Buying a SIM Card in Kotte for Travelers 2024: Guide from Locals

Getting a SIM card for tourists in Kotte is simple and convenient. You can easily find and buy a SIM Card in Kotte, and we’ll guide you on where to buy one, the costs involved, and other ways to stay connected while exploring the city.

I. Why Buy SIM card in Kotte?

A SIM card is a convenient solution for accessing the internet while exploring Kotte. Here’s why you should consider buying a SIM card in Kotte:

  • Stay connected on the go: With a SIM card that provides cellular data, you can easily navigate Kotte, find attractions or stay in touch with your loved ones.
  • Avoid expensive roaming fees: Roaming charges from your home network carrier can be costly. Purchasing a local SIM card in Kotte is generally much more affordable.
  • Enjoy reliable connectivity: Public Wi-Fi hotspots may not always be available or reliable. By having a local SIM card for Kotte, you can enjoy reliable and budget-friendly internet access wherever you go in the city.

Important Note: If you decide to buy a SIM card in Kotte, make sure your device is unlocked. Only unlocked mobile devices can accept networks from other carriers in Kotte, Sri Lanka.

II. Which mobile internet carrier is the best in Kotte?

There are four (04) major network carriers in Kotte: Dialog, Hutch, Airtel, Mobitel

04 main mobile operators in Sri Lanka
04 main mobile operators in Sri Lanka

1. Dialog

Dialog is one of Sri Lanka’s largest telecommunications service providers,

  • Rank: Dialog is the the largest network in Sri Lanka
  • Coverage: This network covers over 92% of Sri Lanka’s population
  • Speed: Dialog has the fastest download and upload speeds in Sri Lanka, clocking in at 12.8Mbps and 4.8Mbps on average, respectively
  • Rates: Priced at 8 USD, it includes 50 GB of data and 0,8 USD of international and local call credit, all valid for 30 days

2. SLTMobitel

SLTMobitel is the national telecommunications services provider in Sri Lanka and the second largest mobile company in Sri Lanka

  • Rank: SLTMobitel is the second largest network in Sri Lanka
  • Coverage: Mobitel provides excellent network availability, with connectivity available 91% of the time. 
  • Speed: SLTMobitel becomes the second fastest mobile operators in Sri Lanka
  • Rates: You can purchase an SLTMobitel SIM card for 0.5 USD at SLTMobitel stores with 350 MB 

3. Airtel

Airtel is an Indian multinational telecommunications services company based in New Delhi: 

  • Rank: Airtel is the third largest network in Sri Lanka
  • Coverage: The availability of Airtel’s network is 88.6% of time
  • Speed: its speed ranks on the place 6 from 11 providers in Sri Lanka.
  • Rates: You can obtain an Airtel SIM card at Airtel stores in Sri Lanka for prices ranging from 0,3 USD to 4 USD

4. Hutch

Hutchison is a Sri Lankan telecommunication service provider and the country’s third largest mobile network operator: 

  • Rank: Hutch is the fourth largest network in Sri Lanka
  • Coverage: Hutch has network coverage of approximately 88% of the entire island
  • Speed: Hutch Sri Lanka speed ranks on the place 4 from 11 providers in Sri Lanka.
  • Rates: For $3 USD, you can get a data package with a Hutch prepaid SIM card in Sri Lanka. This package includes 15 GB of data that is valid for 45 days.

III. Best Kotte SIM Card Plans and Price

Best Kotte SIM Card Plans and Price
Best Kotte SIM Card Plans and Price

Note: 1 USD = 302 LKR

To help you select the best Sri Lanka SIM card plan, we have listed several popular SIM packages offered by major carriers in Kotte Sri Lanka as follows:

Dialog 50 GB2450 LKR30 days
SLTMobitelUnlimited data499 LKR30 days
SLTMobitelUnlimited data999 LKR30 days
Hutch3 GB301 LKR30 days
Hutch7.7 GB849 LKR45 days
Airtel1 GB/day (30 GB)399 LKR30 days
Airtel60 GB3500 LKR30 days

Note: Data packages and rates for Kotte SIM cards above may change over time. Contact your selected operator for the most up-to-date details.

