Freedom Mobile SIM Cards and eSIM 2024: A Comprehensive Guide for Tourists

For tourists looking to visit Canada, Freedom Mobile SIM cards and eSIM are a handy solution for staying in touch. They allow travelers to seamlessly use transport and delivery apps and share the best moments on social media. In this article, we will explore how visitors can get and activate Freedom SIM cards and eSIM for secure cellular data, call, and message services during their trips around this stunning country.

freedome mobile sim card in canada

I. Quick Facts about Freedom Mobile

Freedom Mobile is the forth-largest mobile network company in Canada (Rogers Wireless ranks 1st, Telus Mobility ranks 2nd, and Bell Mobility ranks 3rd). Here are some main facts about Freedom Mobile you may need to know:

  • Founded: 2008, in Toronto, Canada
  • Full company name: Freedom Mobile Inc.
  • Types of services: cell phones, wireless services like voice calling, text messaging, and mobile Internet access
  • Coverage: in many provinces like Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and parts of Quebec. Some of the major cities covered are Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and Ottawa
  • Number of users: over 3.6 million subscribers across Canada
  • Distribution: over 300 company-owned stores; agreements with over 4,000 authorized dealers and external retailers
  • Customer support: 24/7 call support, live chat, email, self-service options on official website
  • Language: English, French
Freedom Mobile is the fourth-largest mobile network company in Canada
Freedom Mobile – The fourth-largest carrier in Canada

II. Why Freedom Mobile When Visiting Canada – Coverage and Speed

Freedom Mobile has good coverage across main cities of Canada and delivers decent data speeds.

1. Freedom Mobile Coverage in Canada

Freedom Mobile has good coverage across main cities of Canada
Freedom Mobile coverage map (Source: nPerf)
  • Freedom Mobile covers main urban centers like Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottawa with high-speed 4G LTE networks;
  • Some towns and rural areas are also covered now but coverage is not available everywhere in Canada yet

2. Freedom Mobile Speed

In areas with good 4G coverage, Freedom Mobile speeds tend to be decent for regular uploads, downloads, and streaming – typically around 40-50Mbps. The speeds you can get on Freedom will depend on factors like what type of network your location is covered by, how busy the network is, and the capabilities of their device.

In summary, Freedom Mobile offers satisfactory connectivity and enough speed for basic tasks. If you are a heavy data user, it is best to check coverage details.

III. What are the Best Connectivity Options of Freedom Mobile for Travelers to Canada?

The table below displays the three main connectivity options of Freedom Mobile for tourists visiting Canada:

Freedom Mobile SIM cards– Competitive rates for mobile services (data & text & call)
– Wide selection of SIM plans
– Easy to purchase online or at provider shops
– Unlocked phone needed
Pocket Wifi– Portable 
– Internet sharing for multiple mobile devices
– Things to carry
– High rental fees
Roaming– Familiar home carrier/ data plan/ number
– No SIM swap
– Expensive charges
– Network coverage is based on the agreements between your home operator and Freedom Mobile

► Recommendation:

Freedom Mobile SIM cards in Canada are the best-value option for visitors. Tourists just need to put the SIM in their unlocked phones and they will be connected instantly. They will not have to worry about paying high roaming rates like when using roaming services or losing signals like using pocket Wifi.

IV. Best Freedom Mobile SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

Freedom Mobile offers a variety of great-value SIM cards for tourists and here are some of the best value plans:

CAD 3450GB data + unlimited talk (to & from Canada & US) + unlimited text30 days
CAD 4075GB data + unlimited talk (to & from Canada & US) + unlimited text30 days
CAD 50100GB data + unlimited talk (to & from Canada & US) + unlimited text30 days
CAD 5560GB data + unlimited talk (Canada & US & Mexico) + unlimited text30 days

Note: The prepaid Freedom plans above may change over time so you had better check Freedom website for the most accurate details.

V. Does Freedom Mobile Support eSIM in Canada?

Yes. Freedom Mobile offers eSIM for Canada; however, Freedom eSIM is only supported on compatible mobile phones that have been certified with Freedom Mobile and their manufacturer partners. It seems that eSIM support is still limited compared to the other major carriers like Bell Mobility, Telus Mobility, or Rogers Wireless.

To buy an eSIM for Canada, you can:

Download eSIM plan directly from the Freedom website. Identification verification is needed

Purchase from a reliable third-party eSIM provider. Onine purchase with no requirements of identity check or registration.

