Getting a SIM card at Oslo Gardermoen Airports / Border Gates by Province by Province 2024: Travelers Guide

As a traveler to Norway in 2024, acquiring a SIM card at Oslo Gardermoen Airport can be a convenient solution. This guide breaks down the process by province, ensuring you’re well-prepared upon arrival. Let’s go!

SIM Card at Olso airport

I. Norway Airport Map

Norway has a total of 45 airports throughout the country, catering to both domestic and international flights. Among these, there are several major airports that play a significant role in the country’s air travel infrastructure.

Norway Airport Map
Norway Airport Map

Airports in Norway are identified by a unique three-letter IATA code and four-letter ICAO code, which are internationally recognized identifiers for aviation facilities worldwide according to the table below.

AirportIATA CodeICAO Code
Oslo Airport, GardermoenOSLENGM
Bergen Airport, FleslandBGOENBR
Stavanger Airport, SolaSVGENZV
Trondheim Airport, VærnesTRDENVA
Kristiansand Airport, KjevikKRSENCN
Tromsø Airport, LangnesTOSENTC
Bodø AirportBOOENBO
Molde Airport, ÅrøMOLENML
Ålesund Airport, VigraAESENAL
Kristiansund Airport, KvernbergetKSUENKB

Some airports frequently visited by travelers: Oslo Airport (Gardermoen), Bergen Airport (Flesland), Trondheim Airport (Værnes).

II. List of Norway Border Gates

Norway shares land borders with Sweden to the east, Finland to the northeast, and Russia to the far northeast. Here is a list of border gates in Norway: 

1. Svinesund Border Crossing

  • Location: E6, Svinesund, Halden
  • Opening Hours: Open 24 hours

2. Ørje Border Crossing

  • Location: E18, Ørje, Marker
  • Opening Hours: Open 24 hours

3. Magnor Border Crossing

  • Location: E16, Magnor, Eidskog
  • Opening Hours: Open 24 hours

4. Morokulien Border Crossing

  • Location: Morokulien, Eidskog
  • Opening Hours: Open 24 hours

5. Storskog Border Crossing (Norway-Russia Border)

  • Location: Storskog, Sør-Varanger
  • Opening Hours: Open 24 hours

6. Kilpisjärvi Border Crossing (Norway-Finland Border)

  • Location: Kilpisjärvi, Troms
  • Opening Hours: Open 24 hours

Commonly Used by International Travelers:

  • Svinesund Border Crossing: frequently used by international travelers arriving by road.
  • Storskog Border Crossing: a vital entry point for travelers crossing into Norway from Russia.
  • Kilpisjärvi Border Crossing: be utilized by international travelers, especially those exploring the northern regions.

III. How to Get a SIM Card at Oslo Gardermoen Airports 

Norway Airports 
Oslo Gardermoen Airports 

If you want to buy SIM card at Norway airports, following these steps:

  • Find a telecom provider booth in the airport.
  • Choose a provider and plan.
  • Purchase a SIM card, providing ID if required.
  • Activate the SIM card.
  • Insert it into your phone.
  • Top up if needed.
  • Test the connection before leaving the airport.

Note: Be cautious with personal information, share only with authorized representatives.

Here is a list of major airports in Oslo Gardermoen Airport presented:

  • Oslo Airport (Gardermoen)
  • Bergen Airport (Flesland)
  • Trondheim Airport (Værnes)
  • Stavanger Airport (Sola)
  • Tromsø Airport (Langnes)

IV. Should I Buy a SIM Card at Oslo Gardermoen Airports?


The traditional act of purchasing a SIM card at Norway airports may seem old-fashioned, yet it presents a classic and reliable approach for many travelers. 

1. Advantages and Disadvantages of Norway Airport SIM cards

This is a comparison table of advantages and disadvantages of buying SIM card in Norway Airport, Convenience store or buying online: 

Buying SIM at the AirportBuying SIM at Convenience StoresBuying SIM Online
Pros– Convenient as available upon arrival at the airport.
– Possible special deals for travelers.
– Convenient and easily found in densely populated areas.
– Negotiable prices or special deals possible.
– Purchase from anywhere with an internet connection.
– Can compare multiple options from various providers.
Cons– Prices often higher compared to other stores.
– Limited choices sometimes.
– Prices might be higher if located in prime locations.
– Limited choices might be available.
– Unable to physically inspect before purchase.
– May encounter difficulties in receiving post-purchase support.

► Conclusion: Researching and purchasing a local or online SIM card can provide more cost-effective options and better service quality. 

2. Alternative Options to Oslo Gardermoen Airport SIM cards

Below are the pros and cons of the different connection methods.

CriteriaLocal SIMOnline SIMInternational RoamingeSIM
Pros– Competitive prices– Convenient online purchase– Continuity with existing plan if planned– Flexibility, no physical card needed
– Easy availability at local stores– Flexible package options– Simple setup with current provider– Activatable remotely
– Multiple options– Potential for better deals– Possible cost savings if existing plan
Cons– Requires research– Delivery time may vary– Can be more expensive than local options– Limited phone compatibility
– Supply may vary– Not a suitable choice if adjusting current plan

Our recommendation: If your phone supports it, opting for an eSIM provides optimal convenience and flexibility. This allows for remote activation without the need for a physical card. 

V. Gigago Norway eSIM – Alternative To Getting SIM card at Oslo Gardermoen Airports

Norway eSIM in Gigago
Norway eSIM in Gigago

Norway eSIMs offer numerous advantages over traditional SIM cards, making them an excellent choice for travelers. They can help save on roaming fees, provide local-like connectivity, and offer reliable coverage.

When it comes to finding eSIM providers in Norway, GIGAGO stands out as one of the top options. Gigago has a variety of data plan options, starting from 1GB/day for 3 days with $3.00


Can I purchase a SIM card at Oslo Gardermoen Airport?

Yes, SIM cards are available for purchase at Oslo Gardermoen Airport, providing a convenient option for immediate connectivity upon arrival.

Are there multiple provinces in Norway offering SIM cards at airports?

While Oslo Gardermoen Airport is a prominent option, other provinces may also have airport facilities providing SIM cards. It’s recommended to check specific airports for availability.

Can I get a SIM card with data plans at Oslo Gardermoen Airport?

Yes, various SIM card options with data plans are available at Oslo Gardermoen Airport, catering to different data needs.

VII. Conclusion

While purchasing a SIM card at Oslo Gardermoen Airport provides immediate internet access for those in urgent need, it comes with notable drawbacks. 

For a more optimal and forward-thinking solution, we suggest using eSIM. Evident from its flexibility, remote activation, and elimination of physical cards. Consider checking your devices compatibility.