Buying Rogers Wireless SIM Cards and eSIM for Tourists in 2024

If you are traveling to Canada and you need mobile connectivity, Rogers Wireless SIM cards and eSIM are a good option to consider. As one of Canada’s largest carriers, Rogers Wireless a variety of attractive SIM cards and eSIM plans for tourists. This guide will find out how tourists can buy and set up Rogers SIM cards and eSIM for reliable data, call, and text service during trips around Canada.

rogers wireless sim card in canada

I. Quick Facts about Rogers Wireless

Rogers Wireless is largest wireless company in Canada. Here are several facts about Rogers Wireless you may need to know:

  • Founded: 1983, headquater in Toronto, Canada
  • Full company name: Rogers Wireless Inc.
  • Types of services: wireless telephone service across Canada (cell phone plans, mobile internet, etc.)
  • Coverage: nationwide coverage, networks are available in all provinces, even when roaming in Canada’s remote territories
  • Number of users: over 13 million subscribers
  • Distribution: its own corporate stores across Canada called Rogers Plus; Best Buy, Walmart, The Mobile Shop at Loblaws grocery stores sell Rogers phones and plans
  • Customer support: 24/7, call support line anytime, Rogers official website, customer app
  • Language: English, French
Rogers Wireless Inc. is the largest wireless company in Canada
Rogers Wireless Inc. – The largest wireless company in Canada

II. Why Rogers Wireless When Visiting Canada – Coverage and Speed

Let us explore the coverage and speeds of Rogers Wireless in Canada:

1. Rogers Wireless Coverage in Canada

Rogers Wireless has the most widespread 4G/5G coverage throughout Canada
Rogers Wireless coverage map. Source: nPerf
  • Rogers Wireless has the most widespread 4G/5G coverage throughout Canada, reaching over 95% of the population nationwide.
  • Its network covers dense urban centers and remote towns, helping visitors to stay online even while on the move between places.
  • In very remote areas, coverage may be limited to major highways and larger communities. 

2. Rogers Wireless Speed

Rogers Wireless speeds in Canada
Rogers Wireless speeds in Canada. Source: OpenSignal
  • Average download speed: 63.6Mpbs, led by Bell Mobility (77.0Mbps) and Telus Mobility (75.7Mbps)
  • Average upload speed: 12.3Mbps, the fastest, followed by Telus Mobility (11.3Mbps) and Bell Mobility (10.8Mbps)
  • Consistent quality: 77.5% (Bell – 76.9% and Telus 76.5%).

Generally, Rogers Wireless provides secure and reliable connectivity throughout Canada. Tourists using Rogers networks can enjoy seamless Internet and fast data speeds almost everywhere they go.

III. What are the Best Connectivity Options of Rogers Wireless for Travelers to Canada?

Rogers Wireless provides visitors with three major connectivity options to get the Internet while exploring Canada:

Rogers Wireless SIM cards: physical Canada SIM card inserted in SIM slot of unlocked mobile phones

  • Pros: budget-friendly rates for cellular data, texting, and calling, a diverse range of plans available
  • Cons: need to have an unlocked phone

Rogers Wireless roaming: use home provider while traveling overseas

  • Pros: convenient, familiar home network provider/ plan/ phone number
  • Cons: very pricey, network coverage depends on agreements

Pocket Wifi: portable Wifi hotspot, rented from carrier stores or electronics shops

  • Pros: Internet sharing between various mobile devices, no SIM swap
  • Cons: accessories to carry, high rental fees

► Recommendation:

If you are visiting Canada and want reliable wireless services, we would recommend getting a Rogers SIM card. You will not have to worry about losing service in most areas or paying high roaming charges, just pop the SIM in your unlocked phone and you are connected right away.

IV. Best Rogers Wireless SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

Here are some of the most preferred tourist SIM cards offered by Rogers Wireless:

CAD 30500MB data + unlimited nationwide talk & texts30 days
CAD 402.5GB data + unlimited nationwide talk & texts30 days
CAD 454.5GB data + unlimited nationwide talk & texts30 days
CAD 558GB data + unlimited nationwide talk & texts30 days

Note: The prepaid Rogers plans above include unlimited incoming u0026amp; outgoing texts, video and picture messaging to Canada, United States, and International. For more details, it is best to check Rogers official website.

V. Does Rogers Wireless Support eSIM in Canada?

Yes. Rogers provides eSIM (digital SIM) that lets you use a cellular plan without a normal physical SIM. eSIM offers a wide range of benefits such as no store visit, online eSIM purchase and activation, dual SIM feature (using both eSIM and physical SIM on a device), etc.

There are two ways to get a Canada eSIM:

Directly from the Rogers website: Download Rogers eSIM plans from the website. Identification verification is needed

Reliable third-party eSIM resellers: These providers let you get Canada eSIM packages instantly online without ID proof or registration.