IV. Where to Buy SIM Card in Kotte?

Travelers can buy SIM Card in Kotte buy two ways:

  • Buying online before departure
  •  Buying a SIM card in Kotte city center

1. Buying online before departure

Travelers can buy Sri Lanka eSIM online before departure for the best convenient
Travelers can buy Sri Lanka eSIM online before departure for the best convenient

You can purchase a prepaid SIM card/eSIM for Sri Lanka online before your trip.

Pros: No need to visit stores, can activate before trip. Start utilizing great data plans as soon as you land.

Cons: Refunds cannot be made if there is a change in travel itinerary

2. Buying a SIM card in Kotte city center

If you have the time and want to find the cheapest SIM card for Kotte, you can explore the city center to purchase one.

Pros: Various plan options available, lower prices, assistance from telecom store staff

Cons: Additional travel to Kotte city center


  • If convenience is your top priority, buying a SIM card before departure online would be the best option for you.
  • If you have the freedom of time and don’t mind traveling, heading to the city center will provide you with SIM cards with assistance from staff

V. Sri Lanka eSIM card for Kotte – Alternative to SIM Card for travelers

If you have a mobile phone compatible with eSIM technology, choosing an eSIM plan for your stay in Kotte, Sri Lanka, is highly recommended.

With eSIM, you can enjoy benefits such as avoiding the need to visit a physical store, a simple online download and activation process, the ability to switch between different data packages and carriers without changing physical SIM cards, and the convenience of not needing a new SIM card each time you visit a new country.

There are generally two ways to acquire an eSIM for Kotte:

  • Purchase from websites or major carriers that offer eSIM services. This method usually requires tourists to present their passports for identification.
  • Purchase an eSIM from trusted eSIM providers such as GIGAGO.
Gigago Sri Lanka SIM Card packages
Gigago Sri Lanka SIM Card packages

If you choose to get an eSIM from Gigago, you will not need to show your passport for identification. Your eSIM will be activated and ready for use within just several minutes.

For Sri Lanka, Gigago offers multiple data plan options, starting from 1 GB for 7 days with $7.90 . What is great about Gigago’s Sri Lanka eSIM is that its plans’ costs are diversifying, varying between $7.90$16.50 . Thus, it does not matter how Internet users you are and how long your trip is in Sri Lanka, there is always an option for you with Gigago.

VI. What to Prepare to buy SIM card in Kotte

Items to buy SIM Card in Kotte
Items to buy SIM Card in Kotte

Here are the essential items you need to prepare when getting a SIM card in Kotte:

  • Passport: Most stores will require your passport as proof of identification.
  • Payment method: Bring cash or credit cards to pay for the SIM card and initial plan/balance.
  • Phone compatibility: Make sure your device is unlocked and compatible with the carrier’s network bands before purchasing a SIM card.

VII. Extra Tips when buying SIM card in Kotte

Some tips to buy SIM Card in Kotte
Some tips to buy SIM Card in Kotte

Extra Tips When Buying a SIM Card in Kotte:

  • Visit carrier stores for the best options and support. 
  • Consider pay-as-you-go plans if you’re visiting Kotte for a short trip. No long-term contracts are necessary.
  • Bring your unlocked phone to the store to verify compatibility before making a purchase. 


Which mobile network operators are available in Kotte?

In Kotte, you will find major mobile network operators such as Dialog, Mobitel, Airtel, Hutch, and Etisalat. 

Can I top up my SIM card in Kotte?

Yes, you can easily top up your SIM card in Kotte. There are numerous options available for topping up your balance

What should I do if my SIM card stops working or gets lost in Kotte?

If your SIM card stops working or gets lost in Kotte, you should contact the customer support of your respective mobile network operator

Can I get assistance with setting up my SIM card and configuring my phone in Kotte?

Yes, the vendor or operator you purchase the SIM card from in Kotte will typically provide assistance with setting up your SIM card and configuring it on your phone.

Are there any special tourist packages available for SIM cards in Kotte?

Yes, many mobile network operators in Sri Lanka offer special tourist packages that include calling minutes, data allowances, and other benefits specifically tailored for travelers

IX. Conclusion

In conclusion, buying a SIM Card in Kotte is a simple and convenient way to stay connected while exploring Kotte. Tourists have the option to purchase a SIM card either in Kotte city center or buy online before departure. For those with eSIM-supported devices, an eSIM is a secure and cost-effective alternative to consider.