Norway SIM Cards for Tourists: 2024 Detailed Guide [Internet & WiFi]

Planning a trip to a land of picturesque fjords – Norway. But you wonder about the best choice of  Norway SIM cards to contact loved ones and share your adventures. We’ll cover Norway SIM Card types, costs, best plans and where to buy in this guide.

Norway SIM Card

I. Should You Get a SIM Card in Thailand?

Yes, definitely.

The reason is, during your trip, the internet allows you to use navigation apps and maps, check transportation schedules, translate signs and menus, make last-minute bookings, and stay in touch with your family and friends back home. The following table will explain why Sim Card in Norway is the best choice when comparing to other options like free WiFi and roaming:

SIM CardFree WiFiRoaming
Price– Affordable– Free– Expensive
Convenience– Easy to purchase immediate use– Location dependence– Activation required
– Pre-planning needed
Availability– Widely availability
– Various operators
– Fixed locations only
– Limited coverage
– Only available in
supported countries
– Limited to specific operators
Privacy– Private connection– Public network, potential security risks– Private connection

Our Recommendation: Based on the provided comparison table, opting for a SIM card emerges as the optimal choice for tourists visiting Norway. This ensures access to cost-effective call and data rates, eliminating concerns about the availability of Wi-Fi hotspots or unforeseen roaming charges on your bill. Additionally, the straightforward setup process for acquiring a prepaid SIM further enhances its suitability for visitors.


  • A data-only SIM plan is recommended for those who don’t have the need to contact via traditional ways like phone calls and text messages. This is also a budget-friendly option for tourists in the Norway.
  • Unless your phone is unlocked, you can’t use a Norway SIM card. In case your phone is locked, you have to contact the operator to unlock your phone or use the roaming plan of your local network provider at high cost.

II. Types of Norway SIM Card for Tourists – Which One is the Best?

Normally, SIM Card can be classified according to its forms and functions:


  • Physical SIM: SIM in physical forms (standard SIM, micro SIM, nano SIM), used in both old and modern smartphones.
  • Virtual SIM: a digital chip embedded to replace physical SIM within the device, applied in some modern smartphone models.

Each form of SIM is classified basing on its functions:

  • Data-only SIM: SIM card that is used for data usage rather than making calls and sending messages in the traditional way. No phone number included.  
  • Voice and data SIM: SIM card that is utilized for connectivity and network-related actions. Phone number included.

Almost all SIM cards for tourists in Norway offer prepaid packages, which are in the form of both physical SIM and eSIM. Here are the comparison between two options:

1. Prepaid physical SIM card in Norway

A prepaid physical SIM card in Norway is a tangible SIM card that includes a predetermined data plan and can be recharged once the initial allocation is used up. Tourists in Norway can choose between two types of prepaid physical SIM cards based on their intended use: data-only SIM and voice & data SIM.

2. Prepaid Tourist Philippines eSIM

In essence, an eSIM is a virtual chip integrated directly into a device, distinguishing it from a physical SIM card that can be physically inserted or replaced. Activation of an eSIM involves a process facilitated through QR codes or mobile apps. In Norway, eSIMs designed for tourists are categorized into two types based on their functionalities: data-only eSIM and voice & data eSIM.

Prepaid Norway SIM cardPrepaid eSIM for Norway
Pros– Easy to buy and swap; widely available.
– Good for basic needs like calls and data.
– Easily manage costs by topping up.
– Convenient activation via QR codes or apps.
– Flexible for various communication needs.
– Convenient remote management through apps.
Cons– May need size change when switching phones.
– Complicated recovery
process if lost.
– Limited device support for eSIM.
– Not universally supported on all devices.

Our Recommendation: 

For users whose phones are compatible with eSIM and have basic communication needs primarily through app-based calling and internet usage, opting for an eSIM with a data-only plan is recommended. 

Choosing this option makes things easier for you. You can activate and manage it remotely, so no need for physical replacements. It fits well with how you plan to use it and gives you flexibility to stay connected during your travels.

Note: To use eSIM, your phone needs to be unlocked and eSIM-equipped. Learn how to check if your phone is carrier-unlocked and support eSIM. If you want to quickly check, refer to our list of eSIM compatible mobile devices.

III. Best Norway SIM Card Packages for Tourists and Price

SIM Card

Good to know: For reference, below are some exchange rates between NOK and USD (US Dollars):

  • 1 NOK = 0.90 USD
  • 10 NOK = 0.90 USD
  • 100 NOK = 8.95 USD
  • 1000 NOK = 89.30 USD

Major mobile operators in Norway include Telenor, Telia. These providers offer extensive coverage, high-speed data services, and a variety of prepaid and postpaid plans to suit different needs.