► Recommendation:

It is clear that getting a Canada eSIM from a third-party provider is much more convenient for tourists. So which reseller to choose? You may consider Gigago – a reputable worldwide eSIM provider. Freedom Mobile offers limited eSIM plans for compatible phones so you should consider eSIM plans from Telus Mobility or Bell Mobility – two of the biggest carriers in Canada.

Gigago offers a range of eSIM plans for Canada
Gigago eSIM plans for Canada

Gigago eSIM plans for Canada work on Bell and Telus networks. These plans are diverse, starting at only $14.00 for 1GB a day over 5 days and ranging from $14.00$141.50 . You should opt for the plan that best suits your needs.

VI. Where to Buy a Freedom Mobile SIM cards and eSIM?

Tourists to Canada can get Freedom Mobile SIM cards and eSIM easily from these locations:

1. Where to Buy Freedom Mobile SIM Cards for Canada?

Freedom Mobile possesses more than 300 company-owned stores. It also has agreements with more than 4,000 authorized dealers and external retailers. Thus, it is easy to purchase Freedom Mobile SIM cards. These stores offer a wide selection of budget-friendly SIM options and data plans for visitors to select from.

Pros: competitive prices, widely accessible

Cons: extra travel to the shop locations

Tourists may buy Freedom Mobile SIM cards at company-owned stores or authorized dealers
Buy Freedom Mobile SIM cards at company-owned stores or authorized dealers

Tourist can also buy SIM cards for Canada at Toronto Pearson Airport or Vancouver International Airport. The kiosks at these airports sell SIM cards that work on the Telus network and Roger network.

Pro Tips:

  • Bring your passport for ID proof, CAD cash and credit card for payment.
  • You should get to the city stores to get Canada SIM cards for wider selection and better deals.

2. Where to Buy Freedom Mobile eSIM for Canada?

Visitors to Canada may get Freedom Mobile eSM via

  • Online service on Freedom Mobile’s official website
  • Use MyFreedom app
  • Commute to the nearest Freedom Mobile store

Pro Tip: Most recent mobile phone models are compatible with eSIM. To be certain, just check out our eSIM-compatible devices list.

VII. How to Activate Freedom Mobile SIM/eSIM in Canada?

Just take these steps, you will activate Freedom Mobile SIM/ eSIM successfully:

1. How to Activate Freedom Mobile SIM Cards in Canada?

To activate your Freedom SIM card:

  • Insert Freedom SIM into unlocked phone
  • Switch on phone
  • Follow prompts to activate Freedom SIM – The Freedom SIM should automatically activate
  • Check data settings if cellular data does not work
  • Now you are ready to use Freedom services

2. How to Activate Freedom Mobile eSIM?

  • To activate Freedom Mobile eSIM:
  • Confirm your phone supports Freedom eSIM
  • Get Freedom eSIM online
  • Freedom emails you a QR code
  • Scan QR code using MyFreedom app or your phone settings (Settings > Cellular > eSIM/celluar plan)
  • Set up Freedom eSIM profile
  • Now you can use Freedom mobile services

VIII. Alternatives to Canada Freedom Mobile SIM cards

Aside from Freedom Mobile SIM cards, tourists to Canada can also use SIM cards and eSIM from other Canadian operators such as Telus Mobility, Bell Mobility, and Rogers Wireless.

  • These are the three largest carriers in Canada with extensive networks across the country.
  • Prepaid plans are available starting from just a few dollars per day, providing affordable mobile access.
  • Tourists can buy Bell or Telus eSIM packages from reputable resellers like Gigago, and sometimes at lower prices than direct from the carriers.

IX. FAQs about Freedom Mobile SIM cards and eSIM

Can I buy Freedom Mobile SIM cards online?

Yes, you can purchase Freedom Mobile prepaid SIM cards online from their website or authorized dealers. This allows you to have the SIM delivered before your trip to Canada.

Do Freedom Mobile SIM cards and eSIM work in all areas of Canada?

No, Freedom Mobile currently has coverage in major cities in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec. Be sure to check their coverage map to confirm the areas you’ll visit are included before purchasing a Freedom Mobile SIM card or eSIM.

What identification is required to buy a Freedom Mobile SIM card?

Generally, you will need to provide a valid passport as ID to purchase and activate a prepaid Freedom Mobile SIM card.

X. Conclusion

In conclusion, Freedom Mobile SIM cards and eSIM offer reliable network access across major regions of Canada. While coverage is limited compared to other main carriers, their prepaid plans provide affordable options for calling, messaging, and cellular data. Travelers can easily get Freedom SIM cards upon arrival or online before their trip. Overall, Freedom SIM cards and eSIM can meet the Internet needs of budget-conscious tourists within their network coverage.