Official Stores of Mobile Network Carriers:

  • Telia Store:
    • Address: Karl Johans gate 17, 0159 Oslo, Norway.
    • Available SIMs: Telia and possibly other Telia Group options.
    • Advantages: Professional support, diverse plans.
  • Telenor Outlet:
    • Address: Jernbanetorget 1, 0154 Oslo, Norway.
    • Available SIMs: Primarily Telenor SIMs.
    • Advantages: Quality service, clear advice on plans.

Convenience Stores:

  • 7-Eleven:
    • Various Locations: Scattered across the city.
    • Available SIMs: Diverse, often includes Telia, Telenor, and others.
    • Advantages: Quick shopping, flexible operating hours.
  • Narvesen:
    • Location: Near train stations and major transport points.
    • Available SIMs: Typically Telia and Telenor.
    • Advantages: Convenient, open late.

Online Purchase from SIM Providers or Platforms:

  • Options: Visit official websites of Telia, Telenor, or other providers.
  • Advantages: Convenience, potential for exclusive online offers.

V. Norway eSIM card for Oslo – Alternative to SIM Card for travelers

Norway eSIM in GIGAGO
Norway eSIM in GIGAGO

ESIM technology provides convenience and flexibility by allowing users to easily activate and switch between mobile plans directly on their device without physical SIM cards. With eSIM, cellular plans can be seamlessly activated via software for convenient international travel without obtaining new SIM cards.

There are 2 ways to Obtain eSIM for Oslo:

  • Norway mobile internet carriers: you can visit the physical stores of major mobile internet carriers.
  • Buying eSIM retailers: To get eSIM as a tourist, your best option is to purchase from an international eSIM provider such as Norway eSIM from GIGAGO. You can buy directly on their websites, prices start from $3.5 to $125.98 .

Tips: Purchasing eSIM online is easier than finding it in local stores. Just activate it on your phone within minutes!

VI. What to Prepare to buy a SIM card in Oslo?

When purchasing a SIM card in Oslo, Norway, you will need to prepare specific documentation. Here are the documents you need to prepare: 

  • Passport for ID verification
  • Have payment in NOK or credit/debit card
  • Confirm device compatibility with SIM type and networks
  • Fully charge phone before purchase
  • Turn on WiFi to locate stores and check details online

VII. Extra Tips when buying SIM card in Oslo

Here are some extra tips to keep in mind when buying a SIM card in Oslo:

  • Check network coverage in your planned areas.
  • Compare data plans and packages.
  • Ensure SIM card size matches your device.
  • Understand the activation process.
  • Know available top-up options.
  • Consider language considerations for setup.

Note: Be cautious when providing personal information. Ensure that you are sharing details only with authorized representatives of the carrier.


Where can I buy a SIM card in Oslo?

You can purchase a SIM card in Oslo at various locations, including mobile carrier stores, electronics retailers, and even convenience stores.

Can I purchase a SIM card online before arriving in Oslo?

While some carriers may offer online ordering, it’s often recommended to buy in person to ensure proper activation and assistance.

How do I activate my SIM card in Oslo?

Activation processes vary, but it often involves inserting the SIM card, following on-screen instructions, and sometimes registering online or through a mobile app.

Can I use my Oslo-bought SIM card in other European countries without extra charges?

Within the EU, roaming is often free. However, verify with the carrier to ensure there are no additional charges when traveling to specific countries.

IX. Conclusion

In essence, Gigago’s comprehensive guide is your trusted companion in navigating the dynamic landscape of buying a SIM card in Oslo, ensuring that your journey is not just connected but enriched with local insights and optimal choices. Safe travels!