1. Best Norway Telenor SIM Card Plans and Price

  • Data is NOK 20 per day ($1.86) for unlimited data
  • Calls are NOK 0.99 / minute ($0.09)
  • SMS are NOK 0.89 / message ($0.08)

As a visitor, this could cost you approx. $26.46 based on a 14-day trip.

2. Best Norway Telia SIM Card Plans and Price

  • 250MB of data + unlimited calls and messages within Norway, used in 14 days, for NOK 99 ($9.19)

With this package, it is possible to buy additional add-ons for data:

  • 4 GB for NOK 329 ($30.53)
  • 10 GB for NOK 429 (39.81)

Our Recommendation:

You should choose Telenor for strong coverage, excellent customer service, and good international support.

When choosing between these providers, consider factors such as coverage in your specific travel areas, the type of services you need (voice, data, etc.), and your budget. Additionally, check for any recent changes or updates in their service offerings.

IV. Where to Buy a Tourist SIM Card for Norway?

Buying a SIM card in Norway is a straightforward process, and you can easily purchase one at various locations such as airports, convenience stores, or directly from the mobile operators’ stores (Telenor, Telia & Mycall stores). You also can buy it online. 

1. Buy physical Norway SIM card online, before departure

You can buy a prepaid Norway SIM card online from travel SIM retailers, either having it delivered before your trip or picking it up at the airport upon arrival. 

  • Pros: lower prices, immediate activation, instant internet access
  • Cons: involve waiting for delivery or arranging pickup

2. Buy physical SIM card at Norway airports

You can purchase prepaid tourist SIM cards at Oslo Airport, Bergen Airport, Stavanger Airport and other major harbors/airports in Norway.

  • Pros: include instant availability and ease of use, 
  • Cons: higher prices compared to purchasing in advance and limited time for comparing plans.

3. Buy physical prepaid travel SIM in Norway’s cities

To purchase prepaid SIM cards in Norway, you can visit carrier stores, convenience stores, or electronics shops in major cities such as Oslo, Bergen, or Trondheim. Some of the major operators in Norway are Telenor, Telia, and Ice.


  • Prepaid SIM cards can be easily obtained from carrier stores, convenience stores, and electronics shops in major cities.
  • Store staff can provide guidance and recommendations based on your needs and offer local advice.


  • Finding the right stores that sell prepaid SIM cards may require some effort after arriving in Norway.
  • You may need to present your passport or provide personal information when purchasing a prepaid SIM card.
  • Communicating with store staff might be challenging due to language differences, although many Norwegians speak English, especially in tourist areas.

4. Buy virtual Norway eSIM online

You have the option to buy prepaid eSIM cards for Norway online, such as from providers like Gigago, in advance of your trip. These eSIM cards provide versatile data-only plans without the need for a contract.

Pros: Convenient to set up before travel, no need to look for SIM stores

Cons: Limited availability of eSIM compatible phones

► Our Recommendation: 

Here are some advice on choosing where to buy Norway SIM for tourists:

  • If you need immediate connectivity but don’t mind paying a premium or limited options: you can buy at the airport.
  • If you prioritize preparation and flexibility: go for buying SIM cards online before departure. Downside is that there will be potentially higher costs for short stays.
  • If you seek the best value and don’t mind looking for stores: make a purchase from a store in cities after arrival. 
  • If you want it all: convenience, preparation, adaptability and cost effectiveness: consider buying an eSIM in advance (of course, you need to have an eSIM-supported device). 

To conclude, buying eSIM online seems to be the best way for the average tourist to visit Norway. 

V. How Much Data is Enough for a Prepaid Tourist SIM Card for Norway?

With 1GB of data per day, you can:

  • Check emails
  • Use basic web browsing and maps for directions around 3-4 hours
  • Use messaging apps like WhatsApp for as long as you want
  • Use social media lightly (check feeds without video) for 1-2 hours
  • Stream 1-2 hours of music

► Our Recommendation: When selecting data packages for travel in Norway, determining the appropriate amount depends on which type of internet user you are.

VI. Gigago eSIM – Alternative to Physical SIM Cards to Get Internet in Norway

Norway eSIM in Gigago 
Norway eSIM in Gigago 

Norway eSIM offer numerous advantages over traditional SIM cards, making them an excellent choice for travelers. When it comes to finding eSIM providers in Norway, GIGAGO stands out as one of the top options that offers a range of benefits that cater to different types of internet users and trip durations.