► Recommendation:

Purchasing an eSIM for Canada trip from a trusted third-party reseller is much more convenient for visitors. Nevertheless, selecting which provider to go is rather confusing. You may consider getting eSIM from reputable providers like Gigago but their Canada eSIM plans are from Bell Mobility and Telus Mobility – two of the largest network operators with widespread coverage across Canada.

Gigago eSIM plans for Canada are very competitive
Gigago eSIM plans for Canada

Gigago eSIM plans for Canada are very attractive, starting with only $14.00 for 1GB of data a day used in 5 days and ranging between $14.00$141.50 . Just choose the plan that best suits your preferences and trip duration.

VI. Where to Buy a Rogers Wireless SIM card and eSIM?

Purchasing Rogers Wireless SIM card and eSIM is very simple. Here are several of the locations:

1. Where to Buy Rogers Wireless SIM Cards for Canada?

1.1. When you land at Canada airports

Travelers may buy SIM cards at Vancouver International Airport (7-Eleven, Level 1, Domestic Terminal, offers SpeakOut SIM card which operates on Rogers Wireless network in Canada.

1.2. Rogers shops and authorized resellers

Reogers has its own corporate stores across Canada called Rogers Plus; Best Buy, Walmart, The Mobile Shop at Loblaws grocery stores sell Rogers phones and plans so it is very easy to buy a suitable SIM plan.

Tourists may buy Rogers Wireless SIM cards at Rogers Plus store across Canada
You may get Rogers Wireless SIM cards at Rogers Plus store across Canada

Pro Tips:

  • Bring passport for ID verification, CAD cash/ credit/ debit card for payment.
  • SIM cards at airport are much more costly than in retail stores so you had better commute to city stores for better deals and more options to choose.

2. Where to Buy Rogers Wireless eSIM for Canada?

Tourists may purchase Rogers eSM via

  • Online service on Rogers Wireless’s official website
  • Use MyRogers app
  • Get to the nearest Rogers Wireless store

Pro Tips:

  • Most recent phone models support eSIM. To be sure, just check out our list of eSIM-compatible devices.
  • Consider purchasing data-only eSIM option to save money if you have apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, or Facebook Messenger for messaging and calling.

VII. How to Activate Rogers Wireless SIM/eSIM in Canada?

Just take the following steps and you will activate Rogers Wireless SIM/ eSIM in Canada successfully:

1. How to Activate Rogers Wireless SIM Cards in Canada?

If you want to activate Rogers Wireless SIM cards, here are the steps:

  • Put the Rogers SIM into your mobile phone
  • Switch on your phone
  • Follow the on-screen setup prompts to activate Rogers SIM – the Rogers SIM should activate automatically.
  • Check the data connection settings if the cellular data does not start working.
  • Now you are all set to use Rogers services with your new SIM

2. How to Activate Rogers Wireless eSIM?

Steps to activate Rogers Wireless eSIM:

  • Confirm if your phone supports eSIM
  • Get a Rogers eSIM online
  • Rogers will email you an eSIM plan with a QR code
  • Scan the QR code using MyRogers app or your phone settings (Settings > Cellular > eSIM/celluar plan)
  • Set up the Rogers eSIM profile
  • Once Rogers eSIM is activated, you can use Rogers mobile services

VIII. Alternatives to Canada Rogers Wireless SIM cards

Visitors to Canada may also use SM cards/eSIM from other Canadian carries like Telus Mobility and Bell Mobility.

  • These carriers also have nationwide networks so coverage is reliable across the country.
  • Prepaid plans starting at only a few dollars a days give affordable access.
  • Payment may be topped up online via major credit cards.
  • Tourists may get Telus or Bell eSIM plans from trusted eSIM resellers like Gigago, even at cheaper prices.

IX. FAQs about Rogers Wireless SIM cards and eSIM

What countries’ visitors are eligible to purchase Rogers Wireless SIM cards and eSIM?

Rogers SIM cards and eSIM can be purchased by visitors from any country. All you need to prepare is an unlocked device.

What devices are compatible with Rogers Wireless eSIM activation?

Rogers eSIM can currently be activated on recent iPhone models. Compatibility is expanding to include more Android devices each year.

What countries will I have LTE speeds on my Rogers Wireless service outside of Canada?

You will have LTE speeds throughout Canada and the continental U.S. In other countries, speeds may be reduced, but service is available through roaming partnerships.

X. Conclusion

In conclusion, Rogers Wireless SIM cards and eSIM give tourists reliable coverage so they can fully enjoy all Canada has to offer. The SIM plans are diverse and the activation process is also simple, allowing tourists to easily stay online during trips using Rogers fast mobile services. Getting a prepaid eSIM for Canada seems to be more convenient for tourists visiting Canada. Do not forget to select the SIM option that best meets your priorities.