  • Keep your regular SIM card in place, eliminating the need to replace or remove it.
  • Avoid the hassle of managing multiple physical SIM cards, ensuring a more convenient experience for travelers.
  • Enable hotspot/tethering, facilitating data sharing with friends or multiple devices.
  • Ideal for group travel, providing a seamless internet connection for various devices.
  • Activation is a breeze with a straightforward installation process.

To see more details, visit Gigago Norway eSIM

VIII. Which South Korea Mobile Networks Are The Best for Tourists?

There are 02 major mobile networks in Norway: Telenor, Telia 

Here is an overview about each one:

1. Telenor

  • Rank: Telenor is the largest mobile operator in Norway.
  • 5G network: Telenor offers nationwide 5G coverage across Norway.
  • Average speed: Users can experience average 5G speeds of 200-300 Mbps in cities on Telenor’s network.
  • Plans for tourists: Telenor offers affordable prepaid SIM cards with 1-2GB data for 99 NOK ($9 USD) valid for 14 days. Good coverage for travelers.
Telenor Coverage Map in Norway
Telenor coverage map in Norway

2. Telia

  • Rank: Telia is the second largest network operator in Norway.
  • 5G network: Telia has extensive 5G coverage in major cities and provinces.
  • Average speed: 4G speeds average 100-150 Mbps in cities and 50-100 Mbps in rural areas on Telia’s network.
  • Plans for tourists: Prepaid data bundles from 500MB-2GB for 9 NOK ($9 USD). Covers transportation routes well.
Telia Coverage Map in Norway
Telia coverage map in Norway

► Our recommendation: From the provided network coverage maps for Telia and Telenor in Norway, it’s evident that Telenor has the superior 4G/5G network. While Telia maintains a 4G signal in all tourist destinations, for those embarking on a road trip in Norway, I recommend opting for a Telenor SIM card.

IX. How to Use Norway Prepaid SIM Cards and eSIM

1. Using prepaid Norway tourist SIM Cards

  • Purchase a prepaid SIM card from major carriers like Telenor, Telia before or upon arrival. Cards are at convenience stores.
  • Follow instructions to activate the card. Insert SIM into phone and power on.
  • The SIM will have a temporary phone number. Note or screenshot this number for next steps.
  • Top up the balance with cash at stores. Give them the phone number and amount.
  • Use the SIM for calls, texts and data in Norway. Most include a starting amount.
  • Download the provider’s app to check balances, top up credit and manage the account easily.

Pro Tips: Some tips on using prepaid tourist SIM card during your trip in Norway

  • Carry some cash for top ups. 
  • Download maps before trips with no data. 
  • Use WiFi when possible to avoid data costs. 
  • Set up data limit alerts to control usage. 
  • A prepaid SIM ensures affordable connectivity.

2. Setting up and activating Norway eSIM

To use a Norway eSIM for your upcoming trip, follow these steps:

  • Buy an eSIM online from a prestigious eSIM provider (like Gigago) before departure or upon arrival at the airport. 
  • Scan a QR code or enter activation details to activate eSIM online
  • Once activated, the eSIM will be downloaded directly to your device. Make sure your phone is eSIM compatible.
  • You can now use the eSIM for data (and calls, texts) within South Korea just like a regular SIM.

Pro Tip: Depending on the plan’s policy about activation time, oftentimes, you are recommended to activate the eSIM one day before departure to save validity period.


How much is data SIM in Norway?

The cost of a data SIM in Norway can vary depending on the telecom operator and the specific plan you choose. Prices are influenced by factors such as data allowance, validity period, and any additional features included in the plan. It’s advisable to check with providers like Telenor, Telia, or others for the latest and most accurate pricing.

Why is mobile data so expensive in Norway?

Mobile data costs in Norway may be relatively high due to the country’s small population, challenging geographical terrain, and the need for extensive infrastructure to provide comprehensive coverage, especially in remote areas. These factors contribute to the overall expenses incurred by telecom operators.

Can I buy SIM card in grocery stores in Norway?

Yes, you can typically purchase SIM cards in grocery stores, as well as in super markets, electronics retailers, and official stores of telecom operators. Providers like Telenor and Telia often have a presence in these stores, offering prepaid SIM card options suitable for tourists.

XI. Conclusion

In conclusion, utilizing a prepaid Norway travel SIM card proves exceptionally convenient for maintaining connectivity during your journey, surpassing the challenges associated with international roaming. However, for those with eSIM-enabled devices, opting for a prepaid eSIM package emerges as an even more convenient choice. With an eSIM, the hassle of carrying physical SIM cards is eliminated, offering the optimal solution for staying seamlessly connected while exploring Norway.

For an uncomplicated, cost-effective, and future-ready connectivity solution in Norway, consider opting for Gigago’s eSIM.